Elona Wiki

Older versions[]

Versions Date range
2.10 - 1/30/2022 -
2.00 - 2.09 9/05/2020 - 1/16/2022
1.90 - 1.995R 6/17/2019 - 6/28/2020
1.80 - 1.89 7/16/2018 - 4/20/2019
1.70 - 1.79 7/24/2017 - 7/7/2018
1.60 - 1.69 7/18/2016 - 6/25/2017
1.50 - 1.59 9/23/2015 - 6/18/2016
1.40 - 1.49 10/5/2014 - 9/6/2015
1.30 - 1.39 10/27/2013 - 8/31/2014
1.20 - 1.29 5/19/2013 - 9/29/2013
1.10 - 1.19 9/12/2012 - 4/29/2013
1.00 - 1.09
0.63 - 0.99

Instructions and notes on updating the game[]

When using save data from vanilla Elona 1.16 or prior, you will need to:

  • Save while your character is in a town, and
  • Unassign the shopkeeper in your shop, the breeder in your ranch, and so on.

Internally, the code for updating game saves works exactly the same as it does in vanilla Elona so there's no need to update older versions to vanilla Elona 1.16 first. However, before moving the save file over to the newer game version, do make a backup copy of it somewhere else.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.18 or prior:

  • All gift items have their quality changed to "cheap".
  • All bait attached to fishing rods will be changed to "water flea".

due to a change in how item data is handled.

Save data from Elona plus 1.18fix cannot be used in versions 1.18R and later.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.22 or prior:

  • Due to a change in how scrolls of flying work, the stats of all pieces of equipment in the inventories of the player character, pets, and adventurers will be reset. Their weight and equipment attributes stay the same, but other stats will become the highest value possible for the material that they are respectively made of.

Equipment that had ridiculous stats due to a bug in a previous version have to be fixed this way or you will not be able to equip them. Alternatively, change the material of the piece of equipment and that will also fix it.

Save data from Elona plus 1.25 cannot be used in versions 1.25R and later.

Save data from Elona plus 1.38 cannot be used in versions 1.38R and later.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.40 and 1.40fix, some body parts added onto your character or onto your pets may disappear. Items equipped on those body parts will be unequipped. When starting the game, an item to restore body parts will be placed at your character's feet.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.40fix2, some body parts added onto your character may disappear. Items equipped on those body parts will be unequipped. When starting the game, an item to restore body parts will be placed at your character's feet.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.85 or prior, the contents of placed shelters will be reset. As such, a sand bag will be placed at your feet as it's a popular item to have in shelters.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.88, 1.88R, and prior, constructed shelters will be deconstructed. One toilet will also be placed at your feet.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.97 or prior, pets who had been marked as precious will no longer be marked as such due to changes to the variable used. Custom item sprites will also have their image height reduced and appear flattened due to a change in the default parameters for sprite dimensions. You will need to reassign both of these after updating the game.

Save data from Elona plus 1.995 cannot be used in versions 2.00 and later.

Development versions of this game are for finding bugs. Versions that are fixes will fix bugs found in development versions before that, but that doesn't mean they are bug-free.

Recommended method for updating the game:

  • The same as in vanilla Elona.
  • Copy the save_CHARACTER folder from the /save folder into the /save folder of the new version.
  • Play the new version of Elona plus.
  • Any other custom files (e.g. character portraits) should be moved individually, not by copying their containing folder.
  • You may want to have these custom files in a separate folder outside the game directory for ease of copying.

Not recommended:

  • Copying all files and folders from the new version into the older version.
  • Copying folders containing custom files and dropping them into the directory containing the new version.
  • These may cause your game folder to have unnecessary files and other issues, so the game may not work if you do this.

Upcoming version: 2.14[]

Last Updated: 8/2

[In development]
  • Implemented the effects of 2 items that allow you to spawn your own NPC children.
    • This is a completely separate feature from making a gene and incarnating an adventurer from it.
    • You can have twins, triplets, or even septuplets and octuplets if you want, but child-rearing is a lot of trouble so I don't recommend doing that if it's your first time trying out this feature.
[Changes and additions]
  • The journal now displays the danger level of main and sub quests so that people can better judge their difficulty.
  • There was a "cannot be shattered by cold" attribute in code that was never applied to anything.
    • That attribute is now intrinsic to bamboo, wood, cloth, silk, paper, leather, zylon, dawn cloth, and griffon scale.
    • There are 15 fireproof and 7 acidproof materials, so I've picked about 10 materials seemed most likely to be shatter-proof due to their elasticity or poor heat conductivity.
    • Existing items generated in previous versions of the game can gain this attribute when their material is rerolled.
    • NB: terminology subject to change
  • Increased the amount of resistances conferred by eating items such as corpses and yith-yaki. Resistance gain caps out at the "Little" rank.
    • It's also tedious to keep track of who has eaten how many of which corpse, so eating just 1 item will now confer enough resistance to reach the cap.
    • However, in order to preserve racial characteristics, no resistance will be gained for characters whose race is "Criticaly Weak" (sic) against that element.
  • Changed the amount of experience awarded for defeating enemies above the player character's (PC) level so as to help the PC level match the level of enemies.
    • The following was the experience multipliers when defeating monsters of a certain level in previous versions:
    • Between greater than x1 PC level and less than x1.5 PC level: x2 experience gained.
    • Between greater than x1.5 PC level and less than x3 PC level: x3 experience gained.
    • These two experience tiers is now split into several smaller brackets ranging from x2.0 to x2.9, and then from x3.0 to x3.9.
  • To make a pet/undead-centric playstyle less disadvantageous, potential gained during sleep now takes into account experience received by allied characters (including non-pets) for killing enemies.
  • Calculation for potential gain during sleep no longer takes into account any experience multiplier that the player character may have.
    • There is now a penalty on the amount of experience given for defeating enemies below the character's level.
  • Eating items that have "absorbs stamina/MP" equipment attributes recovered only a random but paltry amount of SP/MP, so the amount recovered is now a fixed percentage of the total value.
  • When any character drinks a bottle of soda, a marble will now get spawned at their feet. Similarly, when they drink a juice, mugi tea, or cola, a bottle cap will spawn.
    • NB: terminology subject to change
  • Added 3 new items including the aforementioned ones.
  • Party Time quests don't really need Performer skill, so the level of quests posted now depends on deepest dungeon floor cleared instead of Performer skill level.
  • Made some descriptions clearer.
  • Fixed some English translations.
  • Fixed being unable to undesignate pets as precious when using a save file from certain versions of the game.
  • Fixed the issue that occurred when you talk to the pet currently being ridden and you abandon it.
  • Fixed spiritium showing up as loot from unintended places. It should drop only from treasure chests now.



[Changes and additions]
  • The formula for determining the tier of prizes paid out by blackjack now follow the following formula:
    • number of chips bet + 2 * the number of consecutive wins
    • Some changes have been made to the interface so that it now displays things like the current reward tier (Reward Lv) and likelihood of detecting cheating (Alert Lv). The alert level is no longer proportional to the number of chips bet; instead, it increases or decreases a random amount every turn, and also increases every time the player cheats.
    • To prevent the UI from getting too cluttered, training-day/jobs-day/etc and DESTINY will not display while in the casino.
    • The prizes paid out will also change with every additional consecutive win, and include 6 new items as prizes, though their effects haven't been implemented yet. However, most rewards will not be paid out if the rare loot trigger isn't on, so do try to challenge this the proper way.
  • Added 1 new item that allows your character or a pet to acquire up to 2 personality traits. These traits are listed under "Feats and Traits".
    • There are 36 to choose from but all of them have the same effect, so feel free to use any that you like.
  • Added 1 new item that yields experience for living weapons.
    • This allows you to level up living weapons even if no one in your party equips that particular type of weapon.
    • Added 1 new item fusion recipe for this item.
  • Added another 2 new items.
  • Pets now have a 50% chance to use any type of potionman during battle if they have been given one.
    • When they run out of ammo, they will expend a potion plug (potion plug count is shared between the player character and all pets) to refill the ammo to max.
  • Pets now have a 50% chance to use M202 special, panzerfaust X, and one of the new items added this version during battle if they have been given one.
    • When they run out of charges, they will expend charges (from Draw Charge/Fill Charge; the number of charges is shared between the player character and all pets) to refill 1 ammo. The refill is guaranteed to succeed, and it will never explode nor fail.
  • Added 1 new option to the conversation window with magic vendors.
    • You can now receive potion plugs free of charge [by picking this option] after every shop inventory refresh.
    • The number of potion plugs given depends on the shop rank, and caps out at shop rank 200.
    • This is to prevent players from having to buy up potions just for potion plugs.
  • All types of potioman, M202 special, panzerfaust X, and atomic launcher now give the user their associated attribute and skill experience if the user is alive after using these items.
  • The weight of corpses from slain monsters is now a multiple of 0.5s (since 0.5s is the minimum weight a corpse can have), and the variation in selling price with weight has been reduced.
  • Instead of adding 3 turns of Dyspnea, the Sand Cannon special action now inflicts 1 turn of Dyspnea only if the target is not already afflicted by it. I misread the code when writing the former version.
  • The cImmune bit flag that made a character immune to elemental damage was too strong, so it now works to reduce elemental damage to 1/50. However, it now also works to reduce magic-element damage. Bells with increased Life should still be the tankiest creatures even with this change.
  • The description of the various musical instruments now indicate the rank of the instrument. This rank is roughly based on the quality of the instrument.
    • The Stradivarius, by the way, increases the amount of rewards thrown your way but quality-wise it's actually not the best instrument.
  • Jure of Healing now accepts flowers as offerings. (This includes items like vase, flowerbed, and festival wreath.)
    • This change was made so that multiple gods no longer request the same category of items.
    • The chance of that a wild flower item gets generated [in wilderness maps] has also been increased. Now that flowers are obtainable from Mining, wilderness maps, and gardening, the difficulty of finding offerings should be roughly unchanged.
    • It seems a lot more fitting that She would be pleased about getting flowers instead of junk stones and gold bars.
  • Changed some descriptions.
  • Removed the sound effect that played when a certain map regenerated - it was added for development purposes and I forgot to remove it.
  • Fixed hitting sandbagged enemies consuming 1 SP per hit instead of 1 SP per turn.

2.13: detailed changelog[]

[Blackjack reward tiers]
  • The number of items you will receive every time you claim the reward has greatly increased, so be sure to have space in your inventory!
    • Reward Lv 1+ - Reward-Lv dependent armour. Item quality tier increases at Lv7, 14, 21, and 28.
    • Additional reward at Lv 5+ - gift
    • Additional reward at Lv 9+ - potion of cure corruption
    • Additional reward at Lv 11+ - unicorn horn
    • Additional reward at Lv 13+ - Blank Business Card
    • Additional reward at Lv 15+ - scroll of faith
    • Additional reward at Lv 17+ - high potion of wisdom
    • Additional reward at Lv 19+ - golden mead
    • Additional reward at Lv 23+ - potion of potential
    • Additional reward at Lv 25+ - SurvivabilityEXtenderX and SurvivabilityEXtenderY
    • Additional reward at Lv 27+ - master of diamond, master of heart, master of club, and master of spade. Second time claiming this tier and onwards will award the <Slash Joker> instead.
    • Additional reward at Lv 29+ - starfiber
    • Additional reward at Lv 31+ - craft repair kit
    • Additional reward at Lv 33+ - <super lure>. Second time claiming this tier and onwards will award the high potion of soma instead.
    • Additional reward at Lv 35+ - skeleton key. Second time claiming this tier and onwards will award the high potion of nektar instead.
    • All the "additional reward" tier items will be paid out only if the rare loot trigger is on.
    • If you want the item from a particular reward tier, just bet the number of chips required to reach it. Picking "I'm out" decreases reward level by 1 while winning increases it by 2, so adjust accordingly.
    • Reaching a reward tier will also unlock the precious item for that tier as a reward from the little sister quest. This is so that players who miss out on the reward due to a full inventory can still obtain it.
[New items with unimplemented effects]
  • master of diamond
    • Does not spawn randomly.
    • In the future, I intend to implement a play-style where you summon spirits from cards, and having the different types of spirits in poker hand combinations will proc certain effects.
  • master of heart
    • As above.
  • master of club
    • As above.
  • master of spade
    • As above.
  • SurvivabilityEXtenderX
    • Low chance of generating randomly.
    • Will be for making children, giving birth, and child rearing. Independent of the system for gene-making and incarnating an adventurer.
  • SurvivabilityEXtenderY
    • As above.
[New items]
  • laser bazooka
    • Generated randomly.
    • When used, does a single-target attack dependent on the user's Dexterity and Marksman skill level.
    • Increases the target's guard break gauge by 30.
    • Gives the user Dexterity and Marksman skill experience.
    • Can be recharged.
    • Basically a variant of the M202 special and panzerfaust X.
  • cork pack
    • Generated randomly.
    • Using it grants +100 potion plugs.
    • The spawn rate is rather low because this is a useless item unless you use potiomans.
  • starfiber
    • A tool that does not spawn randomly. Crafted with item fusion.
    • Use this to give the selected living weapon 75 experience.
  • spiritium
    • Spawns only when a treasure chest does not generate herbs as a reward.
    • Each has a subtype (listed below). Every subtype gives the same effects.
    • Cannot be used on non-pet NPCs. Up to 2 spiritium can be used per character.
    • Further spiritium usage causes the first [CHARA] trait to become the second, and the new spiritium becomes the first [CHARA] trait.
    • The same trait cannot be acquired twice. The different traits are more or less for flavour purposes.
    • Acquired traits are listed under Feats and Traits.
    • Acquiring the first trait grants +3 power gauge when entering a map.
    • Acquiring the second trait gives +1 power gauge whenever damage is received.
    • Spiritium types (this should cover just about everything, but more could be added in the future if there's a need for that):
    • Cheerful
    • Carefully
    • Devoted
    • Lively
    • Confident
    • Humility
    • Quiet
    • Diligence
    • Innocent
    • Delicate
    • Gentle
    • Passionate
    • Evil
    • Lewd
    • Cynic
    • Ruthless
    • Warlike
    • Corrupt
    • Paranodic
    • Stubborn
    • Miser
    • Lazy
    • Stupid
    • Carefree
    • Whimsical
    • Despicable
    • Arrogance
    • Cowardly
    • Gloomy
    • Bizarre
    • Playful
    • Shy
    • Nervous
    • Vulgar
    • Perversity
    • Courageous



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new map to South Tyris' Ludus underground that has been put off for years.
    • Talk to the older sister after finishing the Removal of sister quest to enter the map. Added 1 new unique NPC and 1 new special action for this.
    • There's also new BGM and tile sprites so please be careful when replacing any game assets with your own custom versions.
  • Unlike other attributes, when Constitution got increased by a buff it didn't make any noticeable difference.
    • Thus, all characters now have a Constitution-dependent chance of recovering 1 SP per turn, as well as a Constitution-dependent chance of reducing their guard break gauge by 1%.
    • These checks will also happen during auto turns.
  • Regular attacks and spell casting were cheap compared to the damage they did and there was not much setting them apart from special actions.
    • Thus, regular attacks and casting spells now also increase [the user's] guard break gauge by 1% on top of the SP cost.
    • NPCs' guard break gauge will increase by 2% when casting spells.
    • These increases cannot bring guard break gauge above 99%.
    • Since guard break gauge naturally decreases every turn and there's also the aforementioned decreases due to Constitution, it might actually be still too difficult for all characters (enemies and allied alike) to have their guard broken without PV/DV-element attacks.
  • 4 new mandrake race NPCs, 2 new ent race NPCs, and 1 new special action for them.
  • Rate at which satiety and hydration decreases with time is now half of what it was in 2.11.
  • On the world map, the rate is 1/10 of what it was in 2.11.
  • Food items with a rank now recover a fixed amount of satiety. This amount is equal to 1.75x the satiety recovered [by the base ingredient], which is also equivalent to a rank 5 cooked food item in previous versions.
    • This makes it harder to starve in early-game where high-ranking food items are hard to come by, but harder to get full in late game when pretty much all food is high-ranking. After all, good food or not, it's all the same once it's in your stomach.
    • Food can now be cooked when Cooking skill is 0.
    • Also, the feature where characters who are "charmed by the flavor of human flesh" recovered only 2/3 as much satiety from non-human corpse food has been removed.
    • Greatly reduced the amount of satiety needed for fairies to puke up seeds and for the platinum goose to lay an egg.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of experience gained at low skill/attribute levels, and slightly increased the gain at high skill/attribute levels.
  • Reduced the difference in experience gained by the player character and NPCs through tobacco use. Tobacco items also increase the relevant attributes' potentials by 50 to 200 (+enhance value on the item affects potential gained); this potential gain occurs after the experience gain.
  • NPCs who have been 100% analyzed will now display the "Info" option when 'i'nteracted with.
    • This means that enemy character sheets are now viewable without using an insight lens.
    • Of course, insight lens are still useful for situations when the aforementioned is unfeasible.
  • Increased the evasion bonus that is dependent on a character's Memorization skill and the analysis on the attacker.
  • Added an evasion penalty that is dependent on the attacking character's Memorization skill and the target's analysis.
    • This also gives a slight amount of Memorization skill experience to the attacker.
  • Added the ability to give milk to ranch animals and made them drink it immediately because it was hard to tell which ones have had milk thrown at them already.
  • Spell bonus points can no longer be spent on the Wish spell because leveling it up made it harder to cast.
  • The symbols to the left of individual equipment attributes no longer show.
    • I kept them there for so long because I wanted to implement something but it was confusing for players.
  • Increased the sanity cost for Aurtehom's Abyss Leading.
    • It was too spammable when paired with Nefia that regenerate their floors whenever you enter the map.
    • There will now also be a minimum increase of 1% for insanity, no matter how much the reduction is.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed "combine mind and sound spells" equipment attribute not working for Sound Bolt and Howling Wave spells.
  • I forgot to set an upper limit for [dark guardian] level when they are summoned, so it's now the deepest floor cleared * 1.5.
  • Fixed the analysis-dependent evasion bonus getting applied to the player character instead of the target when attacking.

2.12: detailed changelog[]

[New map]
  • the Church of Older Sister
    • A new map beneath Ludus.
    • Map regenerates after a few days.
    • Cannot be Returned to.
    • Enter this map by completing the Removal of sister quest and speaking to the older sister NPC.
    • It's like the mansion of younger sister but of a different flavour.
[New special actions]
  • Pollen cannon
    • Single-target ranged attack that does not deal any damage per se.
    • Rolls to apply all of the following at the same time: Wince, Chills, Blinded, Paralyzed, Confused, Dim, Poisoned, and a Perception debuff.
    • If the target's current Perception attribute is already less than half of base Perception, the debuff is not applied.
    • The strength of all debuffs is dependent on the user's character level.
    • Now you can suffer from pollen allergies even in game (ugh).
  • Eye of Ane
    • A joke special action that acts as the counterpart to little sister summoning.
    • Can be learned by speaking to the <Sister> NPC listed below.
    • When used by the player character, you will gain 1 ane power experience and the current "ane attribute" will change to a different one.
    • Gaining experience for all 13 ane attributes will cause ane power level to increase by 1.
    • Ane power is capped at the same value as the player character's level.
    • Current ane power and ane attribute can be determined by speaking to the <Sister> NPC.
    • When used, it heals the target's HP by an ane power-dependent amount by some unknown mechanism. (If used by NPCs, that HP recovery is dependent on their character level instead.)
    • It has no effect when used on older sister-type NPCs and will fail.
    • When successfully used, it also removes the user's Melancholy status ailment. Naturally, it does not alleviate the drug dependence associated with it.
    • This is considered an "Eye of ___"-type attack, so you can actually tack on other effects to it with Abyss in the eye. It can also be used to proc Mind Break when power gauge is full.

[New NPCs]
  • helraune
    • Level 183 mandrake. Female only.
    • Pollen cannon, Anaphylaxis, Poison Bolt, Nether Roar.
    • Has a chance of using Venotrate when power gauge is between 25 and 80% inclusive.
  • king hogweeder
    • Level 108 mandrake. Male only.
    • Pollen cannon, Touch of Poison, and Touch of Nerve.
  • hogweeder
    • Level 55 mandrake. Male only.
    • Pollen cannon, Provoke, and Poison Breath.
  • alraune
    • Level 36 mandrake. Female only.
    • Cure of Eris on low health. Uses Mind Thorn and Mist of Frailness.
  • kusosugi
    • Level 175 ent. Can spawn in swarms.
    • Uses Pollen cannon, Blame Pain, and Eye of Insanity.
  • hinocchio
    • Level 68 ent. Male only. Temper bit flag.
    • Uses Pollen cannon and Blended lie.
  • <Sister> the older sister
    • Level 70 roran. Suitable for riding.
    • Uses Mind Bolt, Illusion Roar, Eye of brainwashing, and Eye of Ane.
[New item]
  • anering
    • A tool that does not spawn randomly.
    • Obtain by speaking to the aforementioned <Sister> and picking the appropriate options. When obtained like this, it always spawns blessed.
    • Using it will recover the target's MP by a player character ane power-dependent amount.
    • The amount it recovers isn't that much, but if you carry a lot of these you can easily counter any MPoison ailments on any character.



[Changes and additions]
  • Implemented the effects of the artifact item added in 2.10.
  • In order to...
    • make clearing trash mobs at high levels faster,
    • keep things exciting even if the player character is a lot more powerful than enemies,
    • prevent bosses from going down disappointingly quickly while also preventing the fights from getting too long,
    • the effect of character level on maximum HP and MP has been reduced.
    • The higher a character's level, the more noticeable the change. At low levels, this change is barely noticeable.
    • To make bosses hardier, the non-pet unique NPC modifiers now increases HP by 6 times instead of 5 times, and adds an additional 1.5 ranks of resistances to all elements.
  • Rebalanced the rate at which satiety and hydration decreases.
    • Satiety and hydration decreases at regular intervals now, instead of happening once every few turns the character takes. This means that Speed attribute no longer determines how often a character eats.
    • The decrease while in the [Deep-sea castle] is now 1/100 of the normal rate.
    • Curse of Hunger now causes [satiety] to decrease at 1.5 times the usual rate instead, and it also lasts for a much greater number of turns now.
  • The satiety level at which pets may eat has been changed to match that of the player character's.
  • Added 3 new NPCs that appear under special conditions.
  • Added 1 new item that decreases the guard break gauge.
  • Increased the amount of Abyss power gained from reading ancient books by 10 times.
  • When either the player character or the steed currently being ridden defeats an enemy, the other in the pair will now gain a small amount of AP if they meet the prerequisites for AP gain. This does not apply between the player character's tag partner and the player character's steed.
  • Changed the Spinning Throw gauge attack damage calculation so that it matches that of other gauge attacks.
    • It will also add 30% to the target's guard break gauge. This increase works separately from other means of increasing guard break gauge [and is therefore not subjected to the usual limitations].
  • Changed how the Magic Kiss special action makes targets hostile.
    • In previous versions, using it on a non-allied, non-pet, but non-hostile NPC would instantly turn it hostile.
    • Now, this special action is treated just like any other attack. It does not turn the NPC hostile immediately but there will be Karma loss.
  • Changed the damage dealt by bomb barrel items, and made their damage PV/DV element.
    • Increased the AOE to a 5x5 region and up to a maximum of 5 barrels can be detonated at a time.
    • Damage dealt is not affected by Control Magic skill, so be careful about collateral damage. Characters in a tag team can cover their partner from damage.
  • Increased the magazine size of all special ammos except for time stop.
    • This is to encourage people to use those ammos to adapt to situations just like how special actions are used, and so that people don't just hold down the f key to skimp on the ammo.
  • Removed the SP cost when firing special ammos.
    • To make rapid ammo have more of a 'rapid fire' feel to it, it now does 6 shots at 50% damage, up from 3 shots at 50% damage.
    • burst ammo seemed like rapid ammo with more shots, so it now does 40 shots at 20% damage, up from 20 shots at 33% damage. The equipment attribute that gives burst ammo also has a higher chance of showing up now.
    • Removed part of the animations for rapid ammo and burst ammo so that they don't take too long.
    • magic ammo didn't seem to need its damage lowered, so it now does 100% damage, up from 10%.
    • To prevent the damage modifiers applied to special ammos from getting overridden, the extra ranged attack [equipment attribute] no longer procs when special ammos are fired.
  • Added a feature to items that function as house boards that should prove helpful when renovating.
    • It gathers all items in the deed and places them where the player character is standing.
  • Red books produced by Self-publishing will now inherit the blessed/cursed status of manuscripts used to craft it.
  • Changed the cost of using eternal force weapon to 100% of maximum SP. Eternal force weapons cannot be used when SP is 0 or less.
    • Also fixed the element of reflected [eternal force] damage - it is now cold element instead of fire element.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed PV/DV element damage calculation so that it properly factors in racial PV and DV bonuses.
  • Fixed equipment attributes that proc attack spells and magistus and trismagistus items looking up base spell power after casting, causing damage dealt to fluctuate.
  • Fixed musical notadpole corpse not giving sound resistance because the data for that had been entered in the wrong field.
    • This change affects corpses in existing game saves.
  • Properties are now internally designated for moving when a property transfer deed is used on them.
    • Properties designated for moving cannot be removed until they are moved to a new location. This is to prevent people from accidentally removing a property while trying to move it.
    • After moving the property, it becomes undesignated.

2.11: detailed changelog[]

[Effects of the Aurtehom]
  • Reading Aurtehom will cause one of the effects listed below.
    • Reading it, however, will decrease Abyss power and/or do SAN damage.
    • SAN damage is a roll to check if insanity increases. It can be mitigated with Mind resistance, with Jure's feat, or by being drunk.
  • [Abyss Leading]
    • Starts unlocked at 0 Abyss power.
    • Removes all items on the map that are unowned (i.e. can be picked up without Pickpocket) except for Aurtehom itself.
    • To prevent accidental usage, there is a confirmation dialogue that will show up after picking this option.
    • For every type of item removed, it increases Abyss power by 1. This had to be limited to 1 point per type of item or else gold pieces would give a lot of points.
    • This is a way of obtaining Abyss power other than by doing quests and reading ancient books. Also for cleaning Nefias.
  • [Phantom Swords]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 500 or above.
    • Does Literacy and Magic Device skill-dependent cut element damage to all enemies in sight. It also rolls to decapitate enemies that have less than 1/8 maximum HP left.
  • [Dark Expulsion]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 1000 or above.
    • Deals damage to instantly kill all enemies on the map that have the summoned bit flag.
  • [Lightless Gate]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 2000 or above.
    • Escape but without having to wait any turns.
    • Escape takes 5 to 14 turns and Return takes 15 to 29 turns. If you find that waiting this many turns will get you killed, you can use this during the Escape/Return cast to override it and bring you out instantly.
  • [Evil Guardians]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 3000 or above.
    • Summons the 3 types of dark guardians (see below) as allies.
    • They are not marked by the summoned bit flag but disappear when changing maps.
    • Their level when spawned is dependent on the player character's Magic Device and Literacy skill levels.
    • They won't spawn if there is already a dark guardian of the same type on the map.
  • [Beckoning Seabed]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 4000 or above.
    • A Literacy skill-dependent roll to silence all enemies in sight.
    • If [the target] is not already afflicted by Choked, inflicts 1 turn of Choke on them (equivalent to 15 turns of Dyspnea).
  • [Suffering Deads]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 5000 or above.
    • All dead NPCs who can be resurrected will get resurrected. Their Impress won't increase though.
  • [Merciless Flood]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 6000 or above.
    • Inflicts Literacy and Magic Device skill-dependent PV/DV element damage to every single character on the map and applies Wet to them.
    • Can be reflected.
    • All floor tiles are changed to water tiles.
    • Each wall tile has a chance of getting destroyed.
  • [Crazy Theater]
    • Unlocked when Abyss power is 6666 or above.
    • Sets the current field state to [Crazy Theater].
    • [This field state] increases damage dealt by all characters by a character Sanity-dependent multiplier (x2 damage dealt at 100 Sanity).
    • Damage received [by all characters] is also decreased by a character Sanity-dependent multiplier (x0.5 damage received at 100 Sanity).
[New NPCs]
  • green dark guardian
    • Level 30 god. Does not spawn naturally.
    • Floats. Eye of Insanity on low health. Eye of Illusion, Psychic Wave, Homing Lazer.
  • blue dark guardian
    • Level 30 god. Does not spawn naturally.
    • Floats. MP Breath on low health. Fire Bolt, Cold Blade, Heal Critical, Harvest Mana.
  • crimson dark guardian
    • Level 30 god. Does not spawn naturally.
    • Floats. Run Wildly on low health. Distant Attack, Acid Hurricane,
[New item]
  • command whistle
    • An item that can randomly spawn. A type of junk.
    • Using it will decrease the guard break gauge of all characters in sight by 5%. This includes the user and enemies.
    • It has no effect on characters who are already in guard break state.
[New special action]
  • Individual Leading
    • Learned upon level up when the Natural Leader feat is acquired (the one that also grants Cheer) and Learning is 30 or greater.
    • Decreases the selected ally's guard break gauge by up to 50%, and increase the user's guard break gauge by the amount decreased.
    • If this brings the user's guard break gauge to 100% or greater, it sets it to 99%. The amount of guard break that "disappears" will affect the rate at which guard break gauge naturally decreases.
    • This special action fails if the target already has its guard broken or is out of sight.
    • Non-pet temporary NPC allies can also be selected as targets.
    • The flavour text for the target's reaction can be customized with dbModeTxtLeading.
    • Something I'd like to implement in the future is the ability to play a type of character that doesn't fight but is able to command allies effectively to win battles.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new item that will allow you to use Abyss power in exchange for increasing Sanity in future versions.
    • The effects haven't been implemented yet, but it has been placed in a corner of the Truce Ground.
    • Also placed a new unique NPC there.
  • High mind element resistance no longer confers complete immunity to insanity increases.
  • Space retention's insanity immunity was too easy to abuse, so it now only halves Sanity increases.
  • Set an upper limit of 100 to Sanity. To make insane characters seem more unhinged, that number is now displayed as a percentage.
    • Strength of [Unsteady/Insane/Paranoia status ailments] applied while insane now increases with Sanity.
    • Without the cap on the value, it was a chore to get it down again when it increases during the main quest.
  • Increased the amount of Abyss power that 1 dark fragment gives [from 1] to 20.
    • When updating the game to this version, current Abyss power in existing game saves will be multiplied by 20.
  • The game now searches up to an additional 2 pieces of equipment for the "proximity assist weapon" or "interlocking shooting mechanism" equipment attributes to try to proc them.
    • The damage from these equipment attributes is also no longer reduced by the target's Light/Medium/Heavy Armor skills.
    • But since it now procs more frequently, and still has the additional [damage/evade-lowering] effects,
    • the damage multiplier for these has been [lowered] to match those of "inflicts massive damage" equipment attributes,
    • there is now a cap on the effect of these equipment attributes so people don't have to grind to stack a piece of equipment with as much of these attributes as possible, and
    • the Tactics/Marksman skill-dependent damage modifiers has been decreased by quite a bit.
  • Also capped the effect of "massive damage" equipment attributes - not that anybody stacks these attributes on their weapon.
  • Changed how experience is awarded by the Traveling skill and the Doujyou.
    • Under the former system, it would go through several cycles of selecting a random skill to give it experience.
    • It now goes through every single skill and gives a random amount of experience to each of them.
    • Therefore having a greater number of skills no longer means getting less experience on average for each of them.
  • Increased the MP cost for casting bolt- and ball-type spells because they were too cheap for AOE attacks.
    • They may still be more efficient than dart-type spells in some situations since they affect 7 and 44 tiles respectively.
  • Spells of NPCs used to use 70% of their Casting skill level to calculate spell power [since they don't have spell levels]. It has been increased to 100% of their Casting skill level.
    • The effect of Casting skill on NPC spell power is now capped at 2,000 - the same as the cap for spell level-dependent power for the player character.
  • If powerful attacks don't cost anything, combat won't involve any tactics, so to minimize regular attack spam and make [the Negotiation/Talking special actions] more attractive, the regular physical attacks of all characters (enemies and allies alike) now costs 1 SP.
    • This 1 SP deduction can happen only once per turn even if extra melee attack or any of the continuous attack proc during it.
    • When the character is too tired, there is a 1/2 chance that the regular physical attack will fail.
  • Similarly, casting spells now costs 1 SP for the player character (does not include [participating] in Over-Ray special action).
    • NPCs don't have spell stock, so spell casting costs 2 SP for them.
    • When the character is too tired, spell casting has a 1/2 chance of failing.
  • Because the player character and allies are likely to go through consecutive fights, the stamina recovery from food has been more than doubled, and even the lowest rank of [cooked] food now recovers stamina. NPCs now also recover stamina [when the player eats] food. Work hard, dine hard.
  • In previous versions, NPCs placed on a map fully recovered HP and MP when changing maps. Now, they will also fully recover their SP.
    • The changes to SP that have happened since the Negotiator special actions got implemented means that they're more likely to be tired.
  • Racial bonuses [to PV and DV] are no longer applied when PV and DV are negative.
  • Mist of Frailness used to halve and then subtract an amount from PV; it now only halves PV. (Halving won't occur if PV is currently negative.)
    • There used to be a lot of enemies that had little to no PV so simply halving PV wasn't very effective then. These days, character level contributes to PV so all characters will have some of it, and subtracting after halving was lowering it too much.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Incorporated some of the English translations received.
  • Fixed the error that popped up sometimes when a wilderness map generated a river that was too wide.
  • Fixed attacking several characters in 1 turn (e.g. by using an AOE attack) causing the guard break gauge of only the first character hit to increase.
    • Now every character hit will have their guard break gauge increased, but the guard break gauge for a character won't increase any further even if it gets attacked again until that character's next turn (i.e. guard break gauge increases now follow the same rule as power gauge increases).
  • Fixed zapping rods not saving the raw spell power of the rod before modifications, causing it to deal really low damage sometimes, or causing spells casted to lookup raw spell power and do unreliable damage.

2.10: detailed changelog[]

[New NPC]
  • <Talka> the long twintail
    • Level 15 cat race unique NPC.
    • Placed on the Truce Ground. NPC for an event not yet implemented.
    • Portrait and conversation content are placeholders.
    • Heal Critical on low health. Uses Speed.
[New item]
  • Aurtehom
    • Placed on the Truce Ground.
    • In the future, reading it will have an effect of your choosing but increase insanity.