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Older versions[]

Versions Date range
2.00 - 9/05/2020 -
1.90 - 1.995R 6/17/2019 - 6/28/2020
1.80 - 1.89 7/16/2018 - 4/20/2019
1.70 - 1.79 7/24/2017 - 7/7/2018
1.60 - 1.69 7/18/2016 - 6/25/2017
1.50 - 1.59 9/23/2015 - 6/18/2016
1.40 - 1.49 10/5/2014 - 9/6/2015
1.30 - 1.39 10/27/2013 - 8/31/2014
1.20 - 1.29 5/19/2013 - 9/29/2013
1.10 - 1.19 9/12/2012 - 4/29/2013
1.00 - 1.09
0.63 - 0.99

Instructions and notes on updating the game[]

When using save data from vanilla Elona 1.16 or prior, you will need to:

  • Save while your character is in a town, and
  • Unassign the shopkeeper in your shop, the breeder in your ranch, and so on.

Internally, the code for updating game saves works exactly the same as it does in vanilla Elona so there's no need to update older versions to vanilla Elona 1.16 first. However, before moving the save file over to the newer game version, do make a backup copy of it somewhere else.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.18 or prior:

  • All gift items have their quality changed to "cheap".
  • All bait attached to fishing rods will be changed to "water flea".

due to a change in how item data is handled.

Save data from Elona plus 1.18fix cannot be used in versions 1.18R and later.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.22 or prior:

  • Due to a change in how scrolls of flying work, the stats of all pieces of equipment in the inventories of the player character, pets, and adventurers will be reset. Their weight and equipment attributes stay the same, but other stats will become the highest value possible for the material that they are respectively made of.

Equipment that had ridiculous stats due to a bug in a previous version have to be fixed this way or you will not be able to equip them. Alternatively, change the material of the piece of equipment and that will also fix it.

Save data from Elona plus 1.25 cannot be used in versions 1.25R and later.

Save data from Elona plus 1.38 cannot be used in versions 1.38R and later.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.40 and 1.40fix, some body parts added onto your character or onto your pets may disappear. Items equipped on those body parts will be unequipped. When starting the game, an item to restore body parts will be placed at your character's feet.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.40fix2, some body parts added onto your character may disappear. Items equipped on those body parts will be unequipped. When starting the game, an item to restore body parts will be placed at your character's feet.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.85 or prior, the contents of placed shelters will be reset. As such, a sand bag will be placed at your feet as it's a popular item to have in shelters.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.88, 1.88R, and prior, constructed shelters will be deconstructed. One toilet will also be placed at your feet.

When using a save file from Elona plus 1.97 or prior, pets who had been marked as precious will no longer be marked as such due to changes to the variable used. Custom item sprites will also have their image height reduced and appear flattened due to a change in the default parameters for sprite dimensions. You will need to reassign both of these after updating the game.

Save data from Elona plus 1.995 cannot be used in versions 2.00 and later.

Development versions of this game are for finding bugs. Versions that are fixes will fix bugs found in development versions before that, but that doesn't mean they are bug-free.

Recommended method for updating the game:

  • The same as in vanilla Elona.
  • Copy the save_CHARACTER folder from the /save folder into the /save folder of the new version.
  • Play the new version of Elona plus.
  • Any other custom files (e.g. character portraits) should be moved individually, not by copying their containing folder.
  • You may want to have these custom files in a separate folder outside the game directory for ease of copying.

Not recommended:

  • Copying all files and folders from the new version into the older version.
  • Copying folders containing custom files and dropping them into the directory containing the new version.
  • These may cause your game folder to have unnecessary files and other issues, so the game may not work if you do this.

Upcoming version: -[]

Last Updated: -



  • Added a new guard break gauge that is purple in colour. When it exceeds 100%, PV and DV are temporarily set to 0.
    • When it is less than 100%, it decreases by 1% per turn. While the player character is 'R'esting, it decreases by 2% per turn. When guard break ends, it is reset to 0% immediately.
    • The gauge of characters who receive damage increases by 2%. This increase occurs only once per turn, and only if the gauge is less than 100%.
    • PV/DV element attacks, however, now have a new effect - they increase the target's gauge by 10%.
    • This should help prevent battles with enemies that heal themselves from getting repetitive, and it also means letting your guard down against a swarm of weak enemies can be deadly.
  • While the player character is 'R'esting, all characters (i.e. the player character and all NPCs) will now recover HP, MP, and SP, and their guard break gauge will decrease.
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Armor skill used to do nothing after level 300 - that cap has been removed. Instead, their effect on defence is now 1/4 of the previous value.
  • Added 4 new giant race NPCs.
  • Added 3 new rock race NPCs.
  • Replaced Over Long Throw with a new special action.
  • Added 3 new special actions.
  • Replaced the Stone/Iron/Steel Defense feats with a new feat that grants the aforementioned special actions.
    • Also replaced the Agile feats with something a lot more useful.
  • Bewitch special action now causes a low amount of bleed. Could be a nosebleed or the character puking blood because of cuteness overload.
  • Draw Shadow special action now also inflicts 1 turn of Invert.
    • Similar special actions such as Dancing Wire, Dimension Fishing, and Multiple Gather do not have this effect.
  • "Tell feelings" in the 'i'nteract menu will now consume 80% of the target's Attract - this change also applies to interactions with pets.
    • Attract, by the way, fully recovers after 12 hours. Implementing a system where they recover Attract after sleep is difficult because NPCs on a different map wouldn't be able to recover.
  • Added 1 new item that can be used as a substitute for sox for a quest.
  • Stacking enough "absolute piercing attak" equipment attribute to make it proc 100% of the time with a weapon was too balance breaking and it's not quite what I had in mind for Elona plus. Besides, it leads to a lot of grinding too. As such, this equipment attribute's proc rate is now capped at 30%.
  • Slaves and horses now have an empty inventory when purchased to save people the trouble of save scumming/stripping their inventory clean every time.
  • Trash fished up in South Tyris and Lost Irva now have a different colour and name from trash fished up in North Tyris.
    • Their selling price and size modifiers remain unchanged; the changes are purely cosmetic. This is just to spice up the different regions by introducing some differences between them.
  • Traveling skill used to give small amounts of experience in several instalments, but having low potential meant that it would get rounded down, so it was possible to end up gaining less than 0.001 levels of experience sometimes.
    • So instead of increasing the number of instalments [with distance travelled], the number of instalments is now fixed. Instead, the amount of experience per instalment increases [with distance travelled].
  • Increased the rate of experience gained in the Doujyou per unit distance travelled to match that of the Traveling skill.
    • Having the Traveling skill will not grant extra experience in the Doujyou.
    • The cost of the "Special train allys" options has also been changed - it now depends on that student's INIT value. There is also no longer any discount for enrolling multiple students in the Doujyou. The cost is now 5 times that of training in towns (without any Charisma discount), and the effect is 6 times that of training in towns.
    • This change should make the Doujyou somewhat decent for leveling pets safely, in exchange for gold pieces and any experience/AP that could've been gained in combat.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the descriptions of some of the new spellbooks added in 2.08 - some of them weren't properly edited after copy and pasting.
  • Fixed Hydro Fang spell not making targets Wet.
  • Fixed green teas redeemed with yaca points still spawning with +1 +enhance value.
  • Fixed the issues that occurred when leaving a Harvest Time/Party Time/Trap disarming quest map while there is still time on the clock and time is currently stopped.

2.09: detailed changelog[]

[New item]
  • socks
    • Unlike sox, this is a usable 't'ool, not a weapon.
    • Rarely spawns upon the death of any enemy considered human.
    • Guaranteed to spawn when winning a duel regardless of whether the enemy was human or not.
    • Can be submitted in Urcaguary's quest; each of these count as 2 sox.
    • Using it inflicts 3 turns of Dim on a target regardless of the target's Dim resistance.
    • There is one unique NPC who will also get buffed by 3 turns of Boost and have all sorts of reactions to it.
[Replaced feats]
  • Ground Manipulater
    • Replaces the Defense feats.
    • Grants the Sand Cannon special action.
    • Grants Smash Ground upon level up when Constitution is 40 or greater.
    • Grants Rocrusher upon level up when Constitution is 70 or greater.
    • Grants Mogranic Aura upon level up when Constitution is 100 or greater.
  • Super Accel
    • Replaces the Agile feats.
    • The multiplier for Speed buff is 1.3 instead with this feat.
    • It also increases cap on the amount of Speed that can be added to the base stat by the buff from 800 to 1,000. The description of the buff does not reflect this increase.
    • There have been a lot of Speed- and turn-related changes lately, so this should mesh with those changes fairly well.
[New special actions]
  • Shining Throw
    • Learned upon level up when Throwing skill is 50 or greater - basically replaces Over Long Throw.
    • A mid-sized AOE PV/DV-element attack that is dependent on Throwing skill and Will attribute. Increases the user's gauge by 5% when used.
    • When Tactical Throw has been acquired, this special action has a low chance of getting used.
    • surya, <Strange old person>, fairy the shining, shine ogre, <Yacatect>, and <Hyper Yacatect> now use this.
  • Sand Cannon
    • Learned when the Ground Manipulater feat has been acquired.
    • A PV/DV-element breath-type AOE attack. Affected by Control Magic.
    • Has a Constitution-dependent chance of inflicting Blind. Also inflicts 3 turns of Dyspnea (this will stack with any existing Dyspnea).
    • <Arasiel> now uses this instead of Insult.
  • Rocrusher
    • Learned upon level up when the Ground Manipulater feat has been acquired and Constitution is 70 or greater.
    • A 'W'ide-area special that deals Constitution-dependent damage to all enemies in sight. (The damage formula is similar to that of gauge attacks, except that this does less damage.)
    • The affected tiles will then be made impassable, 5 turns of Bind will be inflicted, and the [Rocrush] field state will be imposed.
    • When used, it grants a small amount of Constitution experience.
    • <Graveed> the gravity valley, gasyadokuro, muscle golem, and atlas now use this.
  • Mogranic Aura
    • Learned upon level up when the Ground Manipulater feat has been acquired and Constitution is 100 or greater.
    • Gives the user a buff of the same name that increases magic resistance by a Constitution-dependent amount. However, the user also gets afflicted by Emission status ailment (MP loss caused by this cannot be reduced by Magic Capacity skill due to the strength of the status ailment).
    • mega mole, talpidae, and super-dragonewt now use this.
[New imposable field state]
  • [Rocrush]
  • Whenever any character on the current map does a critical hit with a melee attack, their target's tile is marked impassable, and the target is inflicted with 2 turn of Bind (does not stack with any existing Bind).
[New NPCs]
  • eighty shaku
    • Level 98 giant. Female only.
    • Uses Eclipse Jail, Mist of Darkness, Rubbing, Squeeze, and Eye of brainwashing.
  • gigantes
    • Level 125 giant. Temper bit flag. Eating the corpse grants Constitution experience.
  • Uses Smash Ground and Cowering Smile.
  • surtr
    • Level 165 giant. Temper bit flag.
    • Will sometimes use Flame of Rage when afflicted with Fury. Uses Fire Bolt.
  • dark artificial giant
    • Level 195 giant. Float bit flag.
    • Uses MP Breath on low health. Uses Shining Wave and ZinlaiKyaku.
  • mag count
    • Level 48 rock. Hard corpse.
    • Draw Shadow and Sand Cannon.
  • e-mag duke
    • Level 123 rock. Hard corpse.
    • Sand Cannon, Linear Launcher, and Lightning Breath.
  • crystalian
    • Level 191 rock. Female only. Hard corpse.
    • Gem Power, Draw Shadow, Magic Storm, and Bewitch.



  • Fixed the game crashing immediately after starting when the language is set to English. This was caused by a comma that was accidentally copy-pasted into the Anorexia status ailment label's English text.
  • Added the "deals massive damage to metals" equipment attribute to the list of equipment attributes that living weapons can acquire.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 14 new spells such that every element has a arrow, bolt, and ball version.
    • Also made existing attack spells more consistent by making changes to their name, description, and MP cost.
    • I've been putting this off since there was a lot of work involved, but it should be worth the effort if these spells help set characters apart from each other.
  • Tentatively added the spellbooks for all arrow, bolt, and ball spells that haven't had one up until now.
    • Also rebalanced their reading difficulties, levels, and market prices so that they're more consistent.
  • Made musical notadpole, bell of emergency, mandrake, and zap mandrake corpses grant sound resistance.
    • Halved the Magic attribute increases from the [corpses of the] two mandrake monsters.
  • Sound-element damage now causes Dim instead of Confused so that illusion- and sound-element damage don't both cause the same status ailment.
  • The side effects of chaos-element damage now proc in a predictable manner and are no longer random.
    • It now inflicts the following:
    • Wince, but at 1/7th the strength inflicted by fire-element damage,
    • Chills, but at 1/7th the strength inflicted by cold-element damage,
    • Blinded, but at 1/7th the strength inflicted by dark-element damage,
    • Paralyzed, but at 1/7th the strength inflicted by nerve-element damage,
    • Confused, but at 1/7th the strength inflicted by illusion-element damage,
    • Dim, but at 1/7th the strength inflicted by sound-element damage, and
    • Poisoned, but at 1/7th the strength inflicted by poison-element damage.
  • Changed the calculation order for interlocking shooting mechanism and proximity assist weapon equipment attributes so that damage dealt doesn't overflow as easily.
  • Added 1 new equipment attribute that deals extra damage to enemies with the metal bit flag.
  • Decreased the cap on the healing effect of nether-element damage from 10% of maximum HP to 6.66% of current HP.
    • Also decreased the chance of inflicting blindness to 60% of what it was.
    • Added a "combine dark and nether spells" equipment attribute.
  • When several arrow spells are casted in a row [by the exile], the "combine ____ spells" equipment attributes now apply. However, only the first arrow spell casted is affected.
  • Added a bit flag to monsters that learn a ball spell upon evolving.
    • Those who have already evolved will have that bit flag added to them whenever their stats are recalculated [such as when changing their equipment].
  • Every character's bit flags are now listed in their "Feats and Traits" window.
    • You can also tell whether a bit flag is granted by a piece of equipment or if it's intrinsic to the character.
  • Changed the Suicide Attack special action so that the damage to the user now procs after the user's HP has been set to 0.
    • This means no more chain of exploding bomb rocks in the Void.
    • Also, characters hit by Suicide Attack will now get inflicted by 5 turns of Wince (that stacks on top of any existing Wince), and there is also a user Constitution-dependent chance of getting inflicted by Fear.
  • Rebalanced the damage dealt by non-elemental attacks such as water spells and suicide attacks, and changed their element to the PV/DV element.
    • Damage from these attacks can therefore now be reduced [by PV and DV] so they're unfortunately not as scary any more, but subjecting the player to unmitigable damage doesn't seem like a good idea balance-wise.
  • Anorexia is now displayed as a status ailment on the left side of the screen when the player character is afflicted by it.
    • The label will change accordingly to reflect the 11 different stages of seriousness (which is also the number of times the player character has vomited).
    • The chance of recovering from anorexia when sleeping has also been improved.
  • Changed the damage received when vomiting while satiety is negative to starvation damage.
    • The damage calculation [for starvation] has also been changed. The greater the subject's Perception and the greater the number of times vomited (caps out at 30 times), the greater the damage received.
    • In Purge mode, the damage received remains the unchanged (i.e. a fixed 999,999 damage is dealt).
  • To prevent accidental use of memory converters, the item description has been made clearer and a confirmation dialogue now displays upon using it.
  • The "360 rice balls and green teas" reward option from the yaca point card was worth more than I thought and overshadowed all the other options, so the green teas given no longer have +enhance values.
    • The logic behind this is that +1 green teas are already worth too much and green teas without enhance values are still worth using.
  • Send throw special action now searches the vicinity for a valid tile to throw the target to. As such, it no longer refuses to move the thrown character due to an inaccessible destination tile as often.
    • It now displays who the thrown character has been thrown towards.
  • Treasure maps aren't consumed when read, causing NPCs to get stuck in a loop reading them when they are handed one. Thus, NPCs no longer accept treasure maps.
  • Changed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the distance modifiers for various ranged attacks not getting applied for attacks at maximum range.
  • Fixed one section of the code where I forgot to apply the fairy equipment weight limit change, causing equipment 1s and heavier to instantly get unequipped.
  • Fixed the display issue that sometimes happened. This was because some NPC auto-turn actions caused them to act as if they were using the 0th item in the item list, and the bug triggered if that 0th item happened to be a food item and the player attempted to eat it.
    • In addition to the fix for the aforementioned bug, when attempting to use an item that is currently in use by an NPC, the game now displays who exactly is currently using what item.

2.08: detailed changelog[]

[New equipment attributes]
  • It inflicts massive damage to metals
    • The new "massive damage" equipment attribute. Melee and ranged weapons may spawn with this.
    • Additional damage is dealt to targets with the metal bit flag; the race of the target does not matter.
    • The amount of additional damage is greater than that of other similar equipment attributes such as the one for undead.
    • <Trishula>, <Solar Cane>, <Gerbera Cross>, <Axe of Destruction>, and <Zantetsu> now come with it.
  • It combine darkness and nether spells
    • Waist and neck equipment may spawn with this.
    • Casting a spell of either element procs additional damage of the other element.
    • The only elements that do not have a "combine ___ spells" equipment attribute are chaos, lightning, magic, and PV/DV, but chaos is already a blend of various things, and the magic and PV/DV elements are kind of special so they shouldn't get mixed with anything else.
    • <Pants of Ogre> now comes with this.
    • This replaces the reflect magic equipment attribute of <Vice Staff>.
[New bit flag ability]
  • You feel uplifted while casting
    • When casting a spell (includes taking part in Over-Ray), power gauge is increased by 5%.
    • When several spells are casted in a row, it counts only as 1 time even though 3 spells are casted.
    • The following evolved pets gain this bit flag: thanatos, magic scholar of Elea (NB: no English name. Evolved from wizard of Elea), will o'gre (NB: no English name. Evolved from dark soul, which is evolved from wisp/chaos cloud/electric cloud), dark dragon, and eternal exile (NB: neither of these have an English name. Both evolved from exile).
[New arrow-type spells]
  • Fire Claw
    • Fire element. suzaku, ninja, and <Aikage> the sinobi mask now use this.
  • Cold Blade
    • Cold element. <Leiki>, blizzard lizard, and <Kuroya> the looking universe now use this.
  • Lightning Spear
    • Lightning element. halloween children, eulderna summonknight, and <Lenas> the mage reporter now use this.
  • Mind Thorn
    • Illusion element. butterspy, great race of Yith, and tree incarnation now use this.
  • Poison Mucus
    • Poison element. oyaukamui, sepa, and tester now use this.
  • Sound Cannon
    • Sound element. <Karavika>, tsathoggua, and alkonost now use this.
  • Hydro Fang
    • PV/DV element. fin crocodile, manta rayarn, and nightmare shark now use this.
[New bolt-type spells]
  • Nether Bolt
    • Nether element. magic hawk moth, profanity priest, and curse drake now use this.
  • Poison Bolt
    • Poison element. universe invader, murder cockroach, and black baptist now use this.
  • Sound Bolt
    • Sound element. Shub-Niggurath, musical notadpole, and <Mefan> the bard now use this.
  • Chaos Bolt
    • Chaos element. Shub-Niggurath, wangnin, and sage of Elea now use this.
  • Nerve Bolt
    • Nerve element. grim reaper, dark elea, and black angel hair now use this.
[New ball-type spells]
  • Illusion Roar
    • Illusion element. the king in yellow, lunatyeek, and nightmare sheep now use this.
  • Anguish Jail
    • Nerve element. yokoshima enaga, sickfull older brother, and demon's soul now use this.
[Renamed existing spells]
  • Dark eye -> Darkness Wedge
  • Nerve Arrow -> Nerve Needle
  • Crystal Spear -> Magic Bolt
  • There are many more changes in the English version.
  • The corresponding spellbooks of the affected spells have also been renamed.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added the ability for some special actions and events to impose a "field state" upon the current map.
    • A field state does not go away with time.
    • A field state subjects characters on the map (including the one who imposed it) to some effects.
    • Some field states can be removed by exiting and reentering the map or by the use of Space retention. These field states can also be overwritten by imposing a different field state.
    • More field states to come in the future.
  • Changed the display for attribute potential so that it now indicates two additional higher tiers - 300% and above, and 400% and above.
    • This change does not affect the actual value of the potential.
  • Also changed the display for resistance ranks so that it now indicates two additional higher tiers.
    • The difference between each rank has also increased from 50 to 100, so the displayed resistances for existing characters will change.
    • This change does not affect the actual value of the resistances.
  • Swapped the Concentration feat for a new one. Added 4 new special actions related to it.
  • Made Space retention special action learnable by the player character when prerequisites are met.
  • Added the bit flag that makes an NPC always drop its gold on death to 2 NPCs that previously didn't have it but were capable of using the Suspicious Hand special action (i.e. catgod hand and terrorism squirrel).
    • Also, NPCs with the summoned bit flag will now drop their gold when they have the gold dropping bit flag.
  • It was possible to finish the the Act III last boss battle extremely quickly with certain tactics, so the additional damage done to it now procs only once per turn.
  • To make fishing better at killing time, you now have the option to set it to auto-fish for 1 to 6 hours.
    • When auto-fishing, the player character will resume fishing as long as there is bait on the fishing pole.
    • When the set time has elapsed or when bait runs out, auto-fishing will stop.
    • Bait is consumed only when something is fished up.
    • With this, you can kill time and obtain fish while you're at it, but remember that fish rots in 8 hours.
    • Ease of catching fish and the rate at which time passes while fishing remains the same. Machine lure, when used, will also work the same.
  • Increased the chance that the [new] unique NPCs will visit your home to match that of the Mysterious Producer.
  • Some attacks have their damage decreased by the target's PV and DV - that decrease has been decreased.
  • Changed the effect of the Creepy Dream event.
    • It now causes an extreme but temporary debuff to Perception, Will, and Luck. (The debuffs from multiple Creepy Dreams will stack.)
    • This debuff can be prevented by the "protects [stat] from weakening" equipment attribute and with disinfectant.
    • It can also be cured by Restore Spirit and healers in towns.
    • This event no longer causes a permanent reduction in resistances.
  • Buffed the predator class's perk - it now applies a 1.1x multiplier to its final calculated chance of doing a critical hit.
  • Every race now has a multiplier to their final calculated chance that they can evade a critical attack.
    • The smaller and weaker races have a higher multiplier. (e.g. For gods, it is 1.0x so it essentially remains unchanged; for snails, it is 3.0x.)
    • This is to make things more even between races. Custom race names do not affect the multiplier.
  • Increased the weight limit on equipment that player characters of the fairy race can wear to 2s. (Equipment weighing exactly 2.0s can be worn.)
    • Fairy NPCs and the other seemingly feeble races have no such weight limit, but removing the cap altogether would probably make fairies too powerful and would mean removing their signature characteristic.
  • The rent collection date variable was getting reused when it shouldn't be, so that variable has been changed to something else for two of the unique NPCs that visit your home.
  • Fixed the HP bar display issue that sometimes occurred for pets.
    • The issue happened when recalculating a pet's stats which caused the game to briefly remove bonuses to maximum HP (applied to {unique} and <mutant> NPCs) and PV/DV.
  • Fixed stacking items in the inventory with the 'I' key not stacking manuscripts into lower-quality stacks.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred in the English version when attempting to display tags meant for substituting parts of the Japanese dialogue for unique NPCs.
  • Fixed the oblivion rude beast's Summon chaos special action not working.
  • Fixed using a stack of filtration bottles causing the remaining charges of all bottles in that stack to decrease.
    • It will now split one bottle from the stack and decrease only that bottle's charge.

2.07: detailed changelog[]

[Imposable field states]
  • <Order of Chaos>
    • Used for an Act III event. Cannot be overwritten or dispelled with Space retention.
    • It actually does nothing [and is for flavor purposes only].
  • <Doomsday sky>
    • Automatically imposed when Ragnarok begins. Cannot be overwritten or dispelled with Space retention. <Order of Chaos> has a higher priority.
    • AOE explosions that deal a fixed 1,000 damage will occur at random in the current map. Damage dealt is considered trap damage.
  • [E-Mag Cage]
    • All characters on the map have a unmitigable 50% chance of being Paralyzed for 1 turn at the start of their turns.
    • Any characters who receive any lightning-element damage will also lose 5sp. (This will work on characters with the bit flag that makes them immune to elemental damage.)
  • [Wire World]
    • Any character who is on the receiving end of any of the wire special actions will have a wire trap placed at their feet.
    • All wire traps are now able to hit floating characters, and the chance of evading [a wire trap] is set to zero. Traps can still be disarmed, though.
[Prerequisite for learning Space retention]
  • Learned upon level up when the player character is level 50 or above and has the Dimensional Move feat.
[New feat]
  • Magnetic Manipulate
    • Replaces the Concentration feat.
    • Grants the Magnecoat special action.
    • Grants Linear Launcher upon level up when Perception is 40 or greater.
    • Grants E-Mag Cage upon level up when Perception is 70 or greater.
    • Grants E-Mag Tornado upon level up when Perception is 100 or greater.
[New statuses]
  • Magnet-S/Magnet-N
    • Characters with the same polarity of status have a -20% chance of scoring critical hits (applied after all other modifiers) to each other. Regular physical attacks on each other will also do 0.9 times as much damage.
    • Characters with opposing polarities will have a +20% chance of scoring critical hits (applied after all other modifiers) to each other. Regular physical attacks on each other will also do 1.1 times as much damage.
    • When NPCs are afflicted by Magnet-S/Magnet-N status, they will have a corresponding icon displayed on them. This status is cleared when exiting and reentering the map.
[New special actions]
  • Magnecoat special action.
    • Granted by Magnetic Manipulate feat.
    • When used, it cycles the target's status from Magnet-S -> Magnet-N -> no status.
  • Linear Launcher
    • Learned upon level up when the Magnetic Manipulate feat has been acquired and Perception is 40 or greater.
    • Select 1 item in the inventory to consume it and deal item weight- and user Perception-dependent PV/DV element damage. (Maximum damage is dealt when item is 50s.)
    • Damage dealt is doubled if the user has the Magnet-S or Magnet-N status.
    • Any effects that the item may proc when thrown will NOT occur in this case, nor can the item be recovered after launching it.
    • If the item is 10s or heavier, it applies 1 turn of Invert to the target if the target is not already afflicted by Invert.
    • When used by an NPC, it generates an ore piece and launches it.
    • Yerles conbat plane, yerles mortar, Yerles latest outfit soldier, <Orville> the soldier, and <Milis> the soldier will now use this.
  • E-Mag Cage
    • Learned upon level up when the Magnetic Manipulate feat has been acquired and Perception is 70 or greater.
    • A 'W'ide-area special action that deals Perception-dependent damage to all enemies in sight (damage calculation is similar to those of gauge attacks but is less powerful) while also applying Magnet-S status to them, then sets the current field state to [E-Mag Cage].
    • Grants a small amount of Perception experience when used.
  • E-Mag Tornado
    • Learned upon level up when the Magnetic Manipulate feat has been acquired and Perception is 100 or greater.
    • Attacks in a straight line. Control Magic can [spare non-targets in its AOE].
    • Sets the status of targets to Magnet-N, deals a small amount of Perception-dependent lightning damage, and if they are not already afflicted by Bind, applies 3 turns of Bind.
    • Targets who had Magnet-S status before getting hit by this will have 2x damage dealt to them, and if they are not already afflicted by Bind, have 5 turns of Bind applied to them.
    • Yerles cyborg soldier, <Metal Vesda> the fire machine, <Melugast AO-I> the dimension driver, and <Melugast type0> the dimension driver now use this.
  • Wire World
    • Learned upon level up when the Strings Assassin feat has been acquired and Perception is 70 or greater.
    • A 'W'ide-area special action that deals Perception-dependent damage to all enemies in sight (damage calculation is similar to those of gauge attacks but is less powerful), places a wire trap at the targets' feet, and sets the field state to [Wire World].
    • Grants a small amount of Perception experience when used.
    • <Ajetalio> the seminar lecturer, hellstling, and atlach-nacha now use this when their gauge is 80% or greater. This affects instances of NPCs generated in previous versions of the game.



[Changes and additions]
  • Lowered the lower limit for Speed when Riding while having insufficient Strength and Riding skill. The minimum is now 1/10,000 of the steed's Speed, down from 1/10 of its Speed.
  • Revamped how PV and DV bonuses for non-pet NPCs are calculated.
    • Half of their level (capped at +200) is added to their PV and DV. [This step does not apply to pets] and is independent of race.
    • The race bonus is then applied to the resulting value. This step applies to pets.
  • Fixed race PV and DV bonuses not actually getting reflected in damage calculations.
  • Fixed the issues with displaying characters during cutscenes while a portrait from user/graphic is in use.
  • The new NPC's equip was supposed to reference the shotgun's ID, but I accidentally referenced its sprite ID instead, causing that NPC to end up spawning with the <Rail Gun> which has that ID.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 4 unique NPCs that have a low chance of visiting your home.
    • They may decide to stay depending on the options you pick.
    • They don't count towards the limit on the number of stayers at your home but don't resurrect after dying.
    • If you already have that NPC staying at your home, it won't visit.
    • They're all kinda weird but are mostly harmless.
  • Added an additional 6 new NPCs.
  • Guests staying at your home will now roll to leave once per day instead of once every five days. The chance to leave per roll is now 50%, down from 80%.
  • You will now hear cicadas in all towns other than Noyel during the months of July to September when the weather is fair.
    • You won't hear cicadas in maps that aren't considered towns. Their cry changes depending on the date and time at which you entered town.
    • From August to September, there will be dying cicadas on the ground in towns, with a higher chance for them to spawn during September.
    • They're too distracting when starting a game, so new games now start in October instead of August.
  • Added 14 new items.
  • Considering the fact that the level cap of the Hero, Gem Power, Concentration, and Divine Wisdom spells is 2,000 and that their efficacy is boosted by Magic attribute, the additive component of the buffs that they give to their respective stats is now capped at 1,000.
    • The multiplicative component of their buffs stills works the same as in previous versions.
    • There is no cap on the number of turns their buffs will last.
  • Now that there is a cap on the number of turns characters may take relative to each other, unique characters no longer deal bonus damage to opponents faster than them.
    • They will still receive less damage [from these opponents] though.
  • Increased the upper limit for Impress from 350 to 400.
    • The Impress value is now always visible instead of displaying "???".
  • When an NPC at full health chooses to use any healing spell (other than Healing Rain), it will now have up to 2 additional chances that turn to try to pick another move to make.
  • In order to prevent monsters far stronger than the player from getting summoned by the Summon Monsters spell due to spell power buffs, the types of monsters summoned is now limited by the caster's level.
    • Enemies generally don't use Summon Wild so that spell remains the same.
  • Halved the spawn rate of enemies in the Kamikaze attack and Mission from Karavika sub quests.
    • The former will now also have a siren than sounds when the mission is cleared.
  • Gave varying PV or DV bonuses to several weak or average races.
    • After updating the game, these bonuses will get applied to existing NPCs when the player 'i'nteracts with them.
  • The PV and DV of non-pet NPCs is now listed in their inventory in the top right corner when Pickpocketing them.
  • The displayed PV and DV values of all characters now includes their race bonuses as well as any bonuses that enemy NPCs have.
  • Stamina loss that occurs due to Drying! and Need Sleep! statuses will no longer occur when stamina is already -100 or lower to prevent it from getting too low.
  • Fixed conversation windows not showing custom portraits located in user/graphic.
  • Fixed gold pieces spawning from [quaffing] well-type items overriding any gold pieces that were already on that tile.
  • Characters with the bit flag that makes them immune to elemental damage no longer receive halved fire-elemental damage when Wet.
  • Fixed damage received from fires on the ground not being affected by Oil status.
  • Changed the condition under which the cthulhick evolution will use Alchemical Rain. It used to use the special action when its target was not Wet; it will now use it when the cthulhick itself is not Wet.
  • Fixed failing Amurdad's side quest the first time causing the player to never receive the artifact reward for subsequent successful attempts.
    • When updating the game, the quest triggers for this quest will be reset.

2.06: detailed changelog[]

[Races with new PV and DV bonuses]
  • Races given PV bonus: slime, sheep, zombie, ent, armor, skeleton, wisp
  • Races given DV bonus: rabbit, cat, dog, rat, catsister
[New items]
  • dying cicada
    • Item of the junk category that does not usually spawn [in dungeons].
    • Spawns in town maps from August to September.
    • There won't be too many of these, so treat these as a seasonal rare item.
    • Throwing it at a target will cause a guaranteed 5 turns of Wince and 2 turns of Atrophy [if it hits].
    • After throwing it, it turns into locust fishing bait regardless of whether it hit the target or not.
  • golden mead
    • Alcohol that does not usually spawn.
    • When quaffed, causes Drunk status ailment and grants Perception experience.
    • When quaffed by the player character, it will also cause an out-of-body experience (works similar to design mode for deed maps).
    • That can be utilized to scout out maps so use these wisely.
  • jewel of M01-Garnet
    • Received when marrying in January; this item will be blessed.
    • Is an ore item that does not naturally spawn.
    • Can be sold. When given to an NPC, it greatly increases their Impress (it will not go into their inventory).
    • When given to an NPC whose anniversary is in January, it further increases Impress by a moderate amount.
  • jewel of M02-Amethyst
    • Received when marrying in February; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M03-Aquamarine
    • Received when marrying in March; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M04-Diamond
    • Received when marrying in April; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M05-Emerald
    • Received when marrying in May; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M06-Alexandrite
    • Received when marrying in June; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M07-Ruby
    • Received when marrying in July; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M08-Sardonyx
    • Received when marrying in August; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M09-Sapphire
    • Received when marrying in September; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M10-Opal
    • Received when marrying in October; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M11-Topaz
    • Received when marrying in November; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
  • jewel of M12-Lapis Lazuli
    • Received when marrying in December; this item will be blessed.
    • As above.
 [New NPCs]
  • wall hack cheatah
    • Level 32 cat. Floats. Insult.
    • Can enter impassable terrain except for doors.
    • Has a 1% chance of getting banned at the start of every one of its turns in combat, causing it to receive a lethal amount of damage.
  • auto aim cheatah
    • Level 121 cat. Homing Lazer.
    • Each of its regular ranged attacks are swapped for attacks that use magic ammo.
    • Has a 1% chance of getting banned at the start of every one of its turns in combat, causing it to receive a lethal amount of damage.
  • speed hack cheatah
    • Level 171 cat. Continuous attacks, Eye of dimness, Eye of Mana.
    • At the beginning of every one of its turns, it will temporarily set its Speed to 1,000,000, basically giving it 5 moves per player turn.
    • Has a 1% chance of getting banned at the start of every one of its turns in combat, causing it to receive a lethal amount of damage.
  • another world cheatah
    • Level 185 cat. Cure of Jua on low health, Nether Wave, Crystal Spear, Dominate, Speed.
    • Does not consume MP when casting spells (even when taking part in Over-Ray). Will expend MP as usual for other things.
    • Does not get banned.
  • <Scard> the happy swallow
    • Level 10 bird. Floats. Smile Field, Blade Turbulence.
    • When it visits your home and you pick the correct options, it will decide to stay.
    • Upon staying, it will spawn 5 young swallow (see below).
    • Talking to it will give you 3 of the aforementioned M jewels of current month. This is repeatable every 30 days.
  • <Oxode> the queen bee
    • Level 40 wasp. Floats. Collected Power, Nerve Arrow, Nether Arrow, Divine Wisdom, Nightmare.
    • When it visits your home and you pick the correct options, it will decide to stay.
    • Upon staying, it will spawn 3 magic bee (see below).
    • Talking to it will give you 4 of the aforementioned golden mead. This is repeatable every 30 days.
    • When rolling to check if a guest at your home should leave, it will spawn 3 magic bees when there are currently 5 or fewer magic bees on the map.
    • Magic bees on the map are considered guests, and have a chance of leaving your home like normal guests.
    • This means that the magic bees don't stick around; they are constantly going in and out of your home.
  • <Imarituka> the zasiki warai
    • Level 10 ghost. Floats. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to undead".
    • Cowering Smile, Tickling Hell, Provoke.
    • When it visits your home and you pick the correct options, it will decide to stay.
    • Upon staying, the player's Luck attribute is [permanently] increased by 50.
    • But if it dies or when it is chased out by a guard, the player's Luck is [permanently] decreased by 51.
  • <Telhureza> the house guard
    • Level 92 drake. Voracity Fang, Love Crafting. Super Regene at low health.
    • When it visits your home and you pick the correct options, it will decide to stay.
    • You can direct it to attack certain NPCs in your home (works like getting guards to kick out NPCs).
    • It can visit even during early game, so you can treat it as a high-level guard dog (guard gecko?) for your home.
  • young swallow
    • Level 2 bird. Does not naturally spawn. Bewitch.
  • magic bee
    • Level 18 wasp. Female only. Floats. Temper bit flag. Does not naturally spawn.
    • When afflicted by Fury, uses Flame of Rage.
    • Fascination Dance, Squeeze, Nerve Arrow.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added some English translations I received.
  • After thinking about it, a 20x speed difference in a roguelike seems to be a bit too much. When enemies have that kind of advantage, it feels too unfair. When players have the advantage, brute force becomes the answer to everything.
    • Hence, the range in frequency of NPCs' turns relative to the player is now capped at 1/5 to 5, and not 1/20 to 20.
    • Higher Speed still translates to more turns against an opponent so it remains an important attribute.
  • Implemented Amurdad's Act III side quest.
    • A part of it can be tricky, but it shouldn't be difficult if you pay attention and think things through carefully.
  • New unique artifacts that drop from every Act's final boss.
    • For save data from previous versions, these artifacts will be placed at your character's feet after updating the game.
  • Added [several] new unique artifacts that can be received from Sophia after clearing Act III.
  • Also added 2 more new items.
  • Added 1 new option to the conversation with bartenders.
  • Slightly reduced the effect of the special dish available at inns, but extended its duration by a significant amount.
    • It is now also applied to all pets you have with you and not just to the ones in sight.
  • Increased the damage dealt by fires on the ground.
    • Fires that spread from a parent fire will now inherit the parent fire's strength.
  • Museums now come with a register.
    • This applies only to newly-constructed museums.
  • Fixed cancelling while telling an informer your birthday setting it to 0/0.

2.05: detailed changelog[]

[New option that bartenders offer]
  • Order a special drink for 1 bronze coin.
    • It applies a new buff to all party members that increases all skill experience earned by 10%.
    • It's not as powerful as it looks because for low amounts of experience gained, some rounding down occurs after adding the 10%, resulting in lower actual bonus experience.
[New sub quest]
  • Started by talking to Amurdad.
    • Escort an NPC out of a 6-floor quest dungeon.
    • Teleport, Return, Escape, and saving the game are disabled while in the dungeon.
    • The conversation and the options presented in the dungeon are just flavor text and affect nothing.
    • The quest is failed if the escorted NPC dies, the player character dies, or when the time limit is reached. The player character will then be transported back.
    • The current map indicator will show which floor you're on. There are, however, several different variants of the map: forwards, backwards, backwards random, and backwards after failing. The variant used is independent of the floor indicated.
    • Clearing the quest for the first time will award the <Astral Sickle>. The second time and onwards will give a jewel of tear of god.
    • Once cleared, this quest has a low chance of becoming available again when the date changes and the player character is outside Amur-Cage.
[New items]
  • Lesimas Fragment
    • Guaranteed to drop from Act I's final boss.
    • When used on a target, it increases every single one of the target's attributes (except for Speed and Luck) to 50.
    • Can be reused after 240 hours.
  • Rehmido Fragment
    • Guaranteed to drop from Act II's final boss.
    • When used on a target, it increases every single one of the target's attributes (except for Speed and Luck) to 100.
    • Can be reused after 360 hours.
  • Chaos Fragment
    • Guaranteed to drop from Act III's final boss.
    • When used on a target, it increases every single one of the target's attributes (except for Speed and Luck) to 150.
    • Can be reused after 480 hours.
  • The above items are meant to give newly-recruited pets a leg up and save you some trouble in leveling up their attributes. They won't help with skill levels though.
    • The cooldown is there so that you can't buy slaves, increase their stats, then sell them again for a profit. It shouldn't be too restrictive unless you recruit a whole bunch of pets at a time.
  • G-Finger
    • Received from Sophia after clearing Act III. 1 hour cooldown.
    • Using it on an enemy at 1/10 hp or lower kills them instantly and creates a golden doll (see below) in their place.
    • Enemies killed like this will not drop any monster parts.
  • Photon Fairy
    • Received from Sophia after clearing Act III. 24 hour cooldown.
    • When used in a town for which your Authority/Praise is greater than 0, it increases your Authority there.
    • When used elsewhere, it increases your Fame.
  • Contradiction
    • Received from Sophia after clearing Act III. 2 hour cooldown.
    • It procs the Absolute protect and Clash Rush special actions in the same turn with 0 sp cost.
    • They will activate even if your power gauge is too low; it subtracts 25% from power gauge and activates the special actions anyway.
  • Bigamy Permit
    • Received from Sophia after clearing Act III.
    • When used on any NPC (even enemies) at Soul Mate status or above, it allows you to marry them.
    • You won't be able to recruit them as a pet, but you can make genes by picking the "Tell feelings" option that shows up after marriage.
  • golden doll
    • Does not spawn naturally. Is considered an ore.
    • Cannot be offered to god. Has the same sprite as the original character.
  • filtration bottle
    • Spawns randomly. Received when telling Lomias and Larnneire to get out of your home.
    • When used while standing in water, it gains max charges.
    • When used while not standing in water, it greatly increases hydration and slightly increases satiety.
    • Cannot be used on wells as that would overlap with the function of empty bottles.
    • Can be cursed or blessed, but that has no effect on its effect when used.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 4 new NPCs.
  • Added 2 new special actions.
  • "Sexless" is now sex "unknown" as the latter has a broader definition.
    • Added it as an option during character creation.
    • Now characters can start as male?, female?, bisexual, and unknown.
  • Prevented the tag team organizing window from showing up for characters already in a tag team and for those who cannot be put in one.
    • Removed the "Tag organization" option from the 'i'nteract menu for pets already in a tag team.
  • Characters without a full-body portrait set (i.e. atmosphere/'Tatie') will now display their zoomed-in sprite and not their zoomed-in portrait after selecting certain evochat options.
  • Added a new "tag evochat" option to the conversation window for pets who are in a tag team.
    • The target's partner will also need to satisfy the prerequisites for evochat to happen.
    • The tag partner's reaction will be displayed before the target's.
    • The portraits for both pets will be displayed side by side after certain options are selected.
    • This cannot be used on pets who are in a tag team with the player character. Passing them 100k gold will make the pets split it between themselves.
  • Added a new "Talk to your tag team partner." option to the conversation window for pets who are in a tag team.
    • Customizable with txtTag. If there are several lines of text under that header, a random line will be picked so make sure that they don't clash with each other.
    • Also added a new <evochat without you> option that will only show up during the aforementioned "tag evochat". This one is customizable with txtTagEvo.
    • In past versions, evochat has focused on player-pet interactions, but pet-pet interactions are now possible with this feature.
    • You can watch your pets make out with each other or you can join in.
    • Neither of these are usable on a pet tagged with the player character.
  • Added special tags that can be used in custom talk files that range from {se0} to {se99}.
    • Placing a seN.wav (replace 'N' with the tag's number) sound file in the user/sound folder will cause that sound to be played [when a line of text with that tag is spoken.]
    • Placing several tags into a line of text will cause all of their sounds to get played at the same time.
    • This means you can make cats meow when making them wait in town, or play a gun reloading sound effect for pets engaging in battle. You can even record entire lines and play them out.
    • Of course, creating all these .wav files is a lot of trouble and some may find it too noisy, but to each their own.
  • The conversation window was getting crowded out by the list of options, so the "I tell you my feelings" option has been moved into the 'i'nteraction menu.
    • May I ask for your hand/Let's make a gene options are now sub-options for the aforementioned.
    • You can now tell your feelings to non-pet NPCs to raise their Impress.
    • But you won't be able to marry them even when Impress is high enough.
  • Non-pet NPCs will now heal [like pets and the player character] while the player character sleeps.
  • Made slight changes to the conversation that occurs as Lomias and Larnneire leave the cave after finishing the tutorial.
    • Changed the items given. A fixed set of 4 useful items is now given instead of 3 random furniture pieces.
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when loading a save if the game was saved while in the arena.
  • Fixed memory converter not being consumed upon use even though it was described explicitly as a single-use item.
  • Fixed the error that occurred when a powerful great wyrm summoned more powerful great wyrms. This occurred because of a section of code that dealt with NPCs summoning more NPCs of their type.
  • Fixed the portrait swap that could occur when entering Zaile for the first time.
  • Fixed Melt Clinch special action not being considered as an attack.
  • Opponents in a duel can no longer be Dominated.
    • Not that there's any point in dueling an NPC you're going to Dominate anyway.
    • The NPC will now be treated as if it were one of those unrecruitable NPCs until the duel ends, and as such Dominate will inflict Paralysis instead.

2.04: detailed changelog[]

[New special actions]
  • Serious Begging
    • Learned when the player character wakes up with less than 500 gold.
    • Auto-turns occur, the Attract of nearby NPCs is consumed, and you receive an amount of gold dependent on the target's level.
    • When used by the player, blessed food may get thrown your way sometimes.
    • (Those food items ordered by rarity are sweet potato, stick bread, rice ball, and jerky).
    • It fails if the target has no Attract left, and when the user has more gold than the target.
    • Failing will not cause NPCs to throw rocks at you, but fame will decrease (amount decreased is the same as failing a town board quest) when receiving gold from [a pet].
    • Usable regardless of skill levels and attributes but yields neither points in a party time quest nor experience.
    • Newly-spawned beggar NPCs are now able to use this, and you can also direct pets [who are Amenable or above] to beg in towns.
    • Characters too weak for adventure now have a way to survive in exchange for their pride.
  • Tickling Hell
    • Learned upon level up by the player character when Dexterity is 30 or greater.
    • If the target is not already afflicted by Bind, Binds the target for 1 turn.
    • Deals SP damage to the target that is dependent on the user's Dexterity and resisted by the target's Constitution.
    • If the target's Perception is greater than its Dexterity, then power gauge is also decreased by 10%.
    • If the target's SP is less than half full, then it also gives the target a user Dexterity-dependent insanity check.
    • This deals no HP damage but is considered an attack.
    • harpy, dragon's pet harpy, roper, skogsra, performaid cocruel, halloween children, diabolic clown, titania, and town child now use this. (Only newly-spawned NPCs will have it.)
[New NPCs]
  • stray soul
    • Level 2 ghost. Does not spawn naturally. Undead resistance[s], floats. No special actions.
  • clinghost
    • Level 155 ghost. Undead resistance[s], floats. Squeeze and Scavenge. Close Suicide when health is low.
  • death fog
    • Level 153 wisp. Mist of Silence, Mist of Frailness, Mist of Darkness, Chaos eye, and Eye of Illusion.
  • hellabyrinth ruler
    • Level 151 lich. Does not spawn naturally. Undead resistance[s], floats. Shadow Step, Decapitation, Eye of Insanity, Blame Pain, Cowering Smile.



[Changes and additions]
  • 5 new items.
  • And 1 new unique artifact, available for exchange from Miral.
  • 6 new special actions.
  • 5 new hand race NPCs. 2 new evolutions.
  • 4 new drake race NPCs.
  • Changed the conditions under which the evolved NPCs "witch" (NB: no English equivalent) and "red cross" will use their Rain of sanity special action.
    • It used to be 100% for the witch and 50% for red cross when the player's insanity is 1 or greater.
    • It is now 20% when its insanity or the player's insanity is 10 or greater.
  • Changed the AI of two existing unique NPCs. This change affects instances of those NPCs from existing saves.
  • Increased the amount of experience given by debris, but halved the base number awarded by clearing Nefia.
    • An additional +1 debris is then awarded if the Nefia cleared was awakened.
    • An additional +1 debris is also given for Nefia cleared during Nefia fever.
  • Changed the lower bound of MP to -99,999.
  • Changed the damage calculation for Meteor spell.
    • In previous versions, not only did its damage increase steeply with Magic attribute, it also had a Magic-dependent modifier on top of that, sometimes leading to overflow issues.
    • Magic attribute no longer affects damage as much, so overflow won't occur even when cast by a maxed-out character on a target affected by Element Scar and drenched in oil.
  • Added the English translations for Adventure Seminar that I received quite a while ago.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed OverLimit-Throw buff as it was also working on melee attacks.
  • Set the attack roll dice minimum to 1 because of the crash that occurred when attempting to roll with 0.

2.03: detailed changelog[]

[New special actions]
  • Resonant Voice
    • When any of the Negotiation special actions (NB: Persuasion, Peculiar joke, Blended lie, Intimidation, Mysterious song) are used while gauge is 100% or greater, this special action will be used instead.
    • Subtracts 50% from 1 enemy's power gauge (can make power gauge negative) and deal Negotiation, Analysis, Will, and equipment +enhance value-dependent SP damage.
    • The damage calculation is the same as that of the Negotiation special actions. Unlike those special actions, however, this uses only 1 turn (NB: Negotiation special actions take 1 turn + 5 auto-turns) and there is no chance of failure.
  • Harmonic Assault
    • Learned upon level up when the Empathy feat has been acquired, Negotiation skill is 50 or greater, and Analysis skill is 30 or greater.
    • Applies a buff of the same name to all allies in sight.
    • NPCs that have this buff and are set to "Talking" mode will provide support to other allied characters when they use the Negotiation special actions.
    • This "support" increases the chance of success of the special actions by a supporter's Analysis skill level-dependent amount. The additional chance from all supporting characters is summed up then added to the base chance.
    • The increase in chance is recalculated when the Negotiation special actions used, and again when the special action activates. (NB: Due to the 5 turn delay of Negotiation special actions.)
    • Characters with the buff will also no longer have their Negotiation special actions interrupted when receiving damage.
  • Jyusou Goushin
    • Attempts to apply curse of Will-dependent strength to every piece of equipment the user is wearing.
    • The curse cannot be prevented by the Exorcist feat, but will be prevented by the "protects you from cursing words" equipment attribute.
    • After rolling to curse, if at least 1 piece of equipment as been cursed, the user's HP is healed and the user receives a buff of the same name.
    • The amount healed and the strength of the buff depend on the user's Will and the number of pieces of equipment cursed (every piece doomed counts as two).
    • Attribute increases from the buff is capped at 666, but there is no cap in the increase in resistance to magic.
    • curse wood king, <13th step ghost>, profanity priest, diabolic clown, <Exossil>, <Ulzassil>, and <Ssil> the undead witch now have a chance to use this special action when they do not have its buff.
    • This affects instances of the aforementioned NPCs in existing saves.
  • Love Crafting
    • Has a 50% chance of attempting to apply Perception-dependent insanity to every single enemy in sight.
    • Is AOE unlike Eye of Insanity, but again, it works only half the time and its strength is also about half.
    • It also [has a 100% chance to] set an enemy's power gauge to -5% if their current power gauge is between 5 to 80%.
    • <Mad scientist>, Jure fanatic, cupid of death, <Insane Kumiromi>, <Kumiromi>, <Caim> the mad rich, wangnin, abyss animal, and lunatyeek will now use this.
    • This change does not affect instances of the aforementioned NPCs in existing saves.
  • Kijin Shibari
    • Learned upon level up when Literacy skill is 30 or greater.
    • Expend 10 of a selected scroll to apply 0 to 2 turns of Bind to all enemies on the map.
    • Also attempts to lower enemies' Dexterity by a Literacy skill-dependent amount. (Dexterity won't be lowered if the current value is already less than half of base value.)
  • Burn Scrolls
    • Learned upon level up when Literacy skill is 40 or greater.
    • Expend 20 of a selected scroll to apply Literacy skill and Magic attribute-dependent fire damage to 1 enemy.
    • Also removes 1 buff from the target.
[Changes to the AI of existing unique NPCs]
  • <King Cockroach>
    • Now has a high chance to use Shadow rush.
    • Used to be a pushover despite its size. Maybe it'll now be able to show intruders what "strength in numbers" means?
  • <Goda> the captain of orc
    • Now has a low chance to use Shadow rush. A bit more captain-y now.
[New NPCs]
  • pale inviter
    • Level 42 hand. Weak to "inflicts massive damage to undeads".
    • Multiple Gather, Touch of Fear, Squeeze, Rubbing.
  • ooteguchi
    • Level 71 hand. Weak to "inflicts massive damage to undeads". Female only.
    • Voracity Fang, Squeeze, Eye of Illusion, Draw Shadow.
  • catgod hand
    • Level 101 hand.
    • Suspicious Hand, Shadow Step, BakuretuKen.
  • curse grappler
    • Level 124 hand. Weak to "inflicts massive damage to undeads".
    • Vindalian Jiu-jitsu, Squeeze, Psychic Wave, Jyusou Goushin.
  • janken king
    • Level 143 hand. Floats. Corpse gives Strength experience when eaten.
    • Shadow Step, Body Blow, Squeeze, Decapitation.
  • rats bringer
    • Level 74 drake. Weak to "inflicts massive damage to dragons". Floats.
    • Summon chaos (carnage rat).
  • wild wyrm
    • Level 117 drake. Weak to "inflicts massive damage to dragons". Floats.
    • Extermination Breath.
  • pteraiun
    • Level 154 drake. Weak to "inflicts massive damage to dragons". Floats.
    • Lightning Bolt, Lightning Breath, Shadow Step, Speed.
  • powerful great wyrm
    • Level 177 drake. Weak to "inflicts massive damage to dragons". Floats.
    • MP Breath, Gravity Sphere, Summon Monsters, Summon chaos (powerful great wyrm).
[New evolutions]
  • Male hand of the dead, hand of the chaos, and hand of the murderer evolve with another heart into hands of the winner and learn BakuretuKen.
  • Female hand of the dead, hand of the chaos, and hand of the murderer evolve with magic heart into hime ooteguchi and learn Melt Clinch.
[New items]
  • memory converter
    • Reward for clearing random Nefia.
    • Depending on the danger level, 1 to 5 is given as a reward. (Maximum of 5 is given at danger level 200.)
    • An additional 1 is given if the Nefia cleared was awakened.
    • An additional 1 is given if Nefia fever is in effect.
    • The item name specifies a skill; what skill it is depends on the boss' race.
    • Using it halves the skill level of that skill and gives 3 skill bonus points.
    • It cannot be used unless the skill's level is 5 or greater.
    • For lowering skills that a character doesn't need and increasing the ones that are actually useful.
    • Or for roleplaying purposes - lowering a skill that a character shouldn't be good at.
  • The 4 items listed below spawn randomly with a random color.
    • They cannot be wished for because they have no name in the code.
    • All of them have an ammo capacity of 4.
    • When used and ammo is 0, it will reload, taking 1 turn.
    • When used and ammo is 1 or greater, it will deal Strength and Marksman skill-dependent HP and MP damage to the target. It always hits and ignores defense.
    • Blend it with potions to increase its +enhance value. The +enhance value depends on the cumulative value of all potions blended with it.
    • When +enhanced, the damage calculation will also factor in the user's Magic attribute and the shooting animation will change. After firing, the +enhance value will be reset to 0.
  • super potioman - damage calculation multiplies Strength by 4/3.
  • battle potioman - firing it increases PV by 100 till the next turn.
  • crush potioman - procs grenade (dependent on user's Strength and Marksman skill) if used when remaining ammo is 1.
  • cf potioman - value of potions blended with it is multiplied by 3. The others have a maximum +enhance value of 3, but this one's maximum is 4.
  • B-Da*an are probably not coming back in the Reiwa era and it's too hard to get a hold of Bott*eman toys, so I figured I'd at least enjoy them in-game.
    • Both of these toys shoot bottle caps. Potions are the Irvan equivalent [of PET bottles] because of their availability. Put these two facts together, and we get... the potioman!
    • There aren't any metal stoppers for potion bottles, so no metal potiomans.
    • The limited ammo, guaranteed hits, damage ignoring, and MP damage-dealing mean that these are supposed to be used on tough enemies. You could use them on regular enemies, but that'd be a huge waste.
  • These 4 items can also be modified by <Miral> the legendary smith once.
    • Modifying it will change the item's prefix and give the item an equipment attribute.
    • Its color before modification determines its form and suffix after modification. Changing its color afterwards will not affect its form and name.
  • Equipment attributes applied during modification and their effect:
    • (These equipment attributes are purely cosmetic; the game doesn't base item effect on whether the attributes are present or not. [The modification data is stored elsewhere.])
    • It gives a tremendous rotation to plug. Rolls to apply user's Strength-dependent Dim. Also rolls to decapitate (procs at 1/10 HP).
    • It has high basic power. Multiplies base damage by 1.1.
    • It fires two shots at the same time. Multiplies base damage by 1.8. Ammo consumption doubled.
    • It can shoot continuously. Reloading no longer takes a turn.
    • It allows precise shooting. There is no longer any variance in damage dealt. Damage dealt is always the maximum amount possible.
    • It confuses with a changing trajectory. Rolls to apply user's Dexterity-dependent confusion, decreases the target's evasion by 100 DV until the target's next turn, and deals a small amount of user's Dexterity-dependent SP damage.
[Artifact for exchange at Miral's]
  • nyoi mimikaki
    • 24 hours cooldown time. Can be used on adjacent tiles on any NPC (even hostile ones) as long as their Impress is at Fellow or above.
    • The inside of the ear is gross so it's been blurred out.
  • Cleaning an NPC's ears:
  • Option 1:
    • Put in carefully -> Put in all the way -> Carefully scrape
    • The player character's Dexterity and Perception and target's Constitution and Will are rolled against the target's base Speed. This option is displayed only if the roll succeeds.
    • If you manage to reach the 3rd stage, then the player character's Dexterity is rolled to determined the level (1 to 5) of earwax removed.
    • Round 2 then begins. Succeeding again will end the ear cleaning.
    • This won't give you any earwax items, but the greater the level of earwax removed, the greater the amount of Dexterity and Perception experience (for the player character) as well as Constitution and Will experience (for the target) received. Even for low levels [of earwax], the amount of experience given is comparable to herbed food.
  • Option 2:
    • Size adjustment
    • An option that shows only when the player character's Will successfully rolls against the target's Will. Resets Size expansion.
  • Option 3:
    • Size expansion -> Size large expansion -> Rupture of ear canal
    • Going all the way to the 3rd stage will roll to apply a fixed amount of bleed and end the session. Impress decreases by quite a bit but this is not considered an attack.
  • Option 4:
    • Thrust -> Stick in the ear -> Break through the eardrum
    • Going all the way to the 3rd stage will deal player character Strength-dependent sound damage.
    • Impress greatly decreases but is not considered an attack, so this can be used as a legal form of assassination.
  • When used on the player character and getting an NPC to clean your character's ears:
  • If the NPC is hostile, it deals Strength-dependent sound damage and ends.
  • Otherwise, it rolls NPC's Dexterity and Perception and player character's Constitution and Will against player character's Speed 3 times.
    • Upon success, it rolls the NPC's Dexterity to determine the level (1 to 5) of earwax removed.
    • The higher the level, the higher the experience given to the NPC's Dexterity and Perception and to the player character's Constitution and Will.
    • All of this happens twice per use.
    • When the roll fails, bleed is applied and it ends.



[Changes and additions]
  • A new Act III sub quest from Garziem.
    • There is no penalty for failing it and I highly recommend not reading any spoilers in the detailed changelog for maximum enjoyment.
  • 4 new map tiles.
  • Put 2 previously-unused BGM songs to use.
  • As preparation for a future feature, from version 2.02 onward, the game will keep track of the number of potions consumed.
    • Only potions that have a round-bottomed flask as their sprite will be counted.
    • Potions quaffed, thrown, used (doused), mixed, and consumed in Alchemical Rain/Liquid Manipulation by the player are counted.
    • Potions used by NPCs and those consumed during item fusion are not counted.
  • Divine Wisdom (the spell that buffs Magic attribute) spell power is now independent of Magic attribute. This spell is the only one that has a spell power that that works this way.
    • Divine Wisdom's spell power is still affected by the ["enhances your spells"] equipment attribute.
  • Reduced the difference in base power between arrow, bolt, and ball-type spells. To be precise, their base power is now closer to that of bolt-type spells, which is in middle in terms of power.
    • Arrow-type spells are also simpler to cast, so their spell power increases more easily with Magic attribute.
    • Ball-type spells are more advanced, so their spell power increases more easily with their respective spell levels and the Casting skill level.
    • Again, bolt-type spells are in the middle. Given the same [skill and attribute levels], all types of spells will do more or less the same amount of damage.
  • NPCs that are of 'unique' quality now have an additional property:
    • Damage received from an enemy that has a higher Speed attribute is reduced by a multiplier dependent on the difference in speed (at maximum reduction, damage is reduced to 1/5 of normal value.)
    • Damage dealt to an enemy with a higher Speed is increased (up to a maximum of x5 damage).
    • This balances out difference in speed.
    • Will also work for pets.
  • Spellbooks now recover a constant amount of spell stock, instead of recovering an amount that drastically decreased with current stock.
    • This means that it's no longer more efficient to use up all spell stock before reading another spellbook.
    • The amount of spell stock gained and Memorization skill experience gained have also been greatly increased.
  • Made some table furniture usable.
    • They can now be used to do some things like write books.
    • Tables from saves from previous versions of Elona+ will not work.
    • Traveling on the world map has a chance of giving ideas (chance is increased by Traveling skill), which can then be used to write books.
  • Children resulting from alien pregnancies now spawn 0 years old.
    • Also, when characters in towns impregnated by a sunbararian give birth, their children will [be the size of a] child and be disguised as a citizen. (The child will not, however, be named "child of ___" [like children resulting from a normal alien pregnancy].)
  • Fixed the issue with the first character to take a turn after sprinkling bait in a ranch.
  • The potion's quaff effect is no longer applied when enemies die from Liquid Manipulation damage.
  • The NPC from version 2.01 that was supposed to be placed upon clearing Act III was present regardless of the quest progress variable, so the NPC has been given some pre-Act III clearing dialogue.
  • To prevent crashes, "Original [appearance]" can no longer be selected from the menu for characters who have non-animated sprites and are currently under the effect of a shift core.
    • Characters under the effect of a shift core also can no longer be evolved.
    • Also fixed the issue with displaying the custom sprite of an NPC who has a default sprite ID of 1,000 or greater.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the year from being correctly looked up, causing anniversary events to not happen when waking up.
  • Fixed the game not being to place objects on certain passable tiles when the player enters the map.
  • Fixed "Decorative arts shop" shop types being unable to sell furniture.
  • When entering a map that has no space to place a pet, the pet gets randomly placed somewhere else. However, it could result a crash when it randomly placed only one member of a tag team. To fix this, when randomly placing one member of a tag team, the other will now also be randomly placed as well.
  • Fixed time not passing faster in shelters during bad weather. Also made a slight change to the rate at which time passes [when passing time quickly].
  • Fixed the crash the occurred when an NPC with a full inventory uses the Alchemical Rain or Liquid Manipulation special actions.
    • If the NPC's inventory is full, it will just end its turn [instead of using the aforementioned special actions] now.

2.02: detailed changelog[]

[New items]
  • manuscript
    • Does not spawn randomly. Junk item.
  • book
    • Has the appearance of a red book but is a different item. Does not have an item name. Does not spawn randomly.
  • operating board
    • Tool that does not spawn randomly. Using it has the same effect as a house board.
    • Can be offered to Mani.
[Effects of table furniture]
  • Using a big table, table, ragged table, comfortable table, academic table, or modern table will display the options listed below.
    • Other tables didn't seem suitable for writing, so those won't work.
    • All of the tables in the above list work the same way; there is no bonus for using a particular table.
  • Manuscript production
    • Your character goes into auto-turn. 1 idea is expended every turn to produce 1 manuscript.
    • Auto-turn does not end until interrupted or until there are no more ideas. Ideas cap at 100.
    • There are 7 tiers of manuscript quality, indicated by the modifier in the item name: paper scraps, noob, commonplace, good sense, cool, satisfied, and masterpiece.
    • As Literacy skill, Perception attribute, and Learning attribute increase, high-quality manuscripts will get produced more often.
    • Identifying manuscripts will immediately reveal their quality, unlike in real life.
  • Self-publishing
    • Uses the entire stack of selected manuscripts and 30,000 gold to produce 100 red books, already identified.
    • The quality of books inherit the manuscript quality. Cannot be used when there are fewer than 10 manuscripts in the selected stack.
    • The title of the book is randomly generated during creation, but has no effect on the book price.
    • The price of the book is dependent on the quality of manuscripts used in its creation and the number of manuscripts used (capped at 1,000).
    • The publishing cost is fixed no matter how many manuscripts go into the book, so publishing more manuscripts at a time will increase your profit.
    • Unlike in real life, books will fetch a decent price even if nobody has ever heard of the author.
    • [The first sale from a batch of 100 books] will also give a small amount of fame. (You won't be notified of the increase if the book was sold in your shop.)
    • The amount of fame gained is independent of the number of manuscripts in the book, and is solely dependent on book quality.
    • This means that you can sell a lot of books with few manuscripts in them to increase fame, or sell books with a lot of manuscripts to earn money.
    • Again, unlike in real life, you won't have to worry about unsold books, so you won't be able to reprint books - there won't be any more than 100 copies of a book.
  • Spellbook conversion
    • Halves the amount of spell stock for the selected spell. For every 1000 spell stock removed, create 1 spellbook with 1 charge of that spell.
    • Cannot be used for spells that do not have a corresponding spellbook, and for spells that you do not have 2,000 or more in spell stock.
    • For spells that have too much spell stock.
[New Act III sub quest]
  • Garziem
    • Talk to Garziem in Albedrion to move to another floor of the map. This new floor gets regenerated once every few days.
    • There won't be any instructions from any NPCs, but what you have to do is work on tasks A, B, and C using the operating board provided.
    • (You can also use a house board if you brought one in.)
    • Working on a task spends stamina and time every turn. Success depends on Perception and Learning attributes.
    • Again, there won't be any specific details on how to do the tasks in-game, but A will not progress unless B is 500 or lower and your character's SP is at 50% or greater.
    • B will not progress unless C is even and your character doesn't Need Sleep.
    • C will not progress unless "Stay organized lightly" has been done 3 times or more and it is currently between 8am to 5pm.
    • The "Stay organized lightly" counter decreases by 1 at 12am (does not go negative), and is reset [to 0] when quitting the game.
    • After reducing task quota for all 3 tasks A, B, and C to 0, reporting to the NPC will reward you with a high potion of soma.
    • Reporting when A's quota is 500 or less from 12am-2am, when B's quota is 500 or less from 3am-5am, and when C's quota is 500 or less from 12pm-2pm will increase their quota. Just remember that the afternoon and late night is risky.
    • Picking "Stay organized lightly" 4 or more times and reporting to the NPC will reduce Impress, and reduce the number of times to 3. The message displayed changes up to 10 times, but there is otherwise no difference as long as the number of times is greater than 3.
    • Reporting between 12am-5am will change the map's BGM.
    • Talking to the NPC again after reporting task completion will offer different options.
    • If Impress is Amiable or above and the correct options are selected, the sub quest is cleared.
    • If you had lowered Impress by picking the "!!!" or "???" options in the previous choices, you'll have to raise it with love potions.
    • When reporting with 0 Impress, there will be a special dialogue that occurs, after which Impress decreases even more.
    • Regular conversations with NPCs on this map do not give the random Charisma-dependent increase in Impress.
    • The quest map regenerates every few days, so you can go nuts with nukes and meteors.
    • Going back out of the map [after clearing the sub quest] and talking to Garziem will award you with the N97 Cannon the first time.
    • After clearing the quest, there is a 1/10 chance that it will become available again every time the date changes while the player isn't in Albedrion.
    • The second time clearing the quest and onward will reward a jewel of tear of god - the type depends on the time of day at which the reward is received.
    • This quest was made to resemble those retro puzzle games where conditions are unclear and hard to grasp.
    • But there's no time limit and you can brute-force it or figure it out with the in-game hints easily.
    • And once you figure it out it should be a piece of cake. Besides, the detailed changelog has all the details right here. It'll be a piece of cake, right???



[Changes and additions]
  • 1 new unique NPC is now placed in Shrine of Guardian upon clearing Act III.
  • Added a bit of post-Act III dialogue to NPCs relevant to the story.
  • After considering the importance of skill bonus points, spell bonus points, and debris in planning a character build, growing said character according to the build, and also how easy they are to use, the amount of experience they grant is no longer tripled by training days and Advanced Casting.
  • 10 debris is now awarded when a random Nefia is cleared [instead of 3].
  • Removed the 1.5x satiety increase modifier for blessed foods.
    • Also increased the effect of lucky days caused by blessed foods and the amount of insanity recovered.
  • Set an upper limit for damage dealt by exploding handmade chocolate.
  • Greatly increased the amount of Evasion, Greater Evasion, and Riding skill experience earned when successfully dodging a physical attack.
    • However, no experience will be received unless the attacker's relevant skills are higher than the target's Evasion skill level.
    • Greatly increased the amount of Shield skill and armor skill experience received when receiving a physical attack.
    • However, no experience will be received unless the amount of damage received is at least 1% of the maximum HP of the target.
    • In short, the experience calculation is similar to what it was in previous versions, except that there's no randomness to it now, the prerequisites for earning experience have been relaxed, and the amount of experience received increases with the difference in skill level between attacker and target.
    • It's now a lot more efficient to fight and get hit by an enemy that actually poses a threat instead of standing there and letting a weak one pummel you.
  • Trap removal town board quests now have about 1/2 as many traps, and the quota has also been reduced to about a 1/3.
    • Remove at least 1.25 times the quota to receive a bronze coin as a reward.
    • The size of the quest map remains the same.
  • The player character's speed now has less of an effect on the speed at which time passes. Slower races therefore now have more time to complete quests in early game.
  • The character sheet now lists spell power modifier in the bottom right corner.
  • The number of dice for attack spells is no longer increased by spell power. They now behave like a lot of other spells - only their dice range will be increased when spell power increases.
  • Removed the Casting skill level-dependent spell power modifier for spells cast [but not for rods zapped] by non-pet NPCs.
    • Added a Magic attribute-dependent spell power modifier for spells cast and rods zapped.
    • This modifier is capped at a maximum of +300% spell power, reached when Magic attribute is 1,500 or greater. It is a separate modifier that works independent of the spell power modifier from the ["enhances your spell"] equipment attribute that has a maximum of +100% spell power modifier.
  • Rods (the usable magic devices) now have their spell power increased when buffed by Magic Equip.
  • Rods (the usable magic devices) now use Magic Device and Magic Capacity skill levels and Learning attribute to calculate spell power.
    • In previous versions, they used Magic Device skill level and Magic and Perception attributes.
    • Now use of rods depends on 2 skills and utilizes a couple of the underused stats.
  • Magic Capacity skill feels underused even with the above change, so it now gives a bonus to the number of charges drawn and filled by Draw Charge and Fill Charge.
    • The chance of preventing a rod from exploding during Fill Charge now depends on Magic Capacity instead of Control Magic. (Caps out at 99.5% chance of preventing explosion.)
    • Draw Charge and Fill Charge usage now grants [Magic Capacity] skill experience.
    • Decreased the amount of experience given by magic reaction. (Maximum is now given at -100% MP.)
    • The skill can now also reduce the effect of the MPoison status ailment.
  • Use of shift cores now costs nothing when power gauge is at 50% or more.
  • Reading ancient books grants 10x as much Abyss power now.
  • Using a dark fragment now grants 1 Abyss power.
    • Added 3 new items that can be made from dark fragments in item fusion.
  • Added an "Outta the way" option to the conversation window with friendly non-unique NPCs.
    • (NB: Mistranslated as "I want you to investigate one of my allies." in game.)
    • Selecting it will make it swap positions with the player character. Use when a citizen is blocking your path or something.
    • Using it spends Attract. When Attract is 0, the NPC refuses to budge. Use of this is not unlimited so that NPCs can't be herded to a particular location.
  • Distracted debuff from tobacco dependence now lasts 1/10 as many turns.
    • Melancholy debuff from drug dependence now lasts 1/4 as many turns, so it's easier to quit now.
  • Changed the description of the "maintains ______" attribute equipment attribute to "protects ______ from weakening".
    • Just so that new players don't misinterpret it and think that it prevents those attributes from leveling up.
  • [Lowered] the threshold for the amount of experience needed to be earned in order to gain potential when sleeping.
  • Spell potential gained when sleeping will now be dependent on the amount of experience earned before sleeping.
    • A very meager amount will be gained by a character who does nothing but sleep, while a character that goes on adventures will gain about twice as much spell potential compared to past versions.
  • Emergency Evasion now prevents critical hits from occurring instead of evading critical hits 100% of the time.
    • The user then rolls to evade the regular attack that happens in place of the critical hit.
    • Increased the number of turns Emergency Evasion lasts for.
  • When a character evolves, it is now fully healed. All status ailments are also removed, and power gauge becomes 200%.
    • Because it's more exciting to evolve in combat.
  • Reduced the rate at which Blood Stream special action's damage increases with the strength of bleed status ailment.
  • Changed how some equipment attributes work when the item they're on is eaten.
  • Made it easier to make progress during a certain Act III event boss battle.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when using a rod of alchemy while the gauge is full enough to use a gauge attack, and the game tries to decide if the gauge attack for stave weapons should proc.

2.01: detailed changelog[]

[New items]
  • green dark orb, blue dark orb, crimson dark orb
    • Not randomly generated.
    • Each of these have 5 different subtypes with different effects.
    • If you obtain duplicates of any [subtype], feel free to sell it off.
    • Actual effects to be implemented in the future.
[New item fusion recipe]
  • dark fusion
    • Creates [1] out of the 3 aforementioned items at random.
    • The number of subtypes that can be created is limited when the player character's Disarm Trap skill level is not high enough.
    • Selecting dark fragments as the ingredient will put them into their own stack just like when crafting rubynus and the other gems.
[New NPC]
  • <Aime> the story teller
    • Level 15 spirit.
    • Uses Abyss in the eye, Divine Wisdom, Darkness Bolt, Chaos Ball, Draw Shadow, and Eye of Insanity.



  • Fixed entering 15F Rehmido for the first time in version 2.00 taking the user to the wrong map and causing the player to be unable to progress with the main quest.
    • Reentering 15F in this version will regenerate the floor and fix the main quest trigger.
    • This bug was caused by overwriting the wrong file when working on 2.00.
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when the player character has no spells/special actions/wide special actions to hide and the player attempts to hide an item in the list after tabbing over to the current list.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added final boss battle and the ending.
    • With this, the main quest is finally done. Naturally, people who haven't been following along still won't understand the story though.
    • The code for this is fairly complicated, I highly recommend backing up your save data before attempting the new content [in case of bugs].
    • Next to be worked on is post-game content and the various features that have been left on the back burner.
  • Shortened the number of turns needed between cutscenes in an Act III event boss battle by quite a fair bit.
  • Changed how skill-training days are selected. If the skill-training trigger for the previous day has been activated, it will select the next one in a list.
  • If it has not been activated or if all skill-training triggers have already been activated, a random skill-training day will be picked.
  • The character sheets of allied characters (includes pets, summoned undead, and friendly NPCs in quests and such) are now viewable by selecting an option when 'i'nteracting with them. This also allows you to spend their bonus points.
    • Informers will now offer info about adventurers instead.
  • Analysis immediately reaches 100 when using an insight lens on a hostile NPC.
  • Information on adventurers costs 100 gold at an informer, and their character sheet can be viewed by selecting them from the list shown.
    • This should make their individual characteristics more apparent. They may also belong to a guild or worship a particular god - these are also displayed on their character sheet.
    • The list of adventurers now display their Impress instead of their level.
  • The character sheets of character other than the player character and pets no longer have their karma.
    • The karma of pets is now always the same as the player's.
    • Character sheets of NPCs other than pets and adventurers will not display the guild they belong to.
    • Non-pet NPCs will now have fame - also viewable - based on their level and character quality. When recruited [as a pet], their fame drastically falls.
  • Pets who have won in the pet arena will gain fame themselves. They do not lose fame after losing a battle.
  • Edited the descriptions of several items to make their effect clearer.
  • To make the various types of chests more valuable, bejeweled chests now have a 100% chance and regular chests a 25% chance of yielding 1 herb.
    • Regular chests also have a 50% chance and safes a 25% chance of yielding 1 bronze coin.
    • Reduced the range in quality of spawned items [from opening chests].
  • Changed the calculation for AP cost of increasing Speed and Life. It is now based on the starting value, not the current value.
    • It is now a fair bit more expensive at the beginning compared to previous versions, but this cost will never increase.
    • This is so that players don't need to hold off on evolving pets until they have bought all the upgrades they can with AP to lower costs.
    • The player character's Speed will now increase in increments of 30.
  • The Wet status counter no longer decreases while standing on a water tile.
  • Fixed some descriptions.

2.00: detailed changelog[]

[Changes to informer's menu selection]
  • Convey my message to other adventurers
    • Pick your target from a list and then it'll show you a list of messages to pick.
    • [Adventurers who have been recruited as] pets, as well as adventurers on the same map cannot be picked.
    • The messages are listed below. When a message activates it will get cleared.
    • If you select another message before a message activates, the new message will overwrite the current one.
    • Please cancel my message.
      • Removes the message.
  • I want to get along with you
    • Impress increases when talking to the target. If the target is hostile, entering the map the target is on will [remove the hostility].
  • Please come to my house to play
    • Will greatly increase the likelihood of visiting your home when generating a visitor to your home.
  • I love you!
    • Impress greatly increases when talking to the target if the target's Impress is at Fellow or above. If Impress is less than that, it slightly decreases.
  • I'm rooting for you!
    • Guaranteed to nullify the "realized the limitations and retired" event for that adventurer once.
  • You don't have talents of adventurer.
    • Guaranteed to cause the adventurer to "realized the limitations" and retire after fully recovering from injury.
[New NPCs]
  • <Yayauhqui Tezcatlipoca>
    • Level 1,200 god. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods", floats.
    • Distant Attack, Dimensional Move, Eye of Illusion, Attribute, Summon chaos (summons talon soldier that are 1/5 of own level that cannot be Dominated).
    • Has the ability to negate smokescreens during its turn.
  • <Jaldabaoth>The Chaos Child
    • Level 1,200 god. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods", floats. Bonus chaos resistance.
    • Eating corpse increases chaos resistance. Cancels Death Word on death.
    • Has these moves but will not use them in the final battle of the main quest: Shadow Step, Chaos Breath, Fire Ball.
  • <Orphe> the prince of lost kingdom
    • Level 155 servant. Uses Shining Wave, Hero.
  • <Orphe> the chaos disciple
    • Level 350 servant. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods", floats. Bonus chaos resistance.
    • Uses Chaos Ball, Shining Wave, Cowering Smile.
[Additional main quest content]
  • Talk to Leold to go to God's prison. Wish, 'P'raying, saving, and retreating are disabled as usual.
    • <The Chaos Child> is here, but will never move and will respawn upon defeat.
    • Defeat <Orphe> the chaos disciple to proceed to phase 2 of the event.
    • [They] have the summoned NPC bit flag so [they] won't drop anything.
    • Future versions may add an opportunity to fight them as well as other unique NPCs that the player hasn't had the opportunity to obtain the drops of yet.
  • From phase 2 till the end, all characters will take turns one after another regardless of their speed.
    • <Jaldabaoth>The Chaos Child's will use its unique special action Kamui during its turn, but the effects of that special action varies every turn it takes in the following manner:
  1. 1 <Respiration of Creative Gods> - recovers 10% of the user's max HP, MP, and SP.
  1. 2 <Roar of Fighting Gods> - sets user's power gauge to 200%.
  1. 3 <Assault of Beast Gods> - uses 50% of power gauge to halve the current HP of all characters other than the user. Will fail to work if the user does not have enough SP.
  1. 4 <Referee of Judicial Gods> - uses 50% of power gauge to roll to apply Punishment, Paralyze, and Death Word (can be resisted or nullified) to all characters other than the user. Will fail to work if the user does not have enough SP.
  1. 5 <Grudge of Abominable Gods> - uses 50% of power gauge to apply 1d100 of insanity to all characters other than the user. Will fail to work if the user does not have enough SP.
  1. 6 <Commandment of Hell Gods> - uses 50% of power gauge to halve the current power gauge and SP of all characters other than the user. Will fail to work if the user does not have enough SP.
  1. 7 (Phase 2) <Elements Killing> - deals a series of small amounts of reducible 12-elemental damage to the player character. (11 of the basic elements plus PVDV element.)
  1. 7 (Phase 4) <HOROBINOYARI> - deals 2x the player character's max HP in damage to the player character.
  • Surviving 3 sets of these attacks or reducing Jaldabaoth's HP to half of the maximum (you can't kill it) will cause the event to enter phase 3.
  • In phase 3, everything other than moving into another tile and physical attacks done this way is disabled.
    • Damage-over-time will occur every turn and HP regeneration is disabled.
    • There will be a counter at the top of the window which will be decreased whenever taking a lethal amount of damage, and the damage will be nullified.
    • The counter starts at 26, and increases for every pet in the list of pet that is at Friend Impress or above.
    • It also increases depending on [how many] sub quests have been cleared so far as well as other special event triggers. Some of these triggers increase the counter by 2 or more each.
    • Jaldabaoth will not do anything in this phase. Attacking Jaldabaoth will bring the event to phase 4.
  • In phase 4, whenever the player character does damage to Jaldabaoth, the counter will be decremented, but the damage will be increased by 5% of the maximum HP of the target.
    • This will be a race to kill the target before the counter runs out.
    • Damage dealt in this phase will not update the highest damage dealt record.
    • For a list of Jaldabaoth's actions, see the phase 2 list. Defeating Jaldabaoth will start the ending.
  • This event battle was balanced by taking into consideration how powerful the player character should be at this point.
    • The difficulty is set such that players should be able to clear this event on the first try except for maybe phase 2.
    • Even phase 2 should be manageable as long as the player has taken precautions against the debuffs, status ailments, and has sufficient elemental resistances. If the player also keeps the boss's power gauge low it gets even easier.
    • If the player character dies during this battle, the player will have to start [the battle] over again.
  • After the battle, Speed and Life upgrading with AP is no longer capped at 800 and 300 respectively.