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The Chess Pieces are mechanical objects that come in several different varieties. They correspond to the Piece debug race.

Eating any of their corpses will dim you. Their death animation should have clued you into what they are made out of.

Chess Pieces always have <> around their names, but it doesn't seem to affect their status unless it's <<*name*>>

Types of Chess Piece[]


The first chess piece encountered. Mid-level. Has quite a bit of armor and HP, but only has a mid strength melee attack. Moves slow.


The second chess piece encountered. Mid to high level. Has more HP and armor than the Pawn and does significantly more damage. Still only has a melee attack and moves slow.


Bishops have high armor, lots of HP, and can cast Magic Darts at you, along with hexes like Slow. In addition, they can teleport and have a decent melee attack. They move fast.


Knights are one of the most armored enemies in the game, have a ton of HP and a decently strong melee attack. The greatest danger when it comes to fighting Knights are their throwing attacks; Knights opt to stand a distance back and hurl throwing weapons at you. If they use rocks you are safe, but shurikens can be troublesome if you do not have a way to cease bleeding when you need to, and occasionally one of them might use grenades, which can get ugly fast if you are not resistant to sound.


The Queen is a higher-level version of the Bishop. It can cast powerful Magic Darts, Nether Arrows, and can teleport. Moves fairly fast, and can dodge with a decent success rate.


The King is the toughest chess piece and one of the most difficult enemies to defeat in the game. Not only does he have insanely high armor and HP, but he can also summon a small horde of other pieces to defend him. If you see a King, it is suggested that you attack him before any other monsters (certain cases notwithstanding), unless you would like a nice horde of chess pieces to be summoned up to bash you senseless. Stronger characters may opt to use the King's monster-summoning ability as a way to train in combat skills.

Note that if captured and used as a pet, the chess pieces it summons will be hostile to both the enemy and to your party.