• Fixed being unable to open unlocked doors that were closed by the player.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs were gaining more than 100% gauge by doing nothing even when they didn't meet the criteria.



[Changes and additions]
  • Evolved NPCs, form-shifted characters, and non-pet unique NPCs can now have a maximum of 200% gauge. There are more details about 101-200% gauge in the detailed changelog. When a gauge attack is used at 200% gauge, the attack will ignore armor skill damage reduction and give 1 turn of time stop.
  • Unique NPCs now have the same increase in gauge as non-unique NPCs when receiving damage.
  • Gauge no longer increases when attacking, using Provoke, or using the Taktstock on a sandbagged NPC.
  • Added a new throwing special action.
  • Pets will no longer attempt to open doors that aren't locked.
  • Evade is now 0 while time has been stopped.
  • Added 3 high-level NPCs and 2 evolutions to the angel race.
  • Juice will now automatically get stacked when created with a juice mixer.
  • Added a new house deed that is 2.5 times as large as a small castle (and slightly larger than a discarded ranch). The maximum number of items is still 400 like the small castle, but it can have 1 more servant compared to it. This is for people who feel that the small castle is too small.
  • Added 2 consumable items that can also be obtained through item fusion.
  • You can now customize the appearance and abilities of undead from necromancy by using item fusion on their coffin of necromancy and another monster part.
  • Unconscious characters now behave similarly to sleeping characters.
  • Added 2 new red books.
  • Fixed summoned undead sometimes getting deleted when they are automatically deployed after constructing a new house.
  • Fixed only 2 jerky pieces getting generated no matter how many corpses were stacked on a drydock; it should now generate the number of corpses in the stack x 2 pieces of jerky. Jerky will now inherit love potion and poison that the original corpse was dipped in, but will not inherit infused herbs.
  • Fixed pets not getting experience for Ensemble.
  • Fixed chaos cumulonimbodragon (NB: no English name) evolved from electric cloud not gaining chaos resistance during evolution.

1.49: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Behavior of unconscious NPCs]
  • They won't catch pickpocket attempts. (They won't hear a loud noise and wake up like when they're sleeping.)
  • They will wake up Muddled when bashed. (Like when sleep was interrupted.)
  • You won't be able to talk to them.
  • If it's a pet, they will recover to a Muddled state and eat when a picnic basket is used.
  • Cannot be handed items.
  • Will not respond to performances, preaching.
  • Will not take part in Shadow rush, Fire a volley, and Over-Ray.
[Behavior when gauge is 101 - 200%]
  • When gauge is below 100%, received damage will not bring it above 96%. When gauge is above 101%, received damage will not bring it above 196%.
  • Unique NPCs who are not pets will not use their gauge when they have more than half of their health. When their health is less than 50%, they will use gauge attacks even if their gauge is below 200%. Allies will not conserve their gauge if they are set to Onslaught mode.
  • The eight gods and that snail NPC will not conserve their gauge and will use the special action unique to them.
  • Gauge will not decrease when it is 200% or 100%. When it is 101 - 199%, it will decrease by 1% every turn.
  • When a gauge attack is activated at 200% gauge, an extra melee attack or an attack from the second weapon will activate another gauge attack in the same turn.
  • Failing that, any attack done during time stop will activate that second gauge attack. This makes it easier to defeat enemies that heal. (Enemies can also use this against you.)
[New NPCs]
  • fallen angel
    • Level 139 angel. Eye of brainwashing. Insult on low health.
  • cupid inspector
    • Level 122 angel. God. Rubbing. Healing Rain on low health.
  • apprentice angel
    • Level 28 angel. Neutral. Eye of Mana.
[New evolutions]
  • cupid of love evolves with king heart to lord cupid, learns Fire a volley.
  • apprentice angel evolves with magic heart to angel astray, learns Over-Ray.
[New items]
  • deed of palace
    • Generated where you can find deed of homes. An upgrade from a small castle. Like the small castle, comes with shopkeepers.
  • first aid kit
    • Heals user or an adjacent target. You can heal any NPC, even those who are not allies. Heal amount depends on player's Dexterity and Gene engineer.
    • More important than its ability to heal is its ability to shorten negative status effects. If and when applicable, it reduces negative status effects to 1/8 + 1 turns (rounded down).
    • It's a healing method for people who don't even want to depend on magic devices.
    • Somewhat troublesome to craft in early game, but still possible.
  • special ammos box
    • Replenishes special ammo of user or an adjacent target. For people who find it too troublesome to carry multiple ammos and always end up using normal ammunition.
    • Craftable.
[New special actions]
  • Over Long Throw
    • Change range multiplier for Throwing to 02-02-08-08-09-09-10-10 for range 1-8 respectively during that turn, and execute a Throwing attack.
    • This can be the trigger for a gauge attack, and the triggered gauge attack will also use the aforementioned range multipliers.
    • This may not be used with Struck Out (another Throwing special action) at the same time.
    • Learned during level up when Throwing skill is 50 or above.
[Modification of coffin of necromancy with monster parts]
  • Recipe name: necro remodel
  • Summoned undead will have +5 levels, and have additional skills and stuff depending on the monster part added.

  • card: becomes coffin of necromancy-Shion. Undead takes on the appearance of that NPC but with a light purple tinge.
  • figure: becomes coffin of necromancy-Deceive. Undead takes on the appearance of that NPC with a white tinge. (i.e. will not be colored any hue.)
  • bone: becomes coffin of necromancy-Aggressive. Bonus to Tactics skill.
  • heart: becomes coffin of necromancy-Tough. Bonus to Constitution.
  • eye: becomes coffin of necromancy-Control. Bonus to Control Magic skill.
  • blood: becomes coffin of necromancy-Drench. Bonus to Swimming skill.
  • skin: becomes coffin of necromancy-Refractory. Bonus to fire resistance.

  • There can be only one additional effect. If a coffin has already been remodeled, the new effect will overwrite the older one. The effect remains even if the undead dies or is returned to its coffin.
  • You can make the undead specialize as meat shields or as attackers.
  • Or you can be a psycho and enjoy letting them wear the skin of that girl you like.
  • Or you could also make an undead wear someone's skin and make them attack a particular person...



[Changes and additions]
  • Added an Act III sub quest. (The ant one.) If you have already undertaken this sub quest before this version, the quest trigger will be reset during the update to 1.48 [so you can go start the quest for real this time].
  • Added a multiple-choice quiz minigame. Your score is determined by the amount of real time it takes for you to answer the questions. It can only be started on the 1st or 15th of each month, and talking to the unique informer NPC located in an Act III map will let you start it. Some questions are worded differently but have the exact same four choices, so be sure to read the questions carefully. Doing the quiz the first time should net you about 250 points; 350 points is pretty good for a player who knows the questions well.
  • The player is now placed on the south side of the library, Mirage Tower, Rust Plaza, and Shrine of Guardian Act III maps no matter which direction he enters the maps from. If these maps have already been generated, re-entering these maps will refresh them and reflect the change.
  • The Amulet of Jure will now have an effect even if the player already has anorexia.
  • Jerky no longer rots, weighs 0.1s, and gives as much experience as a rank 3 cooked food item. The satiety it recovers is halved, and the special effects of the corpse it was made from will no longer work. When made on a drydock, its weight will be changed to 0.1s, and it will become unblessed and uncursed even if the original corpse was blessed/cursed. The + value of the corpse will also disappear, and one corpse becomes two pieces of jerky. There is no longer any freshness variable or cursed/blessed status, so jerky from the same NPC will stack. The lower satiety recovered means the player can eat more of them to gain more experience. The removal of special corpse effects means that corpses with undesirable effects can be eaten as well. You may want to decide which corpses you want to cook, and which ones you want to turn into jerky.
  • The 3rd melee weapon and onward now deals lower bonus damage. Having many limbs and many weapons means having the advantage of getting more equipment attribute procs, chances to inflict status effects with elemental damage, and having more resistances and skill bonuses, so the damage dealt has been lowered to even things out a bit.
  • Holy Shield now gives a 20% Shield skill buff. Feather now gives a 20% Light Armor skill buff.
  • Nerfed the buffs from Cheer and Platinum Song. (They used to be 5 times Charisma, now they are 3 times Charisma.)
  • Added 2 high-level ghost race NPCs. Added 2 evolutions.
  • Added 5 high-level frog race NPCs. Added 2 evolutions.
  • Added 1 unique NPC and 1 precious artifact.
  • Added an item that works like how the command flag used to. Randomly generated.
  • The variable for starting Reading Party now gets reset when the Reading Party is interrupted. The variable for starting Ensemble now gets reset when Ensemble is interrupted.
  • Fixed the attributes getting listed when training at the trainer or on the new attribute screen when the Glasses of Yacatect is in the player's inventory.
  • Fixed deed detection detecting deeds on both the continent that the player is leaving as well as the continent the player is moving to when the player moves between continents.

1.48: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[MCQ minigame]
  • Score is (60 - elapsed time) * correct answers. Lower limit is 0.
  • 35 possible questions, and order of answers change every time.
  • High score will be recorded in the journal. (This won't appear until you begin Act III.)
  • There aren't any questions that are so difficult that even I don't know the answer to... but you might not do too well if your memory isn't that good.
  • That said, if you want to get a really good score what you need is good reflexes.
  • You'll win a prize of 2 pp for a score of 200 or more. (Subject to change.)
[Damage done by 3rd melee weapon and onward]
  • The 3rd weapon does 60% damage, the 4th does 36%, and so on, getting multiplied 0.6 each time.
  • That still means you would be more powerful the more weapons you have, but it should make having other body parts instead of hands a viable option.
[Sub quest]
  • [Insect curse]
    • Recommended level changed to 40.
    • Deliver three items to <Mary> to clear it.
    • Then give potion (listed in journal) to <Alice>.
    • Report to <Mary>. If <Alice> is dead, she'll be surprised and the quest will not proceed. Otherwise, you'll receive the reward and the quest is cleared.
    • Talk to <Alice>.
    • Revisit the sacred library to find <Aribel> there.
[New NPCs]
  • <Aribel> the white arms
    • Level 159 norland. Uses Body Blow, melee idle, and so on.
    • NB: melee idle is move ID -3.
  • arch wraith
    • Level 133 ghost. Invisible. Nether Wave, Magic Kiss, etc.
  • legion mage
    • Level 78 ghost. Forms swarms. Uses five types of arrow spells.
  • seiashin
    • Level 153 frog. Death Word, Run Wildly.
  • salamander
    • Level 129 frog. Power Breath, Fire Breath.
  • nuou
    • Level 108 frog. Touch of Nerve, Smash Ground, BakuretuKen.
  • musical notadpole
    • Level 55 frog. Raging Roar, Voracity Fang, Shining Wave.
  • poison arrow frog
    • Level 18 frog. Poisonous corpse.
[New items]
  • <Cestus of Meteors>
    • Equipped on aforementioned <Aribel> when she spawns.
  • Taktstock
    • Randomly generated. Sets an enemy in sight as the target of all friendly NPCs.
    • Works even on friendly non-pet NPCs. Also increases gauge by 5%.
    • Does not work on blind or brainwashed characters, and characters who do not have that enemy in sight.
    • Using this will take one turn.
[New evolutions]
  • ghost evolves with king heart to ghost princess, learns Cheer.
  • nymph evolves with magic heart to loreley, learns Platinum Song. (Has a lower chance to use it than kinnara.)
  • flying frog and poison arrow frog evolve with another heart to frognrolla, learns Platinum Song. (Also has lower chance to use it than kinnara.)
  • NB: kinnara is the evolved goose servant pet. I don't know the English name for it.
  • ambystoma evolves with evolution heart to salamander.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added 2 'W'ide special actions. One is a Literacy version of Ensemble, and the other is a weak AOE attack for NPC use.
  • Added two NPCs that spawn only under special conditions.
  • The new equipment attribute added in 1.46 now affects damage bonus on top of the damage dice. This theoretically makes the weapon with the attribute the strongest out of all the weapons in the game, including the inner gods' weapons.
  • Added a new option the list of choices that pops up during sleep sharing. It adds a random % to the counter on both sides when you choose it. The text of the choice itself can be customized with txtEXAct, and the pet's reaction to that with txtEXReact.
  • Implemented the effects of the items added in 1.46 that had no effects. Their effects are rather simple but are all quite powerful and unique. They work when they are in the player's inventory, so if you obtained these items in 1.46 they will work right after updating the game.
  • Set an upper limit to the rank of cooked food that can be made with every cooking implement. The limit is stated on each of their item descriptions. You can now use lower rank utensils to make the items you need for town board quests.
  • The increase in master/servant relationship when interrupting pets that eat off the ground when they're forbidden from doing so now occurs at most once a day for each pet.
  • Used monster balls now weigh a fixed 10s. (The feature where monster balls increased in weight up to 100s as the target's weight increased to 10,000kg was a feature from vanilla Elona.)
  • Set a cap for cut damage from the 'cut damage to attackers' equipment attribute. (It's 2 times the damage to attackers that hedgehogs do.)
  • Set the cap for eggs laid after quaffing a love potion to 100s. The price calculation remains the same.
  • Changed the layout of the entrance of the discarded ranch. Only newly placed discarded ranches will be affected.
  • Added 2 new red books.
  • Items marked as important can no longer be thrown.
  • Sprits from Summon spirit, zombies from Summon chaos, alien kids from pregnancy, and the generic monsters placed alongside the Act III mid-bosses have a higher starting level than usual, so they can no longer be dominated so that other choices for pets are viable as well.
  • Reduced the item drop rate for characters with the IsSummoned bit flag.
  • Fixed some card descriptions.
  • Fixed the height and body weight of Yerleswood type M.
  • Fixed item names for items that had their appearance changed and were at slot plan16 and onward not getting their names properly read from their files.
  • Being unable to move due to an overloaded cart is now limited to the world map. Trade goods the card can also no longer be interacted with outside of towns and the wilderness.
  • Fixed being able to get up to 7 additional melee attacks even when not using Martial Arts with nothing equipped in the hands.
  • There will no longer be a metallic sound effect played when talking to the shopkeeper if the number of goods at their shop has been increased due to your selling trade goods on the map.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when calculating damage dealt when a mine is triggered on 2F of your house.
  • Fixed the duel not ending when you defeat the duel opponent in the showroom or in Amur-Cage.

1.47: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Details on the implemented effects]
  • Subject to change.
  • <Dumbbell of Opatos>
    • Effect of training machine is multiplied by 10. (It's affected by probability, so I'm referring to the expected value.) By the time you obtain this, your attributes might be high enough that they don't increase even with this item if your potential is low.
  • <Amulet of Jure>
    • Probability that player will get sick becomes 1/64.
    • Or to be more precise, there is a 63/64 chance that the player recovers from sickness immediately after getting sick.
  • <Candle of Luluwy>
    • When master/servant value increases, impress also increases.
    • Depending on the options you pick and their current impress, forced sleep sharing can have a net increase in impress.
  • <Very pistol of Mani>
    • Having this in your inventory will allow you to give allies directives during battle even if they are out of sight. Directives will also not consume a turn.
  • <Glasses of Yacatect>
    • Having this in your inventory will allow you to see decimal values of the main attributes (except luck), their potential, and their bonuses (from equipment and such).
    • You will be able to track your attributes as well.
  • <Bookmark of Itzpalt>
    • Having this in your inventory and reading a skill book will set its cooldown to 1/12. (4 hours) You won't be able to read skill books continuously in normal weather, but even then you'll gain 5 times as much experience in the same time compared to reading the books in bad weather.
    • Great for reading skill books every now and then.
  • <Mug of Ehekatl>
    • When the player drinks from a well (and from toilets and fountains), status effects, pregnancy, monster summoning, changes to attributes, and mutation events will no longer occur. Instead, it'll just say "Phew, fresh water tastes good."
    • If you're afraid of getting mutations and attribute loss in end-game, then this is for you.
  • <Scissors of Kumiromi>
    • It removes the chance that a new seedling will not grow after harvesting crops, independent of your Gardening skill. This means that if your Gardening level is high enough, a new seedling is guaranteed to grow after harvest as long as it's not an artifact seed.
[New NPCs]
  • Sylph
    • Level 130 ghost. Uses Voracity Fang, Draw Shadow, etc.
    • Not randomly generated. The only time they will appear is during Lulwy's Summon chaos.
    • (Lulwy has been made to use Summon chaos.)
    • "I've teared the former servant limb from limb to feed the sylphs."
  • <13th step ghost>
    • Base level 66 ghost.
    • Not randomly generated. 1/130 chance of being generated when going upstairs to a floor with a floor number of 66 or greater. This is a repeatable event. They start at 3/4th the level of the floor. Guaranteed to drop an upstairs item.
    • On some days they do not have a chance to appear, so you won't bump into them on those days, even if you reload the save file over and over again.
    • Uses Psychic Wave, Nether Wave, etc.
    • A dastardly monster that attacks adventurers who escape to the floor above after they have been worn down by monsters in the floor below.
[New (W)ide special actions]
  • Psychic Wave
    • Bind enemies in sight for 1 turn and deal 1.5 to 2 times the user's level in unmitigated damage.
    • Used by the <13th step ghost> above, and <Nine Head Dragon> the abyss will now use this as well.
  • Reading Party
    • Learned by player upon level up when unbuffed Learning is 40 or greater.
    • Takes average of Literacy and Memorization skill levels of all allies in range and adds it to the player's, then use this value for reading. (Bonus skill level contribution from each pet is capped at 1/5+3 of the player's skill levels).
    • Completely negates negative effects of reading failures and stops reading, but number of turns it takes to read is slightly increased.
    • When reading is successful, allies gain Literacy experience.
    • When reading spellbooks successfully, allies will also gain Memorization experience depending on the difficulty of the spellbook.
    • They will gain no experience if the reading fails.
    • This is the reading version of Ensemble.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added an event where pets who are Soul Mate or above will stay up late at night to craft armor for you. This event has a chance of occurring when you wake up in the morning or afternoon if you don't stay up late at night. If Tailoring skill is higher, they will craft light armor; if Carpentry is higher, they will craft heavy armor. Higher skill levels will enable them to craft a wider variety of armors, and they will be able to craft better armor types more often. Their spoken lines can be customized with txtCreate.
  • Added a Act I sub quest where you can receive a reward for every 50 different types of cards in your deck. Added a facility in North Tyris for this quest. (It will be placed after a diastrophism.)
  • Physical damage reduction of Super Armor buff has been reduced. It now reduces at most 75% of HP's worth of damage.
  • The Emergency Evade buff now also reduces physical damage by 20%. It's something like evading the brunt of the attack even if you fail to completely evade it.
  • The Magic Equip buff now also reduces 20% of magic element damage. (Not magic damage!)
  • Implemented the effects of the duel glove. The target will become hostile without lowering your karma, and defeating it will neither lower karma nor impress. When defeated, they will drop better items. However, it will not be possible to exit the map when in a duel. It's best to be fully prepared before using this item.
  • When NPCs are in combat, if they do nothing during their turn and their gauge is 80% or below, then their gauge will increase by 15%. This does not include NPCs who are in defense mode.
  • If your cart is too heavy, you will no longer be able to move (just like if you were Overweight!.) You won't receive any damage because it's not like you're carrying it on your back.
  • If you sell at certain amount or more of trade goods at a trader, the other shops on the same map will temporarily sell an increased number of items, with the number of additional items depending on the amount of trade goods sold (and up to 20 additional items). Buying and re-selling trade goods on the same map will have no effect. The items for sale at each shop will be increased when their shop inventories get randomized (NB: when the player talks to them for the first time after a shop refresh), and the number gets reset when the shop is refreshed. (Shops inventories that have already been randomized will instead have their number of items for sale increased after the next shop refresh.)
  • Altered the ease of gaining and invoking the invokes grenade equipment attribute so that it matches the bolt-type invoke equipment attributes. This does not affect the Nova Grenade artifact grenade invoke chance.
  • Added new items that are guaranteed to drop from the demi-gods (NB: Karavika et al). Their effects have yet to be implemented.
  • There can now be up to 7 additional melee attacks when attacking with martial arts while nothing is equipped in the hands. (That makes it a total of 8 attacks including the regular attack.)
  • Made adjustments to how powerful the boss added in 1.45 is.
  • Added 2 evolutions.
  • Fixed part of the code that placed unique NPCs in Melugas.
  • Fixed gifting engagement rings and amulets getting the anniversary bonus even on the day of recruitment/marriage.
  • The interlocking shooting mechanism and proximity assist weapon attacks no longer proc if the target is dead.
  • Fixed some of the icons on the item fusion window.
  • Fixed some of the main quest triggers.
  • Fixed some text, like conversations and descriptions.
  • Fixed the mistake in the conditions that had to be met for the 1.45 unique NPC to show up.
  • Fixed the maximum level of NPCs available for sale at the slave and horse master not getting reverted to normal.

1.46: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[duel glove effects]
  • A thrown duel glove will have an effect and begin the duel only if the target is in a state where he can be talked to normally, and is not affected by Sleep, Paralyzed, Blinded, Dim, nor Fear.
  • If not, the duel will not begin, and the thrown glove will be on the ground.
  • During the duel, the map cannot be exited from the sides nor from stairs,
  • nor by moving to another map with a Sub Quest, to the arena, with Return, with Escape, nor to the showroom
  • nor can you begin a duel with another NPC.
  • Incognito/disguise will also have no effect.
  • (Please report loopholes if you find any.)
  • The duel ends when the player or the opponent is dead.
  • It also ends when you are Forced drafted by a guard, forced out of the Island in madness in Act III, when the job quest timer runs out, or forcibly removed from the map via any other means.
  • If the duel opponent is a god, remanding them will also end the duel.
  • Duel opponents will drop 1/4 of their money (except shopkeepers), and their card and figure are guaranteed to drop.
  • All miracle-level and above equipment will also drop. (Except for precious items that have been set to not drop.)
  • This allows you to strip adventurers of all their belongings. That is, if you can win against them.
[Increase in number of items for sale depending on trade goods sold]
  • For every 3000 gp of items sold, the number of items generated for sale will increase by 1.
  • The items for sale are not pre-determined, and is determined only when you talk to the trader, and the number wil also accumulate.
  • Depending on how much is invested, you can temporarily exceed the cap in number of items for sale.
  • For your sanity, please don't aim for the 20-item limit. This is just so that the trader will have a few more items to offer for sale for your convenience.
  • Traders don't have that much money in the beginning anyway.
  • Of course, you can still calculate the optimal trade good to put in your cart given its carrying capacity, or you can mix in the goods that you crafted yourself, or use this to manage the amount of money you carry around.
[Handmade gift event when waking up from sleep]
  • Conditions for crafting items are listed below.
  • Tailoring skill-dependent
    • gloves
    • tight boots - cannot be crafted below skill level 10
    • coat - cannot be crafted below skill level 20
    • magic hat - cannot be crafted below skill level 30
    • charm - cannot be crafted below skill level 40
    • cloak - cannot be crafted below skill level 50
    • decorated gloves - cannot be crafted below skill level 60
    • pope robe - cannot be crafted below skill level 70
    • bulletproof jacket - cannot be crafted below skill level 80
    • fairy hat - cannot be crafted below skill level 90

  • Carpentry skill-dependent
    • round shield
    • knight helm - cannot be crafted below skill level 10
    • neck guard - cannot be crafted below skill level 20
    • plate girdle - cannot be crafted below skill level 30
    • chain mail - cannot be crafted below skill level 40
    • armored boots - cannot be crafted below skill level 50
    • tower shield - cannot be crafted below skill level 60
    • composite helm - cannot be crafted below skill level 70
    • plate gauntlets - cannot be crafted below skill level 80
    • plate mail - cannot be crafted below skill level 90

  • Items made are all miracle-quality, with a player's luck + impress x 2 chance of being godly-quality.
  • Items made are also blessed. By the power of love!
  • When you first get a pet to Soul Mate status, you probably haven't been able to gear any of them up properly yet. And shortly after that it should be raining miracle-quality equipment, so this should be fairly balanced.
  • By the way, what the pet will say will change if their Dexterity is 100 or above.
[New evolutions]
  • rabbit evolves with magic heart to red-eyes w.rabbit, learns Time Stop.
  • Only female rabbits are able to evolve with another heart to sylbunny and learn Cheer.
  • These two evolutions are mutually exclusive - you won't be able to get both on the same rabbit.
[Adjustments made to the boss added in 1.45]
  • Constitution changed. Made equipment in shoot slot a grenade, and changed Mind Breath to Nerve Breath.
[Details on new map and sub quest]
  • Abode of witch. Located east of the Truce Ground near where the snow begins.
  • <Ssil> (see below) here gives a sub quest.
  • Rewards given out for each stage of the quest are kneaded sweets of witch (see below) and other consumable items; the latter will differ for each stage.
  • 10 stages have been added.
[Details on the new NPCs]
  • <Ssil> the undead witch
    • Equipped with <Blood rod>. Her age is "unknown" no matter how much time passes.
[New items]
  • <Blood rod>
    • Has a unique enchant that "change mana to attack power."
    • When attacking with 20 or more MP, 0.5% of current MP is added to the weapon dice roll (With a limit of 200).
    • Current MP will then decrease by 5%.
    • That means that if your MP is 40k or more, you will expend 2000 MP to attack, theoretically making this the strongest weapon.
    • How useful this w ill be depends on you.
  • kneaded sweets of witch
    • Target is fully healed, but is rendered Unconscious. Is a potion and can be used with Alchemical Rain.
    • You can use this on strong enemies to buy time to for Charge Attack or to run away, or use this in conjunction with <Vernis Original> to heal your pets in a pinch.
    • Or you could also get really turned on by unconscious NPCs covered in a sticky fluid.

  • The items below have not had their effects implemented yet:
    • <Dumbbell of Opatos> - guaranteed to drop from <Urcaguary>
    • <Amulet of Jure> - guaranteed to drop from <Rovid>
    • <Candle of Luluwy> - guaranteed to drop from <Arasiel>
    • <Very pistol of Mani> - guaranteed to drop from <Garziem>
    • <Glasses of Yacatect> - guaranteed to drop from <Karavika>
    • <Bookmark of Itzpalt> - guaranteed to drop from <Sophia>
    • <Mug of Ehekatl> - guaranteed to drop from <Sinaha>
    • <Scissors of Kumiromi> - guaranteed to drop from <Amurdad>
[Fixed the horse master not selling the following NPC]
  • dark horse
[Fixed the slave master not selling the following NPCs]
  • juere demon soldier
  • sage of Elea



[Changes and additions]
  • Added just a bit of content to Act III main quest up to a mid-boss battle.
  • When talking to a CNPC that is not a pet in a showroom (and only in showrooms), that character's lines will be spoken in order and not chosen randomly.
  • Made slight changes to how you change a character's sprite. You can now preview the sprite while changing it. It is now possible to change the appearance during shift core usage.
  • Transformation with a shift core now takes more turns.
  • Increased the proc chance of breath invokes by 30% (3 times what it was). Increased the proc chance of bolt-type invokes by 5%.
  • The lines spoken by pets when the player uses Drain Blood on them can now be customized with txtDrain. If impress is Fellow or above, or if master/servant value is Amenable or above, Drain Blood will not do any damage to them (they won't glare at you either) and they won't bleed as much.
  • Increased the effectiveness of MP absorption equipment attribute.
  • Black gemstone of Wake up nefia's cooldown has been reduced to 48 hours.
  • Mani's gemstone now attacks only enemies, and deals magic-element damage.
  • Chestnuts will now remain on the tile they were thrown at.
  • Reduced the platinum pieces required for training.
  • The nether damage done by thrown skull swords now ignores defense (but not resistance). They will also now deal damage based on their weight. A more powerful version of it can now be crafted with item fusion.
  • Added high-level NPCs to the rabbit and bat races.
  • A certain unique NPC will now get more powerful as you progress through the main quest.
  • Buffed Bind status effect - it used to reduce evade to 1/5 of the original value; it now reduces evade to 0. Greater Evasion will still work. Halved the number of turns that Bind special action is active for; it now lasts for 10 turns.
  • Riding skill experience is now awarded for the steed and the player when receiving and evading physical attacks.
  • The slave master and horse master now sell up to level 130 NPCs.
  • Changed the items that an Act III unique NPC will trade to you.
  • Fixed Converge Breath not hitting allies.
  • There is a special Lomias tutorial event that has been in the game right from vanilla Elona. (This has nothing to do with the secret experience.) It wasn't functioning due to a bug, but it has now been fixed.

1.45: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Special Lomias scene during tutorial]
  • Something happens if Larnneire is dead when you talk to Lomias and tell him to get out of your house.
  • This scene does not benefit you in any way, and you have to go through a lot of trouble just to be able to see it, but it's something that was already in vanilla Elona. All I did was make it work properly.
  • What was supposed to happen in vanilla Elona was that they would leave the house without dead Larnneire taking part in the conversation.
[Details on additions to main quest]
  • Mid-boss battle after F10 event in Cradle of Chaos.
  • Map effect lasts until the boss is defeated.
  • Map effect affects all characters including the boss, and inflicts 50 turns of Bind and Space retention around boss.
  • But if there are no Melugast typeM alive, then 94% of the time Bind will last 5 turns instead.
  • Talk to <Gavela> after defeating it to receive a reward, and that will be the end of the additional content added.
  • The furthest you can go is F11. (Time-dependent BGM in F11 and onward will be different that the one in regular dungeons.)
[Power of "absorbs MP" equipment attribute]
  • Calculated with strength of enchant and damage before deduction, then subtracted by target's PV.
  • Characters with higher PV will be better off.
  • Mana absorption rate still remains at 20%. So that means that amount of mana the target loses is not the amount absorbed, but mana damage dealt to target is about 5 times mana absorbed.
[Details on the new NPCs]
  • Melugast typeM
    • Level 132 behicle. Does not spawn naturally. One of these is placed in Melugas after the boss battle. This NPC can be recruited with an astral light pen.
  • <Vessel> the white hawk
    • Level 128 zanan. Shadow Step, Clear Mind. Starts appearing in Party Time! from the middle of Act II in place of <Whom dwell in the vanity>.
    • Does not appear at the beginning of Act III. Becomes level 178 in Act III.
  • <Egelveil> the bind
    • Level 180 imp. Struck Out.
  • dread rabbit
    • Level 156 rabbit. Touch of Fear. Uses the new special ability Multiple Gather to draw characters on the map to itself.
  • iris
    • Level 134 rabbit. Healing Rain on low health.
  • hakutoshin
    • Level 118 rabbit.
  • bunny ghoul
    • Level 90 rabbit. Fawn On, Eye of brainwashing.
    • NB: Fawn On is known as Bewitch as of 1.53.
  • terrorism squirrel
    • Level 48 rabbit. Immune to mines.
  • turtle rabbit
    • Level 25 rabbit. Slow spell.
  • dark raider
    • Level 122 bat.
  • kapapu-kamui
    • Level 99 bat. Neutral. Melee idle.
  • com-bat
    • Level 78 bat. Insult.
  • momotuka
    • Level 54 bat. Squeeze.
[Details on the new items]
    • Has same effect as that kitty cradle thing. Can be used for the sub quest.
    • Main differences are that it is light, is made of raw, and is not precious.
    • Dropped from lion and blaze lion.
    • NB: Regular nuke = Cat's Cradle.
  • violent skull sword
    • Stronger version of skull sword. Nether damage dealt is doubled, and does additional magic damage.
  • <Mighty Arms>
    • Awarded in the middle of Act III of the main quest.
  • <The White Hawk>
    • Equipped by aforementioned <Vessel> in the latter half of Act III.



[Changes and additions]
  • Tentatively added items that buffs stats, change appearance (walking animation/sprite), name, and portrait. These are also usable on pets. They will be placed at your feet during the update just for this version for you to try them out. Different items will change your stats in different ways. You can change its sprite and name at Garokk as well to help with your roleplaying. You will have to set your portrait, name, and appearance after transforming. (It won't be possible to do it before transforming.) The above parameters (appearance etc) are stored separately from your regular parameters.
  • Added an item that can turn fruits, vegetables, and nuts into juice. They will not have any change in their value or nutritional value after turning in juice, nor will they gain any bonuses from + value. Whether the original food item was rotten or not will not matter, and you can spam lots of these in a short time. You might want to cook food items if they had a + value, and turn them into juice if they didn't. Mixing two juices will turn it into mixed juice and give 1.5 times the experience. (Mixing mixed juices will still give 1.5 times the experience of a regular juice.) Juice can also be mixed with milk.
  • Added just a bit of content to Act III main quest, right up to a mid-boss battle.
  • The "Attack" option that appears when interacting with NPCs can now be completely turned off or set to display only for NPCs aside from your pets under the game settings.
  • Coffee can now be mixed with milk.
  • The list of pets show after using Directive will now also show the NPC being ridden.
  • Added high-level NPCs to the horse, minotaur, and rat races.
  • Changed the sprites of 4 existing NPCs.
  • Added evolution patterns.
  • Fixed the evolved chaos cloud and electric cloud not using the special actions it gained like it should.
  • Fixed Magic not returning to its normal value after using Over-Ray special action.
  • Fixed brainwashed summoned undead not returning to their coffins, and not becoming coffins even if they die and dropping items instead.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed refraining from picking up items on the ground using the master/servant value for the last character targeted instead.

1.44: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Expanded main quest]
  • Added scene that plays after fulfilling <Erystia>'s request and returning to the border (either of the North or South will do) or to Larna.
  • After that, talking to <Gavela> and heading to F8 of Cradle of Chaos will cause another scene to play.
  • You won't be able to descend to F10 just yet.
[New items]
  • Juice mixer
    • Usable furniture. Neither Cooking skill nor SP is needed for making juice.
    • You can offer this to Mani.
  • juice
    • Worth the same as the item before it was turned into juice.
    • Is a type of potion. Does not rot. Cannot be used for Alchemical Rain.
    • Satiates hunger, though not as much as milk.
    • Gives the same amount of attribute experience as the raw item, and experience gained is unaffected by satiation level.
    • Does not matter if the original item was rotten.
    • But there will also be no bonus from enchant level of the original item.
    • (B)lend juice together to make mix juice.
    • You can also make mix juice by putting herbed food into the Juice mixer, but this mix juice has no herb effect. So there's no merit to doing this.
    • (B)lending it with milk will give the mix milk item. Mix milk has half the effect on height compared to milk. Blending an entire stack of juice with milk will only produce 1 mix milk at a time.
  • milk cofee (sic)
    • Made by (B)lending coffee with milk.
    • Is still a coffee and will remove all sleepiness. But apart from that, it will also have half the effect on height compared to milk.
    • In Japanese, cafe au lait or cafe aulait might be a more common spelling, but I'll just settle for this name to make things consistent.

The items listed below are unobtainable in-game. These items temporarily change your appearance and give different buffs, and are reusable after a cooldown time.

  • alpha shift core
    • Increases Strength and Perception, gives magic reflect.
  • beta shift core
    • Increases Dexterity and Magic, gives magic resistance.
  • gamma shift core
    • Increases Speed and DV, removes speed penalty for having too many limbs.
  • delta shift core
    • Increases Constitution, PV, and heal amount. Increases negated damage.
    • Heal amount is increase by 25%. This includes healing methods such as magic spells, potions, scrolls, and rods. Also affects amount that you heal NPCs for.
    • This works the same as the Priest class feat. If you have that feat, this bonus is added to it.
  • omega shift core
    • Increases Strength, Constitution, Perception, Dexterity, Magic, Speed, and magic resistance.
    • Decrease HP and MP by 1/150 (lower limit 1) every turn.
    • (Even if this brings you down to negative health, you won't die unless you receive damage from something.)
    • Gauge does not decrease every turn.

You can re-transform while a transformation in an effect, allowing you to sort of pull off a multi-stage transformation. However, the buff from the previous transformation will be removed. (You cannot have multiple transformation buffs.)

[NPCs with sprite changes]
  • rabbit
  • vopal bunny
  • <Ungaga> the minotaur king
  • <Leiki>
[New NPCs]
  • kyuso
    • Level 125 rat. Space retention.
  • disaster
    • Level 88 rat. Forms swarms. Disturbance, Scavenge. On low health, Fawn On.
    • NB: Fawn On is known as Bewitch in later versions.
  • ham-tairou
    • is a level 28 rat.
  • asterios
    • Level 151 minotaur. Uses Lightning Breath very often.
  • chihyu
    • Level 100 minotaur. Mist of Dazzling, Mist of Darkness.
  • blue bull
    • Level 55 minotaur. cTemper bit flag.
  • cattle
    • Level 8 minotaur. Has same bonus to milk production rate as sheep race.
    • Evolves with god heart to divine cattle, learns Punishment.
  • mastallion
    • Level 154 horse. Males only.
  • dark horse
    • Level 128 horse. Riding bonus. Sold at horse master. Dark-elemental martial arts.
  • red kentaurs knight (NB: seems like name was changed to kentaurs knight)
    • Level 103 horse.
  • ballistallion
    • Level 86 horse. Riding bonus. Sold at horse master. Males only.
  • gunntaurs
    • Level 63 horse. Provoke.
  • kentaurs
    • Level 30 horse. Evolves with evolution heart to silver kentaurs, learns Boost.
[New evolutions]
  • Aside from the above, child boar evolves to pig boar with another heart, which further evolves with another another heart to big pig.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added one sub quest to Act III. (Nein's)
  • Increased the number of user portraits (face*.bmp in the user/graphic folder) to 40.
  • Astral light pen can now be used in the Void. Whether you are actually able to use it or not will depend on the target's level in the void including the void bonus. The NPC that gets recruited will not have the void bonus to its level.
  • Added a non-AP feat that gives a +20% bonus to Speed when alone (i.e. there are no pets or allied NPCs on the same map).
  • Forced sleep sharing now has a higher chance of succeeding the lower the target's HP is.
  • Added high level NPCs to the lich, rock, wisp, and spirit races. Added 4 evolutions.
  • Added 3 precious artifacts.
  • Aloe, quwapana, and guava are now recognized as fruit during item fusion.
  • Weapon throwing animation is now affected by the color of the thrown item.
  • Made changes to the skill bonus selection available when leveling up a living weapon. Every skill except weapon skills can now be chosen, and these skills are grouped into four choices. For more details on how they are grouped, look at the detailed changelog.
  • Elemental equipment from "of night" to "of magic" have had their rank increased, and their random generation no longer competes with the elemental equipment ranging from "of fire" to "of lightning".
  • Karma no longer decreases when a summoned undead belonging to you is killed by an attack from a friendly NPC.
  • If the conditions are met, summoned undead will now also get automatically summoned when moving on to the world map.
  • Summoned undead no longer catch the player pickpocketing.
  • Monsters bred on the ranch will occasionally have traits such as increased corpse quality or increased milk production. When the breeder has traits, monsters bred from it are more likely to come with traits as well. It's sort of like artificial selection. You might want to retire old breeders or have promising monsters start new ranches to increase the number of livestock with the traits that you want. Their traits become apparent when Rubbing them with a brush.
  • Livestock and breeders on the ranch can now be moved with a house board or a register. New livestock always get generated in the enclosure in the center, so you can move your breeder to a small room at the sides to better manage your ranch.
  • You can now tell a pet to abstain from items on the ground. (NB: is mistranslated/untranslated in English as of 1.59, and where it still says "Designated as precious ally.")
    • Picking up of items will be prevented 100% of the time, while eating/quaffing off the ground has a higher chance of getting prevented as the master/servant value (listed below Impress) increases. When the pet can't resist it and starts eating, changing positions with it to stop it from eating will increase master/servant relationship. If the player doesn't stop it from eating, then master/servant decreases. Love potions will slightly increase master/servant value as well. Cursed love potions will lower it. The description of each stage of master/servant relationship has been changed.
  • Method of obtaining Riding skill experience has been changed from "attacking with a physical attack" to "passage of turn while riding". (This makes it the same as Stealth.) The character being ridden will also gain Riding experience. Pets riding you will gain twice as much experience.
  • Directive special action no longer shows the list of pets that you have with you, and now lets you keep giving commands to your pets. The turn will end after you finish giving commands though.
  • Fixed your undead also becoming hostile with all the other NPCs when breaking into a guild.
  • Fixed some spells affecting your undead when they should not.
  • Fixed corpses outside the ranch also getting quality modifiers.
  • Fixed the equipment attribute added in 1.42 not appearing on the type of equipment it was supposed to.
  • Fixed special actions that aren't supposed to consume a turn consuming one.
  • Fixed the code for evolution of penguin and snail.
  • Fixed characters on the right of a tag team not receiving the effects of a picnic basket sometimes when the pet on the left moves.
  • Prevented werewolf events from happening outside towns.

1.43: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Selectable options when leveling up a living weapon]
  • NB: The following are the actual options followed by their respective translations.
  • Attribute add - Acquire attribute bonuses
  • skill1 add - Acquire attack/healing skill bonuses
    • Eye of Mind, Casting, Two Hand, Dual Wield, Tactics, Marksman, Healing, Meditation, Control Magic
  • Skill2 add - Acquire evasion/defensive skill bonuses
    • Shield, Evasion, Disarm Trap, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Light Armor, Stealth, Greater Evasion, Magic Capacity
  • Skill2 add - Acquire crafting/detection skill bonuses
    • Mining, Carpentry, Tailoring, Jeweler, Gardening, Cooking, Anatomy, Fishing, Alchemy, Lock Picking, Detection, Sense Quality
  • Skill2 add - Acquire other skill bonuses
    • Weight Lifting, Pickpocket, Swimming, Literacy, Gene Engineer, Memorization, Faith, Negotiation, Investing, Performing, Riding, Traveling
[Quality of ranch NPCs]
  • A maximum of one modifier from the meat/skin category and another one from the egg/milk category will be assigned to each NPC bred on the ranch.
  • The modifiers below increase in effect down the list for each of the two lists.
  • Only NPCs bred on the ranch will be affected by them. Some minor changes have also been made to Breeder's Guide.
  • NB: These messages currently do not appear in the English version.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Looks plump with decent meat. (Corpse will always have +enchant bonus.)
  • Looks plump with quality meat. (Corpse will always have +enchant bonus.)
  • Looks plump with succulent meat. (Corpse will always have +enchant bonus.)
  • The skin is decent grade. (Skin will always have +enchant bonus.)
  • The skin is of high quality. (Skin will always have +enchant bonus.)
  • The skin looks absolutely luxurious. (Skin will always have +enchant bonus.)
  • You just might be able to get more meat. (Might drop 1 extra corpse.)
  • You're likely to get more meat. (Might drop 1 extra corpse.)
  • You're certain that you'll get more meat. (Might drop 1 extra corpse.)
  • You just might be able to get more skin. (Might drop 1 extra skin.)
  • You're likely to get more skin. (Might drop 1 extra skin.)
  • You're certain that you'll get more skin. (Might drop 1 extra skin.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Doesn't look too good at producing milk. (Less likely to generate milk, and generates less milk.)
  • Doesn't look any good at producing milk. (Less likely to generate milk, and generates less milk.)
  • Looks extremely inept at producing milk. (Less likely to generate milk, and generates less milk.)
  • Doesn't look too good at laying eggs. (Less likely to generate eggs, and generates less eggs.)
  • Doesn't look any good at laying eggs. (Less likely to generate eggs, and generates less eggs.)
  • Looks extremely inept at laying eggs. (Less likely to generate eggs, and generates less eggs.)
  • Looks adept at laying eggs. (More likely to generate eggs, and generates more eggs.)
  • Looks adept at laying many eggs. (More likely to generate eggs, and generates more eggs.)
  • Eggs are coming out of the wazoo! (More likely to generate eggs, and generates more eggs.)
  • Looks good at producing milk. (More likely to generate milk, and generates more milk.)
  • Looks good at producing lots of milk. (More likely to generate milk, and generates more milk.)
  • Simply oozing with milk! (More likely to generate milk, and generates more milk.)
[Forced sleep sharing success determination]
  • Player's Strength is rolled against (Target's HP * 20 / Target's max HP) * (Target's Strength / 2 )
  • (Target's HP * 20 / Target's max HP) has a lower limit of 1.
  • If the former dice (player's strength) is higher, then it succeeds.
[Master/servant values and showing restraint on items]
  • Newly-generated NPCs begin with 50 in this parameter.
  • Their master/servant value (MSV) is rolled to determine if they will refrain from eating/drinking the item at their feet. If the roll is not 0, they will succeed in restraining their urge.
  • (That means it has a 1 in MSV chance of failing to refrain themselves, and at the maximum of 300 MSV they will have a 1/300 chance of showing restraint.)
  • 300 (limit): *Dog*
  • 250 to 299: Fidelity
  • 200 to 249: Subjection - will not resist during forced sleep sharing
  • 150 to 199: Amenable - will not resist initiation of forced sleep sharing
  • 100 to 149: Docile
  • 0 to 99: Peer
  • -100 to -1: Uninhibited - automatically fails to refrain from eating/drinking item at feet
  • -101 and below: *Cat*
[New NPCs]
  • spirit of bread
    • Level 105 spirit. Corpse is hard.
  • araonibi
    • Level 162 wisp. Worsens ether disease when eaten.
  • cloudragon
    • Level 141 wisp.
  • moai core
    • Level 158 rock. Corpse is hard.
  • mana monolith
    • Level 136 rock. Corpse is hard. Can escape.
  • claymoai
    • Level 67 rock. Corpse is hard. Immune to mines.
  • grim reaper
    • Level 162 lich.
  • profanity priest
    • Level 111 lich. Rotten meat.
  • mikscxifona
    • Level 66 lich. Rotten meat.
[New sub quest]
  • Simply bring the aforementioned mana monolith to <Nein>.
[New evolutions]
  • dark soul (electric cloud, chaos cloud) evolves to chaos cumulonimbus dragon (no English name). Learns Healing Rain.
  • dark soul (wisp) evolves with magic heart to will o-gre (no English name).
  • moai evolves with machine heart to cross moai, learns Fire a volley.

  • zombie, executioner, lich, lesser mummy, mummy, greater mummy, curased coffin evolve with magic heart to necro chimera.
  • Attributes gained when evolving depend on what it evolved from.
[New items]
  • <Sonic Broom>
    • Sub quest reward from <Nein>. Wearing it might make you feel like you're actually riding it?
  • <Pants of Ogre>
    • Rarely dropped from shine ogre, slash ogre, and smash ogre. Is not for throwing, even though it is an undergarment.
  • <Ion Cakram>
    • Rarely equipped by moai core and claymoai. Not a doughnut.



  • Fixed the code that executes when the Resurrection spell and book of resurrection activate.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added the conditions for triggering each of the custom lines to the flavor text sample as well as to the CNPC template.
  • Fixed being unable to call back your pets or call the ones staying at your home at the bartender or with Call Familiar if you currently have the maximum number of pets with you.
  • Restored "Dig" option to the quick menu.
  • Prevented the crash that occurs when executing an additional attack with interlocking shooting mechanism via the new equipment attribute. Prevented damage dealt from that from overflowing.
  • Fixed martial arts text getting changed to one that doesn't exist and crashing the game if you choose to not change the flavor text for martial arts at the Doujou.
  • Fixed the trigger that marked the player as being eligible to receive a picnic basket at the Maid house getting cleared when closing the game.
  • Sub-routines will no longer get nested by repeated usage of special actions that don't consume a turn. (To prevent HSP error 29).
  • Upgraded the internal version. (The save file for this version is no longer backwards compatible for 1.41, 1.41fix, and 1.42.)



[Changes and additions]
  • There are quite a few special actions now, so the area of effect special actions are no longer listed in the list brought up by 'a' key, but are instead under a new list brought up by 'W' (shift+w). The following are those special actions:
    • Houzanha, Dimensional Move, rampage, Cheer, Tag Force, Necro Force, Alchemical Rain, Provoke, Synchro hearts, Pressure, Emergency Evasion, Magic Equip, Super Armor, Ensemble, Preaching, Over-Ray, Mana Burst, Shadow rush, and Fire a volley.
    • If you find yourself forgetting which key to press, just remember 'W' for 'Wide Area' special actions.
  • Added a bit of content to Act III main quest.
  • Added two unique NPCs and precious artifacts to Act III. The new portraits are drawn by me, so I'm looking for people to help make them match the existing ones.
    • Added 4 high-level zombies. One of them is an alternative evolution.
    • Added 6 high-level snails. The regular snail now has 2 stages of evolutions.
  • Made slight changes to the deck editing screen.
  • The chance of vomiting when drunk is now decreased as the number of alcohols drunk by that character increases. For the player, the chance of *stagger* occurring also decreases, and the number of alcohols drunk is now listed in the journal. (You'll need to turn on record display in the settings.)
  • Buffed Holy Shield, Feather, Hero, and Divine Wisdom. They will now buff attributes by an additional 10% of their respective attributes' values regardless of spell level. They will also now last for at least 10 turns, but the number of turns they last for will not increase as much as spell level increases. This is to help characters (especially NPCs) that aren't that powerful even with buffs and require a lot of training to become useful.
  • Added 3 new equipment attributes. These will be generated only on miracle and godly-level equipment.
  • NPCs' critical hits will now be displayed in the log. (It will say 'Critical Hit!' in blue text.)
  • Increasing speed with AP will increase it by 20 for the player each time, and 30 for pets.
  • Capped number of undead from necromancy to 15 including pets on the map with you. Pets can also no longer be recruited if the number of undead summoned plus pets on the map is 15 or more. Only pets that are alive and with you will be counted; pets waiting in town will not.
  • Added an item that can store up to 15 stacks of coffins of necromancy.
    • Use it with the 't' key. Items stored in it do not add to its weight, and these items all share the same inventory.
    • It is randomly generated, and there will also be one in Lumiest graveyard from the start.
    • If you have this item in your inventory, all the summoned undead that you have with you will be automatically stuffed back into their coffins and then into your inventory when exiting a map. (NB: As opposed to summoned undead getting left behind in the previous map.) Coffins that cannot fit into your inventory will be placed within this item. However, coffins that were already in your inventory when you were exiting the map will not be placed into this item. Undead that are stuffed into their coffins this way will automatically get resummoned on the map that the player moves into if there are empty tiles around the player for them to stand on. Coffins placed in the item will not be automatically resummoned.
  • Up to 100 stacks of books and scrolls can now be stored in bookshelves, up to 60 potions for racks of potions, and up to 20 stacks of bread in show cases of bread. They can be used as tools with the 't' key, and function only in your house and the Maid house. Items in these containers do not add to the container's weight, and they all share inventories with other items from the same category. Containers generated in previous versions will not have this function.
  • Added an item that feeds all allies. All pets - whether they are sleeping, paralyzed, or out of your range of sight - will immediately teleport to you when this item is used.
    • This item can be created with item fusion, and can be received at Maid house every month on or after the 10th and the 20th.
    • This item will increase all attribute potential (including speed and luck) for all characters that ate it by the average of the cooked food rank of the items used to make it (if you made it via item fusion) or by a fix value (if received from the Maid house). Getting interrupted while eating will not give you the effect.
    • Corpses and eggs used as materials in crafting this item will not give their additional effects.
  • Partially changed how pets recover their potential through training. It used to select attributes and skills at random 100 times and then recover them 1% each time. It will now recover all attribute potentials by 2% each (except for speed and luck), and all skill potentials by 3% each. That means that there is no longer any reason to learn as few skills as possible. Training cost also depends on the starting value of the attributes (INI), and training cost will no longer increase as that character's stats increase.
  • The descriptive text for martial arts and casting can now be changed at the Doujou. The default text for those are different for each of the races, but you will now be able to customize them for every character regardless of their race (including the player and pets).
  • HP bar of allies who don't count as pets (like friendly forces in quests and NPCs being escorted) is now yellow in color.
  • Buffed collected power and Time Stop special actions.
  • Fixed the text for the Combat Rolls section on the character sheet.
  • Fixed pets in Onslaught mode not using gauge attacks in the arena.
  • Fixed the issue with some parts of the text in conversations after leaving the battle map in Act III main quest.
  • <Poppy> the little dog from the sub quest can no longer be left at the Doujou if it is following you. If it is already at the Doujou, it can be taken out. It can be left at the Doujou if you have recruited it as a pet.

1.42: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[Extended main quest]
  • You will be afflicted by low-strength poison and bleed status effects. (Even after the boss is defeated.)
  • Equipment attributes that negate poison or reduce bleeding will work against these effects.
  • The status effects wear off when you leave the quest map.
[New NPCs]
  • <Shuraida> the expert merc
    • Level 164 karune. Has a makeshift portrait. His precious equipment will not drop upon his death.
  • <Roatonis> the infections
    • Act III event boss. Level 160 imp. Death Word and Eye of Ether.
  • darknesslug
    • Level 151 snail. Mist of Darkness, Darkness Breath, and Attribution Shield.
  • fortressnail
    • Level 133 snail. Has high marksman skill.
  • kamikaze maimai
    • Level 111 snail. Does not use Suicide Attack. Instead, it will use Close Suicide. It will still blow up when Wet, and will not explode when hit. It's still a snail though.
  • acid sea hare
    • Level 86 snail. Will counter attacks with strong acid.
  • magicargot
    • Level 67 snail. May give magic resist sometimes when eaten.
  • big sea hare
    • Will use melee wait (martial arts + range attack) very often.
  • zombie girl
    • Level 40 zombie. Evolutions are listed below.
  • gothic
    • Level 114 zombie. Voracity Fang and Scavenge.
  • requiem
    • Level 135 zombie. Concentration.
  • zombie queen
    • Level 153 zombie. Will use Summon chaos to summon zombies that are 2/3 her level. Number of zombies she can have is capped.
    • Will use the NPC version of Necro Force to expend HP to power them up (10 turns of Hero, Holy Shield, and Contingency).
    • When recruited as a pet, her Necro Force will target zombies from your coffins of necromancy.
    • So if you don't have any zombies, she wastes a lot of her turns and will not prove as useful.
[New evolutions]
  • snail evolves with another heart to slug and gains a smidgen of speed. It can then be evolved with machine heart to metalslug, gaining cArmour bit flag and learning Emergency Evasion. You know, invincibility frames and stuff. Does not have cMetal bit flag, and salt damage is still not reduced.
  • NB: Possibly referring to the invincibility frames in the metal slug games.
  • zombie girl has a few mutually-exclusive evolutions.
    • It evolves with another heart to stacy, and learns Absolute protect and regeneration.
    • It evolves with magic heart to romanesque, learning Rubbing and Emergency Evasion.
    • It evolves with machine heart to thanatos, learning Swarm and Nether Wave.
[New items]
  • 4-Dimensional mirror
    • Randomly generated. Activates 4-Dimensional Pocket. Spell level is fixed, so its capacity and weight limit do not increase.
  • large empty basket
    • Used in crafting the item below.
  • large picnic basket
    • Use this to generate a large picnic basket at your feet.
    • Its enchant level will be the average of the cooked dishes used to make it + 3.
    • Recovers attribute potential by enchant value.
  • DD cemetery key
    • As specified in the changelog.
  • <Spadille>
    • Artifact spear. Equipped by <Shuraida> the expert merc.
    • It will not drop even when he dies on the Act 3 event map.
[New equipment attributes]
  • It decreases enemy chance to deliver critical hits.
    • Greatly lower the enemy's critical chance.
    • May be randomly generated on head, body, and waist equipment.
  • It provides an interlocking shooting mechanism.
    • May proc at most once per turn during ranged or melee attack.
    • One piece of equipment will be chosen at random, and if this attribute is on it, it will activate.
    • Deals damage based on damage dealt by regular attacks, Marksman skill, and strength of the equipment attribute.
    • It will also lower the target's evade for 2 turns.
    • May be randomly generated on shields, melee, and back equipment.
    • This is supposed to have the cannon sword or multi-round missile launcher feel to it.
    • This replaces the Marksman skill attribute on <Metal Wing of Vesda>.
  • It provides a proximity assist weapon.
    • May proc at most once per turn during ranged or melee attack.
    • One piece of equipment will be chosen at random, and if this attribute is on it, it will activate.
    • Deals damage based on damage dealt by regular attacks, Tactics skill, and strength of the equipment attribute.
    • It will also lower the target's defense for 2 turns.
    • It will not activate if you are not adjacent to the target, but it has a higher damage multiplier than the shooting mechanism attribute described above.
    • May be randomly generated on leg, ranged, and arm equipment.
    • This is supposed to have the gun blade or hidden knife feel to it.
    • This replaces the cut damage counter attribute on <Saber Tonfa>.



[Changes and additions]
  • Alchemical Rain special action can no longer be targeted (i.e. you no longer need to target it).
  • Buffed the HP leech effect of the skull sword attack item.
  • Fixed selecting to erase an equipment attribute on a piece of equipment setting its strength to 0 but not erasing it during artifact fusion.
  • Fixed the issue with the text in some conversations in Act III main quest that could occur depending on whether some events have been triggered or not.
  • Prevented crashes that could occur if skill experience overflows.
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when giving bonus skill experience from Learning attribute if skill experience earned was 0.
  • Fixed the bag icon not displaying properly on the second page of the item fusion window. The icon indicates that the player has the materials required for that particular recipe.



[Changes and additions]
  • Special actions are now listed in the order of the attributes that they depend on.
  • Cost of learning a new skill at the trainer has been greatly reduced and starts at 5 pp, with an upper limit of 15 pp.
  • Added 6 new monsters. 1 of them is a unique boss, and another is one that doesn't spawn naturally.
  • Changed the sprites of the king in yellow and nyarlathotep. Added a sprite for female rogue bosses.
  • Added a mid-boss battle to Act III main quest. Moving to the map will have no effect on you. There is a map-wide effect that causes the gauge of some of the generic monsters on the map to increase up to 50%, and it lasts until the boss is defeated.
  • Number of items that can have their sprite and name by changed by Garokk at a time has been increased to 33. Items from 21-33 use 48*96 sprites. You can now revert the sprite to the default by entering 0. (Will not work for items that have already been changed before this version.) There has been some new code added for this feature, so if you find something wrong with the items after customizing them please let me know.
  • Changed the types of NPCs that spawn in shops and museums placed on the Act III world map.
  • Some NPCs will now be placed on the Act III facility after they die. (2 x imp, Koala, tester, palace magician).
  • The damage dealt from "deals massive damage to gods, dragons, and undead" equipment attribute is now affected by the strength of the equipment attribute. The equipment attribute will now increase 1.5 times as much for living weapons.
  • The stat reduction that happens when recruiting god and custom NPCs as pets no longer occurs when inheriting pets after reincarnating. The lower cap for attribute reduction is now 50. Attributes below 50 will no longer be reduced when recruiting.
  • There is a low chance that NPCs will get angry and become hostile when they are asleep and you wake them up with a whistle. Pets will no longer have that chance to get angry.
  • Halved the weight of rod magic devices. Greatly increased the charges on attack-type rods. (The charges drawn will be less.)
  • Fill Charge no longer restores a random number of charges; it now restores +2 charges. Number of charges restored to spellbooks remains the same at a fixed +1 charge. Magic device destruction has a chance of occurring when the device fails to charge can now be prevented by Control Magic skill level (max reduction of chance to destroy the device is 99%, achieved at skill level 100).
  • The reward for town board quests is no longer greatly reduced if the level of the quest is a lot higher than your lowest dungeon floor cleared.
  • Added a special action that uses up a potion of your choice and drenches all characters (including the player) in visual range indiscriminately with it. It will be slightly less effective than if the potion had been thrown directly. Hermes blood and potions of potential cannot be selected. Love potions can be selected, but the impress increase that they cause is halved, and it will neither cause eggs nor milk to be produced. With this, you can buff everyone if there are no enemies around, or spread around status effects that you and your pets are immune to, or to make NPCs wet.
  • Added 3 item fusion recipes that players will start off with by default. The items are used for attacking, and should be readily craftable in either early- or mid-game. They are used by throwing them, and are not consumed after throwing although you will need to retrieve them. Their power is subject to balancing.
  • Changed the amount of Tactics and Throwing skill experience that throwing items (non-equipment) gives. It now gives somewhat more experience because they can't be infinitely thrown like a weapon.
  • Made high potions of aqua sanctio, soma, nektar, and disaster easier to craft.
  • When reincarnating a gene, the new character's starting money will increase with the parent's money. The starting platinum will depend on the parent's total main attributes, and the starting skill points depends on the total skill levels. The code for this exists in vanilla Elona, but has never worked before this due to an issue with it.
  • Fixed the text displayed when another character is already on the tile that you moved a stayer at your home to, as it made it sound as if the former character is the one that you want to move.
  • Fixed the cursor failing to scroll past tag teamed characters when targeting mode is activated with the * key and scrolling through targets with the + key.
  • Fixed the crash that could occur when targeting mode is activated with the * key and while attempting to scroll through targets with the + or - keys when there are no characters that can be targeted on screen.
  • Fixed the younger sister in the Removal of sister sub quest speaking the Act III version of her lines when the player reaches the beginning of Act III main quest.
  • Fixed the issue where pets inherited after reincarnating would still have the AP special actions Struck Out and Zero Shoot.
  • Fixed the issue where there code to determine if there is a facility at a coordinate on the world map would detect facilities [at that coordinate] on other continents.
  • Fixed tree cutting sometimes getting interrupted by pets eating. The tree being cut down will now be marked as an item in use. It wasn't marked as such in previous versions, causing the issue.
  • Fixed traits from multiple characters' traits getting listed on the Feats and Traits window. If you find any other issues with this, please report them.
  • If there are already 15 equipment attributes on a piece of equipment when doing artifact fusion, you can now erase the attribute of your choice.
  • To prevent people from indefinitely being able to eat food and gaining the perks of that, food eaten with Scavenge in showrooms and the EX arena will no longer have any effect. It will still consume the food item and recover the user's HP though.
  • Fixed being unable to read treasure maps on the Act III continent.

1.41: detailed changelog

Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

[New NPCs]
  • legendary wolf
    • Level 152 dog. Uses Metal Guard because of the thing it's referencing, but this skill doesn't do much to help it in battle.
  • <Inqtual> the revenge
    • Act III event boss. Level 160 imp.
  • last raven
    • Level 137 bird. Is rarely equipped with <HL-KRSW>.
  • wandering penguin
    • Level 12 bird. Evolves with king heart to emperor penguin (no English name?), learns Browbeat.
  • palace magician
    • Level 135 eulderna. Guards the fortified right edge of the Act III event map. One of these will be placed on Amur-Cage after the event.
  • magic archer
    • Level 45 eulderna.
[New items]
  • wonder body former
    • Item that adds a body part. If you wish for it, you will get a scroll of wonder instead.
    • You won't be able to use this unless your save file was from an eligible version.
  • trismagistus
    • Throwing item. Invokes three Magic Storms along its line of motion.
  • magistus
    • Throwing item. Invokes Magic Storm. Useful in early-game because of its AOE.
  • skull sword
    • Throwing item. Nether elemental damage dependent on Throwing skill.
  • <HL-KRSW>
    • Precious laser gun.
[New special action]
  • Alchemical Rain
    • Usable with potions except with the following:
    • Hermes Blood, <Vernis Original>, blue capsule drag, potion of descent, speed drink, empty bottle, snow, molotov, potion of potential.



[Changes and additions]
  • Fixed Body Blow special action having its user undefined. Also fixed other characters receiving the Body Blow effect instead if the original target is killed by a regular attack right before the special action takes effect.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when using Squeeze special action with less than 10 Strength.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred due to a missing section of code when the Voracity Fang special action causes the user to become too bloated and vomit.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when executing the targeting code used in BakuretuKen, the informer NPC, and so on.



[Changes and additions]
  • Fixed characters in a tag team appearing where they're not when entering town board quest maps.
  • Fixed a boss NPC not being a unique NPC because I forgot to mark it as such.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when using the spell/magic device gauge attack while wearing no equipment. Also fixed being unable to find the target sometimes when using the gauge attack after a ball-type AOE spell.
  • Changed the variable that stores anniversary dates for characters. Characters that have already been recruited as pets or are already married to you will have their anniversary set to the date you first talk to them after the update.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when making a gene when there is a character in a tag team.



[Changes and additions]
  • Implemented the sub quest "From the sea of stars". Added a new koala part to the "Revenge mountain" sub quest. (You'll need to be in Act III to have access to that.)
  • Added 3 types of new monsters.
  • Characters that were generated via splitting or summoning in hunting quests will no longer count towards the number of targets left. (Killing the monsters that were placed at the start of the quest will clear it.)
  • There is now an anniversary date for every pet (displayed on the conversation window). It will change from the date that they were recruited to the date you were married with them when you marry them. Characters who are already pets or are already married to you will have their anniversary date set to the date on which you first talk to them after the update. Gifts, proofs of friendship, engagement rings, and engagement necklaces will increase twice as much impress when gifted on the anniversary date. There may eventually be an anniversary event in the future, but for now it's just a purely aesthetic feature.
  • Bonus Alchemy skill experience can now be rewarded for creating coffins via necromancy. Removed two of the required ingredients for creation of coffins via item fusion, and the material is no longer limited to hearts. The difference in levels between the types of undead created from necromancy has been reduced. The player will also now gain Anatomy experience when an undead defeats an enemy.
  • Enemies in the pet arena (except in EX battles) will now have a level modifier that depends on your rank and the number of consecutive wins.
  • The calculated evade when affected by Bind status effect is now 1/5 of the normal value.
  • The Brave feat has been renamed to "Against the Odds", and its effect has been changed to increase damage as HP decreases.
    • NB: It's still called the Brave feat in English.
    • Random mobs in Awakened Nefia will no longer have this feat. (Bosses may have it.)
    • AP cost has been reduced to 1500. Characters with Brave feat will have that feat swapped for this, and have the difference refunded. This can temporarily exceed the AP limit, but be careful as earning any additional AP will set the the current amount to the limit.
  • Changed Mana Burst special action from being dependent on max MP and expending 3 times max MP to being dependent on current MP and expending current MP. When there is not much MP left, then it will depend on Magic attribute, and expend an amount of MP equal to that attribute. It will also no longer hit allies when used by an ally.
  • Characters summoned during the pet arena will become the audience, and will no longer attack or get in the way of participants.
  • Pets recruited from scroll of ally, diaries, opening monster balls, and servant NPCs rewarded from gods will no longer have a chance of being a boss mob.
  • Skill and attribute experience received is lowered as current skill/attribute increases, but that effect has now been reduced to 2/3 of what it was.
  • When the absolute piercing attack [equipment attribute] procs (and I'm not referring to attacks with 100% pierce weapons), the target's PV will now be greatly decreased for 3 turns after dealing damage. Piercing ammo will decrease PV for 1 turn.
  • Unique NPC pets and variants (NB: monsters that randomly spawn with brackets around their name) can no longer nullify death word, destruction of items in their inventory, and attribute reduction caused by anorexia.
  • Stave gauge attack will now also cause a large amount of DV reduction for 5 turns.
  • Spell and magic device gauge attack is now single-target, and has increased damage. It also recovers a small amount of HP and MP dependent on amount of damage dealt.
  • Characters at 100% gauge will no longer lose gauge as turns pass.
  • The player will no longer automatically proc gauge attacks. By using the <Gauge Release> special action, the next attack will now proc the gauge attack. No turn is expended for using <Gauge Release>. This special action is automatically learned during the update. New characters will learn it when they level up. Pets will use gauge attacks only when in Onslaught mode.
  • The player and pets (including other players' pets in showrooms and so on) no longer have gauge attack damage dealt capped at half of the target's HP.
  • Struck Out special action now affects the target even if it isn't hostile towards the user.
  • The danger level of generated random dungeons is now affected by the following:
    • continent the player is on : extent of main quest progression : lowest dungeon floor conquered
    • in the ratio 2 : 2 : 1.
    • The lowest dungeon floor conquered will also be set to main quest progression during the update.
  • Equipment enchant scrolls have their respective enchant caps raised by 2. Greatly reduced the cost of enchanting equipment at the blacksmith.
  • The target can now be chosen when throwing potions at a tag team.
  • Prevented members of a tag team from having different speeds if the members are tagged in the order that they appear in the pet list and are then affected by Speed.
  • Fixed sox equipped by the player getting counted when submitting sox in a quest and causing the counter to be wrong.
  • Fixed the player's karma getting reduced when certain special actions hit friendly NPCs because those special actions get recognized as an attack from the player.
  • Fixed the problem where the save data from vanilla Elona stable version could not be read unless it is updated to vanilla beta version before updating to Elona+ due to item fusion recipe data values.
  • Fixed being able to flip the item fusion recipe page out of bounds and crashing the game.
  • Fixed the lag that occurred at a high number of consecutive wins at the pet arena.
  • Fixed the pet arena bonus reward cap disappearing at 300 consecutive wins.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when attempting to place tagged characters on a map that has no empty tiles available.
  • Total AP earned is now initialized to 0 for inherited pets after reincarnating.
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when handing weapons to pets and equipping it in their hands right after Ensemble or Preaching.
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when applying the effects of Retention special action, and also fixed effects getting applied to characters who aren't there.
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