Elona Wiki

Claws are a piece of offensively-oriented equipment that can be used in the Elona+ mod of Elona. They are used in a hand slot.

They do not attack on their own, but use their offensive statistics to improve the damage from every other melee or ranged attack, adding both accuracy and damage. Although they do not have their own attack, the Two Hand skill will not activate when one is equipped along with a heavy weapon.

Claws are similar to tonfa, with a few differences. While tonfa are precious weapons only, claws have both static artifacts and randomly generated equipment, that are more common and can be made of any material and be of any quality. When claws are equipped alone or with tonfa, the Martial Arts skill will be used and trained.

They are enchanted as armor, through the blacksmith or through scrolls, but their enchants are applied to offense instead. Each enchant adds an additional +1 damage and +1% accuracy to any melee or ranged physical attack.

When you have 3 or more hands that are not carrying a shield, and wear a claw on one of them, the penalty for wielding a heavy weapon while dual wielding is removed. This is exactly the same as using a shield, including the fact that the dual wield skill does not train.

They do not give a shield casting penalty when worn on a second hand. Additionally, when you have 3 or more hands as described above, and are not carrying a shield, wearing a claw on one of them, the casting penalty while dual wielding is eliminated. Wearing a shield will override the bonus of the claw and give the full shield casting penalty.