Elona Wiki



[Changes and additions]
  • Added some descriptions.
  • Added 1 new red book. Not randomly generated. Placed in Melugas when it gets refreshed.
  • HP regeneration ticks are now more frequent when Satisfied and above. SP regeneration ticks are also more frequent when Wetting or above.
  • Urine is no longer randomly generated.
  • There is no longer a sound effect for becoming Drying! dehydrated as players cannot die from dehydration.
  • When Wet and hydration level is low, hydration will now slowly recover until it reaches the point where no hydration status is displayed. Doubled the amount of leeway between Distended and going over hydration limit.
  • Fixed mix-up in variables for cooldown time for changing shop type and the limit on the number of items [the shop can sell], which was causing things like Negotiation experience overflow and other unintended behavior. To prevent further errors from occurring, the cooldown time and item limit will be reset when updating the game.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred when using ground bait that is placed on the ground. Also changed the message displayed when splitting fish from their original item stack and placing them in a new one when they are fed ground bait.
  • Fixed the item sprite for flesh doll not displaying properly.
  • Fixed NPCs with prostitute AIs playing a sound effect whenever they latch onto a target. That's a piece of code that was used for debugging.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new world map. There are no enemy encounters, wandering vendors, or random Nefia here. To be honest, there's really nothing much to do here for now. In future versions, there will be monsters in the wilderness here that can be found nowhere else.
  • Temporarily added a new map. The tile sprites you see here are make-shift. Conversations with the NPCs here not yet scripted. Added 2 new trade goods [available] only here.
  • Added 7 new NPCs for Act III. Conversations and other stuff to come later.
  • Expanded character.bmp by 3 [more rows] to make room for future updates, so do be careful if you've replaced the entire sprite sheet with a custom one.
  • Removed the art on the ground at mansion of younger sister due to copyright concerns. It will eventually get replaced.
  • Increased the 100-consecutive win bonus for the arena and pet arena. This bonus, however, will now be awarded only at rank 1.
  • You can now limit the the number of items sold by your shop per day to 15 or 5. The lower the item limit, the higher the bonus Negotiation experience earned by the shopkeeper. You can use this if you don't want to have to restock your shop as often.
  • You can no longer change the shop type for 15 days after a change.
  • Added thirst mechanic, the quaffing version of hunger. Hydration increases when drinking fluids and decreases when vomiting.
    • The status display will go from Drying!, Drying, Thirsty, (no description), Wetting, and Distended.
    • NB: alternative translation - Dehydrated, Parched, Thirsty, (no description), Hydrated, and Overhydrated.
    • Hydration decreases naturally at a slower rate than satiety and stops decreasing when Wet.
    • Being in the desert in the daytime will also cause it to decrease - this decrease stacks with the aforementioned natural decrease. For NPCs, the natural decrease stops at a hydration value that is just before Thirsty.
    • This is another parameter that the player will have to manage. That said, all that Drying! will do is cause stamina to decrease when not Wet; characters will never die of it.
    • Quaffing potions will not be possible when Wetting or above, but you can still douse yourself with them.
    • A puddle will be generated at that character's feet and hydration will be decreased when a character is Wetting or Distended and gets hit by Body Blow, or is Distended and is inflicted with Fear. This may also happen at random when increasing hydration beyond Wetting.
    • Also added a new item for [making] puddles and a special action for decreasing hydration.
  • Added an option to the conversation with bartenders - the drink version of the Innkeeper's "Bring me something to eat."
    • Hydration will become Distended, and satiety will slightly increase.
    • The time has come for bartenders to act like bartenders.
  • In Purge mode: made it possible to eat even when Satisfied and above, and to drink even when Distended. The character will throw up or wet himself though.
  • Added a non-hostile AI type. Can be used by custom NPCs. (Refer to help_npc.txt.)
  • Pets who have a master/servant relationship of Amenable or above can now be given special commands via their conversation window.
    • This allows you to set their AI to any of the non-hostile types, including the new AI and others that don't serve any purpose when used by your pets.
    • To avoid taking away the raison d'etre of bard, prostitute, and cleaner NPCs, these NPCs (includes 6 unique NPCs) will now have double the range for their respective actions and gain double experience for doing them.
  • NPCs [have a chance of changing their target] when having a little tail. If the initiator is a pet, or if both the initiator and the target are both within the player's sight, the target's name will now be displayed [in the log]. This is because the characters have to be adjacent to initiate it.
  • NPCs' Preaching can no longer change the player's faith. Pets also no longer obtain Faith skill experience from NPCs' Preaching.
  • Pets' Fascination Dance will no longer sap the stamina of other pets.
  • Cleaners and <Balzak> the janiator will now also throw salt solutions at NPC snails when not in combat, so watch out for him if you have any snail pets. He will no longer throw salt solutions at the player or pets after getting recruited. That doesn't make him more useful though.
  • Made the races for 2 unique NPCs display as elsia. It's just a cosmetic change; their actual race is still elea. This will not affect instances of those NPCs that were generated in previous versions.
  • The equipment attributes granted by the black cat are no longer random, and the game will no longer auto-save.
    • The type of equipment attribute gained will now depend on the target's Magic attribute, the black cat's Luck, and the player character's Luck. Strength of the equipment attribute is fixed.
    • Only equipment attributes that grant resistances and attribute buffs are available now. This is so that none of the equipment attributes go to waste as there is no limit to how many of these you can stack.
    • It would have been a lot more fitting to have crappy ones mixed into the list of equipment attributes available, but players would just load a save to get around that...
    • It depends on magic and luck now to illustrate Ehekatl's hand in it.
  • Increased the number of materials obtainable from gathering spots, made them harvestable in 1 search, and also made it auto-save.
    • This is to prevent material harvesting from becoming routine work, as you could harvest just a bit from one spot then move on to another spot, then come back and harvest some more, and repeat that ad nauseam.
  • Added 2 item fusion recipes.
  • The ingredients for the junk make recipe no longer accept items that you can grab an infinite amount of. Also increased the number of items needed by 1 so that you can't keep using the recipe by inputting products as ingredients.
  • Characters hit by molotov will now have 5 turns of Oil status ailment applied before applying the fire damage.
  • NPCs that have the lulwy's photo collection item at their feet will now always fail to detect hostile enemies. They will still notice enemies when they get attacked though.
    • They will also no longer catch any pickpocketing around them, as long as the item being stolen is not from their inventory.
  • The bio battery item now negates green tea's weight loss effect as well.
  • The show case of breads can now store puff puff bread, stick bread, and hamburger.
  • Item stacking will be attempted after cooking.
  • Uncooked fish will no longer decrease in freshness over time when they are placed on water tiles. You can use this to keep your catch alive and fresh or run an aquarium.
  • You can now make uncooked fresh fish [reproduce] by giving it a special type of feed. Uncooked fish will now have their size calculated from their individual weight, and then have that size [prefixed] to their name. When their weight is increased by feeding them, their selling price will increase as well.
  • Made fish obtained from fishing have variation in weight and price. Their weight will now range from 80% to 160% of their original base weight.
    • The smaller fish may appear to have the same weight, but that can be because of rounding of the displayed weight. Junk items have fixed weight. Also rebalanced whale weight, as they were kind of light.
  • Uncooked fish will now have their size calculated from their individual weight, and then have that size [prefixed] to their name. Also rebalanced coconut crab weight, as they were kind of heavy.
  • Uncooked fish that is not rotten can now be given fish food to increase their +enhance value, up to a maximum of +15.
    • Like vegetables, the +enhance value will increase the fish selling price and experience gained from eating it.
  • Greatly decreased the stamina cost of using 4-dimensional pocket. Increased the spell power of 4-dimensional pocket available from a 4-Dimensional mirror. This is to balance out the fact that fish does not stack as nicely now.
  • Under "Attack Animation" in "Screen & Sound" in the config menu, you can now toggle attack animations for NPCs separately. You can also choose to turn them on only for pets.
  • Increased the amount of experience passively earned for Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor skills.
  • Every 50 levels of Armor skill will now decrease the Pierce of the attacker's weapon by 1%.
    • e.g. When getting attacked by an attacker with a 50% Pierce and you have 1000 in your Armor skill, the effective Pierce is 40%. With 2000 Armor skill, it's 30%. Effect is limited at half of the weapon's Pierce.
    • There is no change to their contribution to PV; it's still capped at [skill level] 300. There is also no effect on absolute piercing attacks.
    • This is to reduce the effect of weapon pierce stat and to increase the usefulness of the 3 armor skills.
  • Added an NPC to discourage afk grinding.
    • If the player character remains on the same tile and physical attacks keep getting used, a warning message will now get displayed.
    • If the player still does not move, the NPC will then get summoned regardless of where the player is - be it in the showroom or at home. (The player is invincible in the pet arena, so it'll just cause an automatic defeat after 1000 turns and boot the player out.)
    • It will have its stats buffed a lot and also trigger Ragnarok.
    • It won't spawn as long as you don't afk with a key held down. It also doesn't have any special animation effects or anything, so you won't be missing out on anything if you don't see it.
    • This NPC can also be randomly generated, albeit unbuffed.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed slicing animation for regular attacks changing rotation every frame.
  • Fixed bolt spells being able to hit targets out of sight.
  • Fixed the seminar attended variable getting reset if the date changes in the Adventure Seminar classroom.

1.78: detailed changelog[]

[New Act III maps]
  • North Tyris
    • Has the same name as its existing counterpart, but is a different world map.
    • The original [Etherwind game] called it Aimwell, but based on the conversations it's pretty clear that this is North Tyris.
    • In future updates, the monsters found here will be unique ones found nowhere else.
  • Zaile
    • Located within the aforementioned North Tyris. Periodically refreshed.
    • No static small medals or town board quests to be found here. Beggars and other town NPCs won't spawn either.
    • No platinum pieces to be found on the ground at random, but there is a high chance of finding bronze coins.
[NPCs for preventing afk farming]
  • A warning will be displayed if the player character remains on the same tile and executes 6,666 regular attacks or more.
  • After the 9,999th regular attack, Ragnarok will be triggered, and 4 last dancer NPCs with boss stats and the summoned NPC bit flag will spawn at level 3,000.
  • The afk turn counter will then be set to -9,999.
  • When the counter is negative, the Curtain Call text will be displayed on the screen.
  • The counter is reset to 0 once the player moves a tile, even if the counter is negative.
[New NPCs]
  • last dancer
    • Level 99 angel. Floats. Randomly generated.
    • Usually uses Homing Lazer, Fascination Dance, and occasionally MP Breath.
    • When without pets and during Curtain Call, it will use Grand Finale.
    • When not sandbagged and not a pet, it will always despawn when reentering the map.
  • former bank clerk
    • Level 10 norland. Has no special actions.
  • guild broker
    • Level 35 norland. Has no special actions.
  • shopkeeper
    • Level 25 norland. Has no special actions.
    • Their names will differ from shop to shop, but they're all the same NPC.
    • In terms of code, it's an innkeeper that has no access to the innkeeper's [meal options] and sells only traveler's food.
    • The interior goods shop inventory is also a furniture shop but without certain items.
  • barten
    • Is completely different from the bartender.
    • Code-wise, it's an innkeeper without the inn's meals and sells only booze and spellbooks.
  • <Allen> the researcher
    • Level 40 norland. No special actions.
    • Will give a sub quest, but that hasn't been implemented yet.
  • <Burt> the burning adventurer soul
    • Level 45 norland. No special actions.
    • Conversation progress is reset whenever the game is restarted.
  • <Loyter> the crimson of Dole
    • Level 50 zanan. Is actually a zanan, but race will display as dole. No special actions.
    • Has 5 different conversational lines, used at random.
[New special actions]
  • Grand Finale
    • Wide special action usable only during Curtain Call.
    • Removes all buffs from the player and allied NPCs regardless of distance and sets chance of nullifying damage to HP, MP, and SP to 0.
    • It then deals a lethal amount of damage to bring an end.
    • Has no attack animation.
  • Marking
    • Learned when using any deed. After all, you've got to mark your territory.
    • Decreases hydration when at Wetting status or above.
    • When targeting the tile beneath your character, it generates a urine at your feet.
    • When targeting an adjacent tile with an NPC on it, it will splash onto that NPC, applying [Fury] and Wet status for a fixed 3 turns, stacking with the existing number of turns of Fury and Wet the NPC is already afflicted with.
[New items]
  • eruption painting
    • Trade good generated only in Zaile.
  • rabbit foot
    • Trade good generated only in Zaile.
  • urine
    • The hydration version of vomit. One is generated when making a puddle.
    • Has the same effect [as vomit] and comes prefixed with the creator's name.
    • It's not "urine" in the Japanese version; it's another onomatopoeia to match vomit.
    • It has a lower selling price than vomit. Unlike vomit, which only has a chance of getting generated when throwing up, urine is guaranteed to get generated whenever a character relieves itself.
    • Why micturition has its own item instead of just creating a puddle:
      • so that people can collect it just like vomit,
      • potion puddles are perfectly circular and therefore not gross enough, and
      • potion puddles have a tendency of disappearing when the creator steps into it.
  • ground bait
    • Can be made with item fusion, but is also rarely randomly generated.
    • Use when facing a water tile. If there uncooked fresh fish on that tile, it increases its +enhance value up to maximum of 15.
    • NB: the item fusion recipe is named "mysterious diary".



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 3 new dinosaur race NPCs.
  • Added a new item that maintains your character's height and weight when you have it in your inventory.
  • Added 3 new special actions, all learnable by the player.
  • Added 1 new item fusion recipe.
  • Eye of Mana special action now inflicts MPoison on the target as well. Strength of MPoison is dependent on the user's Magic attribute.
  • Increased Collected Power special action's HP and MP recovery effect from 2% to 5%.
  • Slightly lowered the base power of the Smash Ground special action but increased its random variance in power. It will now cause 1 to 5 turns of Wince instead of a fixed 1 turn. There should be randomness in how much a target gets hit by shrapnel and debris, after all.
  • Lowered the base power of the Gravity Sphere special action and made it dependent on both Magic and Constitution instead of just Constitution alone. It now also has a multiplier on its power which increases based on the number of turns the target is afflicted with Gravity (just like Giga Gravitation).
  • Rebalanced the power of the Graviton Buster gauge attack. It had a tendency of being more powerful than other gauge attacks because it was dependent on the average of Constitution and the current map's danger level instead of [weapon] skill level. As such, the effect of danger level on its power has been reduced.
  • Reduced the effect of equipment attribute strength on spell power for the "combine ____ spells" equipment attributes. Their effects are now capped at 1.5x the spell power of the original spell casted by the user. The equipment attribute is now slightly more common.
  • Changed the visual effect for Distant Attack for whips.
  • There is now a meat quality modifier on the sale price of pets sold to the slave master. This means that they'll sell for more after some Rubbing on the ranch. Even putting seasoning on them will make a difference.
  • Added an option to the interact menu with ranch animals including the breeder.
    • It allows you to receive a monster part of your choice from the target.
    • Usable when the target's HP is full, and will deal the target's max HP in damage and reduce its Life by 3/4.
    • The part will have no +enhance value and doing this will kill the target very quickly, but unlike milking the wait time is shorter and it can be used multiple times in succession.
  • Death Word didn't do much in late-game, so it will now deal the target's maximum HP + 1 in damage instead of only 9,999 when the countdown hits 0. With this, surviving it is possible even at low level if you use anything that increases HP beyond maximum HP, such as the breath gauge attack. Also, when an NPC picks a target for Death Word or Death Song and that target is 100% resistant to Death Word, it will now pick another move out of its AI routine to use.
  • The Restore Body spell now recovers 3 sp, and the Restore Spirit spell now increases power gauge by 4% if it is currently less than 50%. They need to be repeatedly used to be useful - this so that they'll get used more often like their potion counterparts.
  • When the handful of snow item is the target of the "Poison drips from your hands" disease feat, it will now melt and disappear instead of turning into a poison.
  • Added some English translations.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed NPCs' custom portraits not always getting displayed in the conversation window when talking to them.
  • Fixed Alchemical Rain so that it no longer makes targets Wet with essential oil and gasoline.
  • Fixed an auto-save occurring for a certain Act III sub quest even when in wizard mode.
  • Fixed Sense Object/scroll of detect objects' see invisibility effect sometimes lasting beyond the player's turn and into the next NPC's turn.
  • Fixed the player character being treated as the breeder if there is currently none assigned for the ranch.
  • Fixed the overflow that could sometimes occur when calculating inventory burden.

1.77: detailed changelog[]

[New NPCs]
  • driceradops
    • Level 140 dinosaur. Uses Melt Clinch, Homing Lazer, Acid Ground, Formless Fetter, and Pregnant (target will give birth to an alien).
  • brontosaurus
    • Level 78 dinosaur. Has lightning resistance. Uses Smash Ground, Lightning Bolt, and Charge Attack.
  • triceratops
    • Level 10 dinosaur. Neutral NPC. Uses Hyper Dash.
[New special actions]
  • <Unison Impact>
    • Learned during level up when the player has 4 or more pets with him.
    • For every friendly NPC in sight (includes non-pet NPCs) and the user, it takes the highest skill level out of the Tactics, Marksman, Casting, and Magic Device skills and multiplies it by that character's current power gauge. The resulting damage is dependent on the sum of that calculation for all those characters.
    • Power gauge is then set to 0 for all the characters.
    • This means that a character will add only half of its skill level to the sum if its gauge is 50%, and twice its skill level if its gauge is 200%.
    • If none of the characters have any of the required skills or if the sum is 0 after rounding, then the special action will fail.
    • It will also fail if the NPC currently being targeted is not a hostile NPC.
    • NPCs taking part in it will speak TxtSpecial if that custom line has been set for them.
    • If the target is not sandbagged and does not have the bit flag for summoned NPCs, then all characters who took part in this special action will gain a bit of Tactics, Marksman, Casting, and Magic Device skill experience.
    • Unlike gauge attacks, this does not have any additional effects, but its damaged cannot be reduced (e.g. by the target's skills), and the damage multiplier will always be the maximum instead of depending on the average +enhance value of all pieces of equipment.
    • Pets set to Defense mode will also take part in it, and it's also a single attack so you won't contribute much to the combo counter even if you have a lot of pets.
    • It has a full-screen animation, with a default size of 800*600 and scaled up to fit if the game window is larger.
    • The default image file for the animation can be found in the user/graphic2 folder, and you can swap it out for something else if you like.
    • If the damage is greater than the target's current HP, then it will also have an explosion visual effect.
  • Group Hypnosis
    • Learned during level up if you have the Hypnotism feat and a Control Magic skill level of 40 or greater.
    • Attempt to put all enemies in sight to sleep if they are not already asleep.
    • Strength of sleep is the user's illusion resistance, capped at 10 turns.
    • If the user is a non-pet NPC, then it will also attempt to apply brainwash of a weaker strength than Eye of brainwashing to all targets who did not fall asleep.
    • Of the existing characters, fallen angel, nightmare sheep, camouflaged imp, titania, and Exossil will now have a chance to use this if their target is neither asleep nor brainwashed.
  • Thread of Innervation
    • Learned during level up if the Strings Assassin feat has been acquired and Gene engineer skill level is 30 or above.
    • When used on targets with more than 1/9 of their maximum HP, it will deal Gene engineer skill and Perception-dependent nerve damage.
    • When used on targets with 1/9 or less of their maximum HP, it has a chance of instantly killing the target.
    • It does not have a chance of instantly killing the target when its damage reduces the target's HP from above 1/9 of maximum to 1/9 of maximum or lower.
    • Targets will not drop their corpse, figure, or monster parts, and instead drop their flesh doll.
    • The flesh doll will be prefixed with the NPC's name and have a different sprite, but its item ID is that of a corpse, so this is not a new item.
    • Like figures and cards, the flesh doll will not be tinted with the NPC's hue.
    • It is considered a rank 10 meat dish. It will rot in 10 days, so you'll need to use a bottle of antiseptic on it to use it for decor.
    • Of the existing characters, zombie queen, <Mary> the insect master, atlach-nacha, and meshera gamma now have it, but only if they were generated in version 1.77 or later.
[New item fusion recipe]
  • Meat-filling resuscitation
    • Produces the aforementioned flesh doll.
    • Its appearance will depend on the figure added, but its name and insides are those of the original corpse.
[New item]
  • bio battery
    • Randomly generated, but shops will not sell it.
    • Having it in the inventory will prevent changes to the holder's weight and height.



[Changes and additions]
  • Temporarily made loop and sub code levels display near the date to help find an infinite loop. Both of these numbers should eventually settle on a single-digit number after increasing and decreasing for a bit. If they are about 10 to 20 and still keep increasing from there, please send a report because that's the cause of the crash.
  • Fixed activating the effect of "it enchances your charging" equipment attribute a total of 30 times without loading the game in-between causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed the player's [hits] received counter not getting reset at the start of his turn.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new game mode filled with overpowered features. This one's for those who like things like save-scumming, afk leveling in idle games, brute forcing everything, and being very stronk and powerfull in general.
  • Introduced a damage-reducing combo system to curb the effectiveness of overwhelming enemies with an excess of hand slots. This will apply to both the player's side as well as enemies.
    • The 50th [to 59th] hit received by a target before its next turn will be reduced by 20%, the 60th [to 79th] hit by 30%, the 80th [to 100th] by 40%, the 100th attack onwards by 50%, and on on. The 200th attack a target receives before its next turn will end up doing only 1 damage.
    • However, Continuous attacks, Dance of blow, Shadow rush, Knockout, and Fire a volley will not count towards the combo counter.
    • The 10th attack and after will cause the number of attacks to displayed below [the target].
  • 3 new Nefia in South Tyris, unrelated to the [main] quest. Each of them has a new unique NPC boss equipped with a unique artifact.
  • New status ailment: MPoison (changes to "Emission" at high severity). This is the MP version of bleeding. Like Poisoned and Bleeding, MP regeneration will not happen when inflicted with this. Unique NPCs are more resistant to it. Characters cannot become resistant towards it, but using any means to recover MP will reduce its severity. Also added a new bad equipment attribute that procs this status ailment at random.
  • Another 3 new equipment attributes on top of the aforementioned.
  • Having to equip every single member of your party with fire resist equip for that early-game mid-boss dungeon might be too difficult and time-consuming for beginners, so the ambient fire damage for the Tower of Fire has been reduced.
  • Corrected the danger level displayed for Fort of Chaos Nefia. Their actual danger level remains the same. It used to be more for flavor than to reflect the actual difficulty of what's inside, but players had to look things up on the internet to be able to know if they're ready for it.
  • Discs marked as important will no longer get counted nor handed over when making a Juke box.
  • NPCs' power gauge will now increase when they idle during their turn if they have 70% or less in their gauge. This condition was previously set to 80% or less.
  • Added 4 new tiles for maps. All of these are transparent.
  • faceN_A.bmp and face_Q.bmp can now be used for evochat portraits to portray anger and puzzlement. I didn't intend to create any more of these evochat states, but here we are. If it's too much trouble to make more of your portraits, just copy the files and rename them. That said, the game will try to display the character [sprite] instead if it can't find those files to prevent crashing.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the equip update item fusion recipe not changing the ranged weapon that arrows and bolts will work with. Ammo that have already been used in the recipe will have their weapon type corrected the next time they are used for a ranged attack.
  • Fixed Murder Knight not having the code to recruit it after defeating it, and Lityou having two copies of that code.
  • Fixed recruiting a certain Act III unique NPC with an astral light pen then talking to it on the same map it was on triggering the conversation for a game event.
  • Fixed astral light pen copies of 2 unique NPCs getting turned in for their respective escort quests instead of the actual NPCs themselves, causing the remaining unique NPC in your party to have the escort bit flag. If you have already handed over the NPCs, interacting with the pet in your party will now remove its escort bit flag.
  • Fixed the issue with the description for the skill-buffing equipment attribute.
  • Fixed the random unique NPC added in 1.75 being able to spawn more than once.
  • Fixed being able to buy the drug kiseru item with insufficient money, causing money on hand to go negative. It seemed kind of neat though, because going into debt to buy drugs feels realistic.
  • Fixed killing the target NPCs for arenas and hunting quests alongside other NPCs causing the arena/quest to get cleared multiple times.
  • Fixed stacking items with 'I' key so that items of the same type will no longer have their item value and and freshness set to the same value. Meaning that it will no longer make tadpoles and whales fetch the same price.

1.76: detailed changelog[]

[New gamemode]
  • Purge mode
    • 0 score, cannot make genes.
    • Auto-save disabled.
    • Rare loot trigger gets activated after loading the game.
    • Quick-loading with F2 enabled.
    • Potentials have a minimum of 1%. Minimum experience earned is 0.001 no matter what potentials are and even when you Need Sleep!.
    • Characters other than the player's will be dealt 999,999 damage when vomiting when their satiety is negative.
    • Start the game with 10,000 bonus points.
    • Start the game with 20,000 gold pieces, with another 1,000,000 placed at your feet.
    • The following special actions are learned when starting the game:
      • <Win>
        • Special action that will work only on Purge mode.
        • Sets the target's HP to 0 then deals 1 damage.
      • <Purge>
        • Wide-area special action that will work only on Purge mode.
        • Sets the HP and MP of all enemies in sight to 0.
    • It's up to you to decide how many of these features you want to use.
    • You could use only some of them and give yourself a handicap or two.
    • Just don't forget that this isn't a balanced gamemode.
[New NPCs]
  • None of these have anything to do with the main quest, but they'll be placed in Amur-Cage in Act III when defeated.
  • <Beilgena> the artificial dragon
    • Level 125 dragon. Floats. Cure of Jua on low health.
    • Uses Ice Bolt, Eye of Stiffen, Regeneration, Eye of Ether, and Cowering Smile.
  • <Graveed> the gravity valley
    • Level 105 dinosaur. Not suitable for riding. Strong resistance against lightning.
    • Uses Multiple Gather, Giga Gravitation, Smash Ground, and Distant Attack.
  • <Dorothia> standing in the wetland
    • Level 85 golem. Strong resistance against magic.
    • Uses Power Breath, Eye of Illusion, and Gem Power.
[New items]
  • <Rasen>
    • Unique artifact equipped by the aforementioned Beilgena.
  • <Gravitail>
    • Unique artifact equipped by the aforementioned Graveed.
    • It's a melee weapon, but it will be equipped as a ranged weapon since dinosaurs have no hands.
  • <Magic Restraint>
    • Unique artifact equipped by the aforementioned Dorothia.
[New maps]
  • the Mountain foot Ruin
    • Just south of the Mountain Pass. Beilgena is here.
  • the Gravity valley
    • In the north-western mountains of South Tyris. Graveed is here.
    • You will be afflicted by Gravity until Graveed is defeated.
  • the Melka forest
    • In the swampland of South Tyris. Dorothia is here.
    • A forest Nefia, but with a flooded floor.
[New equipment attributes]
  • It sucks MP of the wielder.
    • The MP version of bloodsucking attribute.
    • Causes MPoison status at random.
    • If it's weak you could use it to level Meditation.
  • It combine fire and cold spells.
    • Has a chance of getting generated on ring and back equipment.
  • It combine mind and sound spells.
    • Has a chance of getting generated on head and shield equipment.
  • It combine poison and nerve spells.
    • Has a chance of getting generated on arm and leg equipment.
    • All of these equipment attributes for spells will deal additional damage of the other element when a spell of one of the listed element is used.
    • The additional damage won't happen if the first spell kills the target.
    • It won't work for the Exile's chain-casted dart spells. It'll only apply if you teach it Nerve Arrow with AP.
    • Amount of damage depends on the original spell, with a multiplier based on the strength of the equipment attribute. [Multiplier] cap is quite low.
    • No equipment attributes have been added for the other elements as it might get too powerful.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added the ability to insert tags into custom NPC talk. Having a tag in a custom talk line will display the corresponding emoticon along with it. If the "atmosphere" evochat portraits are set [for that particular pet], then those will change with the line spoken as well. When a tag is used in an evochat line, then the corresponding emoticon for that tag will be displayed instead of the default for that evochat line.
    • {Basic} - clears emotes currently being displayed when this line is spoken.
    • {Embarrassment} - displays the blush icon when this line is spoken.
    • {Fun} - displays the musical note icon when this line is spoken.
    • {Happy} - displays the heart icon when this line is spoken.
    • {Angry} - displays the angry icon when this line is spoken. Atmosphere portrait is the same as Basic.
    • {Question} - displays the ? icon when this line is spoken. Atmosphere portrait is the same as Basic.
    • To prevent confusion, status ailment icons can't be used.
  • Added evochat conversation options.
  • The same types of items can now be put together into the stack with the lowest freshness and price with the 'I' key.
  • Pets assigned as breeders on the ranch will now lay eggs and produce milk as well, and can also be milked.
  • Reduced the effect of weight on the price of shit.
  • Added 2 rather special NPCs.
  • 2 performaids now have their own sprites instead of having a recolored one. Does not affect existing NPCs.
  • NPCs who have brackets around their names like a unique NPC but aren't actually unique NPCs so that the shopkeeper code will work for them (i.e. Aile, Lend, and Moyer) will now contribute towards unique level in the museum. It's too much trouble to explain why they don't count even though they look unique.
  • Increased kagami mochi's effect when eaten by 50%.
  • Added 3 new item fusion recipes.
  • Added 3 new items.
  • Added 1 new equipment attribute.
  • Eating equipment with an equipment attribute that buffs a skill will now give experience towards that skill. When on a food item, the attribute's description will automatically change to "It will be experience of ____".
  • When recruiting god NPCs and inheriting pets via soul spindle, temporary attribute increases and decreases will now get reset when applying attribute reductions. This means that those temporary attribute changes will not carry over to the new pet.
  • Increased the chance that guests at your home will despawn after some time from 50% to 80%.
  • Gravity Accel will now protect characters from puddles of acid on the ground as well.
  • Changed the damage reduction calculation for Mani's gem stone of satellite shooter, Resolution Hand, and Homing Lazer so that they are reduced by PV+DV instead.
  • Fascination Dance special action will now sap the stamina of non-pet NPCs as well. If it succeeds in applying paralysis, then this effect is doubled.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the overflow that could occur while multiplying or dividing numbers for yacatect's bank. Using a bank that had overflowed will refund 210 million gold.
  • Fixed the lag that was occurring while stacking items when generating an NPC shop's inventory.
  • Fixed repeatedly quitting and restarting the game in the middle of a conversation with a guest at your home causing the number of guests to go eventually negative, preventing new guests from visiting. Removed the auto-save as well. If the number of guests is already negative, it will be reset to 0 when the date changes.
  • Fixed a typo causing the stack handler to produce a carpenter's tool and a gem cutter from the wood craft and stone craft item fusion recipes.
  • Fixed sprites that are not red fires showing up [around the clock] during fever mode.
  • Fixed some mistakes in Vessel's placement in Act III.
  • Also fixed a separate issue where loading a map during certain events would place NPCs on it even when they really should not be there for those events.

1.75: detailed changelog[]

[New NPCs]
  • angry burger
    • Level 60 spirit. Looks like a predator, but is actually a warrior.
    • Has darkness resistance.
    • Has temper and float bit flags.
    • Poisonous when eaten but will increase poison resistance.
    • Not randomly generated.
    • Summoned with the hamburger recipe.
    • Uses Voracity Fang, Dark eye, and Speed.
  • <Sunrise> the archipelago dragon
    • Level 170 dragon. Float bit flag.
    • Randomly generated unique NPC which will join you when defeated.
    • Uses Smash Ground, Lightning Breath, Silent Ocean, and Blade Turbulence.
[New equipment attribute]
  • It has essential nutrients to heal your ___.
    • Not randomly generated on items.
    • Will have an effect only on food.
    • Eating food with this will recover potential for said attribute by an amount dependent on the attribute strength.
[New item fusion recipes]
  • kagami biraki recipe
    • Implemented because it's New Year's.
    • Creates both an ozouni and an osiruko.
  • junk food recipe
    • Implemented because junk food items seemed kind of extraneous.
    • Creates 6 cyber snack, 6 fried potato, and 6 pop corn.
    • Material requirements aren't easy to meet, but it produces a lot of products at once so it might be good for selling or something.
    • Don't snack too much or you'll spoil your appetite for dinner!
  • hamburger recipe
    • Implemented because something has to go with all that fried potato.
    • Every 6 hamburgers created will summon the aforementioned angry hamburger. Hostile.
[New items]
  • hamburger
    • Food item. Not randomly generated. Does not rot.
    • Comes with the new equipment attribute that recovers Strength and Constitution potentials.
    • It sells for quite a bit, but you may want to maximize your profits by making it with the cheapest ingredients you can find.
  • ozouni
    • Food item. Not randomly generated. Does not rot.
    • Always increases Luck by 2. Can choke on it.
  • osiruko
    • Food item. Not randomly generated. Does not rot.
    • Always increases Luck by 2. Can choke on it.
[New evochat conversation options]
  • <<Get excited>>
    • Option is displayed when there are 4 or more Action points remaining.
    • Selecting it will display txtDialogE then change the layout of some elements on the screen.
    • The conversation window will be pushed to the right, and if there is a portrait or sprite set for that pet, it will get enlarged and moved to the center.
    • If an evochat atmosphere portrait is set, then it will just get moved to the center.
    • Conversation options will change to those listed below.
    • All of them except for <Return> will not cause any change to the Action points. This basically means an unlimited make out session.
      • <<Hug>> - uses txtHug.
      • <<Pat>> - uses txtNade.
      • <<Kiss>> - uses txtKiss.
      • txtEXAct - uses txtEXReAct.
      • <Return> - Action points -4, Happiness +8, returns to regular evochat. If [Happiness] is below 10, uses txtDialogE. (NB: Japanese option says "Return to your senses.")
    • You can quit directly from <<Get excited>> without returning to regular evochat with the shift key.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added just a bit of Act III main quest content.
  • The amount of money that the player starts with is now different for the various game modes. The calculation for amount of money inherited from a gene is still the same; the amount inherited is added to the base amount for that game mode.
  • Pets will no longer share money earned from selling ores and flowers with their tag partner if they are currently teamed with the player.
  • Target items for delivery quests that have been obtained from town NPCs will now stack with items of the same type. They weren't stacking before even though they were worth the same and didn't rot because of client data [on the target item].
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Added a precaution against issues that could occur when furniture that have an inventory get their inventory pointer overwritten with quest client data when they are the target item of a delivery quest. This fix affects existing furniture pieces from previous versions.
  • Fixed NPC names getting prefixed on to dried fish made on from drying fish obtained from fishing on a dryrock. Does not affect existing dried fish from previous versions.
  • Fixed defeating a certain Act III boss in a previous version causing an event to happen twice, duplicating enemies and causing players to get double-teamed.
  • Players can no longer Return directly to the deepest floor of the Act III main Nefia. They will now Return to one floor before the deepest floor cleared.
  • Fixed the mix up in animation for regular picnic basket and the new item.
  • Fixed pets in Defense mode throwing potions if an evolution had changed the type of potions they throw.

1.74fix: detailed changelog[]

[Additional main quest content]
  • New content for conversations with Erystia, Gavela, Sophia, Leold (F39), Larnneire, Lomias, Rianna, and Vessel after the event battle.
  • Vessel becomes level 200 and moves to Ulm-Leson.
  • Cutscene when entering any map other than the Cradle of Chaos.
  • Event with Norne will occur when moving on to any of the world maps.
[Different amounts of starting money for the various game modes]
  • Essential mode: 3,000 - 3,500. A bit more so that beginners don't get stuck.
  • Loss mode: 400 - 600 gold. Unchanged.
  • Overdose mode: 20,000 gold. You could buy a nuke?
  • Natural mode: 3,000 - 3,500.
  • Abnormal mode: 100. 0 would have been too cruel, so just a bit.



[Changes and additions]
  • Additional Act III main quest content. Mostly an event battle.
  • Added 3 unique NPCs for Act III.
  • Changed the AI for 2 existing characters. Will not affect instances of those characters that were generated in previous versions.
  • astral light pen can now be used on monsters with <> or {} brackets around their names. The copies won't have the levels of the original, but they will have the resistances intrinsic to unique NPC pets.
  • The calculation that reduces gained experience as attributes and skill levels increase has been changed. When attributes and skill levels are greater than 300, the calculation will use 300 as their values. This means that players will no longer need to choose between going to extreme lengths to level them or giving up on them.
  • Every successive melee and ranged attack in a series will now have a lower chance of scoring a critical.
  • Changed the lower bound for NPC stamina to -50. You can now 'l'ook at targets to see how much stamina they have.
  • Museums will now have a 'Unique Level' in addition to their rank.
    • This is the sum of the levels of the unique NPCs that dropped the figures in the museum.
    • (Cards and duplicate figures will not be counted, nor will figures that belong to NPCs that have a level that is 2x or greater than your deepest dungeon floor cleared.)
    • The level will be recalculated and displayed when figures are placed or removed, and will be 0 by default for save files from previous versions.
    • If the level is greater than 1, the player will receive a mysterious envelope in every salary received. The envelope will contain a Unique Level-dependent number of platinum pieces.
    • No envelope will be received in the salary while the player is in the Deep-sea castle.
    • This increases the usefulness of the museum and act as an additional source of platinum pieces.
    • The earlier the player obtains those figures, the earlier they will start benefiting from it. This will hopefully be motivation for players to challenge mid-bosses and high level unique NPCs as soon as they can.
    • This should supplement existing methods of obtaining platinum pieces, but if it ends up supplanting them then it will be rebalanced.
    • There are about 200 unique NPCs including the gods, so there should still be enough space in the museum to place non-unique figures.
  • Greatly reduced the effect of the smoking debuff as well as its length. The increase in tobacco dependency and maximum dependency have also been decreased, but will no longer be affected by +enhance values.
    • Tobacco dependence percentage is also now displayed when smoking.
    • Tobacco generated in versions before 1.73 are [now] usable in 1.74.
  • Sense Object can now detect traps, hidden passages, and small medals within its area of effect, so it's a lot more useful now. This does not apply to cursed or doomed scrolls however.
  • Vegetables, fruits, and fish can now be turned into 5 dried vegetables, dried fruits, and dried fish respectively on dryrock. This works the same as jerky production. Dried food cannot be made from ingredients that been treated with antiseptic or do not rot, as the items are transformed into their dried versions when they would have otherwise rotted.
  • Added Opatos, Kumiromi, and Lulwy merchandise.
  • Added 1 randomly-generated artifact.
  • Added 1 more new item. It can be purchased if conditions are met. You will also get 1 of it placed at your feet as a sample product if you update your game before 12/25 in real life.
  • Implemented the drug kiseru item's effects.
  • Added 1 item fusion recipe. Has to be unlocked with its recipe item like soma.
  • Sound effects for the Melancholy and Distracted debuff no longer play when the source is outside the player's field of vision.
  • The game will no longer roll to apply Melancholy debuff [on characters that have] 100% or more power gauge.
  • Added a new equipment attribute for ranged weapons.
  • When encountering bandits and the player is above level 50, the calculation for bandit strength will now use 50 as the player's level.
  • Made slight changes to the items harvestable from unknown seeds for each season.
  • When zapping rods and when successfully charging rods, the game will now attempt to stack the targeted item.
  • Fixed an oversight causing certain Act III mid-bosses to be capturable with monster balls.
  • Fixed some NPCs not using special actions gained from evolution.
  • Fixed items in your shop becoming temporarily invisible if you sleep in it while there is no shopkeeper and the date changes.
  • Fixed NPCs being tired when they are spawned from summoning and having only 80% speed as a result. Summoning sickness isn't a thing.
  • Fixed the typo that was preventing cursed acidproof and fireproof liquids from decreasing the +enhance value of equipment.
  • Fixed Concentration buff having a fixed strength.
  • Fixed using tobacco items on the ground caused them to leave behind their sprite.
  • Fixed TxtShift custom lines added in 1.73 looking up the wrong NPCs.

1.74: detailed changelog[]

[Changes to the AI of 2 existing NPCs]
  • I've heard that <Enthumesis>'s Bubble Storm is too powerful as the damage cannot be reduced, so it's been changed to Sophia's Eclipse.
    • Changed Chaos Ball to Chaos Breath to allow it to express its chaos-ness even when silenced.
  • performaid desweeper is now a gunner to give a unique twist to this performaid. Nerve Arrow is now a regular ranged attack, and Crystal Spear is now Rocket Fire.
[New NPCs]
  • <Melugast AO-I> the dimension driver
    • Level 210 machinegod. Not suitable for riding. Float bit flag. Corpse is "too hard" when eaten.
    • Spawns with the <GAU-17 Custom>. Gravity Sphere, Homing Lazer, Rocket Fire.
    • Appears only in the event battle for now, but the player will get an opportunity to kill it in the future.
    • Has a 96*96 sprite which is displayed as an effect, and its actual sprite which is displayed on the world map and in the pet list will look different.
  • <Nagarew> the oblivion beast
    • Level 220 servant. Float bit flag. Heal Critical on low health.
    • Remote blow, Eye of dimness, Data Delete.
    • Appears only in the event battle for now, but the player will get an opportunity to kill it in the future.
  • <The Chaos Child>
    • Is a god with a default level of 350, but it will spawn at level 3,500 as part of the event.
    • Has float bit flag and bonus chaos resistance. Gives chaos resistance when eaten.
    • Follows the player around like Gwen.
    • Has no special actions nor spells
    • Until progress is made in the main quest, it has a high chance of targeting the player character. It will also have a chance of skipping the turn when HP is half or greater of maximum. This chance is dependent on the difference between its Speed and the player's, as well as its distance from the player.
    • Appears only in the event battle for now, but the player will get an opportunity to kill it in the future.
[Additional main quest content]
  • The Chaos Child spawns after Enthumesis is defeated.
    • It cannot be killed, but it has the summoned NPC bit flag so it cannot be used as a sand bag for leveling.
    • The player will be unable to escape from God's prison during this event battle, and cannot crawl up after dying.
    • Leold's preferred distance will become 3 and will use only remote blow.
    • Use Teleport or stall the enemies while running away and it shouldn't be too hard to survive. Do be careful, however, as being a distance away from the enemy does not mean that you are completely safe.
  • The first event will trigger when it is the Chaos Child's turn to move, and the Chaos Child has had 99 or more turns or when its HP falls to 75% or below. Its HP will recover by 25%.
    • Leold will speak some lines if he is alive.
    • A level 200 Vessel will spawn. His preferred distance for this fight will be 2. He will be level 200 from this point on whenever he appears in Party Time!.
  • The second event triggers when it is the Chaos Child's turn, and the Chaos Child has had another 49 or turns or has its HP reduced to 50% or less. Its HP will recover by 25%.
    • Leold and Vessel will speak some lines if they are alive.
    • Melugast AO-I will spawn, and Chaos Child will be afflicted with 999 turns of Immobility.
  • The third event triggers when it is the Chaos Child's turn, and the Chaos child has had another 49 turns or has its HP reduced to 25% or less. Its HP will be healed by 25%.
    • Leold, Vessel, and AO-I will speak some lines if they are alive.
    • Nagarew and Raizel spawn.
  • The event ends when it is the Chaos Child's turn and it has had another 50 turns or more.
    • Leold, Vessel, AO-I, and Raizel will speak some lines if they are alive.
    • The player will be automatically moved to F39. Don't forget to pick up the loot before that.
    • The conversation with the characters after the battle hasn't been scripted yet.
    • Raizel cannot be spoken to, nor can he move. (Except for instances of him that you have as your pet.)
  • Next update will be event scenes, stuff leading up to what was the first parts of Act IV, and Vessel's placement in Ulm-Leson.
[New items]
  • dried fish
    • Food that does not rot. Trains as much attribute as cooked fish. Cannot be offered to Ehekatl as these can be made in large amounts.
  • dried vegetable
    • Food that does not rot. Trains as much attribute as cooked vegetables. Cannot be offered to Kumiromi as these can be made in large amounts.
  • dried fruit
    • Food that does not rot. Trains as much attribute as cooked fruits.
  • <Beetle Cyborg>
    • Throwing artifact. Randomly generated.
  • dowsing opatos
    • Can be purchased from <Manytia> the adventure merchant at the Old War Ground in Act III.
    • Not precious, so it can be wished for.
    • When no items are generated after mining a wall, the game will attempt to generate loot once and only once more.
  • kumiromi-gurumi
    • Can be purchased from <Manytia> the adventure merchant at the Old War Ground in Act III.
    • Not precious, so it can be wished for.
    • When placed in a farm and monster spawns, 99,999 damage will be dealt to one of them, and a cursed artifact seed will be placed on the target's tile.
  • lulwy's photo collection
    • Can be purchased from <Manytia> the adventure merchant at the Old War Ground in Act III.
    • Not precious, so it can be wished for.
    • When this item is on the ground, characters that step on it will have a 5% chance of skipping their turn. They will also have a separate 10% chance of acting as if they had stepped into a confusion trap (strength depends on floor level).
    • Can also be thrown, and will not cause damage when it hits the target nor turn targets hostile. Especially effective when thrown at the feet of targets that do not move. Does not work at all on Lulwy herself.
  • mysterious envelope
    • Not randomly generated. Will be empty when wished for.
    • Contains 1 pp by default. Will contain 1 more for each of the following Unique Levels reached:
    • Unique level 50+
    • Unique level 100+
    • Unique level 200+
    • Unique level 400+
    • Unique level 700+
    • Unique level 1100+
    • Unique level 1600+
    • Unique level 2200+
    • Unique level 2900+
    • Unique level 3700+
    • Unique level 4600+
    • Unique level 5600+
    • Unique level 6700+
    • Unique level 7900+
    • Unique level 9200+
    • Unique level 10600+
    • Unique level 12100+
    • Unique level 13700+
    • Unique level 15400+
    • (Values subject to change.) This means that the maximum obtainable from one envelope is 20pp.
    • For reference, all North Tyris unique NPC figures (including Fort of Chaos NPCs) are worth more than 2,000. Including South Tyris brings that to more than 6,000. All unique NPCs are worth 28,000 in total.
  • christmas cake set
    • Not a food item. Usable. Not randomly generated.
    • One will be placed at your feet when updating the game before [12/25].
    • May appear in general vendors' shop inventories in December.
    • (They can end up remaining until January if the shop refreshes at the end of December.) Half price on the 26th December or later.
    • When used, it acts like a large picnic basket and pets within sight will come flying to you. Animated.
    • Recovers satiety.
    • If it is December in-game or in real life, then all characters who have eaten it will also gain Luck, Magic, and Faith skill experience and a medium-strength Lucky Day buff.
[New equipment attribute]
  • It enchances when charging.
    • Ranged weapons can have it.
    • When an attack has been charged and you attack with this weapon, the attack will be a critical hit, and the distance multiplier will be fixed at 15.
    • May be useful only in certain situations, or you could pretend that the weapon is a charged shot weapon.
[Implemented effects]
  • drug kiseru
    • Not randomly generated.
    • Crafted with item fusion (recipe required).
    • Can also be bought from the blackmarket by picking the right option. Price depends on karma and the player character's drug dependence.
    • Using it removes the Melancholy debuff, adds +100 to the user's power gauge, adds +30 to the user's drug dependence, and gives -10 (before multipliers) to the player's karma.
    • Dependence is set to 300 if it is greater than 300.
    • Can be targeted on adjacent tiles, but cannot be used on NPCs unless they have a master-servant relationship of 200 or more or a drug dependence of 100 or more.
[Changes to items harvestable from unknown seeds]
  • Please refer to the detailed changelog for 1.72.
  • NB: bannou mugi -> soybean for June-August and September-November harvest periods.
  • i.e.,
    • June-August unknown seeds: tobacco, soybean, wild flower, random items
    • September-November unknown seeds: tobacco, soybean, wild flower, random items



[Changes and additions]
  • The game will now set play time to 0 when loading save files with a negative play time.
  • Added Ehekatl, Itzpalt, and Yacatect merchandise.
  • Implemented effects for the 6 types of tobacco that didn't have any effect. All of them except suigara [cigarette butt] will inherit the +enhance value from the tobacco they are crafted from. However, cigarette, hamaki, tobacco pipe, and kiseru generated in previous versions will have no effects [in 1.73].
  • Added 2 new debuffs.
  • NPCs that have 100% or more gauge, are in combat, have yet to transform, and have a usable shift core in their inventory will now automatically use it to transform. This will not take any turns. If they have multiple shift cores in their inventory, they will use the last available one in the Greek alphabetical order. Transforming like this will not bring up the dialog for customizing appearance after transformation, so be sure to have it set up in advance.
  • Lines spoken while transforming can now be customized with txtShift.
  • Removed the game mechanic that gave a 1 to 1/3 satiety-dependent multiplier to experience gained when eating without any of the "Hungry" statuses. This multiplier is now fixed at x3 for food that is not rotten, and x1 for rotten food.
  • NPCs will now get a speed reduction when their speed is recalculated and their stamina is below a threshold. Their stamina will still not decrease after using special actions. Their stamina will recover with the passage of turns and is affected by Regeneration, but is not affected by Kumiromi worship.
  • NPCs can now gain and lose stamina from the equipment attribute that absorbs stamina and Drain Blood. Neither the player nor NPCs can absorb stamina from targets that have 0 or less stamina.
  • NPCs and players are no longer able to use Dupli-Cane when stamina is 0 or below.
  • Made Bind status ailment decrease stamina by 1 every turn. This is to sort of simulate tiredness for characters struggling to break free.
  • Converge Breath of the player's summoned undead will no longer hit the player and pets.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed NPCs with sprite numbers of 1000 and above appearing glitched when they undergo shift core transformation and when their transformation expires.
  • Added measures to prevent crashes from occurring when salary is paid.
  • Fixed the discrepancy between the direction of attack and the visual effect for Critical Particle Cannon.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when falling asleep without using a bed.
  • Edited some parts of the 1.72 detailed changelog to include the last-minute changes.

1.73: detailed changelog[]

[New items]
  • painting of ehekatl and swordfish
    • Can be purchased from <Manytia> the adventure merchant at the Old War Ground in Act III.
    • Is not a precious item, so it can be wished for.
    • Placing it in your home will prevent beggars, citizens, punks, Mysterious Producer, and adventurers with low impress from visiting.
  • itzpalt's sculpture
    • NB: Japanese name: bust of Itzpalt
    • Can be purchased from <Manytia> the adventure merchant at the Old War Ground in Act III.
    • Is not a precious item, so it can be wished for.
  • yacatect's bank
    • Can be purchased from <Manytia> the adventure merchant at the Old War Ground in Act III.
    • Is not a precious item, so it can be wished for.
    • Unlike the other items, this is a usable tool and not furniture.
    • Unlike kitty banks, it will not get heavier with use.
    • It can hold up to 1 billion gp.
[Tobacco effects]
  • suigara
    • Creates a pillar of fire when thrown.
    • Not affected by magatama, and is less powerful than a thrown molotov.
    • Can be reused if the resulting pillar of fire doesn't burn it up.
  • tobacco
    • Using it removes the Distracted debuff. If +enhance value is greater than 10, it reduces tobacco dependence by (+enhance value - 10). e.g. a +15 tobacco will reduce dependence by 5.
  • The below 4 items will all give a Perception and +enhance value-dependent Concentration buff.
    • Tobacco dependence will increase by 100 minus the +enhance value.
    • Using these will allow targeting of adjacent cells, but they cannot be used on non-pet NPCs.
    • Increases satiety slightly if satiety is below Satisfied.
    • When used by the player, it decreases sleepiness slightly if sleepiness is greater than 0 (but to a lesser extent than coffee).
    • The number of times the player has smoked is recorded in the journal.
    • Like tobacco, the prices of these items are also unaffected by +enhance value.
    • cigarette: gives a decent amount of +enhance value-dependent Perception experience. Like in previous versions, a suigara will get generated at the character's feet after usage.
    • hamaki: gives a decent amount of +enhance value-dependent Dexterity experience.
    • tobacco pipe: gives a decent amount of +enhance value-dependent Learning experience.
    • kiseru: gives a decent amount of +enhance value-dependent Charisma experience.
[New debuffs]
  • Distracted
    • Resisting and removing this debuff becomes more difficult as tobacco dependence increases.
  • Melancholy
    • Resisting and removing this debuff becomes more difficult as drug dependence increases.
[Hidden parameters]
  • Tobacco dependence
    • When not 0, the aforementioned Distracted debuff has a chance to get applied every random number of turns.
    • The debuff will not get applied when on the world map, when already afflicted by Distracted, or when buffed by Concentration.
    • Tobacco dependence is reduced by 1 when attempting to apply Distracted, regardless of whether the character succeeds or fails in resisting the debuff.
    • As such, you could indefinitely stave off the debuff, but getting rid of the tobacco dependence later will be very difficult.
  • Drug dependence
    • When not 0, the aforementioned Melancholy debuff has a chance to get applied every random number of turns.
    • The debuff will not get applied when on the world map or when already afflicted by Melancholy.
    • Drug dependence is reduced by 1 and Sanity is increased by 1 when attempting to apply Melancholy, regardless of whether the character succeeds or fails in resisting the debuff.
    • Whom dwell in the vanity is special in that his character is generated with a drug dependence of 1000, and his drug dependence will never go below 1.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added Act I events. The conditions to trigger these are separate from the triggers for the Act I main quest. This means that if you have already cleared Lesimas you can still start them by walking through the dungeon starting from the top floor.
  • Made an Act III event's unique NPC have a 25% chance of recovering from unconsciousness at the beginning of every turn and also display a message. The chance used to be 100%.
  • Added 10 new NPCs.
  • Added 1 new evolution.
  • Added 1 new special action.
  • Added 2 new items.
  • Made Jure's body pillow have a special effect. When used as a bed, it increases the chance that the Regeneration, Gaining Faith, Your Potential, and Development random events will occur by 5 to 10 times. Other random events will have a lower chance of occurring except for Lucky Day, Treasure of Dream, and Quirk of Fate.
  • Item fusion recipes that made products that weren't always blessed or cursed will now always make products that are neither blessed nor cursed.
  • Scrolls of name can now rename ammos.
  • Added the option to bet 10 chips in blackjack. Also added the option to fold, which is available as long as you still have 2 or more chips left in the bet. 1 chip will be deducted from your bet, but you will keep your win streak. The quality of prizes won will also be reduced correspondingly by 1 chip, but it can be worth it since 1 win has a larger effect on the prizes received than 1 chip.
  • Split the items that vegetable, fruit, magic, and unknown seed crops yield into groups. Each item group will be harvestable during different times of the year. This is to introduce harvesting seasons to make it seem a bit more like farming. From a player's perspective, items are going to stack 4 times as easily and rods of wishing are also going to be more easily obtainable.
  • Made some balance changes to the prices of some fruits and vegetables.
  • NPCs' auto-turn will now be interrupted when they join you as a pet.
  • The player's Impress will no longer increase when getting bashed by an NPC while choking on a mochi.
  • Added an option to use the tamer's whip on NPCs for no reason at all. Unlike the other options, this may cause the target to become hostile.
  • The message displayed when interrupting an NPC who is eating by walking into its tile will now change depending on the sum of its Impress and servant/master relationship score with you.
  • Changed the mechanic that had a random chance of awarding a random number of small medals after clearing a random Nefia. The chance awarding small medals will now depend on the danger level of the Nefia (the difficulty of the first floor where the entrance is located); small medals will never be awarded if danger level is 50 or below. When awarding small medals, the number given will be 1, plus an additional one for fever mode, and another if it was an awakened Nefia.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed satiety recovered not being half of regular values when having a meal together in 1.71.
  • Fixed being unable to use king heart on fallen soldier.
  • Fixed the mix up in skill levels required to craft hard materium and hard high materium.
  • Fixed the player getting moved twice and ending up on the world map when leaving the map on the same turn that the timer runs out for timed town board quests.

1.72: detailed changelog[]

[New NPCs]
  • gasyadokuro
    • Level 157 skeleton. Eating the corpse gives nether resistance.
    • Uses Squeeze, Smash Ground, and Voracity Fang.
  • skull beast
    • Level 132 skeleton. Eating the corpse gives nether resistance.
    • Uses Nether Breath, Eye of Illusion, and Psychic Wave.
  • money deceased
    • Level 68 skeleton. Has bit flag to drop its gold.
    • Uses Eye of brainwashing, Insult, and Suspicious Hand.
  • skeleton magician
    • Level 40 skeleton.
    • Uses Nerve Arrow, Nether Arrow, Slow, and Mist of Darkness.
  • crimson armor
    • Level 150 armor. Undead with cArmour bit flag.
    • Cure of Jua on low health. Uses Fire Ball and Holy Shield.
  • musha soul
    • Level 115 armor. Undead with cArmour bit flag.
    • Uses Voracity Fang, Blame Pain, Shadow Step, and Decapitation.
  • ochimusha armor
    • Level 79 armor. Undead with cArmour bit flag.
    • Uses Nether Breath and Eye of Insanity.
  • <Gilphem> the magic steel
    • Level 50 armor. Undead with cArmour bit flag. Has magic resistance.
    • Uncontroll on low health. Uses Draw Shadow.
  • <Alsapia> the murderer mask
    • Level 35 roran. Is a thief, but class displays as "assassin".
    • Uses Provoke, Emergency Evasion, Distant attack 3, and Dimensional Move.
  • zanan assassin
    • Level 25 zanan. Is a thief, but class displays as "assassin".
    • Invisible. Uses Shadow Step and Eye of dimness.
[New evolution]
  • durahan (evolved from steel mass and living armor) evolves with king heart into lord armor.
[New special action]
  • Blame Pain
    • Can be learned by hitting NPCs with a tamer's whip until their limit. Ranged attack.
    • Deals nether damage dependent on the user's Will + Constitution 4 times, and applies 1 turn of Bind if target is not already bound.
    • The user's Will + Constitution is also rolled against the target's, and if the user wins the roll, the target's power gauge will also decrease by 15.
    • The first of the 4 attacks of this special action will work to increase the target's gauge, so the actual net change to the target's gauge will vary.
    • Of the existing characters, Devastate Luluwy, Luluwy, Arasiel, and performaid pinchief will now use this.
[Additional Act I content]
  • Upon entering F20 and F25 of Lesimas: event in which zanan assassin will attack. Does not have to be defeated in order to proceed.
  • Upon entering F30 of Lesimas: mid-boss battle with <Alsapia> the murderer mask. Has to be defeated in order to proceed.
  • Upon entering F34 of Lesimas: event in which skeleton magician will attack. Does not have to be defeated in order to proceed.
  • Upon entering F40 of Lesimas: mid-boss battle with <Gilphem> the magic steel. Has to be defeated in order to proceed.
  • When all of the above events have been completed, Alsapia and Gilphem will be placed in Amur-Cage and can be spoken to.
  • These events can still be triggered by even if Lesimas has already been cleared in a previous version the game. However, the have to be triggered in the same order as listed above.
  • This is designed to bridge the gap for players who have completed the magic stone set, cleared the random floors up to F30, and defeated the level 28 Issizzle, but have yet to defeat level 55 Zeome on who comes after random floor F44.
[New items]
  • skill ticket
    • Rarely randomly generated and cannot be sold. A junk item, not an ore.
    • You can pay skill trainers with these instead of platinum pieces when learning a new skill.
    • The option will appear on top of the regular one for platinum pieces if you have a skill ticket with you.
    • The number of tickets the player will get in the salary is the number of times the player has leveled up since the previous salary. However, only up to a total of 9 tickets will be awarded for level ups. (i.e. 1 ticket per level up for a level 1 character until level 10.) No more will be awarded after that; potions of descent will not help.
    • This is to reduce the need to farm platinum pieces in early game. This will work out to save a large number of pp. There is still the need to level up the character and get to the skill trainers alive, so it's not an outright reduction in difficulty. Skill tickets that you don't need can be inherited for use in the next character.
  • mani's alarm clock
    • Can be purchased from <Manytia> the adventure merchant at the Old War Ground in Act III.
    • Not precious, so it can be obtained via wishing.
[Crop yield groups]
  • Some of the harvesting times differ from the actual ones in Japan, but I guess it could be because Irva's climate is different.
  • (Added soybean in 1.74.)
  • March to May
    • Vegetable: muskmelon, green pea, lettuce, quwapana
    • Fruit: qucche, rainbow fruit, cherry
    • Magic: rod of healing hands, rod of uncurse, rod of mana, rod of holy light, rod of speed, rod of cure, rod of heal, rod of cure minor wound
    • Unknown: tea leaf, bannou mugi, random items
    • As of 1.74: Unknown: tobacco, soybean, wild flower, random items
  • June to August
    • Vegetable: eggplant, watermelon, leccho, melon
    • Fruit: pineapple, banana, tomato, tangerine
    • Magic: rod of bubble ball, rod of magic laser, rod of poison ball, rod of lightning ball, rod of eclipse, rod of lightning bolt, rod of fire bolt, rod of ice bolt
    • Unknown: tobacco, bannou mugi, wild flower, random items
    • As of 1.74: Unknown: tobacco, soybean, wild flower, random items
  • September to November
    • Vegetable: corn, cbocchi, sweet potato, aloe
    • Fruit: kaki, apple pear, grape
    • Magic: rod of make door, rod of wall creation, rod of alchemy, rod of wishing, rod of magic mapping, rod of magic missile, rod of teleportation, and rod of identify
    • Unknown: rice, bannou mugi, wild flower, random items
  • December to February
    • Vegetable: potato, imo, radish, carrot, guava
    • Fruit: lemon, kiwi, apple
    • Magic: rod of fire wall, rod of acid ground, rod of change creature, rod of web, rod of domination, rod of silence, rod of slow, rod of summon monsters
    • Unknown: coffee beans, bannou mugi, wild flower, random items
[Message displayed when interrupting an eating NPC]
  • Changes depending on whether the sum [of impress and servant/master relationship] is below 200, is between 200-249, is 250-299, is 300-349, and is above 350.



[Changes and additions]
  • Implemented the final dungeon floor of Act III, including the battle.
  • Added an Act III unique NPC and a unique artifact.
  • Each ammo type will now have their own gauge attack (i.e. there are 5 new gauge attacks). None of these can be parried with melee weapons, but the damage will be reduced by Greater Evasion skill as long as the roll for the latter is successful. Both the chance of damage reduction and the multiplier for that reduction are half of those for Greater Evasion's effect on melee attacks.
  • The player character will now receive more level experience when an enemy with a higher level is defeated. The greater the level gap, the more the experience gained, up to 10 times more.
  • Player characters are now exempt from taxes and attribute loss when crawling up after dying until level 10 instead of level 6.
  • Removed the Life penalty for Icolle's body part removal service.
  • Changed the sound effect for whip's distance attack to something easier on the ears.
  • Made a slight change to the log description for decapitation with ranged attacks.
  • The equipment attribute that protects you from thieves will now work against Scavenge like it works against getting pickpocketed.
  • Added male and female versions of sprites for thief, robber, and master thief. These sprites still resemble the original and shouldn't seem too out of place.
  • Added 4 new evolutions.
  • MP gauge for NPCs is now displayed between their HP and power gauges.
  • Added (1/2 of the target's current HP) as a condition to the cap on the amount of damage that can be absorbed as HP with a nether-element attack. However, this will change to (1/10 of the target's maximum HP) if the nether-element attack kills the target.
  • When sandbagged NPCs have all their HP depleted, they will now recover only 1 HP instead of fully recovering.
  • Wire traps set by the player are now visible after setting them. Made the way they display clearer.
  • Reduced the effect of materials and equipment attributes on equipment prices. Decreased the minimum price of equipment sold at the player's shop.
  • Added Throwing skill-dependent random damage for throwing tofu. This damage will occur whether the tofu has an +enhance value or not.
  • Pot of alchemist can no longer be used in the showroom.
  • In previous versions, Sense Quality gave a skill level-dependent random chance of identifying the quality and material of equipment during their generation. This will now happen at 100% chance at skill level 50 and above. In addition to that, the skill will now also work on non-equipment items, identifying them [at random] with the passage of turns. However, non-equipment items will not get identified during auto turns, and only up to 5 items will get identified at a time. The log will not describe the identification of individual non-equipment items to prevent it from getting clogged up. These items will also be automatically stacked after identification.
  • Changed the chance of additional enemies spawning in Nefia to 1/20.
  • Increased the enhance limit of enchant weapon and armor scrolls (both regular and greater) by 1.
  • Coffins of necromancy can now be used in their own item fusion recipe to remake them.
  • Added 8 new item fusion recipes. Did some reordering of the recipe list.
  • Replaced 6 items craftable from materials with 6 new ones. These intermediate products can then be used to make a piece of miracle-quality equipment of your choice in item fusion, or to change the piece of equipment into another type in its category (like helm to knight helm).
  • Reduced, changed, and removed some of the material requirements for item crafting.
  • Added 4 new materials, and changed some of the ingredients required in recipes to those (especially ones that are required in a lot of recipes like paper).
  • Made 7 existing items craftable with the sewing kit.
  • Increased experience gain from crafting items from materials. Items crafted this way will be identified, unblessed and uncursed, and automatically stacked.
  • Equipment degradation by acid or by the Abnormal game mode effect now has its own sound effect. There is also a [visual] effect that plays when equipment is degraded to -10 (i.e. the piece of equipment is about to be destroyed) in Abnormal game mode.
  • Level of small gamble chests sold by shops now depends on the shop's invest level, so you may want to invest in inn shops.
  • Unlocking doors and chests now give experience based on the unlock difficulty. This bonus is higher for chests that need lockpicks.
  • Reduced the effect of weight on egg prices from up to 20 times to 8 times. This means that eggs that are too light are no longer going to be worth so little that they aren't worth selling, and eggs that are extremely heavy aren't going to be that valuable either.
  • Made cancelling hardening of weapon and armor at the blacksmith display the "You kidding?" line instead of a normal conversation line.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of Unknown Shell and rabbit's tail to 2/3 of that in previous versions after taking into consideration the spawn rate and reproductive power of the NPCs they drop from.
  • If there is an impassable tile like a wall or door on the starting coordinate of a monster variant (NB: those monsters with brackets around their names) or unique non-pet NPC, the game will now destroy that tile and spawn the NPC.
  • You can now talk to guards hired at your home to kick out an NPC. Pets, NPCs hired by you, and adventurers cannot be selected. The ones that you can kick out include guests that don't seem to want to go away, monsters spawned from spellbook reading failures, and inner gods. The time for guards to actually do their job has come!
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Removed the visual effect for pregnancy that occurs when having a meal together and eating a corpse with that effect as it was glitching up.
  • Fixed coffins of necromancy losing necro remodel effect when they are used but fail to deploy due to a lack of space.
  • Fixed decapitation with Blade Strings after shooting with a gun getting described as shooting the target in the head instead.
  • Fixed cancelling the conversation with the caravan master displaying "You kidding?".

1.71: detailed changelog[]

[Act III main quest content]
  • Head down to God's prison (the lowest floor of Cradle of Chaos) after the conversation with Leold for a cutscene.
  • Defeating Enthumesis will place her in the center of Amur-Cage.
  • Take note that there is no way of reentering this floor after the battle at the moment; it will be possible in the future when more content is implemented.
  • The floor is regenerated whenever the player enters it. Saving, praying, and Wishing is disabled on this floor to match the story.
  • If you quaff water and a wish triggers, you won't feel a stoke of good fortune pass, i.e. the chances of getting another wish won't be reduced. However, using rods of wishing and the spell will decrease the charge, stock, and mp.
  • Offerings to god may not be made nor can you change religion, but you can still catch signals from god. [Skill bonuses] from worshiping a god will also work.
[New NPC]
  • <Enthumesis>
    • Level 350 god. Female bisexual by default.
    • Has float bit flag and bonus chaos resistance. Eating her corpse will give chaos resistance.
    • Uses Chaos Ball, Bubble Storm, Mind Bolt, Nether Wave, Multiple Gather, Regeneration, and Summon chaos.
    • Uses Insult on low health (as a futile effort to stay alive - being outside of the area of effect of Insult is dangerous though).
    • Drops god heart on death.
[New evolutions]
  • thief and robber evolve with another heart into gizoku (NB: chivalrous thief. Robin Hood?) and learn Golden Storm. Golden Storm has a low chance to be used when health is half or less of maximum health, and the NPC is currently carrying at least 2000 gold.
  • puppet evolves with magic heart into battle puppet and learns Continuous attacks.
  • fallen soldier evolves with king heart into indomitable general and learns Super Armor.
  • nurse evolves with evolution heart into red cross and learns Rain of sanity. (There will only be a chance that this will be used when the NPC itself is insane. It is independent of the player character's insanity.)
[New gauge attacks for each ammo type]
  • magnum: Inverts the target for 2 turns if the target is not already Inverted.
  • bullet: lowers PV (this is 75% as effective as Pulverization).
  • energy cell: line attack. Blinds target for 2 turns if target is not already blinded for more than 2 turns. Color of the visual effect depends on the element that the user has the most resistance against.
  • bolt: Paralyzes target for 2 turns if target is not already Paralyzed for more than 2 turns. Also has a chance to decapitate.
  • arrows: 3x3 tile area-of-effect attack. Applies 2 turns of Wince if target is not already Wincing.
[New materials]
  • Good paper
  • Durable cloth
  • Log
  • White weed
[Items now craftable with sewing kit]
  • fur carpet (Tailoring 40)
  • luxury sofa (Tailoring 25)
  • coldproof blanket (Tailoring 17)
  • fireproof blanket (Tailoring 15)
  • dress (Tailoring 12)
  • variety of clothes (Tailoring 3)
  • decorated cloth (Tailoring 1)

Note: made changes to the sprites for dress and decorated cloth so that their height sort of matches up.

[Changes to materials used in crafting]
  • shaved ice: reduced Ice stone, removed Generator
  • potion of salt solution: reduced Seawater
  • potion of restore spirit/restore body: removed Hot water
  • potion of healer <Jure>: removed Medicinal weed, added Holy weed
  • whisky (trade goods): removed Hot water
  • scroll of detect objects: removed Electricity
  • scroll of holy light: removed Holy weed, added Shining weed
  • scroll of greater identify: removed Magic mass
  • scroll of uncurse: removed Curse weed
  • scroll of teleportation: removed Charcoal
  • scroll of holy veil: removed Holy weed, added White weed
  • scrolls of greater identify and holy rain: removed Magic paper, added Good paper
  • scrolls of gain material, uncurse, and detect objects: removed Paper, added Good paper
  • rod of cure minor wound: removed Adhesive
  • rod of healing hands: removed Curved stick, added Log
  • rod of change creature: removed Red weed, added Ether fragment
  • rod of identify: removed Memory fragment, added Witch's eye
  • potion of healer <Eris>, rod of cure minor wound, and rod of healing hands: removed Red Weed, added White weed
  • grave (trade goods): reduced Pebble and Fine stone
  • rag doll (trade goods): removed Snow
  • noble toy (trade goods): removed Fine stone, added Howling weed
  • coffin (trade goods): removed Thick wood, added Log
  • barrel (trade goods): removed Branch, added Log
[New items]
  • <God Binder>
    • Equipped by the aforementioned Enthumesis. This is to lower her stats as a handicap. Like other claws, it is a shield that doesn't actually function as a shield.

The items listed below are craftable from materials. They are not randomly generated. You can sell them if you accidentally make too many.

  • soft high materium
  • soft materium
  • hard high materium
  • hard materium
  • sharp high materium
  • sharp materium

These will work on different types of equipment (they won't work on unique artifacts):

  • Soft: 36 equipment types including soft armors, composite stuff (NB: includes large shield), and whips
  • Hard: 39 equipment types including metal armors and firearms
  • Sharp: 32 equipment types including bladed weapons, clubs, claws, feather, bows, and ammos
  • Too many items would have fallen under the 'hard' category, so some items were grouped under 'sharp' in a rock-paper-scissors approach to the classification.
  • You can check which category an equipment type belongs to by looking at the required ingredients in item fusion.
[New item fusion recipes]
  • harmful potion
  • log house
  • equip making (3 types)
    • Makes artifact equipment of the same type as the equipment used as the ingredient. Material is random.
    • This recipe will produce two of expensive items like the speed ring, panty, aurora ring, seven league boots, and vindale cloak.
    • Only one sox will be produced because it's expensive and it's also used in a quest.
    • The recipe will produce 3 of all other equipment types.
    • The game will auto-save.
  • equip update (3 types)
    • The equipment type of the piece of equipment used as the ingredient will be changed to another one in the same category.
    • All equipment attributes including those intrinsic to the equipment type will be conserved.
    • The price and material will also not change. The stats and weight will be those of the new equipment type.
    • This can be used to preserve the equipment attributes while changing equipment type to a better one. You could also change equipment to a type that has a better intrinsic equipment attribute or sell price, then use it in the equip making recipe.
    • Non-sox equipment cannot be turned into sox.
    • This is available in early game, but it's rather expensive in terms of materials. Being rich can somewhat help though.
    • As for the actual equipment class changes:
      • bullet -> magnum -> energy cell -> bullet -> [loop]
      • arrow -> bolt -> arrow -> [loop]
      • engagement amulet -> bejeweled amulet -> neck guard -> peridot -> engagement amulet -> [loop]
      • charm -> talisman -> decorative amulet -> charm -> [loop]
      • breastplate -> banded mail -> ring mail -> chain mail -> plate mail -> breastplate -> [loop]
      • robe -> light mail -> coat -> composite mail -> breast plate -> bulletproof jacket -> pope robe -> robe -> [loop]
      • shoes -> boots -> heavy boots -> composite boots -> tight boots -> armored boots -> seven league boots -> shoes -> [loop]
      • light cloak -> cloak -> armored cloak -> wing -> feather -> vindale cloak -> light cloak -> [loop]
      • girdle -> composite girdle -> plate girdle -> girdle -> [loop]
      • light gloves -> gloves -> decorated gloves -> light gloves -> [loop]
      • thick gauntlets -> composite gauntlets -> plate gauntlets -> thick gauntlets -> [loop]
      • helm -> knight helm -> heavy helm -> composite helm -> helm -> [loop]
      • feather hat -> magic hat -> fairy hat -> feather hat -> [loop]
      • decorative ring -> engagement ring -> ring -> armored ring -> composite ring -> aurora ring -> speed ring -> decorative ring -> [loop]
      • small shield -> round shield -> shield -> knight shield -> large shield -> claw -> kite shield -> tower shield -> small shield -> [loop]
      • short bow -> long bow -> skull bow -> short bow -> [loop]
      • repeating bow -> crossbow -> ballista -> repeating bow -> [loop]
      • pistol -> machine gun -> shot gun -> sniper rifle -> laser gun -> pistol -> [loop]
      • stone -> rock -> grenade -> shuriken -> panty -> stone -> [loop]
      • hand axe -> battle axe -> bardish -> hand axe -> [loop]
      • sox -> club
      • club -> hammer -> club -> [loop]
      • katana -> lightsabre -> long sword -> claymore -> katana -> [loop]
      • spear -> trident -> halberd -> spear -> [loop]
      • kitchen knife -> dagger -> scimitar -> wakizashi -> kitchen knife -> [loop]
      • chainsickle -> sickle -> scythe -> chainsickle -> [loop]
      • staff -> long staff -> whip -> staff -> [loop]
      • Note: there are several instances of equipment changing into a different hard/soft/sharp type.



[Changes and additions]
  • Explicitly prevented the game from connecting to the new third-party Japanese chat server meant for vanilla Elona that was set up with Noa's permission. The game will not connect if the address for that server is specified in the server.txt.
    • NB: the following line was already in English:
    • [Please don't make it possible to connect to noaneko.squares.net% by modification.]
  • Added an Act III sub quest (Arasiel's).
  • Potentials will no longer decrease when attributes and skill levels are increased by a fixed amount (NB: like by quaffing from wells).
  • Added a new monster.
  • Made fever mode affect only random Nefia.
  • Damage for Shining Wave, Smash Ground, Blade Strings, Golden Storm, Rocket Fire, Nuclear Fire, and Hyper Dash special actions is now divided by the sum of PV and DV.
  • NPCs on the same side will no longer run each other over with Hyper Dash.
  • Added 2 new special actions. One of them is for NPC use only.
  • Made the sound effect for Collected Power play only if the user is within sight.
  • Increased frequency of melee and ranged attack (NB: purchased with AP) now has a higher priority than seal magic and seal ability.
  • Added 1 new unique artifact.
  • Added 4 new items. Added 2 new item fusion recipes.
  • Added a new buff that increases Constitution and Charisma. Added a new potion and spellbook for it. The aforementioned 4 new items don't include these.
  • Cost of identifying and investigating items now depends on fame instead of Negotiation. (It's cheaper when fame is lower.) Caps out at 100,000 fame.
  • Made green tea decrease the vomit counter by 1.
  • Changed the name of the "fake gold" recipe to "junk make" to reflect the type of items produced by the recipe.
  • Made slight changes to the ingredients for the makenn tensei and shin makenn tensei recipes.
  • Made food train Speed attribute by an amount dependent on their +enhance value. This applies even if the food item does not usually train Speed.
  • Increased the chance that general vendors will sell monster balls.
  • Items harvested from crops will no longer be blessed nor cursed.
  • Potions of cure corruption will no longer have +enhance values when harvested from unknown seeds.
  • Fixed cards generated during marriage not being able to handle sprite numbers 1000 and above.
  • Fixed pets having a chance to not speak their default lines when eating together them when they have no custom [txtMeal] line set. Added an alternate line.
  • A graphical glitch was occurring when resistances were increased from having a meal together with pets, so the visual effects will no longer play when eating together.
  • Fixed pets being unable to eat anything unless their satiety has decreased to the new [lower] minimum set the previous update. They are now able to eat when their satiety reaches the old minimum.
  • Fixed pets not earning any money from selling wild flowers in towns.
  • Fixed being unable to enchant equipment asides from melee and ranged weapons with the remote blow equipment attribute.
  • Fixed there being duplicate checks (e.g. karma penalty) for NPC deaths occurring on a puddle of acid/potion or in a pillar of fire.

1.70: detailed changelog[]

[New Act III sub quest]
  • Start by talking to Arasiel. When the date changes, there is a 5% chance that the target monster you need to capture will change to a different one.
  • When the target monster is turned in, there will no longer be a target monster specified.
  • If there is no target monster specified when the date changes, there is a 50% change that there will be a new target monster specified.
  • Pets not marked as important will be handed over [without any confirmation]. Pets in a tag team cannot be turned in.
  • Handing over 3 target monsters will clear the quest the first time, and will award only the Rainbow.
  • When repeating the quest, you will have to turn in 5 monsters each time to receive a reward. The reward that is given depends on the time at which you talk to Arasiel:
    • :00 - :07 for jewel of tear of god for the deals fire damage equipment attribute
    • :08 - :15 for jewel of tear of god for the deals cold damage equipment attribute
    • :16 - :23 for jewel of tear of god for the deals lightning damage equipment attribute
    • :24 - :32 for jewel of tear of god for the deals poison damage equipment attribute
    • :33 - :41 for jewel of tear of god for the deals chaos damage equipment attribute
    • :42 - :50 for jewel of tear of god for the deals sound damage equipment attribute
    • :51 - :59 for jewel of tear of god for the deals dark damage equipment attribute
[New buff]
  • Gem Power
    • Granted by the potion of gem and spellbook of gem below.
[New items]
  • potion of gem
    • Generated randomly.
  • spellbook of gem
    • Generated randomly.
  • high potion of wisdom
    • Available only via item fusion. Not generated randomly. Has the effects of Hero, Gem, Concentration, and Divine Wisdom, but at a lower strength than if all those potions had been used separately.
  • soybean
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot.
    • When thrown, is used up and deals Throwing skill-dependent dark elemental damage. Status ailment strength is dependent on +enhance value. Is used up even if it hits an empty tile.
    • If the target that it hits is a shine ogre, slash ogre, or smash ogre, it deals non-elemental damage like when salt hits a snail.
    • Is used to make bottles of soy sauce and the 3 items below in item fusion.
  • fried tofu
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot. Trains Magic when eaten.
    • When fed to a fox, fox brother (and evolved fox brothers), and silver fox brother, it increases Happiness by 5 if Happiness is less than 5.
    • Inherits the +enhance value of the soybean ingredient.
  • tofu
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot. Trains Strength when eaten.
    • When thrown, is used up and deals Throwing and +enhance value-dependent fixed damage. Gives a special death message. Is used up even if it hits an empty tile.
    • Inherits the +enhance value of the soybean ingredient.
  • natto
    • Low chance of being randomly generated. Food item that does not rot. Trains Dexterity when eaten.
    • When thrown, it afflicts (+enhance value + 5) turns of Fury that does not stack. You may want to use these in conjunction with Charge Attack or something.
    • Inherits the +enhance value of the soybean ingredient.
  • 1.2 million tax certificate
  • 12 million tax certificate
    • These two items are available for sale only in certain places like the embassy, and depositing them in the tax box will deduct the amount indicated from the gold pieces you currently have.
    • Taxes you incur each month will be deducted from the amount that you have pre-paid, and you will not receive any bills when there is a balance remaining.
    • Taxes deducted from the pre-paid amount will be exempt from the 0 - 19% random additional charge that is applied to bills, making it cheaper to pre-pay taxes.
    • Balance remaining is displayed in the journal.
    • If tax exceeds the remaining balance, you will be billed only the difference. When the balance runs out, a message will be displayed.
    • You can pre-pay with as many tax certificates as you like; each certificate will add to the remaining balance.
    • Be careful with these if you are trying to get your taxes in arrears to join the Thieves Guild.
  • <Harakiri>
    • Reusable unique artifact. Not a weapon.
    • Randomly generated, and has a rare-loot trigger dependent 1/30 chance of dropping from kamikaze samurai.
    • If used, you will commit seppuku, setting HP to 1/8 of the current value and causing bleed. All characters in sight (including unique NPCs) will then cease to be in combat mode. NPCs that were not originally hostile will no longer be hostile, and hostile NPCs will overlook you for 15-50 turns and will not have discovered you yet.
    • Duels will also end.
    • This means you can escape from combat, or heal up and stab characters in the back.
    • The disadvantages of using this are significant, but you can pair it with the Blood Stream attack below to deal a large amount of damage.
    • Be warned, however, that using the Harakiri again in sight of NPCs currently overlooking you (including pets) will proc kaisyaku, i.e. decapitation to help with the suicide.
[New special actions]
  • Blood Stream
    • Learned during level up when Will and Constitution are both 50 or above.
    • Deals Will and Constitution-dependent damage in a straight line. Reduced by PV + DV.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 10 - 19 strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 1.5 times.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 20 - 29 strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 2 times.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 30 - 39 strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 2.5 times.
    • If user is currently afflicted by 40+ strength bleed, then damage is multiplied by 3 times.
    • When used, if the user is afflicted by less than 100 strength bleed, then 8 is added to the bleed strength. Affected by Control Magic skill level.
    • performaid bloodress will now use this when bleeding.
    • The H sister, kali, and blood golem will rarely use this.
  • Flame of Rage
    • Wide special action usable only when in Fury status. Deals Will and Magic-dependent fire elemental damage to non-friendly characters in sight. Fury status is removed after usage.
    • The tiny older sister, yandere younger sister, and wolf king (NB: all evolutions, no English equivalent?) will use this when in Fury status.
[New NPC]
  • sickfull older brother
    • Secret character. A rare male roran. (Default level 1, but actual level may vary.)
    • Uses Nether Wave, Mind Bolt, Nerve Arrow, Psychic Wave, type 1 potion throwing, and Bound in Blood.
    • Uses Cure of Eris on low health, and Blood Stream when bleeding.