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[Changes and additions]
  • If a portion of save data either does not exist or can't be read, the game will display a message and terminate.
  • Though it's late in coming, 3 race-name changing items will be generated at your feet for those whose race name disappeared due to race mergers. These will be generated regardless of if you were affected by this issue. Update in a map that has space for the items.
  • Main quest has been developed a little.
  • Several monsters were added.
  • Sleep sharing will no longer automatically passively occur. For sleep sharing to occur at random when sleeping, you must give a pet whose relationship is "Friend" or higher a "sleep sheep" item.
  • Cost of refilling special ammo has been halved. Replenishing ammo at the blacksmith will also replenish every pet's ammo. However, you can't replenish them again without leaving and re-entering the map.
  • When AP is refunded from Leold, you may temporarily exceed the 2000 AP limit. However, acquiring AP in this state will reduce your AP to 2000.
  • Gauge attacks will no longer proc when attacking with Knockout.
  • PV and damage bonus from equipment weight has been changed from +1 per 10s to +1 per 5s, up to a maximum of +40.
  • The "enhances your spells" effect is now capped at 2.5x
  • All magic spells including ball-type spells will no longer receive a range-based penalty to damage.
  • Added a special action that causes all allies to fire a bolt spell that depends on the sum of everyone's Magic attribute. However, if the sum of Magic is greater than 10 times the user's Magic attribute, then it is capped at 10 times. The target's magic reflect will not work against this, but it can hit allies. This is basically a stronger version of Crystal Spear, but it will not work with the Charge Attack special action. The lines spoken by pets when using Over-Ray can be customized with txtMultiple.
  • The special action Fire a volley will now cost 10sp, as well as consume some of the special gauge.
  • You will obtain a bonus reward for every 100 consecutive wins in the arena and pet arena. The bonus is doubled at 200 consecutive wins, and triples at 300 (the maximum).
  • "Mewmew? You've found me!"
  • If you have 1st place in the pet arena, stronger challengers will be generated based on your number of successive victories. For "rumble", even if you aren't first place, the level of monsters will rise.
  • EX battles in the pet arena are not added to the total.
  • Your largest winning streak in the pet arena will be added to the journal.
  • Scrolls of gain attribute are no longer required for artifact fusion with a jewel core of nefia.
  • Increased the attribute power cap of Miracle and Godly artifact equipment for artifact fusion.
  • When trade goods are bought at traders, their invest level will go up depending on the value of trade goods bought. Invest level will not increase if you sell the goods you bought from them and rebuy it.
  • You can now spend pets' AP to increase their quality. This is basically to make them unique NPCs.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the reduction in AP when using an astral light pen.
  • Fixed characters on the right of a tag team appearing where it shouldn't be when the tag member on the left disappears after putting him or her away with Call Familiar, due to death, is told to wait in town via conversation, or is abandoned.
  • Characters that start with a gun now have their starting ammo specified, because they sometimes got generated with magnum ammo even when they didn't start with a pistol.
  • Fixed some ambient sounds (like hard rain) not replaying themselves.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when moving to a hunting quest map or a shelter in town after inviting a god to your house.
  • Fixed the long-standing issue where the game crashed when the you flip over to the second page of item fusion recipes with your cursor near the bottom of the first page of recipes after looking at the third page or higher of a shop with at least 3 pages of items. This crash did not occur if you looked at your inventory or items to sell to a shopkeeper after looking at the shop's items.

Translated by AnnaBannana



[Changes and additions]
  • Fixed being unable to allocate pet skill points to skills that the player doesn't have.
  • Fixed NPCs gaining skill points when leveling up.



[Changes and additions]
  • The dialogue box that pops up at the title screen can now be disabled in the game settings under "Message&Log".
  • Rods will no longer have a chance of failing to zap no matter how high the user's Magic Device skill is. Failure rate now decreases as Magic Device skill increases, and it will eventually become 0.
  • The "enhances your spells" equipment attribute now affects the power of rods.
  • Holy Light has been changed be able to target all allies in range of sight. It is no longer the inferior version of Vanquish Hex.
  • Children in costumes will now visit your house in October and beg for candy. The following can be given to them: api nut candy, chestnut candy, acorn candy, romias, <Vernis Original>, fortune cookie, handmade chocolate, and caramel of termination.
    • You will receive the same item for giving them any of the above items. If you don't give them anything, though...
  • Line spoken during breakfast can now be customized with TxtBfast.
  • You can now continually receive materials from your pets by holding down the enter key. The line spoken when receiving materials can also be customized with TxtMaterial now.
  • Changed cost of using an astral light pen from "AP equal to the target's level" to "a number of Magic ink material equal to the target's level/10, rounded down to the nearest integer, with a lower limit of 1".
  • Added a buff that enhances Perception and Will. A potion and spellbook exist for it. Added the potion version of Feather.
  • The type of special ammo can now be specified when changing special ammo with the command flag or with the Directive special action. Time stop ammo cannot be switched to with these, though.
  • Undead created from necromancy will now have their HP bars displayed. Added a special action that supports necromancy. It can return all undead to their coffins, remove their status effects, buff them temporarily, make them perform a suicide attack on the enemy, and so on.
  • Increased power of Eye of Mana special action. Magic attribute now affects its power more.
  • Added a special action that allows you to go easy on the target. It can be obtained by acquiring its corresponding feat. (NB: Knockout.)
    • It deals 1/3 of a regular melee attack and always leaves the target with at least 1 HP. Extra attacks and invokes will not proc. If the target is left with less than 1/20 HP or has 1 HP remaining, then the special action will also give the target the Unconscious status effect. (Unconscious will become its lesser counterparts Muddled and Dim with the passage of turns. Will also work on golems.)
  • Increased the bonus skill experience from Learning attribute. It was 2 times the square root of Learning; it is now 5 times the square root.
  • Added bleed effect to Drain Blood. This effect is one step weaker than the one caused by shurikens.
  • Added a custom option to the AP purchase menu. 100 skill points can now be exchanged for 500 AP for pets, and 1500 AP for the player. [Pet] skill points can be allocated by opening their character sheet at the informer, doujou, or discarded ranch.
  • Changed AP storage limit to 2000.
  • The requirement to earn AP is now 2 times the starting Life, 0.5 times the starting Mana, and 20% of cumulative AP earned so far. Cumulative AP earned thus far is now listed beside current AP.
    • AP can no longer be earned from some enemies that have INI below a certain value (i.e. set the lower threshold). In general, the enemies near the end of Act I will start to exceed the threshold.
  • Changed the damage multiplier from Bravery feat to 3 times. (NB: Defunct AP feat.) The original speed will now be used when the player is on foot, and the steed's original speed will be used when riding for calculations.
  • When a character in a tag team defeats an enemy, the partner that did not land the finishing blow will now earn AP as well if he or she is eligible. (The INI of the partner that landed the killing blow isn't the one that's going to be used for calculations.)
    • Amount earned is less than if the character had landed the killing blow. This means that the amount of AP that can be earned for killing one enemy has been increased, and that characters that aren't attacking can earn AP too.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed NPCs not equipping unidentified weapons handed to them properly.
  • Fixed sub AI routine and forbidding of special actions [with AP] having higher priority than defensive mode.
  • Fixed Wet status from rain giving no Swimming skill experience.
  • Fixed the player's karma decreasing sometimes when a guard starts fighting a neutral NPC.
  • Fixed the issue with the placement of some doors in random dungeons.
  • Fixed the issue with the options that are available when interacting with NPCs after using Return on an Act III battle map.
  • Fixed NPCs on an Act III battle map speaking the same lines before and after moving to that map.
  • Fixed characters hit by acid counterattack automatically becoming the target.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a bit of content to the main quest.
  • Added quite a few new monsters.
  • Added evolutions for Tyrannosaurus and low level spiders.
  • Re-added the Healing skill bonus to Regeneration effect; that bonus to HP healed every turn is less than what it was originally though.
  • Changed the area that gets darkened when darkening the screen outside of cutscenes.
  • Characters in tag teams will no longer move towards the designated chairs when meeting with guests at your home. (This is to prevent the tag team from breaking up.)
  • Capped corpse weight during generation at 100s. Prevented price overflow when selling them.
  • Fire Wall and Acid Ground will now also deal immediate damage to the characters on the tile that the puddles/fire pillars get generated on, and not just when characters step on to the puddles/fire pillar. Damage is higher than when stepping on the puddles/fire pillar.
  • AP is now earned based on the target and the attacker's starting attributes so that you can level attributes without worrying about anything. Amount earned is now about 2 times what it was, and made requirements for earning AP stricter. If riding a horse, either the horse's or your starting Speed will be used for calculation, whichever is higher. The starting attribute value is displayed under "INI" on the character sheet. Existing characters will have their INI values based on their current attributes.
  • Monster variants (NB: monsters with brackets around their names) in hunting quests and rogues in a rogue attack can no longer be dominated. Custom NPCs with high attributes will now be weakened when recruited as pets. Their INI value will be calculated after they get weakened to make it easier for them to earn AP.
  • When the player has enough favor to receive the final reward from their god, praying at the Truce Ground in November will summon their god (up to once a year). They disappear if you reenter the Truce Ground in December and onwards.
  • When your house is rank 1, you can now invite gods (even ones that you aren't currently worshiping) to your house by talking to them. After inviting them, entering or exiting a map will cause them to move to your house. They will not disappear from your house with time. However, you may not invite another god to your house until the one you invited is placed in your home.
  • A lot of players don't read the readme, so a notice will now display at the title screen.
  • Fixed Two Hand bonus not affecting ranged weapons equipped in your hands.
  • Fixed door lockpicking difficulty overflowing at extremely deep dungeon floors.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed inner gods not appearing when you defeat a god in the Void or in a certain Act III map. (The inner gods won't have the void modifier to their levels if you defeat the god in the void.) However, defeating gods in the showroom will still not summon their inner god.
  • Fixed spiral king NPCs generated in previous version using Dark Eye spell on itself.



[Changes and additions]
  • Pets in a tag team will now share money looted off the ground with their partner.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when entering the arena if the member on the left of a tag team is further down the list of pets than the member on the right.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when attempting to auscultate a tile with no one on it.
  • Fixed pets registered in a showroom not attacking.
  • Prevented additional elemental damage from overflowing with Charge Attack.



[Changes and additions]
  • Pets on the world map are now slightly bigger.
  • Fixed some descriptions in the journal.
  • Fixed characters dropping generic corpses instead of their respective corpses.
  • Prevented pets in a tag team from fighting over food on the ground.
  • Limited running speed when the player is in a tag team. Because of how the game is drawn, it won't be as smooth when running.
  • Fixed Healing Rain and Rain of sanity not affecting the tag member on the right.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when meeting with a guest when there is a chair assigned to your guest.
  • Fixed NPCs in a map not getting saved to showrooms. Only the left member of tag teams will appear in showrooms.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added an Act III sub quest.
  • Added and placed two new unique NPCs in an Act III town.
  • Placing an item_*.bmp file into the user/graphic folder will now automatically replace the sprite in item.bmp at that position with your file. This is the item version for the chara_*.bmp sprite replacing system.
  • You can now choose what action to take when sleep sharing occurs. You can either wordlessly kick your pet out [of your bed], ignore it, or flirt around.
  • You can now choose what actions you want to take during forced sleep sharing initiated by Squeeze. The target will become more servile depending on what actions you take. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like stuff like this, you have been warned. If the target is at Soul Mate or above, then it will just be regular sleep sharing. (Except that you get to pick your target.)
  • Changing item name and sprite at Garokk now costs 1 pp.
  • Tentatively introduced the 2-man team system. The following are possible: pet + pet, player + pet, (player + steed) + pet.
    • Go make your dream team! Example of a team: http://www.elonaup.x0.com/src/up12851.png
    • NB: Link doesn't work any more.
    • For pet + pet teams, only one of the pets will receive damage when hit by an area-of-effect attack. To be precise, the pet that rolls the higher resist dice will cover the other pet. (Works even for nukes and Meteor.)
    • There are also support special actions that buff and heal during tag team.
    • The character on the left is in charge of moving and has control over the team formation. The character on the right will fail to move.
    • When the player is in a tag team, the screen will no longer scroll even when it is on in the settings. (This is because of how the game screen is drawn during scrolling, and it would cause your tag partner to keep jumping around sideways while trying to follow you.)
    • The speed of the team will be that of the slower character. The gauges will be visually half their original length, so they might be harder to read.
  • Cheer now works for 5 times the number of turns. Hero is now works 1.25 times the number of turns. Speed and Hero will now run out at the same time. Cheer will also no longer cause Contingency.
  • Upped the stats of claw equipment by one notch.
  • Changed the stats of the following weapons:
    • pistol: distance multipliers changed from 10-09-07-05-03 to 09-10-08-06-03.
    • shotgun: distance multipliers changed from 10-06-03 to 10-08-05.
    • laser gun: stats are now one notch weaker because its distance multipliers are perfect.
  • Pickpocket and Riding skills can now be acquired by pets via the gene machine. However, other unlearned skills will take priority and be learned first.
  • Squeeze special action now also causes 1 turn of bind.
  • Added an item that causes the holder to be Wet all the time. However, when Wet because of this item, no Swimming skill experience can be gained.
  • Added descriptions to cards in the deck that didn't have much of a description.
  • Added the new magnum ammo to buff pistols since they were too weak. It is rare and powerful compared to other ammo, and it is only for pistols. (Cannot be used with dual pistols.) Has a negative accuracy bonus. With this, pistols can deal as much damage as other guns and bows.
  • Killing livestock on the ranch will now drop their skin in addition to their corpse. Their quality and worth increases depending on the player's Anatomy skill. More skins may drop when the player has high Anatomy skill.
  • Harden level and blessed status of weapons now also increases weapon accuracy.
  • There is now a +1 damage and PV bonus per 10s of weight for each piece of equipment. The following are the differences between this system and the flying scroll system in the past:
    • The bonus is fixed, and is the same no matter what kind of equipment it is and what dice it has.
    • The limit is +20 at 200s for each piece of equipment.
    • This is easily adjustable because it only requires a change in the calculation, and not the item data for every piece of equipment.
    • This does not depend on the weight change, but instead depends on the current weight. That means there is no penalty for making equipment lighter than they originally were.
    • May be subject to further balancing and changes in the future.
  • Fixed some descriptions and typos.
  • Fixed evolution to fire rat (NB: evolved rat) and soul bee (NB: evolved wasp) not increasing resistances like they should. NPCs that have already been evolved will have their resistances increased during the update if they are on the same map as you when updating.
  • Fixed Lay Hand not working on the player sometimes.



[Changes and additions]
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when certain NPCs receive damage.



[Changes and additions]
  • NPCs that split will no longer split after they have been recruited as a pet.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when casting some types of spells.
  • Fixed being able to Return to a map used in the main quest. Fixed the target for the damage received when traveling, and reduced the random damage.
  • Fixed the player getting a karma hit for using some special actions on Ebon after unchaining him.
  • Fixed "... of fire" equipment getting named as "... of night" instead. Equipment that is already named "...of night" will be renamed as "of fire".



[Changes and additions]
  • Added some content to Act III main quest.
  • Added quite a few new NPCs. There are now over 700 of them. With this, the number of NPCs added in Elona+ finally exceeds the number of vanilla NPCs.
  • After clearing an Awakened Nefia, there will be a chance that you will get an item for equipment attribute fusion. The chance depends on the dungeon depth (DL).
    • Chance that you will receive the item is 0% for level 50 and below, about 2% for level 51, 50% at level 100, 75% at level 200, and 90% at level 200.
    • There are ones that increase skills, increase attributes, grant status effect immunity, and rarely ones that lets you see invisible creatures.
    • This item is actually an expensive ore, so if it has an equipment attribute that you don't want, just sell it or give it to your pet.
  • Increased probability of generation of scroll of gain attribute.
    • The probability of finding scrolls is now as follows: superior material > gain attribute > growth
  • Increased strength of equipment attributes added to artifact equipment.
    • Resistances and skills gain ### each time. (Except for magic resistance, which gains ##.)
    • Go make your own original artifact by adding attributes that suit your play style, and by changing its name and appearance at Garokk.
    • Don't go overboard with it though, because quests in the future will give items that will grant special equipment attributes like chance of extra melee attack and magic reflect.
  • Added elemental equipment for non-primary elements. (Like "____ of fire" equipment for each element.) This makes it easier to mix-and-match equipment in early game to get a full set of resistances.
  • When an NPC is not equipped with equipment that enhances spells, then spell power will be increased by Casting skill.
    • At 100 Casting, another 5 skill levels in Casting will increase spell power by 1%.
    • At 300 Casting, spell power is 1.4 times the original spell power.
    • This does not affect pets, and pets belonging to other players in the showroom or at the pet arena.
  • If you already seen the event, then the black gemstone of wake up of Nefia will show up in the little sister rewards list even if it hasn't been identified yet.
  • Added a special action. It lets you show some serious physical affection for the target.
    • The user's Charisma will be rolled against the target's Will. If it succeeds, inflicts 1 turn of paralysis on the target (does not stack), while slightly increasing the target's gauge. You can use this on your allies or on enemies depending on the situation. You can customize the target's response to this with txtFawnOn.
  • Halved the required level for astral light pen usage.
  • When a god race NPC is recruited as a pet, its attributes will no longer be capped at 150. Instead, attributes will be 1/6 their original value. Skills will no longer be capped at 50, and instead they will be 1/2 their original value with a cap of 200.
  • The number of pets that can be left at the doujou and discarded ranch is now 150 per map. Slightly decreased the price of a deed of discarded ranch.
  • Added an item that stops NPCs from converting to another god if they have it in their inventory. When the player uses it, the current favor, favor limit, and prayer charge percentage will be displayed.
    • You will receive one when you convert to another god when not under the Punishment hex. It is also randomly generated.
  • When a certain item is used, it has a 50% chance of eliciting a response from dog race NPCs (including foxes) in visual range. Only newly-generated items will have this effect, though.
  • When an NPC has been recruited as a pet and it is forbidden from using certain special actions and spells, it will now no longer waste turns trying to use those forbidden special actions/spells, and will instead use its other moves that weren't disabled.
  • Fixed a chest parameter causing pets to sometimes refuse to take them.
  • Fixed nothing happening when trying to make a pet learn Zero Shoot or Struck Out with AP.
  • Fixed townsfolk not resurrecting after executing them. Townsfolk who have already been executed will be resurrected if you reenter the map twice.
  • Fixed the crash that resulted from werewolf attacks that occur while the player is sleeping.



[Changes and additions]
  • Finished an Act III sub quest. There may be an alternate bad ending for it in the future.
  • After clearing the sub quest above, you will be able to use an item for fusion and a scroll of growth to add equipment attributes to artifacts (both precious and random).
    • Equipment with more than a certain amount of equipment attributes cannot be equipped, however. (You can check the total equipment attribute strength at this location too).
    • This is a tentative feature, and you won't be able to add any attributes except resistances at the moment, but more types of attributes will be available for fusion in the future.
  • Renamed the gene machine to the ability imparter. Renamed Gene engineering skill to Biochemistry. This is for the folks who don't like the idea of injecting the genes of other creatures into your pet.
    • NB: Doesn't affect the English version.
  • Added a few new NPCs.
  • Werewolves will have a chance to hide in towns right from the start of the game. They also won't reveal themselves late at night (i.e. they won't be hostile, nor will they attack you). Instead, someone will die at 12 midnight if a werewolf is in town. If the target is a unique NPC or a fox, then no one will die.
  • If you accuse a townsfolk of being a werewolf and have him executed, your fame will rise regardless of whether you were correct or not.
  • If there is a werewolf in town, then there is a 50% chance that a detective will arrive in town when the date changes. The detective will investigate one NPC in town at random, and tell you whether he is human or non-human.
    • However, there are also insane detectives and werewolves disguised as detectives. These will tell lies.
    • Human detectives have a fixed chance of being the target of a werewolf attack.
  • Chests (the ones that weigh 300s) generated from this version and onwards will now rarely have rod of wishing in them. Whether the chest is one that has a chance of having a rod of wishing in it or not is determined when the chest is generated, and only some of these chests will actually have a rod of wishing in them.
    • Save-scumming is therefore pointless. It's the kind of thing that you might come across if you keep playing and get lucky.
  • The gauge attack for spells and magic devices will now only activate for attack spells/magic devices (except Meteor).
  • Changed the sprites of brown bear and grizzly. They are now brown and grey like their names suggest.
  • Added evolutions for low-level golems and bears.
  • Changed the probability that the Mist of Darkness spell will cause its effect from 1/2 to 1/4.
  • Added something similar to the Mist of Darkness that works against spells.
    • NB: Mist of Dazzling.
  • Added the throwing version of Swarm, because throwing had neither crowd control nor a special action nor special ammo. If used properly, throwing should now be fairly feasible in combat.
  • Rods of wishing can no longer be sold in your shop. The game will also now auto-save at the end of every day inside your shop.
  • NPCs will no longer gain resistance for an element that they are intrinsically weak to as their level increases.
  • Fixed non-rare monsters (Isca, etc) not getting recorded properly in some of counters in the journal.
  • Fixed the bugged names for monsters disguising themselves as townsfolk.
  • Direct damage (unseen hand, poison, choking, etc, except for trap damage) no longer counts for the highest damage dealt record. The highest damage dealt record will be reset during the update.
  • Fixed the number of rogues remaining getting displayed on maps other than the one you encountered them on if you run away or use Return during a rogue attack.
  • To prevent crashes, you will now fail to fill empty bottles if your inventory is full.
  • When multiple undead from coffins of necromancy are killed with an AOE attack and get returned to their coffins, they all change types, and become the same type of undead as one of the zombies that were killed. This has been fixed.



[Changes and additions]
  • Removed the wait time for resurrecting NPCs. Instead, you will now be able to revive only one pet on a map. When you change maps, you will be able to revive another.
  • Marriage will now also give you your partner's card.
  • NPCs that start with superb resistance will also have that resistance increase with their levels. For example, the fire crab has the same amount of fire resistance as the red dragon, but with this change, the red dragon will have slightly higher resistance [due to its higher level]. NPCs like these will also start with superb resistance right from level 1.
  • When the walls in Tower and Fort dungeons are mined, there is now a low probability of yielding safes, and high probability of yielding stone material.
  • Tentatively added the item fusion recipe for creating furniture and other stuff with stone material. Higher Alchemy skill will give you a higher chance of creating a higher rank item, and higher Jeweler skill will make the crafted item have a better modifier (maniac, etc). The gem cutter will not be consumed when used in item fusion.
  • Tentatively added the item fusion recipe for creating furniture and other stuff with wood material. Higher alchemy skill will give you a higher chance of creating a higher rank item, and higher Carpentry skill will make the crafted item have a better modifier (maniac, etc). The carpenter's tool will not be consumed when used in item fusion.
  • Pets will now properly receive experience for zapping rods.
  • Fixed some rods not being zapped when there isn't a hostile character around.
  • Fixed NPC placement on the map added in 1.33.
  • Fixed some maps getting refreshed before a few days has passed.



[Changes and additions]
  • Created the final town in the Act III area. I plan to alternate between creating main quest content and sub quests in future update, but nothing is certain as of yet.
  • Added a few new characters.
    • cthugha (lv 190) has a 0.5% chance of using Meteor, so watch out for it. If cthugha gets summoned during monster summoning...
  • Split up the yith race and named the new races.
    • Extraterrestrial gods and rulers from outer space and their descendants are now of the extraterrestrial race. Their starting skill has been changed from Faith to Casting.
    • Organisms from the depths of the ocean and the denizens of the deep are now seamonsters. They have high Swimming skill.
    • NB: In English, the yith race remains named as such, but seamonsters have been moved out of it into their new race.
  • The stalker race has been merged into the ghost race. Slightly increased the attributes for ghost race. Increased starting levels of stalker and shadow stalker.
  • Added starting skills for classes (except tourist) that didn't have that many to start with. Referred to >>133 in the discussion thread.
  • Changed the default displayed class for some NPCs. (It will act as if a Blank Business Card has already been used on them.)
    • e.g. the custom class of maids will no longer be "tourist", and will be "employee" instead. Shopkeepers will no longer have their class displayed as "gunner", and will be "merchant" instead.
    • This change will not affect NPCs that have already been generated.
  • Gave some NPCs additional skills. For example, shopkeepers and Yacatect will now have Negotiation skill. This will not affect NPCs that have already been generated.
  • To prevent NPCs from working to their deaths, resurrection and revival at the bartender will be possible only after 24 hours has passed after death. The number of hours remaining until they can be revived is on the list of NPCs.
  • Rare monsters (like Isca) in the showroom and pet arena are no longer counted [in the journal].
  • When a pet gains a wish and you wish for a skill, the skill will now be given to the pet and not to the player.
  • Pets can now be handed rods and they will now zap them. They will always succeed at zapping a rod.
    • When zapping rods that can be aimed at adjacent cells, they will always target themselves.
    • When zapping rods that can be aimed at a distant target (e.g. bolt rods), they will always zap it at their target if they are in combat. If not in combat, they will use their default AI routine.
    • When a rod of wishing is zapped and you wish for a skill, the pet that zapped it will gain the skill.
    • The rods that will have an effect when used by pets are the ones for attacking, for healing, and for buffing.
    • Rods of identify, alchemy, domination, etc will have no effect.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Prevented the audience from getting affected by Provoke during pet arena EX battles.
  • Fixed amount of gold dropped.
  • Fixed certain item fusion recipes yielding the product even when fusion fails. Items may or may not disappear when item fusion fails - that is determined at random, and is a feature from vanilla Elona.



All town board quests currently undertaken will be deleted during the update, and the quest givers in each town will be reset. Escorted NPCs will die.

[Changes and additions]
  • Increased damage done by chainsickles and whips.
  • Prevented equipment attribute that enables Distant Attack from getting randomly generated on equipment.
  • Changed the distance multiplier for Distant Attack. Accuracy and power will decrease by 10% per tile away from the target. Minimum is reached at 5 tiles. SP cost is 2.
  • Arrow- and bolt-type spells now have distance multipliers like ball-type spells. The multiplier is 100/(75 + distance * 25). The multiplier is x1 if you are right beside the target.
  • Towns will have sunbararian NPCs disguising themselves as townsfolk. The likelihood of this happening is the same as werewolves. They are not hostile towards you. They are low-level, so they will die easily. They have a low chance of dropping an artifact on death.
  • Pets registered at the showroom or pet arena (EX) will now have a special bit flag assigned to them.
    • This is so that they no longer have the PV and DV bonuses and the increased HP that unique NPCs have, nor will they be able to use moves that they are not supposed to use.
    • The bit flag will be automatically given to pets when you recruit them and also during the update.
    • It will not be assigned to pets at the doujou or at the abandoned ranch, so you will need to get them into your party once for them to have the bit flag.
  • Tentatively implemented the gauge attack for throwing. It is guaranteed to hit and to be a critical attack, has increased pierce, and has a damage multiplier depending on skill level. The distance multiplier remains the same, so keep in mind the distance between you and the target.
  • The player can now learn some special actions with AP. These are more or less just for fun, because all these special actions are ones that you probably won't use after getting them or are kind of hard to use.
    • Synchro hearts and Charge Attack which you can probably do without are now available here.
  • Fixed the ambient noise for towns continuing to play even when you exit the town.
  • Fixed the effects on the battle map added in 1.31 affecting your pets assigned as shopkeeper or ranch breeder.
  • Provoke and Megid Flame special actions affect only hostile NPCs when used by a non-hostile NPC. If used by a hostile NPC then it affects all non-hostile NPCs.
  • Fixed being unable to receive the faith reward artifact if the god has been summoned. The variable has been reset, so if you already have the artifact, you will be able to get just one more if you re-worship the god. That's just how it is.



[Changes and additions]
  • Fixed the variable for resetting quests because it was outdated. Quests will now be generate as they should.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added some content to the Act III main quest, from the surfacing of the Deep-sea castle to the boss battle.
  • Werewolves have a 50% chance of dropping platinum pieces when defeated while they are disguised as a human.
    • They will no longer disguise as humans outside towns.
    • They will only start to generate in towns on the 1st month of the year 518.
  • From January 518 onwards, you can choose one person per day out of all the towns to frame as a werewolf and execute.
    • The target can be chosen from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Talk to the target you want to execute and select the option to execute them.
    • This is a fallback for people who have discovered a werewolf but are unable to defeat him, and is also a clue as to who the werewolf is, so townsfolk drop nothing when killed by execution. It's better to kill them yourself if you are able to.
  • A fox NPC can disguise itself as a townsfolk, and the probability that it will happen is even lower than the werewolf event. This is confusing [for players who are looking for the real werewolf], but foxes are otherwise harmless.
    • They are strong enough not to die if they get attacked by a werewolf and can fight it 1 on 1.
  • The Palmian Embassy and each of the guild maps will now periodically refresh themselves like town maps.
  • Pets can now be made to ride the player. The game doesn't determine whether the player is suitable for riding or not, so the pet's maximum speed will be 3 times its original speed.
    • When being ridden, buffs like Speed will also affect the rider. You'll need to have your own sprite for walking when being ridden.
    • For roleplaying purposes and to make slow pets useful.
  • Changed the added effects of Provoke special action. Changed it from "have a chance to debuff target with Mist of Frailness" to "increase user's gauge by number of opponents who got provoked (maximum 20)".
  • The command flag and Directive special action can now be used to switch special ammos for pets. The command flag and Directive also no longer take a turn to use.
  • NPCs who are not pets and have 50 or more Marksman skill will have a low chance (0.5% for normal NPCs, 5% for unique NPCs) to use some kind of special ammo (except time stop). It doesn't matter if the ammo they are using doesn't have special ammo on it.
  • Tentatively added new types of weapons for categories that had only 2 types of weapons in them.
    • whip (Stave skill). Enables Distant Attack (range 4). (Players will have it added to their special action tab; NPCs will have a chance of using it.)
    • chainsickle (Scythe skill). As above. Unlike other scythes, it cannot decapitate.
    • sox (Blunt skill). Are rare like panties.
    • ballista (Crossbow skill). Heavy, but high pierce.
  • Fixed several descriptions.
  • Quests were getting generated on maps on the Act III continent when they shouldn't be getting them, and weren't generated on maps that should have quests, so all quests will be deleted during the update. Quest givers will be randomized in each town. Escorted NPCs will die.
  • Fixed some buff icons being white and not displaying entirely.
  • Oracle will no longer include artifacts that are held by NPCs that were placed when the town was generated for the first time.
    • Artifacts that are generated on quest maps weren't listed by Oracle, but now they will.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new map on the northern edge of the Act III continent.
  • Added a few new NPCs.
  • The troll race is now part of the giant race.
  • Races like the bear have been combined into the new largeanimal race.
  • character.bmp has run out of space, so buff icons have been moved into interface.bmp.
  • Changed where some materials can be harvested. Increased the effect of dungeon type on materials harvestable.
  • Incognito and disguise no longer work against unique NPCs.
  • Buffed unique NPCs' ability to destroy walls, and also made them able to destroy doors.
  • Werewolves will now rarely appear in towns and villages. They are harmless while disguised as humans.
    • At certain times of the day, they will reveal themselves and attack the townsfolk. A werewolf is slightly stronger than a new guard. (NB: guard NPCs level up every time they die.)
    • It is impossible to tell who the werewolves are, but if you know how NPCs in the towns work, then there are several ways of finding them.
    • They have a high chance of dropping a disguise set when they die.
  • The signature special actions of the 8 gods are no longer used unless the gauge is full. Their basic routine has been looked over, and it no longer clashes with their preferred distance and aren't reused routines from other NPCs any more.
  • 1.4 times as many points from figures and cards are now required for the museum rank to go up by 1. Salary from museum has been tripled.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed NPCs in defense mode being able to attack the player.
  • Fixed the code for kitty bank.
  • Fixed the appearance of some floor tiles.
  • Prevented the section for NPC sprites from overlapping and overwriting CNPC sprites.
  • The appearance of CNPCs no longer gets reset to their default if their appearance has been changed and they change maps.
  • Fixed the bug with how items were used up in the instant ale and necromancy item fusion recipes.