• Fixed weapon skills not getting marked by icons in the skill list on Training-day.
    • Also made spell list have icons when Adv-Cast is on.
  • Fixed receiving a small amount of Memorization skill experience from evade calculation even when not in combat.



 [Changes and additions]
  • Added a new mechanic: DESTINY triggers. Activating 7 of these triggers causes 3 Godly pieces of equipment to spawn on the piles of gold pieces in random Nefia. (Since there are multiple items, they'll appear as a bag.)
    • This is to increase the relevance of Nefia and make it easier to gear up large parties of pets with elemental resist equips.
    • As triggers are activated, letters are added to a display in the top-left corner beside the date.
  • Rate of increase in cost and the maximum cost in platinum pieces for skill training and magic practice have been approximately halved.
    • Panic quests gave a lot more platinum pieces than other quests, so the maximum payout has been reduced to 6.
    • The rate at which the number of platinum pieces paid by Panic quests increases with fame remains unchanged.
    • Skill bonus and spell bonus points now increase potential by a fixed 20% instead of a random amount between 2% and 15%.
  • No platinum pieces/skill bonus/spell bonus points will be earned when your character already has 100 or more of it.
    • This cap works only to prevent any additional gains above 100; pp/points above the cap that a character already has will not be confiscated.
    • A warning sound will play and a log message will display in red when exceeding 100 and whenever it is already above 100.
    • This is to reduce hoarding of platinum pieces so that players don't inadvertently end up handicapping themselves. It should ensure that characters grow at a constant pace, and minimize the need for grinding so that players don't get bored or stuck in Act I or II.
    • They go over the limit a lot more easily on Overdose and Purge modes, and players are probably brute-forcing all the enemies anyway even if they're imposing some kind of handicap on their playthrough. As such, there will be no cap for these two game modes.
  • The player's Record section in the journal now has the number of skill bonus and spell bonus points earned so far.
    • This number is cumulative so it does not decrease after spending. When updating the game from a previous version, the number of points the character already has will be added to the starting count.
    • If you have blown up any rogue ambushes with the land battleship, that number will also be recorded.
    • The journal will also record total arena and pet arena wins instead of current win streaks. This is to reflect the change in the way arenas work and also so that players don't save scum to preserve their win streak.
  • Removed the feature that had a Learning attribute-dependent chance of increasing skill experience gained.
    • This is so that players don't have to hoard resources until the Learning attribute is high enough, or save scum until the skill experience increase procs.
  • The number of times skill potentials are increased for players and pets when waking up now depends on amount of experience gained.
    • There is now also a Learning attribute-dependent chance of doubling potential gain for each separate skill.
    • However, this doubling will occur only if the rare loot trigger is on.
  • Skill experience gained is tripled for different sets on skills on different days.
    • This is to decrease repetitiveness, increase the need for planning ahead, and to make up for the removal of the Learning attribute-dependent experience bonus.
    • The current group of skill is indicated beside the date, and each skill in this group by an icon in the skill list.
  • Increased the duration of effect of Necro Force 'W'ide special action. It will also grant an Attribution Shield buff to buffed undead now.
    • Undead restore will now also grant Regeneration buff to undead.
    • The strength of both of these buffs depend on the player character's Control Magic skill level. When used, they give Control Magic experience per every undead buffed.
  • Reduced the amount of gold earned by pets when selling ores to 80% of the base price.
    • There is then a small amount of gold added to it, dependent on Negotiation skill (Negotiation skill effect is not capped at any number).
    • The amount also has a multiplier to it, dependent on Jeweler skill (Jeweler skill effect is capped at level 300).
  • Evasion stat is now decreased when standing on a water tile while Wet.
    • However, this decrease is ameliorated by Swimming skill, and at high levels may even cause evasion stat to increase instead.
    • The evasion stat is the one seen on the character sheet, so use that to check how much your evasion is increased/decreased.
    • This is simulate aquatic animals' advantages in water.
    • The increase in Speed given by [Swimming] skill was too high, and has been decreased from 50% to 40% of skill level.
  • Changed how Artifact lottery works to remove the bias in results.
  • Bed rank is indicated in their item description, but beginners won't know how good or bad the beds in town are. As such, the approximate quality of a bed the player character is standing on is now indicated in the log.
  • Slightly modified how the descriptions of cards in a deck are displayed. Also made it work in the English version, and added just a bit of translation.
  • Also incorporated some other translations.
  • Clarified the UI for inventory mode swapping.
  • Added Decorative arts shop and Junk shop to the shop types that your shop can be set to.
    • It would've been nice if the shop type selection matched the types of NPC shops, but making sure all items had their own type came first.
  • To make skills useful in more situations, Sense Quality skill has been renamed as Analysis in both the Japanese and English versions.
    • When receiving a regular attack (both getting hit and evading it will work) it will add to an analysis counter. The higher the receiver's Analysis skill, the faster the analysis counter increases.
    • The receiver's ability to evade the attacker's attacks increases as the counter increases. Memorization skill increases the effect.
    • Enemies have a circular gauge displayed with their HP bar that displays their analysis counter in increments of 20.
    • The analysis counter will increase even faster for characters who also have the Memorization skill.
    • The analysis counter does not get reset when moving to a different map, so when used in conjunction with Defense mode it may be helpful for scouting out bosses that use physical attacks.
    • Added a new special action related to this mechanic.
    • For roleplaying analytical characters and stuff.
  • Characters in Defense mode now gain a Constitution attribute and Shield skill-dependent increase in evade.
  • Decreased the chance that the Dream? sleep event will occur.
  • Successfully decoding ancient books now give a rank-dependent amount of Abyss power.
    • There are is no use for Abyss power at the moment, but you can start accumulating it now.
    • A use for it should come in the future - hopefully as a reference to something.
    • For giving non-Mages Guild members a reason to decode ancient books without making Mages Guild members choose between one of those uses.
  • The custom text txtDialogH is not enclosed by quotation marks [unlike txtMizuAsobi], the contents didn't match up to the very special session of tail you just had, and it was just inconsistent. Thus, instead of txtdialogH, use the new TxtMizuAsobiEnd for customizing the text spoken at the end of the little tail session.
  • Fixed the year check for initiating birthday event.
    • Also made the informer display the birthday you've registered with them when the same option is selected.
  • Fixed gauge attacks that aren't procs (i.e. the gauge attacks that only certain NPCs have) activating in Intercept battle mode when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed the sprites for flesh dolls of some wider or taller NPCs getting cut off.
  • Fixed fires from thrown suigara burning indefinitely until put out.
    • Existing fires from previous versions won't go out, so please put those out manually with potions or by other means.
  • Fixed the game using a shop's display tiles as display tiles for all other shops if the player is in that shop when determining items to be sold.
  • Fixed summoned undead sometimes falling asleep when entering a town at night.
    • This is a different fix from the one in 1.56 that stopped them from falling asleep after a few turns at night in town.
  • Fixed the code for generating the large figurine sprites that would also fetch the sprite for a panty because it was fed a larger-than-expected range of values to lookup, causing a panty to appear on top of a shaved ice.
    • ...people are probably going to be even more confused after reading this.
  • Fixed some map data.
  • Fixed swamp tiles on the world map acting like roads.
  • Fixed healing rain animation playing for characters out of its area of effect.
  • Fixed using a high potion of wisdom with Alchemical Rain attempting to play the animation for the high potion for all characters and the shortened Alchemical Rain animation at the same time, causing the game to act as if Effect Speed had been set to 0.
[Unofficial changelog pertaining to English version]
  • book.txt edited to match 1.99's changes in Japanese version
    • Museum guide: added the reward for displaying unique figures, <decorative board> -> <house board>, <register>
    • Herb Effect: stomafillia's speed increase added, some minor edits
    • Shopkeeper Guide: Yaca points paragraph added
    • Easy Gardening: rewritten from scratch
    • Mission Briefing: Talking directive added
    • You dig mining?: lake, nest, cemetery, mine nefia added
    • Questing advice: added
    • Fishing introduction: added

1.995: detailed changelog

[Skill groups that a day can have]
  • Training-day
    • Weight Lifting, Healing, Meditation, Magic Capacity, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Light Armor, Faith experience is tripled.
  • Combat-day
    • The 12 weapon skills, Tactics, Dual Wield, Two Hand, Shield, Evasion, Eye of Mind, Greater Evasion, Marksman experience is tripled.
  • Jobs-day
    • Negotiation, Investing, Carpentry, Tailoring, Alchemy, Jeweler, Gardening, Performing, Cooking, Fishing, Pickpocket experience is tripled.
  • Exploration-day
    • Stealth, Lock Picking, Detection, Mining, Disarm Trap, Traveling, Swimming, Riding experience is tripled.
  • Study-day
    • Literacy, Gene engineer, Anatomy, Analysis, Memorization, Casting, Magic Device, Control Magic experience is tripled.
  • One of these groups is picked at random when the day changes.
  • However, if the condition listed below has already been met for the selected group, it will attempt to pick a random group again, but only once.
[The 7 DESTINY triggers]
  • When the sum of experience earned for a group of skills by the player and all pets is above a threshold, +1 letter is gained for its corresponding group.
  • The experience earned for a group is tripled when it's that group's day. Experience gained from Traveling is also counted, so these conditions are easily met if you have a lot of pets with high potentials but lots of room to grow. (This should be when the player lacks equipment the most.)
  • Clearing at least 1 random Nefia grants +1 letter.
  • Sleeping 3 times grants +1 letter.
  • All conditions will be met eventually even if the player makes progress at a slow pace, unless it's a solo run and the player doesn't touch significant parts of the game. Which wouldn't be too bad either, since solo runs don't lack equipment as badly as large parties anyway.
  • When all 7 letters in DESTINY are displayed in the top left corner and the player character enters a newly-generated random Nefia floor, a sound effect will play, "You felt destiny on this floor...!" will display, 3 Godly pieces of equipment will be placed on the tile with gold pieces in the current floor, and all triggers reset. This will not happen on floors that do not have the gold piece tiles.
  • Grabbing these equips and clearing that Nefia while you're at it will cause the corresponding trigger to get activated again, as well as give debris for more skill experience.
[Analysis counter mechanics]
  • Counter increases by a greater amount when evading a regular attack than when getting hit by it. There is a cap of 100 on it.
  • The higher the receiver's Analysis skill compared to the attacker's Analysis skill, the greater the increase in the counter.
  • When counter is less than 100, it gives a small amount of Analysis skill experience. When counter is greater than 1, it gives a small amount of Memorization experience.
  • However, Continuous attack, Knockout, Shadow rush, Fire a volley, and critical hits will not increase the counter.
  • Analysis counter is shared by all allied characters.
  • It would be weird for characters of different factions to share their analysis, so non-allied characters will not analyze.
[New special actions]
  • Advanced Casting
    • Learned upon leveling up with Memorization skill level 10 or greater and Casting skill level 10 or greater.
    • Use it to activate Adv-Cast status for the player character. Use it again to disable.
    • When affected by Adv-Cast, casting difficulty and spell experience earned is tripled.
    • It does not increase spell experience earned from magic practice.
  • Data scan
    • Learned upon leveling up with at least Analysis skill level 30. Gives a buff of the same name when used.
    • When characters other than a character with the buff gets attacked, they will contribute more times to the analysis counter, making it go up quicker. However, the character with the buff will have his SP decreased by 2.
    • When doing a regular attack, the effective accuracy and evade will also be displayed in the log while the buff is active.
    • The accuracy will then be rolled against the evade. These values are not displayed for critical hits which are guaranteed to hit anyway or when the attack is evaded by special means.
    • Using Data scan when the buff is active will get rid of the buff.
    • When NPCs have the buff and the player uses it, the player character will be buffed and NPCs will have the buff removed.
    • Of the existing NPCs, lothrian agent, metal zilla, <Melget> the informer, <Mobile Communication Equipment>, and doctor <Gavela> now use this special action. (Only if they are spawned in this version.)
    • Pets with this will have a chance of using it when their SP is 80% or higher.
    • When used by non-allied NPCs, they will not buff themselves, instead resetting the analysis counter for themselves to 0. They will have a chance to use it when the analysis counter is 50 or greater.



[Changes and additions]
  • To make skills level up faster and as an additional reward for challenging Nefia, a new item has been added as the reward for clearing one.
  • Rebalanced the distance-dependent damage modifier for all ranged attacks.
    • This damage modifier will no longer drastically decrease the damage dealt outside the weapon's preferred distance-from-target.
    • Instead, this damage modifier will act to slightly increase damage when at the weapon's preferred distance-from-target.
    • The distance-dependent accuracy modifier remains unchanged.
  • Enemy HP tends to get too high at extreme levels, so the rate of HP increase will decrease at levels 1000, 2000, and 3000.
  • Added a new red book about quests. Does not spawn randomly, and is found beside the job board in Vernis.
    • Added another new red book about fishing. Does not spawn randomly, and is found in front of the fisher shop in Vernis.
    • For save files from previous versions of the game, the books will be placed there when the town does its periodic refresh.
  • Some skills are found on very few monsters making it difficult to gene engineer them on to your pets. Also, most races give bonuses to only 2 skills or fewer (the exceptions being gods and snail).
    • Thus, some races now give bonus skill levels in more skills. This will not affect NPCs generated in a previous version of the game.
  • Alchemical Rain special action now affects only characters allied to the user.
    • When used by an NPC, it will now generate an uncursed and unblessed potion of restore spirit in their inventory, then use that potion for Alchemical Rain.
    • The potion animation will also [not play] for every affected target.
  • Added a new special action that acts like Alchemical Rain but works solely on enemies.
    • This and the above changes allows players to selectively apply potions, allowing them to be used more effectively in combat.
  • Added 2 new evolutions.
  • Increased the SP regeneration when hydration level is Wetting or above from 2SP/10 turns to 5SP/10 turns.
    • It will still regenerate SP during auto turns, unlike the passive trait from worshiping Kumiromi.
  • In previous versions, when gene engineering a pet with the same or a greater number of a body part as the target pet it's going to be fused into, sometimes - depending on the source pet's ID - the target pet would not gain the extra body parts.
    • On closer examination, this isn't a feature to prevent asura and mitra from donating more hands but rather a random number generation seeded with monster ID that just happened to exclude monsters like those.
    • Thus, this gene engineering restriction has been relaxed.
  • Using Suspicious Hand on NPCs strung up on a sandbag will now automatically fail to nick the target's wallet because the rope's too tight.
  • NPCs with the summoned monster bit flag don't drop money on death, so they will now perform a regular attack instead whenever attempting to use Suspicious Hand.
  • In addition to the above change, NPCs with the bit flag that causes them to drop the gold they have (NB: cDropGold) will now drop all their gold.
    • Also fixed the issue where gold dropped from NPCs without that bit flag did not match the reduction in gold they have.
  • Increased the amount of time before fish obtained from fishing rot from 4h to 8h.
    • The time taken for fish not obtained from fishing to rot remains the same.
  • Updated the list of cards acquirable from card packs to match the current version of the game.
  • Updated the Japanese version of Museum Guide, Herb Effect, Shopkeeper Guide, Easy Gardening, Mission Briefing, You dig mining?, and the Adventure Seminar.
  • Any bonus to cargo limit added by the vehicle will now be subtracted and ignored when calculating the cost of upgrading the cart.
    • The cargo limit is now displayed together with the current cargo weight.
  • The suigara item will now disappear 100% of the time after being thrown instead of having only a chance to get burnt up.
  • Dungeons (created from deeds of dungeon) can now be relocated with the property transfer deed.
  • Sub quests that require a certain amount of fame will now display the required amount of fame within the conversation window, instead of requiring the player to look it up on the internet.
  • The current pace of the game makes it so that the player is far stronger than required for the Rule of Ninja sub quest by the time the requisite amount of fame is reached, so the amount of fame needed has been halved.
  • Made <Milis> the soldier easier to find in Eirel by creating a new path in town and making newly-spawned instances of the NPC immobile.
  • 'l'ooking at characters now displays their current SP as a percentage instead of an exact number. One of the reasons for this change is to make it match HP and MP displays which you can't determine as precisely for NPCs.
  • Prevented the dialogue box from popping up when the network setting is on even if no server is indicated.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the South Tyris Nefia boss's info being available from town informers before Act II even begins.
  • Fixed using up 1 pet arena entry chance if you cancel when selecting who to send out in the pet arena.
  • Fixed entering a number from 28 to 32 when changing the world map icon of a deed making it into inaccessible terrain.
    • Also made number 33 selectable.
    • There will be some visual glitches when in Aimwell because of how the code works, but they can be fixed by going to North Tyris and returning.
  • Fixed the issue with orichal-co's base level.
  • Fixed the [character] targeting for the new Healing Rain animation.
  • Fixed maps that have NPCs placed on them by game triggers sometimes placing those NPCs twice. This occurred if the player has never visited the map before the game trigger activated, and a map refresh occurs at the same time as the visit.

1.99: detailed changelog

[New evolutions]
  • talon soldier evolves into god talon soldier with god heart, and will receive +2 to their gauge every time they take damage.
  • fin crocodile evolves into cipiltontli with god heart, and gains a low chance of using Bound in Blood when at less than 50% HP and is not currently buffed by Contingency.
[New special action]
  • Liquid Manipulation
    • Learned during level up when Alchemy skill is 40 or greater and Control Magic skill is 30 or greater.
    • Applies the effect of the selected potion on all enemies in sight. (Effect is slightly lower than using it directly on a single target.)
    • Before applying the potion effect, it also deals user Alchemy and Control magic skill-dependent damage. Damage is reduced by target's PV and DV.
    • When used by an NPC, it generates an uncursed and unblessed potion of paralysis in their inventory and uses the skill with it.
    • <Beilgena> the artificial dragon, master archayeek, iris, profanity priest, oyaukamui, <Leiki>, meshera gamma, heqet, and <Ulzassil> will now use this. (But not if they were generated in a previous version of the game.)
    • iris, profanity priest, and heqet have also been given a bonus to their Alchemy skill in order to use this skill.
    • These characters now use Alchemical Rain: <Alfred> the cangnan wind, seiashin, cloudragon, and big sea hare. (But not if they were generated in a previous version of the game.)
[New items]
  • fishing introduction
    • Self-explanatory title. Not randomly spawned.
  • quest advice
    • Self-explanatory title. Not randomly spawned.
  • debris
    • 3 are spawned when a random Nefia is cleared. Not found randomly spawned.
    • Not spawned as clear rewards in the Void. When Wishing for it, a textbook will appear instead.
    • The item name will indicate what skill it is for and its LV (level). The skill is determined by the Nefia boss's race. (Skills were assigned to races such that they all drop desirable skill debris; whether they fit the race's image or not was a secondary concern.) Level of the item (max 999) depends on the floor's danger level.
    • Does not behave any differently when blessed or cursed. Cannot be used on non-pet NPCs.
    • Cannot be used if the target does not have the corresponding skill, or if potential in that skill is below 50%.
    • When used, it gives experience for the indicated skill. Amount of experience is based on the item's LV and the target's Memorization skill level (effect of the latter caps out at 1,000). It will also give item LV-dependent Memorization skill experience, and slightly increase insanity.
    • These were added for to make clearing difficult Nefia more rewarding and to make Memorization skill useful for NPCs. Useful for training hard-to-level skills or giving newly-recruited pets a leg up.
[Bonuses to starting skill levels for the various races]
  • largeanimal: Disarm Trap, Sense Quality, but decreased Healing skill
  • minotaur: Mining
  • eulderna: Investing
  • fairy: Cooking
  • asura: Carpentry
  • slime: Healing
  • dwarf: Gardening
  • zombie: Anatomy
  • elea: Cooking
  • rabbit: Detection, Traveling
  • sheep: Tailoring
  • worm: Mining, Stealth
  • beetle: Gardening
  • mushroom: Gardening
  • bat: Detection, Negotiation
  • lich: Gene engineer
  • bacteria: Gene engineer
  • spirit: Investing
  • eye: Gene engineer
  • wasp: Gardening, Pickpocket
  • hand: Carpentry, Cooking
  • snake: Swimming, Eye of Mind
  • armor: Heavy Armor
  • medusa: Alchemy
  • cupid: Investing
  • harpy: Performer
  • dinosaur: Healing
  • spider: Tailoring
  • golem: Alchemy
  • zanan: Gene engineer
  • rock: Marksman
  • piece: Tactics
  • rat: Riding
  • machine: Carpentry
  • wisp: Meditation
  • catsister: Jeweler
  • mutant: Gene engineer
  • yeek: Fishing
  • yith: Magic Device
  • horse: Weight Lifting, Riding
  • metal: Jeweler



[Changes and additions]
  • Pressing the 's' key while riding in a vehicle on the world map will now play a sound. It doesn't do anything else, so spam it all you want.
  • Changed the way Blade Turbulence, [Healing Rain], Rain of sanity, and Homing Lazer are animated.
  • Halved the price of ordering a drink from a bartender.
  • Greatly increased the amount of hydration recovered when Wet while hydration is below a certain value.
  • The default sprite for traveler's food has something that looks like a drink pictured in it. Thus, eating a traveler's food when hydration is low will now recover hydration by approximately the same amount as drinking a regular potion.
    • Automatic usage of traveler's food will still only trigger when satiety is low and not when thirsty.
  • The scroll of growth item and Development sleep event no longer work on a number of random skills; they now work on all skills that the character has learned.
    • This is so that having useless skills won't cause the potential increase of other skills to decrease.
  • Fixed the graphical issue with stairs in all maps other than West Raskilis valley that would temporarily crop up when entering said location.
  • Fixed eye-race NPCs' evolutions not getting assigned the bit flag that indicates a sprite ID of 1000 and above, causing issues with their post-evolution sprite.
    • Eye race pets that were evolved in a previous version will be automatically patched when updating to this version if they are in your list of pets [and not in the discarded ranch or Doujyou].
  • Fixed reading a vehicle deed on the world map consuming the deed.
  • Also fixed the increased cargo capacity that vehicles gave, which was off by a magnitude. Existing save files will be automatically patched when updating the game.
  • Fixed on-character sprites for equipment like armors and cloaks becoming invisible when entering another map.



[Changes and additions]
  • Changed some Act II main quest cutscenes.
    • Fleshed out some details, added some foreshadowing, slightly changed how events unfold, added some characters to them, and so on.
  • Added 4 means of transportation for traveling on the world map.
    • Added deeds for each of these.
  • 2 more conversation options for pets.
    • The pet's reaction to one of them can be customized with txtMizuAsobi.
  • Renamed the "maintenance" item in the tax breakdown to "running costs" [in the Japanese version] as the latter has a broader definition.
  • Changed the icons of some warning messages to ones that stand out more so that fewer people overlook the messages.
  • Fixed the issue with the options displayed when the Riding special action is used.
  • Making a pet wait in town while it is currently being ridden will now cause your player character to properly dismount from it.
  • Fixed all evolved pets sometimes using Dancing Wire on the lower level eye race targets.
    • Also fixed the new evolution added in 1.97 not using Dancing Wire like she is supposed to.
    • These issues arose because the ID of the target was used instead of the user.
  • Fixed the item marks set for characters on the right side of a tag team being off by 3 pixels to the side.
  • Fixed one of the new ether disease symptoms decreasing Charisma instead of increasing it (the code was copied from the "your neck becomes extremely thick" symptom).

1.98: detailed changelog

[New conversation options]
  • I tell you my feelings.
    • Only shows up for pet NPCs.
    • Using it once for a pet will prevent it from showing up again for that particular pet. (It won't disappear if you cancel.)
    • It will show up again after sleeping.
    • Further options will show up after selecting it.
    • To prevent this from getting stale, there are 3 different flavor texts that can display depending on the day.
    • The top-most option will basically cancel it.
    • The 2nd to 4th will increase Impress by a slight amount if Impress is at Fellow or greater. The pet's reaction will change [in the Japanese version] depending on its style of speech. If the required level of Impress is not reached, these options will decrease it by a slight amount.
    • The 5th to 7th options will increase Impress by a slight amount.
    • The 8th to 10th will have a chance to cause confusion if Impress is at Fellow or greater. No other drawbacks.
    • These are for roleplaying getting closer to your pets through daily conversation and not just by showering them with gifts, and for depicting your character's personality and attitude towards others. (This is why there are several options that have the same outcomes.) Also for depicting tsunderes in the relationship instead of the standard head-over-heels-for-each-other.
  • <<Interest in a little tail t'night>>
    • Usable only in evochat. Reduces the player's Action by 1 when selected.
    • A counter increases or decreases depending on the options picked, and the player's and pet's SP will both decrease by random amounts.
    • When the counter reaches 0, the pet's Happiness will increase by 3.
    • Nothing will happen when cancelling before the counter reaches 0.
    • txtMizuAsobi customizes the pet's response while this is in progress, and txtDialogH customizes the pet's reaction when the counter hits 0.
[Means of transportation on the world map]
  • Obtained by reading the deed (spawned randomly) for them. Nothing happens when the deeds are read by a non-player character.
    • Only 1 of these can be owned at a time. Reading the deed for another type will overwrite the existing deed. (So as to prevent the player from swapping between vehicles for whichever fits the current needs.)
    • When you own a vehicle, talking to a deed-selling NPC will bring up the option to get rid of the vehicle and go back to walking.
    • When aboard any of these vehicles, the sprite and traveling sound effect will be changed, and pets you have with you will not be displayed. Dyeing the deed will dye the vehicle's sprite.
    • The time taken to travel on the world map is reduced to 3/5, and you will be able to move [at regular speed] in the wilderness even when the cart is overloaded.
  • deed of carriage
    • Maintenance costs 500/month.
    • Cargo limit is increased by 10 as long as you have this vehicle.
  • deed of truck
    • Maintenance costs 2000/month.
    • Cargo limit is increased by 20 as long as you have this vehicle.
    • When on a road tile, movement time is multiplied by another 3/5 (bringing effective movement time to 9/25 that of walking on foot).
  • deed of magic locomotive
    • Maintenance costs 10,000/month.
    • Cargo limit is increased by 30 as long as you have this vehicle.
    • Speed penalty when the cart is overloaded is halved. Will still not be able to move when overloaded by too much.
    • No movement speed penalty on snow.
    • Reduces player character's MP by a small amount for every tile traveled on the world map. However, will not cause damage or give Magic Capacity experience when MP goes negative.
    • Expensive, so when wishing for this deed a deed of carriage will show up instead.
    • If you have a custom item.bmp, note that it has been updated and now has the sprite for the side view of the carriage.
  • deed of land battleship
    • Maintenance costs 200,000/month.
    • Speed penalty when the cart is overloaded is halved. Will still not be able to move when overloaded by too much.
    • Cargo limit is increased by 100 as long as you have this vehicle.
    • Immune to the desert heat. Completely prevents monster and rogue encounters, but does not prevent encounters with assassins, the chestnut giant, and wandering vendors.
    • Also expensive, so wishing for this deed will cause a deed of carriage to show up instead.
    • To illustrate its size, the sprite has been stretched horizontally, doubling its width.



When updating to version 1.97, pets who had been marked as precious will no longer be marked as such due to changes to the variable used.

Custom item sprites will also have their image height reduced and appear flattened.

You will need to reassign both of these after updating the game.

[Changes and additions]
  • 4 new unique artifacts. Some available for exchange, some randomly spawned.
  • Added just the conversation before the last boss battle of Act III.
  • 5 new eye race NPCs. 2 new evolutions.
  • The "sores on your face" ether disease symptom now has a maximum Charisma penalty of -999 at every disease stage.
    • The "you suffer debilitation" and "you are stupid" symptoms have a maximum penalty of -255 to Strength and Magic respectively.
  • Decreased the satiety gain from using Voracity Fang special action to 1/10 of the previous value.
    • When satiety is at Satisfied or above, using this special action will just do a regular physical attack.
  • 10 new ether disease symptoms.
    • These are all physical deformities that give some minor advantage and a serious disadvantage, but you may find them useful if they fit your play style or for roleplaying.
  • 4 new sleep events. Decreased the probability that the existing negative sleep events will occur.
    • Some of the new sleep events are positive, some depend on your choice or luck, some are a mix of good and bad, and some progress in multiple stages.
  • The "Item mark adjust" option now allows you to enlarge the item sprite.
    • Sprite width and height are also independent settings, allowing you to do more things with images. Beyond a certain size, they may start sticking out of their image frame and interfere with the text displayed, but that shouldn't be a serious issue.
  • Dominate spell now paralyzes the target when used by an NPC regardless of whether the target is immune to domination or not.
  • Changed the sprites of Mournblade and Storm Bringer so that they resemble the weapons they are referencing a lot more.
  • Added some English translations.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the ranch animal trait that yields more corpses not working when Anatomy skill is 0.
  • Fixed being able to get quest hints even if the player hadn't reached the prerequisite points in the main quest or was without enough gold to pay the informer despite the message displayed.
  • Fixed ZinlaiKyaku special action sometimes freezing the game when it is used some distance away from the player.
    • In versions 1.96 and earlier, the freeze can be avoided by setting Effect Speed to 0.
  • Fixed being unable to use gauge attacks with 2 recently added unique artifact melee weapons.
  • Fixed the baphomet (NB: no English equivalent) evolution's sprite.
  • Fixed the tint and English name of Storm Bringer.
  • Fixed the hot spring tiles in Melkawn's underground Gamling hall (sic) so that they now reduce insanity.
  • Fixed the scripted name change that occurs for Miros and Karura.
    • In order to fix any existing issues with their name for saves from a previous version, a fix will be applied when entering Ruoza if their names are longer than they are supposed to be.

1.97: detailed changelog

[New ether disease symptoms]
  • Your bones are popping out.
    • Cannot equip armor. Deals bleed damage to attackers - this stacks with the equipment attribute so nothing goes to waste.
  • You have a developed tail.
    • Cannot equip girdles. Bonus to Dexterity.
  • You have a big webbeds.
    • Cannot equip rings. Bonus to Swimming.
  • Your arms are thicker than your torso.
    • Cannot equip gloves. Bonus to Strength.
  • Your hands are blades.
    • Cannot equip gloves. Enables use of Decapitation special action.
  • Your mouth is torn.
    • Charisma penalty. Enables use of Voracity Fang special action.
  • You have multiple mouths.
    • Constitution penalty. Halves the number of turns needed to eat an item.
  • Your libido is abnormal.
    • Will penalty. Maximum stamina x1.2.
  • Thin tentacles are growing from you.
    • When your melee or ranged physical attack hits, there is a 12.5% chance...
    • Or when interacting with an NPC, there is a 2% chance...
    • ...that tentacles will attack the target, dealing character level-dependent damage to the target. (Damage caps at level 1000.) Damage is reduced by target PV and DV.
    • The second stage of the disease (Thick tentacles are growing from you.) doubles the base damage of this attack.
  • The beautiful flower is blooming on you.
    • Immunity to pregnancy. (Check is performed before the "prevents aliens from entering your body" equipment attribute.) Regeneration penalty. Bonus to Charisma.
[New sleep events]
  • Dream Connect
    • Picks a random NPC who is at Friend Impress or above and increases their Impress.
    • Can select non-pet NPCs but not if they are dead.
    • If it cannot find any NPCs [at Friend or above], this event will be skipped.
  • Sheep Nightmare
    • Picking the top option gives a large amount of Evade skill experience, but has a 4% chance of turning into very powerful Nightmare.
    • Depending on character level and chance, you may be able to resist it with Holy Veil.
    • The bottom option has 2 possible outcomes, but neither of them have any benefits or drawbacks.
  • Dream?
    • An out of this world experience that has a chance of causing insanity no matter which option is picked.
    • Also has a 20% chance to give a large amount of Will experience.
  • Strange ___ Dream
    • Only 5 stages for now, with more to come in the future.
    • The options available should be clear enough as to what they do - you can choose the option to proceed to the next stage, go back to the previous, or to stay.
    • No matter which option you pick, these gives a small amount of Perception experience.
    • NB: Current stages are Strange Stairs Dream, Strange Cave Dream, Strange Twosome Dream, Strange Long Stairs Dream, Strange Gate Dream.
[New NPCs]
  • monoeye girl
    • Level 48 eye. Female only. Eating the corpse gives chance of paralysis and increased nerve resistance.
    • Bonus to Gene engineer skill. Uses Thread of Innervation and Eye of dimness.
  • providence gaze
    • Level 63 eye. Male only. Floats. Uses Homing Lazer, Provoke, and Curse.
  • hundred eyes
    • Level 100 eye. Floats. Corpse causes insanity. Mind-element martial arts.
    • Uses Nerve Breath, Draw Shadow, and Eye of Insanity.
  • horus eye
    • Level 123 eye. Male only. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Floats.
    • Uses Regeneration, Divine Wisdom, Darkness Bolt, Mind Bolt, Mist of Darkness, and Destiny dice.
  • seeing god eye
    • Level 160 eye. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Floats.
    • Uses Magic Storm, Lightning Bolt, Mist of Silence, and Space retention.
[New evolutions]
  • deformed eye and impure eye evolve with another heart into many eyes and learn Distant Attack 7.
  • Female/female?/bisexual floating eye, chaos eye, mad gaze, and death gaze evolve with magic heart into evil eye girl and learn Dancing Wire.
[New items]
  • <Clothworld>
    • Unique artifact armor.
    • Added to Miral's list of items available for exchange. Costs 40 small medals.
    • Usable as a 't'ool. Using it changes its sprite to the next one in a list.
    • It should work with most humanoid character sprites, so try using it with Item mark set.
    • Character with unusually large sprites or clothes won't fit so you'll have to find a new sprite or edit the sprite yourself.
  • <Bamagicar>
    • Unique artifact armor. Added to Stoke's list of items available for exchange with music tickets.
  • Bambnir
    • Unique artifact spear. Spawns randomly. Added as an Artifact lottery prize.



[Changes and additions]
  • Some main quest content. That's it for the Etherwind arc! All that's left is the final boss battle.
  • 1 new unique NPC and unique artifact for the main quest, as well as 1 new equipment attribute.
  • 1 new item.
  • Revamped the sprites of existing asura monsters.
  • Added 5 new asura race NPCs.
  • Added 3 new evolutions.
  • Some spoken flavor text for the various carbuncle monsters weren't in quotation marks. That has been fixed, and some English translation has also been added. The flavor text should now be exactly the same as the cat NPC's.
  • Added Japanese flavor text based on Alice in Wonderland to the various gryffon/gryphon monsters.
  • Weakened the effects of Distracted and Melancholy status ailments.
    • Melancholy is also no longer applied while Drunk.
    • For portraying characters who can't get rid themselves of tobacco dependence because they're always quashing it with booze.
  • To prevent the Mages Guild from becoming useless, spellbooks sold by the guild's spell writer are now sold at half price. Spellbooks at the Sacred Library of Irva are now 20x the usual price.
  • [In the Japanese version], the terms "wizard" and "mage" were used interchangeably when referring to the guild and NPCs. They are now all called "wizard". This also applies to the Wizard's Harvest spell from vanilla Elona.
  • [In the Japanese version], world maps like North Tyris are sometimes referred to as "global map". The in-game help and Norne the guide call it the "world map", so it is now referred to as such. Please let me know if I've missed changing the terminology somewhere.
  • Rebalanced upper limit of the cost of hiring an adventurer.
    • You can also now choose to hire them for 3, 7, or 30 days.
    • Hiring them will also increase their Impress by a small amount. This increase is independent of how long they're hired for.
    • The expiry date of their contract is displayed in the lower left corner of the conversation window.
  • Fixed dipping unblessed items into cursed bottles of dirty water applying the effect but not reducing the number of items in the latter's stack.

1.96: detailed changelog

[Additional main quest content]
  • Speak to the person in 9F of West Raskilis valley to receive a key item.
  • Receive another key item when moving into any map.
  • Cutscene upon entering North Tyris.
  • <Karura> hail flom Erusia will be renamed as <Karura> the unforgettable singularity.
  • <Miros> hail flom Erusia will be renamed as <Miros> the unforgettable singularity.
  • Conversation dialogue with the aforementioned 2 NPCs will also be changed.
  • Their names will be changed when entering Ruoza and whenever they are talked to. Like evolutions, this will not be applied if their name has already been changed to the new one.
  • The [monster] parts [they drop when killed] won't have their new names, though.
  • Cutscene upon entering Lost Irva.
  • After that, conversation dialogue with Erystia, Gavela, Sophia, and Leold will either be changed or have some lines added to it.
  • God's Prison is inaccessible for now.
[New NPCs]
  • andhaka
    • Level 55 asura. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Male only. Bonus to dark resistance.
    • Uses Dark eye, Darkness Bolt, and Gravity Sphere.
  • ravana
    • Level 73 asura. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Has the bit flag that makes it drop its gold. Male only.
    • Squeeze, Suspicious Hand, Smash Ground, Shadow Step.
  • vayu
    • Level 108 asura. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Male only.
    • Magic Storm, Speed, Acid Hurricane, Shining Wave.
  • surya
    • Level 126 asura. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Bonus to fire resistance. Male only.
    • Fire Ball, Element Scar.
  • indra
    • Level 157 asura. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Bonus to lightning resistance. Male only.
    • Collected Power, Attribution Shield, Lightning Breath, and occasionally Extermination Breath when power gauge is between 25% and 94%.
  • <Mikraanesis>
    • Level 280 god. Vulnerable to "inflicts massive damage to Gods." Floats. Female bisexual.
    • When a non-ally character stops time, she will move every turn for each turn of stopped time.
    • Has a 50% chance of using Time Stop when gauge is 100% or above. Clash Rush when low on health.
    • Uses Shadow Step, Swarm, Raging Roar, Killing Dance, and Divine Stream.
[New items]
  • kemuridama
    • NB: smoke bomb
    • Spawns randomly. When thrown, it creates a smokescreen effect where it lands.
    • Unlike the Curtain of Smoke special action, it [consumes] an item, but it lasts twice as long and you can choose where to deploy the smokescreen.
  • <Kalpa Hand>
    • Unique artifact long sword.
    • Equipped by the aforementioned <Mikraanesis>.
    • Unlike the first stage of the 8 gods or the weapons of the demi-gods, the NPC will drop this weapon when defeated.
[New equipment attribute]
  • It is covered with time.
    • Not found randomly generated. Appears only on the aforementioned <Kalpa Hand>.
    • When attacking with this weapon, there is a 1/30 chance of stopping time for 3 turns.
    • When time is stopped, all attacks with this weapon will be a critical hit.
    • This is not necessarily better than the "It occasionally stops time." equipment attribute, which has a 1/25 chance of stopping time for up to 5 turns.
[New evolutions]
  • asura evolves with king heart into asura king and learns Killing Dance.
  • mitra evolves with another heart into misra and learns Tag Force.
  • varuna evolves with evolution heart into suiten and learns Silent Ocean.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added some main quest content, right up to just before the last floor [of the dungeon].
  • You can now buy tips on how to beat the next main quest boss from informers at reasonable prices.
    • This is to reduce the number of players who can't seem to find the bosses' weaknesses and end up fighting them and dying again and again, and win only by sheer brute force.
    • As for players who don't manage to find this feature or zone out while reading the tips... there's really nothing I can do.
    • Might add to the tips or edit them in the future.
  • Added 6 new items.
  • Added 1 new yith NPC and its evolution.
  • You now earn points from your shop. 5x as many points are gained in December.
    • Number of points earned depends on number of items sold (including item trades) and the number of customers. If no items have been sold, number of customers won't count.
    • Points earned by every shop you own is calculated separately, so it works in favor of players who own multiple shops.
    • Use a newly added item to spend your points and exchange them for an item of your choice.
  • Big brush and crop management tools are sold in the Embassy in addition to being found in new [farms and ranches].
    • Letting players buy new deeds to replace any of the aforementioned items when they lose them seemed acceptable until I remembered that the embassy also sells the shop strongbox, found only in shops.
  • Reduced the number of turns needed for fishing to 30%, but greatly increased the amount of in-game time that passes.
    • This is to make it feel more laid-back but less cumbersome. It can also be used to pass time if you're waiting for something.
  • When using ground bait on a fish placed on top of a water tile, there is now a fish-rank dependent chance of generating a special item.
    • It generates at the player's feet, not on top of the fish.
    • The chance of this happening differs between each fish rank and is also affected by the rare loot trigger.
  • Added additional effects to make placing items in a water tile feel like dipping them in water.
  • Reduced the number of materials required to make [a batch of] ground bait by 1.
  • The insects that spawn (i.e. weren't placed in the map) in a the basement of a certain house will now have the summoned NPC bit flag.
  • Dipping unblessed items into cursed bottles of dirty water caused nothing to happen because they were already unblessed. Now, they will rust or rot.
    • This will not happen to food that is not made of raw.
    • It was weird that items would rust or rot only if they were blessed.
  • The "WIN-Lv" number [on the character sheet] is supposed to be an indicator that your character is able to defeat enemies at that level.
    • In order to make it clearer that it's the level of Nefia that you can attempt at the current level, that number is now called "Proper N level".
  • Fixed some more descriptions.
  • Fixed NPCs who are forbidden from items on the ground and are eating an item in their inventory not getting interrupted from their food when displaced by the player.
  • Fixed harvesting rods of alchemy from magic crops under the effect of the [crop management tools] yielding scrolls of recharge instead due to a typo in item ID.
  • Fixed card IDs 1,000 and above not displaying in the deck by increasing the range of card IDs displayed.
  • Fixed certain graphic settings (e.g. setting Lighting to High) causing issue with fish sprites.
  • Chestnuts and dead fish were moving around even though they're not fish, so they no longer share sprites with sea urchins and bomb fish. This will apply to only newly generated [chestnuts and dead fish].

1.95: detailed changelog

[Additional main quest content]
  • Items [out in the wilderness] are in general not the player's and cannot be picked up without stealing them. However, items in the 7F cave are marked as the player's and can be picked up.
    • Cutscene upon entering 8F. Can't enter 9F yet.
    • oblivion beast will not spawn on F7 and onwards in West Raskilis valley with the passage of turns. The only ones on the map are those that the map started with.
[New NPCs]
  • cthulhick
    • Level 2 yith. Non-hostile. Does not spawn naturally. Heal Critical on low health.
    • Uses Element Scar, Lightning Bolt, Eye of Mana, Psychic Wave, and Regeneration.
    • Evolves with king heart into cthulhime regardless of sex... because boys can be princesses too!
    • After evolving, will have a low chance of using Alchemical Rain when in combat with an enemy that is neither Wet nor strung up on a sand bag.
[New items]
  • wooden doll of <moku-jin>
    • NB: English name when unidentified may be blank in this version.
    • Placed in 7F of West Raskilis valley.
    • A training machine, but for raising weapon skill levels.
    • Also works with <Dumbbell of Opatos>.
  • aquatic plant
    • Does not spawn naturally. Ornamental. Does not rot, and is a vegetable.
    • Sprite has 3 variants.
  • jewel coral
    • Does not spawn naturally. Ornamental and also for selling.
    • Sprite has 2 variants.
  • spotted garden eel
    • Does not spawn naturally. Can be offered to Ehekatl. Is a fish.
  • mysterious ore of dragon's red
    • Does not spawn naturally. Can be offered to Jure and Opatos.
    • Can be used in place of stardust in the equip making item fusion recipes.
  • yaca point card
    • Does not spawn naturally. Your shops will start off with one. Can also be bought from the Embassy.
    • Can only be used in the shop. Will not be sold when placed in the shop.
[Items spawned when using ground bait on fish]
  • goldfish, turtle, bitterling, tadpole - aquatic plant
  • carp, eel, goby, sea bream - bronze coin
  • sculpin, sea bass, sea urchin, red sea bream - jewel coral
  • sword fish, moonfish, tuna fish, ancient fish - dark fragment
  • bonito, sweetfish, yellow jack, black bass - spotted garden eel
  • mackerel, big tuna fish, remora, whale - cthulhick
  • moopy, hollow fish, rock fish, yruas - mysterious ore of dragon's red
  • All fishes unobtainable from fishing - any of the 3 materium
[Prizes available for exchange with shop points]
  • <Handshake rights of Karavika>
    • Adds an option to the conversation window with Karavika in Act III.
    • Her reaction will differ up to the 5th time, but will be the same from the 6th time onwards.
    • It increases her hidden Impress value but doesn't do anything else.
    • Very cheap, so try it out if you're curious.
  • Pillar assorted pack
    • 2 each of long pillar, street lamp, broken pillar, modern lamp (NB: with snow on it), modern lamp, pillar (NB: fan-shaped), statue ornamented with flowers, and statue ornamented with plants, all generated at your feet.
    • For obtaining the heavy pillars that are otherwise difficult to obtain without high Pickpocket and Strength.
  • Tombstone collection
    • old grave, ancient tomb, solemn tomb, brand new grave, grave ornamented with flowers, crumbled grave, and collapsed grave will be placed at your feet.
    • For obtaining the heavy tombstones that are otherwise difficult to obtain without high Pickpocket and Strength.
  • 360 rice balls and green teas
    • 360 of each of these items, all with +1 +enhance value, placed at your feet. Good for eating or selling.
  • Super heavy interior set
    • ceremony altar, altar, fountain, well, and water tub will be placed at your feet.
    • This one is more expensive because it gives the 2 rare altars and the items for quaffing.
  • Artifact lottery
    • It chooses 1 out of the following:
      • 21 unique artifact weapons (except ANNINDOFU, which can be found quite easily) that are not dropped by certain NPCs, do not have a guaranteed source, and appear only by spawning randomly.
      • The 3 unique artifacts obtainable only from new year's gift.
    • And places it at your feet. Every one of these artifacts has an equal chance of getting chosen.
    • The option that you choose doesn't affect anything and is just for show.
  • Assorted herbs 8 dozen
    • curaria x40, stomafillia x16, alraunia x10, spenseweed x10, mareilon x10, and morgia x10 will be placed at your feet.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a bit more Act III main quest content.
  • Added several new tile sprites for Act III.
  • Added 1 new unique NPC for the main quest.
  • Added 6 new mushroom race NPCs.
    • Placed one of those NPCs in a certain Act II sub quest.
  • Added 1 new special action, exclusive to NPCs.
  • Shift cores still require 100% or more gauge to use, but they no longer consume any gauge when used. This changes their balance quite a bit.
  • Tending to crops a different way will cause the type of items harvested from them to somewhat change, allowing the player to have some control over what items to farm.
    • Added a new item that increases the +enhance value of harvested items and crop growth speed.
    • Decreased the random variation in +enhance value of harvested items.
    • The new item does not spawn randomly, and is placed on ground in a new farm.
    • It increases the amount of manual labor needed for farming, but allows some choice in what you want to grow and enables some farming roleplay.
  • Decreased the selling price of muskmelons and watermelons so that they are just somewhat more expensive than other fruits.
  • Increased all types of experience gained from curaria.
    • Increased Speed experience gained from stomafillia so that it's now the best herb for training that attribute.
    • Increased the spawn chance of the other 4 types of herbs but slightly decreased the amount of experience they give.
    • This is to make all types of herbs similar in their usefulness.
  • Types of herbs harvested from crops now depend on the season and therefore change every 3 months.
  • Type of random artifacts harvested from crops also depend on the season and change every 3 months.
    • Speed rings and aurora rings are always harvestable and at a constant chance. The chance of harvesting other artifact types will change as their group goes in and out of season.
    • Unknown seeds no longer yield random artifacts.
  • Changed the types of rods harvestable from crops as there were too many different types.
    • Some types of rods are no longer harvestable as the player already gets those in excess.
    • When harvesting a rod, it has a low chance to turn into a rod of wish or rod of domination.
  • Made ranches start with a big brush on the ground. You really need only one, so big brushes no longer spawn randomly.
  • Made uncooked and non-rotten fish items placed on the ground move randomly around their tile (in water and on dry land).
    • Their shadow will not display to prevent inconsistencies with their movement.
    • Frequency and behavior of movement will vary slightly between fish types. Some will jump around while others are barely noticeable.
    • They will not move when stacked with other items or if they have a custom sprite.
    • This is to make them look a little more alive in their pond and on your chopping block.
  • Added 4 new fish types.
    • They can be fished up only in Aimwell with any type of bait. These are the only types of fishes obtainable there.
  • Decreased the selling price of fish that have never been fed before after obtaining them from fishing.
    • Increased the rate at which the selling price of fish increases with the number of times they have been fed.
    • Item fusion now crafts 5 ground bait at a time.
    • This is to reward effort put into fishing.
    • Increased selling price and experience from eating feels a little lacking, so there may be more [reasons to feed fish] to come in the future.
  • Removed the level cap for spawned monster balls.
    • The constraint that allows monster ball levels to go no higher than the lowest dungeon floor cleared + 10 remains.
    • Monster ball sell price increases with level but only up to Lv200.
  • Made slight changes to the properties of the doors and map tiles on some maps.
  • The conditions for completing a part of the Act III main quest were unclear, causing some people to think that not being able to complete it was a bug, so the descriptions in the journal have been rewritten to be clearer.
  • Revamped the descriptions of usable items. They now specify if an item is single-use or reusable.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed setting the atmosphere (full-body portrait) for the player causing it to get used in main quest cutscenes.
  • Fixed magaice not being excluded from the list of forbidden junk items, causing pets to refuse to take it.

1.94: detailed changelog

[Additional main quest content]
  • Cutscene upon entering the 6th floor of West Raskilis valley. The 7th floor is inaccessible for now.
[New special action]
  • Downpour Spore
    • Rolls to apply sleep and slow to all characters (except allies) in sight.
    • Power depends on the user's Magic.
    • Of the existing characters, black angel hair, kesalanpatharan, mushrooman (evolved mushroom. NB: no English name. Evolved from mushroom, spore mushroom, and chaos mushroom) now use it.
[New NPCs]
  • <Bonyac> the general vendor
    • Level 30 norland. Bonus to Cooking skill. No special actions.
  • matangoddess
    • Level 165 mushroom. Eye of Insanity, Anaphylaxis, Poison Storm, Nightmare, Downpour Spore.
    • Susceptible to "inflicts massive damage to Gods."
    • Bonus to Gene engineer.
  • liar poison fungus
    • Level 142 mushroom. Thread of Innervation, Group Hypnosis, Blended lie, Poison Breath. Low fire resistance.
    • Bonus to Gene engineer.
  • hot mushroom teacher
    • Level 118 mushroom. Rocket Fire, Summon chaos (summons the fang fungus listed below).
  • splashroom
    • Level 95 mushroom. Water Bolt, Must of Darkness. Spawns in a swarm with other splashrooms.
  • fang fungus
    • Level 75 mushroom. Squeeze, Voracity Fang.
  • rushroom
    • Level 38 mushroom. Uses Continuous attacks.
[New item]
  • crop management tools
    • Does not randomly spawn. Placed in new farms.
    • Using it while standing on top of a crop in its 1st stage of growth will offer some options.
    • Select an option to spend 10sp and do the selected task. This halves the number of refresh ticks required for the next stage of growth.
    • This does not directly cause crops to grow (if it did, there would be no point in using fertilizer).
    • Doing this at least once will cause the +enhance value of items harvested from this crop, if applicable, to increase by 3.
    • The first time a management option for a particular crop will also determine what items are harvested from this crop and give Gardening skill experience.
    • There are 5 options, but in many cases an item type has more than one option assigned to it; choosing either will cause the crop to grow that item.
    • The options will also change when it is raining, but this is just a change in flavor text. The option's position in the list is what affects the type of item grown.
    • When the season has changed, selecting an option will cause the crop to produce its respective items for that new season and option.
    • Selecting an option does not affect the chance of harvesting potions of cure corruption, rods of domination, speed rings, and aurora rings. Other items have a low and fixed chance of turning into these items during harvest.



[Changes and additions]
  • The option to change the atmosphere (NB: full-body portrait) is now available from the 'i'nteract menu and not from the conversation window.
    • With this, every character including the player character and non-pet NPCs can have a full-body portrait assigned to them.
    • The full-body portrait is also now displayed when the 'i'nteract menu is open.
    • Characters on the left in a tag team will have their portrait displayed on the left, and on on the right for characters on the right.
  • Added an underground map to Amur-Cage.
    • Talk to <Amurdad> to make the staircase appear.
    • This is where the unique NPCs that spawn randomly and the [Fort of] Chaos god NPCs will be placed when they are defeated.
    • The random unique NPCs will be here even if they were recruited as pets, and the [Fort of] Chaos NPCs will be here even if they were defeated in the Void or a showroom map.
  • Added the spell version of bonus points - spellbonus points. Available only to the player character.
    • The bulk of these points are earned when leveling up - the number of points gained depends on Learning attribute and character level. The number of points is unaffected by the Yerles race trait.
    • You no longer have to spend skill bonus points on them and don't have to spend as many platinum pieces for magic practice sessions.
    • It also allows you to focus on leveling a single spell.
    • 5 x player level spellbonus points will be given to save files from a previous version of the game when updating the game.
    • When starting a new Purge mode game or upon updating the game with a Purge mode save file from a previous version, 10,000 spellbonus points will be given.
  • Main quest section in the journal now has a progress indicator.
    • Use it to check if you have triggered events and for reporting bugs.
  • 5 new metal race NPCs.
  • 1 new special action. Exclusive to NPCs for now.
  • 3 new unique artifact weapons.
    • 2 of them spawn on certain monsters, 1 of them can be found randomly generated.
  • A new item that prevents the holder's cold-element attacks from shattering items.
  • And another new item.
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Eye of Stiffen and Eye of Illusion but increased the strength of the status ailment they apply.
  • Added some code to handle what happens when targeting, interaction, some special actions, and the use of some items is cancelled (e.g. the dialogue for picking a tag partner or a list of option to pick from).
    • The aforementioned user inputs can now be cancelled with the cancel key.
  • When an NPC uses the Dominate spell or when using that spell on a target that cannot be dominated and the attempt succeeds, the target is now paralyzed regardless of resistance to paralysis.
    • Unique NPCs and <boss> monsters will be paralyzed for 10 turns, and other characters for 30 turns.
    • Characters already paralyzed and those who have just recovered from paralysis will not be paralyzed.
  • The arena and pet arena now count number of wins instead of consecutive wins.
    • As such, the counter no longer resets upon losing or forfeiting, lowering the bar for attempts.
    • To prevent the matches from being a boring grind, however, opponent levels are now increased if their level is a certain amount lower than the number of wins. This applies regardless of whether the player is currently rank 1 in the arena or not.
  • Opponents in arena duel matches no longer become boss NPCs at a certain arena rank.
    • Removed the bias in monster type selection, and made it possible to know the opponent's level but not the monster name.
  • Items rewards for the arena and pet arena every 3, 10, 30, and 50 wins.
    • Coin and material rewards stack, but multiples of the same item won't.
    • Also changed and rebalanced the 100th win reward for the arena and pet arena. The 100th win reward is now given whether the player is rank 1 in the arena or not.
    • All rewards will be placed at your feet upon return to town.
  • You can now only challenge the pet arena (includes pet duels and team battles but not EX arena battles) a maximum of 3 times every 24 hours.
  • Rebalanced the amount of attribute experience gained by eating herb in food.
    • After taking in to account the difference in stats, the amount gained from eating the herbs alone, and the ability to share a meal, the player character and NPCs will earn experience in a 3:5 ratio (previously 1:5). The amount gained by NPCs has not changed.
  • Inheriting a pet with red spindle of soul spindle now resets the servant/master value reset date to prevent that date from getting assigned a future date.
    • Updating the game save to 1.93 will also reset the servant/master value reset date. (They have to be on the same map as you or have to be brought into your party.)
  • Elemental damage that is reduced by PV and DV is no longer nullified by characters with the cResEle [elemental immunity] bit flag.
  • Fixed <The White Hawk> unique artifact [not reducing long sword gauge attack damage].
  • Fixed the issue where paralysis goes away in 1 turn and without displaying any message.
  • Fixed the mix-up in the code for <Go-Renge>'s use as a ranged weapon, preventing characters from being able to throw it.
  • Fixed eating chewing gum and gum remnant not giving any food effects (like poison, love potion, and herb potential increases) because the game was looking up the new gum remnant product that was in the process of getting generated.

1.93: detailed changelog

[New special action]
  • Acid Hurricane
    • An acid-element beam attack.
    • Damage dealt by it cannot be mitigated in any way so the base damage is rather low. This also means Control Magic will be very effective with this.
    • If the target has the cArmour bit flag, it will also inflict Poisoned status ailment regardless of resistance to said status ailment.
    • If the target has the cMetal bit flag, it will also inflict Poisoned Bad! status ailment regardless of resistance to Poisoned status ailment.
    • Both of these status ailments will stack with repeated Acid Hurricane attacks.
    • <Luluwy>, <Dain> the elder of hill, hel, and cloudragon will now use this.
[New NPCs]
  • desktop navy
    • Level 82 metal. Has cNoHorse (i.e. not suitable for riding) and cMetal bit flags. Comes with Swimming skill by default.
    • Can spawn in a swarm with desktop birdie, described below.
    • Has a decent chance of using Rocket Fire when its power gauge is 25% or greater.
  • desktop birdie
    • Level 90 metal. Has cNoHorse, cMetal, and cFloat bit flags.
    • Can spawn in a swarm with the aforementioned desktop navy.
    • Will rarely use Charge Attack.
  • orichal-co
    • Level 124 metal. Has cNoHorse, cMetal, and cFloat bit flags.
    • Uses Feather and Shining Wave, but will prioritize using Contingency over those two moves.
  • old bell
    • Level 153 metal. Has cNoHorse, cMetal, cResEle (i.e. immunity to elemental attacks), and cFloat bit flags.
    • Has Investing skill by default.
    • Uses Acid Hurricane, Raging Roar, Smash Ground, Golden Storm, and Psychic Wave.
    • Spawns with a larger amount of gold. Drops some of its gold when killed, but not as much as when a gold bell is killed.
  • silver skull majesty
    • Level 174 metal. Has cNoHorse, cMetal, cResEle, and cFloat bit flags.
    • Death word breaks when killed.
    • Has Control Magic skill by default.
    • Uses Mist of Darkness, Mist of Dazzling, Formless Fetter, Death Word, Dominate, and Regeneration.
[New items]
  • magaice
    • The cold version of magatama. Generated randomly.
  • scroll of witchcraft
    • Low chance of generating randomly. Not sold in shops.
    • Like scrolls of faith, nothing will happen when it is read by an NPC.
    • Grants 5 spellbonus points when read by the player character. Number of spellbonus points does not change when the scroll is blessed or cursed.
    • This is so that people don't have to hoard the scrolls to bless and read them all at once, causing the player to go without any spellbonus points to spend for long periods of time and then having to spam a large amount of scrolls later.
  • <Kani-kama>
    • Sometimes equipped by death maneki, basatan, hell crab, and fire crab.
    • The mobs listed above have a decreasing chance of having it equipped in that order. Unique artifact scissors.
  • <Fright Prawn>
    • Sometimes equipped by magic hawk moth, indigo lobster, and rogue warrior.
    • The mobs listed above have a decreasing chance of having it equipped in that order. Unique artifact grenade.
    • Generated randomly. Unique artifact lightsabre.
    • Has a chance of generating randomly even at low danger levels, but when it does it will be weaker and have a lower selling price.
    • But even then, it's still useful as a source of stardust and for buffing Cooking skill.
[About arena rewards]
  • The arena awards
    • potion of resistance every 3 wins,
    • scroll of witchcraft every 10 wins,
    • scroll of growth every 30 wins,
    • astral light pen every 50 wins,
    • and potion of evolution + potion of descent + treasure map every 100 wins.
  • The pet arena awards
    • scroll of change material every 3 wins,
    • scroll of superior material every 10 wins,
    • craft repair kit every 30 wins,
    • evolution heart every 50 wins,
    • a random material kit every 100 wins + god heart
  • For both the player and pet arenas, the number of items awarded for the 100th win will increase at the 200th and 300th win.
  • These changes are to make the arena more rewarding, save the player some platinum pieces, and to make it easier to gear up all members in the player's party.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a bit more Act III main quest content.
  • 2 new NPCs in Act III.
  • Added 2 new Throwing-based special actions. They may be difficult to use, but make up for that with their power and area of effect.
  • Replaced the Quick Use special action with a new and more watered-down one.
  • Changed one of the options that are purchasable with AP. The option to learn Struck Out is now "Tactical Throw". NPCs who have acquired this will be able to use several Throwing-based special actions.
  • Accuracy of attacks is now doubled during Continuous attacks special action even if accuracy is negative.
  • Removed the additional evasion roll granted by Killing Dance [buff], and replaced it with a buff to Evasion skill.
  • Power gauge will now increase by 4% when evading an attack (includes Greater Evasion procs).
    • Unlike getting hit, this can increase power gauge by more than once per turn.
    • This is to discourage brute-forcing with a large number of attacks, and instead reward increasing accuracy and evasion.
  • Added upper and lower caps to the number of moves an NPC can make based on their speed relative to the player character's.
    • They can now only move at most 20 times per turn the player makes (even if they have 100 times the player character's Speed), or at least 1 time out of every 20 player turns.
    • Shouldn't have much of an effect on normal gameplay.
  • The experience multiplier in overdose mode no longer applies when gained experience is negative.
  • The slow digestion feat will now work only when satiety drops to Hungry.
    • Now it won't get in the way of stat gain.
  • When in Purge mode, the player character's hydration level will not decrease beyond a certain value - just like NPCs.
    • Starving! and Drying! statuses also won't decrease HP and stamina.
  • It will no longer be as dark at night outdoors when a torch is lit.
  • Buffed the [additional] damage [received] when [afflicted] by Wince and Chills status ailments from 10% to 20%.
  • Wince and Chills status ailments from fire and cold-elemental attacks respectively will now apply and stack like the status ailments for the other elements.
    • They also have their own icon bubble now.
    • Wince and Chills status ailments from fire and cold-elemental attacks (respectively) can now be blocked by Holy Veil and Regeneration respectively.
  • Type of items produced by statues of Kumiromi and Yacatect and the cute fairy no longer depend on the day. They now depend on the total number of times they have produced an item.
  • Changed how Little sister corpses give their +1 Life and Mana bonuses.
    • The chance to increase Life and Mana used to be random and dependent on the rare loot trigger as well as the current Life and Mana.
    • The corpses are now guaranteed to give 1 Mana every 3 corpses [eaten], and 1 Life for every 6 corpses.
    • The changes take into account the fact that Cooking skill can produce multiple items from 1 corpse and the difficulty in obtaining magic fruits and hero cheese.
  • Player skill experience is now 3 times [what it was in vanilla Elona].
    • Pet skill experience remains 4 times the amount [gained by player characters in vanilla Elona].
    • This is to address the fact that training the player character was not as efficient as training pets, but there are a lot more ways of gaining skill experience for the player.
  • Zaile, West Raskilis valley, and Amur-Cage can now be Returned to.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the issue with the amount of bonus experience gained when the player character defeats an enemy of a lower level.
  • Fixed Little sister corpses generated by bio printer giving their effect when eaten - their effect was coded separately from that of other corpses.
  • Fixed issue that rat and harpy race characters had with their set of limbs after Icolle deletes a body part.
  • Fixed the number of mineral-type materials received not matching up with the number listed in the log when receiving materials from pets.
  • Fixed being able to increase Life with AP even when base Life is 300.

1.92: detailed changelog

[Additional main quest content]
  • Cutscene upon entering 4F of West Raskilis valley. 5F is inaccessible for now.
    • When entering 3F, the Researcher crisis sub quest will be removed whether it has been undertaken or not. <Allen> the researcher's lines in that cutscene will change accordingly. Does not affect story progression.
[New NPCs]
  • <Strange old person>
    • Level 180 spirit. Corpse is human flesh.
    • Uses Nerve Arrow, Nether Arrow, Formless Fetter, Eye of Illusion, and Mist of Darkness.
  • oblivion rude beast
    • Level 200 servant. Placed in West Raskilis valley. Does not spawn randomly.
    • Susceptible to "inflicts massive damage to Gods". Heal Critical on low health.
    • Eye of dimness, Distant Attack, Memory Poison, Summon chaos (summons oblivion rude beast).
[New special actions]
  • Destiny dice
    • Learned upon leveling up when Throwing skill is 40 or greater.
    • Deals Throwing and Dexterity-dependent damage on enemies in sight. Reduced by target's PV and DV.
    • However, a fumble occurs when rolling 95 to 00, and only the user will take damage.
    • When rolling 01 to 05, a critical attack occurs that causes a bit more inflicted damage, and also absorbs a very small amount of HP, MP, and SP.
    • Now used by Ehekatl, God inside Ehekatl, and ganmbler (sic).
  • OverLimit-Throw
    • Learned upon leveling up when Throwing skill is 60 or greater and Meditation skill is 30 or greater.
    • Gives the target a buff with the same name. While buffed, regular attacks made by throwing items will be buffed with the Meditation skill, but MP will be decreased by a Meditation skill-dependent amount per throw. (Mana reaction will not occur.)
    • If the target already has that buff, removes the buff.
  • Power Item
    • Replaces the Quick Use special action. Learned upon leveling up when Alchemy + Throwing + Magic Device + Literacy skills = 150 or greater.
    • Gives a buff of the same name that buffs Alchemy, Throwing, Magic Device, Literacy skill levels by 1.1 time plus some.
    • Zapping, throwing (except regular attacks with throwing items), quaffing, using liquids to drench yourself, and reading will increase the power gauge while buffed.
[Changes to an option at AP shop]
  • Tactical Throw
    • Replaces the option to learn Struck Out. (NB: Cost of 500 AP remains the same.)
    • The pet will:
      • have a chance to use Power Item when not buffed by it.
      • have a chance of using OverLimit-Throw when at 1/3 MP or more and not already buffed by it.
      • have a chance of getting rid of an existing OverLimit-Throw buff when at less than 1/3 MP.
      • use Over Long Throw when the enemy is 4 tiles or more away.
      • have a low chance to use Struck Out.
    • All of these apply only when the pet is equipped with a weapon it can throw.



[Changes and additions]
  • Some more Act III main quest content.
  • 1 new Act III map.
  • 4 new unique NPCs in Act III.
  • 11 new map tiles.
  • Using the <Fixity anchor> on a character that already has the Shooting Mode buff will now remove that buff.
    • It will also remove any Bind status that was applied by the Fixity anchor.
  • Items that spawn less frequently beyond a certain threshold of shop rank and dungeon danger level will now have their rarity increase more slowly, at a rate of 1/10 the value in previous versions. This means that these items will still have a chance to spawn unless shop rank and danger level are about 1000-2000.
  • Added the ability to change the minimum skill experience received by [allied characters] in Purge mode.
    • This minimum can be set to anywhere from 0.001 to 100 at the Devil Cape.
    • Unlike the extra experience received from the Overdose mode multiplier, experience received in this manner is unaffected by potentials and goes directly towards skill levels.
  • Increased the chance for the equipment attribute that invokes Shining Wave to proc to that of the equipment attribute that invokes bolt spells.
  • The number of hands now gives a percentage increase bonus to critical rate when wielding a two-hand weapon. (No bonus when wielder only has 1 hand; bonus maxes out at 4 hands.) Extra hands are now useful even if they are not equipped with anything.
  • Changed the accuracy of Martial Arts attacks so that it is on par with weapon attack accuracy. However, this accuracy now also has a percentage bonus depending on the number of hands. (No bonus when user only has 1 hand; bonus maxes out at 4 hands.) Martial artists do wear protective gear, after all.
  • Increased the base damage dice for Martial Arts and also the rate at which the dice increase with skill level.
    • It would be too broken if the dice increase up to skill level 2000, so they cap out at skill level 550. All in all, the damage cap is lower but is reached more easily.
  • Increased base armor pierce for Martial Arts from 5% to 15%. Decreased the rate at which armor pierce increases with Martial Arts skill level.
    • The cap of 50% armor pierce remains the same.
    • This and the previous changes should make Martial Arts viable right from early game, and also stronger throughout the game until the damage cap is reached.
  • Armor pierce of weapons will now also increase with weapon skill levels - though at a lower rate than armor pierce from Martial Arts skill.
    • Armor pierce of weapon skills that have a lower base armor pierce will increase more quickly with skill levels.
    • This is so that low pierce weapons don't become irrelevant in late game where the difference in damage dice between weapon types is diminished.
  • Defeating an enemy with a higher Speed attribute will now award a small amount of Speed experience.
    • This is also awarded to the tag partner if applicable, and to the player if it was a summoned undead that defeated the enemy.
    • To make it harder to have a higher Speed attribute than enemies in the current act of the main quest that the player is in, this does not apply in the Void, nor does it apply to monsters that were summoned or split.
  • Food no longer give Speed experience depending on their +enhance value.
    • Instead, they will give Speed potential depending on the +enhance value.
    • This Speed potential is given to both the player character and the pet when sharing a meal.
  • Slightly increased the amount of +enhance value-dependent potential that picnic baskets give to make up for the effort required to create them.
  • Doubled the amount of potential that is gained due to character class when sleeping.
  • Changed the [Japanese] descriptions of special actions so that they now say "regular attack" instead of "physical attack".
    • This is to make a distinction between special actions that execute regular attacks and those that are a completely different type of attack.
  • Changed some other descriptions.
  • Items can no longer be thrown onto a tile that has a closed door, board, town board, or voting box.
    • Thrown items that miss their target tile will also not land on tiles with the aforementioned objects.
  • Fixed equip update not properly changing war hammers into clubs.

1.91: detailed changelog

[New map]
  • West Raskilis valley
    • Will be the last Nefia in the main quest.
    • Can Return to the lowest floor.
    • Floors from 2F onward will not regenerate, and have a chance of spawning oblivion beast with the summoned bit flag.
[Additional main quest content]
  • Cutscene upon entering 2F of the aforementioned West Raskilis valley.
  • 3F is inaccessible for now.
[New NPCs]
  • <Jenna> the mythical mania
    • Level 25 norland. Nothing of note.
  • <Mary> the flower picking
    • Level 15 norland. Occasionally uses Aromageddon.
  • <Cray> the curious adventurer
    • Level 45 zanan (displays as dhole). Nothing of note.
  • <Manson> the careful adventurer
    • Level 40 zanan (displays as dhole). Nothing of note.



[Changes and additions]
  • Reverted the default BGM in Your Home to the vanilla Elona piece [PSML516] because the composer has put it up for distribution again.
    • The very excellent piece used until now [machi04] is now set to the default BGM in the storage, shelter, and discarded ranch in order to keep its presence in the game.
    • Both of these changes will not affect existing saves unless you change the BGM or construct a new deed.
  • Added unique artifacts for the weapon types that don't have one yet: kunai, fleure, drill, tomahawk, scissors, shakujo, nunchaku, crossfire, sox, ballista, rock, repeating bow, and short bow.
    • These will all spawn at random, but in future versions they may get dropped by certain monsters instead.
  • Added 1 new equipment attribute.
  • Added 7 new orc race NPCs.
  • Added 2 new evolutions.
  • Rebalanced the amount of Negotiation experience gained from buying and selling.
    • Greatly increased the amount gained at every Negotiation level, but decreased the amount gained per transaction.
  • Defeating an enemy with one of the Negotiation special actions will now give regular character experience as well as an enemy level-dependent amount of Negotiation experience.
  • When the player character defeats an enemy of a lower character level, it now gives at least 10 experience even if the initial calculation rounds down to 0.
  • Added text to hint to what will happen if you stay behind and help Icolle with his experiments after his sub quest.
    • Also, if the game fails to lookup the race of a character because the game save is from a later version or something, that character will be given a set of human body parts.
  • Mixing a bottle of dirty water or other similar items with a blessed item will now remove that item's blessed status.
    • Regular dirty water will un-bless one item, and blessed dirty water will un-bless the entire stack.
    • Mixing cursed dirty water will also cause the target item to corrode or rot.
  • Added 2 new materials - bamboo and nanomachine.
  • Wooden items now generate naturally.
    • Newly-generated wooden items will now have the equipment attributes intrinsic to wood.
  • Lead material now has its own intrinsic equipment attribute as well.
  • Regular attacks of repeating bow, machine gun, gun pair, and shot gun now have new animations.
  • The sprites of certain items like scythes, axes, shields, shurikens, and panties, and also items thrown with Spinning Throw will now spin on their way to the target.
  • Short bows now have their own sprite. They no longer look identical to long bows.
  • <Astral Sickle> is now a bone scythe. Changed its damage dice.
  • The kneaded sweets of witch item will now cause only 5 turns of Unconsciousness (i.e. half its usual number of turns) when used on a unique NPC.
  • Nerfed the duration of the Killing Dance buff.
  • Charge Attack special action no longer asks the player to press a key before beginning, and will instead have a short Waiting period.
    • There will be no Wait if the user is out of sight, or if Effect Speed has been set to 0.
    • The visual effect for when the charge completes is also not played if the user is out of sight.
  • Changed the effect of the Touch of Hunger special action.
    • It now applies a debuff that doubles the loss of satiation and hydration per turn.
  • Added English translations to some text files.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the width of the status displays in the English version so that it doesn't get cut off.
  • Fixed the hot spring tiles in Ludus so that they reduce insanity.
  • NPCs in Defense mode will now properly end their turn when they don't use Disturbance in combat.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when sacrificing ranch animals that have their Impress above a certain value to god.
  • Fixed some Nefia race spawning conditions not matching what is described in the detailed changelog.
  • Fixed inquiring Melget about adventurers' items causing those items to get removed.
    • Instead of picking items at random from the target adventurer's inventory, it will now return items ordered by item id.
  • Fixed using a pet staying at your home as a donor in gene engineering causing that pet to resurrect under certain conditions.

1.90: detailed changelog

[New NPCs]
  • porc
    • Level 2 orc.
  • brand porc
    • Level 50 orc. Uses Provoke, Scavenge.
  • brack orc
    • Level 78 orc. Uses Nerve Breath, Eye of Illusion, rampage.
  • urc
    • Level 92 orc. Uses Squeeze, Body Blow.
  • brack porc
    • Level 118 orc. Uses Voracity Fang, Shadow Step.
  • hi urc
    • Level 135 orc. Uses Nether Arrow, Water Bolt, Ice Bolt.
  • highness urc
    • Level 152 orc. Healing Rain on low health. Uses Nether Arrow, Draw Shadow, Speed, Mist of Silence, Magic Storm.
[New evolutions]
  • orc and orc warrior evolve with king heart into king orc and learn Cheer.
  • porc evolves with another heart into burning pork, learning Boost and Hyper Dash.
  • bamboo
    • Available on scrolls of inferior material.
    • Meditation #.
    • Like scale, but with higher accuracy and DV. Cheap.
  • wood
    • Available on scrolls of change material.
    • Mind resistance ##.
    • Like chain, but with higher accuracy and DV.
  • nanomachine
    • Available on scrolls of superior material.
    • Healing #.
    • Like adamantium, but with higher DV and somewhat lower in other stats. Fireproof.
[New equipment attribute]
  • It inflicts massive damage to enemy in flight.
    • Can appear on melee and ranged weapons.
    • Deals additional non-elemental damage to enemies that have the float bit flag.
    • That means it works on a lot more NPCs than the equipment attributes that inflict massive damage to dragons/undeads/Gods, so this one has a lower damage multiplier.
    • Its effect on equipment price and the chances of it getting generated on a piece of equipment are the same as the other "inflicts massive damage" equipment attributes.
[New items]
  • All of these are randomly generated.
  • Go-Renge
    • Unique artifact kunai.
  • Epeclair
    • Unique artifact fleure.
  • Gouten
    • Unique artifact drill.
  • DGT-101
    • Unique artifact tomahawk.
  • Numenius
    • Unique artifact scissors.
  • Engoku
    • Unique artifact shakujo.
    • It's supposed to be a shakujo with a hidden blade, so its gauge attack is a Stave skill-dependent Issen. Damage reduction calculation will also take it as a Long Sword.
  • Power Triangle
    • Unique artifact nunchaku.
  • Cross Rail
    • Unique artifact crossfire.
  • Nazuna's Sox
    • Unique artifact sox.
  • Scorpierce
    • Unique artifact ballista.
  • Yomi-to
    • Unique artifact rock.
  • Rinkhals
    • Unique artifact repeating bow.
  • Ling's Bow
    • Unique artifact short bow.
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