Elona Wiki



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a bit of content to Act III main quest. After the event at the main dungeon (enemies have been placed, but there is no need to fight at this point), towns in North and South Tyris will rarely have chaos-type monsters spawning in them. (You will be able to stop this by advancing in the main quest in the future.)
  • Added a facility to Act III. Can be entered after the above event. Speak to Norne inside, and you will be able to get to North Tyris. In North Tyris, you can get to Lost Irva by speaking to Norne in Larna.
  • Finished a sub quest in Act III. It's a rather difficult combat mission.
  • Added quite a few new NPCs.
  • Added 2 evolutions. There are now exactly 100 evolutions.
  • Some monsters will now glow. If you change their sprite, then they will stop glowing.
  • Monsters that split will no longer split unless they have more than 1/3 of health remaining. Monsters with <> around their names will also not split unless they receive more than 1/6 of their health in damage.
  • Allies can be designated as important on the conversation window.
    • NB: In the English version, it's either "no-drop ally" or "precious ally".
    • Important allies cannot be abandoned, sold off, nor used to contribute genes in gene engineering.
  • Probability that decapitation will proc on a weapon has been changed from 100% to 44%.
  • Sickles were too powerful so their fixed damage has been lowered. Scythes remain the same.
  • Added sickle and scythe gauge attack. It will not only do HP, but also MP damage.
  • Fixed events that occur when ranged gauge is used when riding.
  • Fixed starting coordinates being off when moving between Lost Irva and South Tyris.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added Juke box item. It's for selecting which BGM you want. Can be created by giving 76 music discs to Garokk. You can have duplicates of the same disc number, but you need to have a total of 76 discs on you at the same time. Discs of the same number will stack when dyed the same color.
  • Cleared all current quests and fixed the frame shift in quest data. Special thanks to the MMA developer for the advice.
  • Fixed NPCs' statuses being wrong after using some items until their stats are recalculated.
  • Fixed having profile randomly generated during character creation even when it is set to secret.
  • Fixed NPCs appearing where they're actually not due to their coordinates being wrong if they use the ranged gauge attack while being ridden.



[Changes and additions]
  • NPCs in combat no longer lose their target and are also no longer unable to act for 1 turn when a save file is loaded.
  • Fixed the bug where the quest giver was wrong again. Quests that already exist will be refreshed when entering town, so please don't use a save file where you saved in the town when you update to this version.
    • When updating, be sure to use a save file where you saved at home.
    • When updating from versions 1.25 to 1.27, all quests undertaken will be deleted.
    • All escorted NPCs will die again. Without karma or fame loss, of course.
    • Quest target markers will still remain, but they will disappear when you talk to them once.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a few food items.
  • Mining the walls in Forest dungeons will now yield acorn and four-leaf clover.
  • Fixed the quest giver's name being wrong. Version updates after 1.25 will also clear all quests undertaken. All NPCs being escorted will die. There will be no fame or karma loss though. The quest target markers will still remain, but they will disappear after talking to them once.
  • Fixed instant ale and necromancy recipes in item fusion not consuming items.
  • Fixed NPCs using gauge attacks even when they don't meet the requirements.



  • Fixed the crash that occurred when receiving salary if the player had less than 3300 gold.
  • Fixed one conversation option.



  • Fixed god-race pets and inherited pets not getting their Pickpocket and Riding skills nerfed when they are made pets.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when acid damage was dealt.



[Changes and additions]
  • Genes can no longer be made on Overdose mode.
  • I set invest in all shops to 4000 for development purposes and forgot to revert it, but that's fixed now.
  • Fixed the item sprite changing system that was accidentally overwritten and made it change the sprites for other items.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added content to Act III main quest.
  • Added a few new NPCs.
  • Capped portion of tax that depends on your current gold at 100k gp.
  • Added an item that prevents the holder's Fire Bolt and Fire Breath from causing fires. The item will prevent these attacks from causing Wince status though. Fire Wall and molotov items will still start fires, because that's their raison d'etre.
  • The sprite for your deeds can now be changed with the house board. Paste the new sprite in the desired numbered position in map.bmp, found in the /graphic folder.
  • Introduced the Overdose mode. Attribute experience, skill experience, and spell experience are multiplied by 20. This mode is for people who want to get strong quick, get the game over with, and move on to other games. You'll get bored of this faster than your character will get stronger, so this is definitely not for people who want to savor the real experience.
  • Introduced the Inferno mode. There will be a penalty for save scumming, and you cannot crawl up after dying. The save file cannot be loaded after death. Backing up the save file is still possible, of course. If that weren't possible, then it wouldn't be possible to update the game to newer versions. For people who are confident that they'll never die, or for those who get turned on by the feeling of loss.
  • Introduced the Natural mode. There will be a penalty for save scumming, but otherwise the same as the regular [Advancing] mode. A game mode where there is no undoing anything, and everything takes its course. For those who want the game to be slightly more difficult.
  • Added a few BGMs. Changed the BGM for a library.
  • Increased the chance of getting double exp as a result of Learning attribute.
    • NB: There is a chance of gaining double exp for doing everything, and that chance gets higher as Learning increases.
  • Reusable items that have a cooldown can no longer be used in the Deep-sea castle to prevent their abuse. In addition to that, once you enter the castle, these items' cooldowns will get [constantly] reset until you sleep once.
  • Equipment attribute that enhances your spells can now be stacked. The upper limit is still 3 times.
  • Targetable spells will no longer gain experience for sandbagged and summoned enemies.
  • Chance of that the equipment attribute that sometimes nullifies damage you take will activate is halved. Activation chance is now capped at 50%.
  • Blacksmith shop now has maximum of about 100 items for sale. As invest level goes up, the chance of finding higher quality equipment at the shop will increase.
  • Blackmarket shop now has maximum of about 20 items for sale. As invest level goes up, the chance of finding miracle level equipment at the shop increases.
  • Harden level and blessed status of equipment for martial arts will no longer increase PV/DV, but increase damage modifier.
  • Added claws, a new type of equipment. Like tonfas, claws are shields without the shield [PV] bonus.
  • Added rocks, a new type of equipment. Damage is higher, but they are heavy, reduce DV, and reduce hit. Giants and Opatos will equip these.
  • Doing a ranged attack (but not throwing attack) with a full gauge will proc an attack where the user approaches the target, uses Zero Shoot, then moves back into the AI's preferred distance from target.
    • If the tile in the preferred distance from target cannot be moved into, then the user will move back into the tile where the gauge attack was activated. The higher the target's defense, and the longer the distance between the target and the user, the higher the pierce.
    • Damage, however, is limited at 50% of the target's maximum health if the target has 50% or more health remaining.
  • Gauge attack that procs when using a breath attack with a full gauge has been changed to Converge Breath. It has no element and will not damage allies. Damage depends on Control Magic and Constitution. Color depends on user's resistances, but has no effect on the actual element.
    • If the target's remaining HP is 50% or more of its maximum health, then the damage will be capped at 50% of the target's HP.
  • When a rod is zapped or when casting a spell with a full gauge, an attack that affects all NPCs in sight will be used.
    • Damage depends on Casting skill or Magic Device skill, whichever is higher. Will not hit allies. Will not be reflected by magic reflect.
    • Damage is limited at 50% of target's maximum health if the target has 50% or more health remaining.
  • You can now determine (albeit rather roughly) the level range of characters that you want when buying from the slave merchant and the horse merchant.
  • Debuffs and buffs and their remaining number of turns can now be seen when 'l'ooking at NPCs.
  • Greatly increased the selection of map tiles available on the house board. Almost all tiles without special characteristics can be chosen. Water tiles can now be placed even if you haven't bought a cyber house or a small castle.
  • Miral and Garokk now have portraits. How cute.
  • Probability that spells will not pass through friendly characters is now also reduced by the Magic Control of the friendly characters.
  • Pets in visual range of the player are now targeted by the Directive special action by selecting them with the cursor *after* activation of the special action.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • The player will no longer take part in Fire a volley if a pet uses it in the pet arena.
  • Two Hand, Dual Wield, and Shield skill bonuses to their respective equipment will no longer be included in melee and throwing damage display.
  • Fixed delivery quests getting generated when moving into another area under certain conditions.
  • Highest damage dealt will no longer include damage dealt by an enemy NPC's suicide. The counter will be reset during the update.
  • Fixed splitting monsters not getting any defense-related skill experience when receiving damage.
  • The water tile didn't match the beach tiles, so they have been replaced with the old version of the tile and moved elsewhere.
  • Fixed and added precautions against the crash that occurred when looking at the City Chart or town book added in 1.24.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Download was available here. (Link no longer works.)
  • Four new items added: <Asteroid Belt> (unique girdle), claw, rock (new weapon types), and magatama.
  • Four new NPCs added, including one unique character.
  • Three new game modes added: "Overdose" (Gain experience 20 times faster, cannot save score or make a gene), "Inferno" (Cannot revive after being killed, cannot reload ingame, receive a penalty if the game is exited without saving) and "Natural"(Same as Inferno, but without the one-life limitation)
  • Added 3 floors in Cradle Of Chaos (4-6th); the main storyline continues on the 4th floor.
  • Blackmarket vendor has now only 1 and 2/3 page of equipment to buy, regardless of investing.
  • Special moves are now named in game log (eg. beheaded).
  • Pot for fusion recipe "Unknown seed" has been renamed to "Herb in".



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new map to the Act III area. It's a town filled with dwarves with a problem on their hands.
  • If the NPC interacted with is a pet, the "Attack" option will be at the bottom of the list below "Appearance".
  • Characters will now have a random past [on their character sheet] to help bring life to them. It can be set during character creation (after picking an alias) or at the Deep-sea castle in South Tyris. It is possible to set it to secret even if you already have one. It will be secret by default and have nothing there. There aren't that many options now, but there will be more in the future.
  • Placed sakura in full bloom on a map in Act III.
  • Changed the names of several special actions and spells. The ones that are similar have been made consistent, and some that were kind of off have been changed.
  • There will now only be up to 3 extra attacks from extra melee attack. (That makes it a total of 4 including the regular attack.) The greater the number of attacks and the greater the number of arms, the harder it is to proc more attacks. This is as many times as it will get, because the log and the animation would get too long.
  • A special action that performed the same function as Attribute special action has been replaced. Half of maximum MP will be expended, and all enemies around you will get -50% gauge. Low chance to cause 1 turn of fear.
  • Added the repeating bow, a type of crossbow.
  • Some NPCs like the boar will now use Run Wildly on low health. During Run Wildly, Learning, Will, and Dexterity will be decreased, while Strength, Perception, and Speed will be increase. Swarm will also be used, and it will damage NPCs friendly to the user.
  • Finally implemented the marshes of South Tyris which I've had on my mind.
  • Pets will recover a large amount of HP when evolving.
  • The special actions for each of the equipment types now affect all allies (including the player) in sight.
  • Directive special action has been changed so that you can select a pet in sight with your cursor. Be careful, because if you don't specify a target, then it will automatically pick an NPC for you like when throwing items.
  • Pets will now receive 10 times the experience to Cooking skill for the breakfast event introduced in 1.23.
  • Fixed gauge attacks for staves doing twice as much damage as they were supposed to have.
  • Fixed eating NPCs preventing you from using Cut Tree.
  • Fixed equipment handed to pets getting equipped in the wrong slot.
  • It was impossible to change the tone of all NPCs in all towns at once during the update, so they will change when you talk to them.
  • List of pets will now display their correct sex if their sex has been changed.
  • Fixed breakfast event occurring for pets who are below Fellow impress.
  • Fixed the prostitution counter going up even when the player wasn't one of the parties involved. Prostitution counter will be reset during the update.
  • Damage to the user from using Suicide will no longer be recorded in the journal for you and your pets. Highest damage inflicted record in the journal will be reset during the update.
  • Fixed crimberries not getting used up when making crim ales in item fusion.
  • Fixed the descriptions of some Awakened Nefia.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Download was available here. (Link no longer works.)
  • The new dwarven city, Rust Plaza has been added at the eastern edge of Lost Irva.
    • Seven new type of NPCs added to the above location, including three unique characters.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added Preaching special action.
    • If it succeeds, you will receive alms from NPCs around you, and will give Faith skill experience to you and your pets.
    • If the target NPCs' god is different from the one that you worship, then they will start worshiping your god instead, and you will receive bonus Faith experience.
    • If your Faith skill is low, then rocks will be thrown at you.
    • If the target is one of the 8 gods and they believed in a god other than themselves (which was possible in old versions), then they have the chance of converting.
    • If the player preaches to the god that they believe in and if the preaching satisfies them, then they will have unique lines that expresses their embarrassment or their praise for you. Gotta convert 'em all!
  • In Awakened Nefia, some floors will now give you periodic poison damage, or inflict gravity on you + have a ton of traps. In the future, there will be more kinds of floors like these that affect everyone, including the enemy, pets, and the player. These floors won't make any play-style in particular impossible (e.g. melee, ranged, magic, pets, or magic device).
  • Dungeon, Forest, Tower, and Fort random dungeons now have 1 new rare floor and wall patterns each. This is purely aesthetic.
  • If you wake up from 4-9am and have a pet at Fellow impress or higher, then a breakfast event may occur. When eaten, it will increase all of the player's and all pets' potentials (including Luck) by a small amount that depends on the cook's Cooking skill. Everyone will become Satisfied. (Not bloated.)
    • NB: Unspecified if this is Satisfied or Satisfied!.
  • Various things will now be tracked in the journal. (Each of these things will be counted starting from this update.)
  • Increased the chance of items appearing when mining walls. To balance it and also to make it make more sense, only Dungeon-type dungeons (NB: as opposed to Fort, etc) will now yield ores when the walls are mined. Similarly, only towns walls will yield gold pieces when mined.
  • Gauge attacks will now only deal at most half of the target's maximum HP in damage. The damage is no longer affected by Brave feat, but it will still be affected by Fury.
  • Gauge will increase to 95% at the most from damage received. It is [now] more or less impossible to get counterattacked with a gauge attack immediately after attacking unless there is a large difference in Speed.
  • Gauge of NPCs are now white when at 98% or above. (Indicates that they will use a gauge attack on their next turn.)
  • Added crazy lines to a crazy NPC.
  • Leveling up with 10 or more Axe skill will grant you the Cut Tree special action. Carrying a bardish or a certain chainsaw will allow you to cut trees to obtain wood material. This wood material item doesn't sell for much, but you can obtain lots of it at no cost. In the future, I'd like to make it possible to allow people to use these to craft wooden furniture via Carpentry.
  • Some NPCs will no longer receive the bonus [levels] from Awakened Nefia and the Act III main quest dungeon.
  • Fixed the bug with the feature that made adventurers bring out a weapon to replace the one that they had traded to you.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Download was available here. (Link no longer works.)
  • Preaching special action is basically a unique variety of musical performance, where you start "playing" any nearby object.
    • Possible outcomes: the audience gives you money (donations), some may convert to your own god, some may turn hostile.
    • May crash the game occasionally.
    • It trains your Faith skill and also your pets'.
  • kisel, a new usable item in 1.22, finally has a sprite (non-animated sakura tree), but its usage has still not been implemented yet.
  • Cut Tree special action added: needs ax skill of at least 10; will work with the Negative Edge chainsaw in inventory. Other axe-type weapons, including precious ones, don't work. The chainsaw doesn't need to be equipped.
    • Stand over a tree, activate the skill. If successful, it'll result in a few "wood material" objects and a stump.
  • Fixed a bug with adventurer's replacing weapons/equipment after trading with them: perhaps this is why you'd see adventurers with a million bows?)



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new evolution.
  • Added the option to invest 50 ranks at a time. It is not cheaper than the regular option, because it uses the calculated sum of cost of investing the regular way. It trains Investing skill by a lot.
  • Implemented the following equipment breaking features to No future mode only. Equipment has a chance of getting damaged when receiving a large amount of damage, causing its harden level to decrease. Acid damage can now also degrade equipment below -4. When the harden level goes below -10, the piece of equipment will be destroyed no matter what it was.
  • Added the option to cancel when a command flag or the Directive special action is used.
  • Implemented Nefia (NB: dungeon) awakening.
    • You can receive an item from Leold after Act III has begun.
    • When that item is used on the world map, all random Nefia in sight will be turned into Awakened Nefia.
    • In an Awakenened Nefia, all NPCs aside from the boss will have the same level as the floor number, and non-unique NPCs will have 2 AP feats or 1 AP feat + magic reflect ability (albeit slightly weakened). Bosses are guaranteed to have the Brave and Obstinate feats.
    • NPCs in Awakened Nefia cannot be Dominated, but monster balls can be used, and rare uniques will join you as pets after being defeated.
    • This is just to have something that can pose a challenge to the player aside from the Void. Being unable to clear one of these dungeons will not be a problem.
    • You will receive a special item when clearing one of these in the future, but the reward will be a number of small medals depending on the floor number for now.
  • Main dungeon of Act III has been tentatively opened. NPCs in this dungeon aside from bosses will have the same level as the floor number. Dominate cannot be used here. You can go all the way to the mid-boss battle on the third floor. You'll probably find it difficult at this point because it's meant for players who have used artifact fusion.
  • Added a Return point to the Act III map.
  • Greatly increased the distance that needs to be traveled in order to start gaining skill experience from traveling. Increased experience gained per unit distance traveled.
  • Investing in the baker will increase the number of items in each stack.
  • Monsters from spellbook reading failure, from well quaffing, and from the equipment attribute that attracts monsters will now have the cIsSummoned bit flag, and will disappear after a few days.
  • NPCs with the Pickpocket skill will now obtain a portion of the target's gold (capped at 2000 gp), with the amount depending on the skill level. Pickpocket experience will also be received. This is to make Pickpocket useful for NPCs.
  • Added the {しろ} variable for custom lines.
  • {npc} in custom lines will no longer have to be changed to {nptc}, and both are usable and interchangeable.
  • Added the crimberry. It's a fruit that can be picked up in the wilderness, but cannot be used for cooking. When eaten, causes a slight sanity increase. Can be made into 10 crim ales via item fusion. Currently considering implementing the ability to make it into a drug.
  • Added coffee. Reduces sleepiness by a small amount when drunk by the player. Removes sleep status when drunk by NPCs.
  • Shadow Step is no longer prevented in the pet arena.
  • When an identified weapon (both melee and ranged) is given to a pet, you can now choose which arm to equip it on. It will remain on this slot even in showrooms. If it is unidentified or if you choose to cancel, then it will be automatically equipped just like before.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed NPCs at soul mate or above having the chance to attack the player when performing forced sleep sharing on them.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when receiving salary with no space in the salary chest (i.e. there are 401 or more items already in it).
  • When updating to the previous version, the equipment attributes intrinsic to each material type disappeared from artifact equipment carried by the player. They will now be re-added to artifact equipment on the player when updating to 1.22.
  • Male NPCs talked like females ones, so it will be fixed during the update to this version.
  • Fixed some NPCs destroying walls even when on the world map.
  • Fixed being unable to sell sacks of flour, eggs, and cooked items made from them after putting them into the cooler box. (This will not work for items that already exist.)
[Unofficial notes]
  • Download was available here. (Link no longer works.)
  • The new evolution appears to be the hamster, although the cub also seems to have an undocumented evolution that was added during this patch or in a recent one.
  • Added a Return destination option for the third area (Ulm-Leson in Lost Irva).



[Changes and additions]
  • Added new NPCs, and changed the sprites of some generic NPCs.
  • Added 3 instruments. They might not be all useful, but they are rare.
  • Changed the thief class feat to the below:
    • [Ambush] Attacks on enemies who are not in combat will always be critical hits.
  • Only ore items will now be separated from their stacks when selected during item fusion.
  • The number of little sisters turned over and killed, as well as the number of rewards claimed will now be displayed in the journal.
    • NB: Not for the English version at this point.
  • Pets will be temporarily set to offense mode when they enter the pet arena. They will return to the battle mode they were on when they come out of the arena alive.
  • Pets in defense mode with 2% or more in their gauge will now act to decrease the enemy's gauge while defending.
  • Charge Attack will only boost attack power when used against an NPC that is hostile to you.
  • Gauge will no longer increase when allied characters die.
  • Receiving damage will no longer increase gauge beyond a certain point. Monster variants and uniques who are not pets have 5 times the normal HP, so their gauge increase caused by received damage will be 1/5.
    • NB: Monsters with < > and { } around their names respectively.
  • Greatly reduced weapon skill procs, and will now have less attack power compared to regular attacks before defense is factored into the damage calculation. On the other hand, there will be bonus damage depending on average harden level (NB: + value) of all items equipped (if above 20, then it will be 20).
  • Fury and the Brave feat no longer affect weapon skill proc damage.
    • NB: Brave feat was an AP feat that increased damage done on strong enemies. Replaced with a feat that dealt more damage when HP is reduced in later versions; English feat name remained unchanged.
  • Weapon skill procs will only be used by the following characters now. All characters will still gain gauge % points, but it will not be displayed for characters not in the list below.
    • The player.
    • Pets (their gauge is displayed only if they have been auscultated with a stethoscope).
    • Characters level 130 and above before reaching Act III.
    • Characters level 50 and above after Act III is reached.
    • All characters in No future mode.
  • The tamer's whip can now be used on non-hostile NPCs. The following can then be selected from a list:
    • Prohibit/allow eating/drinking off the ground
    • Prohibit/allow picking up of ores
    • Change tone of speech (make little girls talk like males, or make dogs meow, etc)
    • Have them whip you instead
  • Whipping others or getting whipped repeatedly and causing a variable to go beyond a certain value will cause the flavor text to be different. The former will use txtDiscipline2, and the latter will use txtInsult2. Feel free to edit those if the current ones aren't to your liking. If the character being whipped has a wooden horse at their feet, then the variable increases twice as fast.
  • If the player uses the Squeeze special action when sleepy, and there is a king's bed, double bed, or happy bed at his feet, you can pull the target on to the bed. It may fail if the player does not have enough impress with the target or enough Strength.
    • When it succeeds, forced sleep sharing is initiated. The effects differ depending on the impress that the NPC had towards the player at the beginning.
    • All that happens is that the player and target sleep on the same bed. Really. If the flavor text displayed in reaction to the event, then feel free to edit txtMidNight.
    • The sleep event begins without any turn delay if it succeeds, regardless of whether the target is an enemy or an ally.
    • However, sleeping like this will not increase potential.
  • Added an item that allows inheritance of a pet. It can be acquired at souvenir vendors and via Tailoring, and so on. In order to use it,
    • 1. the target must be a pet at Soul Mate or above.
    • 2. press F8 when you have the pet with you, then save a showroom. (You don't have to upload it.)
    • 3. make a gene with the item in your inventory.
    • 4. after incarnating the gene, use the item on the pet in your showroom to make it join you.
    • You can use as many of these items on the same pet as you like at step 1. (As insurance for when you lose the item.)
    • However, only the last one to be used will have an effect. It cannot be overwritten, so the older ones cannot be used.
    • You will need to save with the most recent item used at step 2.
    • In addition to that, all equipment, attributes (NB: sic), and AP will be lost, and attributes and skills will be greatly decreased.
    • The point of this be able to start a new game with a pet who is dear to you.
    • I've tested it and it works, but this is the first time I've done something to affect multiple save files so there may be something wrong with it.
    • Please backup your save file before using this feature.
  • To buff useless pet skills as well as crafting with materials, pets at Friend status or above with Mining, Fishing, Gardening, Gene engineer, or Detection skills will now gather an amount of material (depending on their skill levels) while adventuring.
    • When they have accumulated a certain amount of it, there will be an option to receive materials from them when talking to them.
    • The speed of material gathering and the type of materials gathered are subject to further balancing.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed crossbows using the blunt weapon skill proc when fired.
  • Fixed pets in the pet arena who were in offense mode not attacking the enemy after reaching their respective set distances from the target.
  • Fixed gauge becoming 0 when attacking with a scythe at 100% gauge.
  • Fixed robbery sleep event resulting in no losses when event skip is not on in the config.
    • NB: Probably refers to Malicious Hand sleep event.
  • Fixed the effect of the special action that allows for usage of magic devices without using the turn.
  • Fixed being able to fish in lava tiles.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Download was available here. (No longer available.)
  • Courtesy of Blaze from Bay 12 (with additional edits).
  • New characters added (hamster, shooting hamster, death hamster, kiwi, gold kiwi, and a few NPCs have different sprites (Skeleton Hero, hedgehog, Thousand hedgehog, Hungry sea lion, Super hungry sea lion).
  • Added three instruments (serpent, ocarina, recorder).
  • Pets will use Fishing, Detection, Gardening, Mining, and Gene Engineer to gather items while in dungeons. interact and talk with them to receive the items. Gathering happens when pet scores a kill, this also will train their skills of the relevant type.
  • The new item is called the soul spindle that can be created with tailoring will allow you to pass a pet along to an heir.
    • You need a relationship of soulmate or higher and the pet will take a big hit to stats/skills/AP when it is inherited, including the loss of its equipment. The pet the item is used on does not get penalized.
    • Use the spindle on the pet.
    • A soul spindle of (pet name) will appear on the ground. You can pass to your heir by keeping it in your inventory when you make a gene file.
    • Go to the Showroom.
    • Bring up the menu and press F8, you do not need an internet connection.
    • Bring the spindle that appeared back to the showroom to get your pet back.
  • The Squeeze ability allows "forced sleep sharing" (rape).
    • The ability must be used when sleepy, and above a bed on the ground. The bed must be a King, double, or happy bed.
    • The degree of success depends on your relationship with the character. Under soul-mate causes a big (-20) karma hit.
    • No actual positive effect of this is noticeable.
    • The sleep will be "so-so", and will not allow for potential gain.



[Changes and Additions]
  • Currently focusing on development on Act III. Added one new map to the new area. Its residents are rather... weird. Travel between North Tyris and the new area will be implemented after all the new towns have been finished.
  • Added new artifacts and NPCs.
  • Added a special action that allows the usage of a magic device once per turn without expending a turn.
  • Implemented the effects of Jure of Healing's trademark special action.
  • If you don't have any unpaid bills, then you will be more likely to receive additional items in your salary. The probability of the increase in number of items depends on the tax amount. If there are unpaid bills, then there will be fewer items.
  • If you don't have any unpaid bills, then the quality of items received in your salary will be increased. Higher quality items and expendable goods will be generated.
  • The quartermaster feats (which made miracle-quality equipment have a higher chance of getting generated in salary) was too useless, so its effect has been tripled, and there will be slightly more herbs.
  • Salary supply items appearing blessed or cursed will now depend your tax payment.
  • Level requirement for the generation of some items has been increased.
  • Healing spells and healing items will now heal at least 2% of the target's maximum HP.
  • You will now have the option to customize your race and class name after creating your character. This option will only change your race and class by name only and will not affect your currently selected class or race.
  • Ranged weapons can now be equipped in your hands, and you can beat things up with the gunstock, stones, or panties. Melee weapons can also be equipped in the ranged slot, so you can throw daggers, spears, hand axes, and stuff at enemies
    • The former relies on Blunt skill and the damage dice is halved. Firearms and bows will also have reduced fixed damage and will not have any bonuses from the ammo.
    • The latter relies on Throwing skill, and the range multipliers aren't as good. The weapon skills unique to each melee weapon type will also not proc.
    • If the character has no hands or has empty hands but has a weapon equipped in the ranged slot, the weapon in the ranged slot will be picked to block weapon skill procs. (But if the character also has a weapon in their hand, then that weapon will be used to try to block the weapon skill proc.)
    • If a shield is equipped in the range slot, there will be no shield PV multiplier, and it will not block Shield Bash.
  • You now have the option to choose what slot a weapon will go to when giving it to pets. Melee weapons will get equipped in the ranged slot if you pick the ranged slot or if the hands are full.
  • When in the desert, getting lost and confusion will occur frequently. Stamina will also decrease rapidly during the day in the desert.
  • If there is space in your inventory, then items chosen during item fusion will be removed from their stack. (This makes it possible to pick the same stack of items multiple times.)
  • Ores can now be turned into pretty gems with item fusion.
  • Adjusted power of weapon skill procs. They no longer proc randomly and require more than 6/7 health. Instead, the weapon skill will automatically proc when the power gauge below the HP bar reaches 100%.
    • The gauge decreases by 1% every turn, and resets to 0% when changing maps.
    • Performing a physical attack or dealing damage to the target will cause it to increase by 2%.
    • Getting attacked will also increase it depending on the damage received. (If it is evaded or does 0 damage, gauge will increase by 1%.)
    • Both the attacker's and the target's gauges will be increased only by the first attack that occurs until the next turn. As such, Continuous attacks special action and receiving many attacks from different characters will not cause the gauge to increase rapidly.
    • When a character defeats someone, all other characters in sight that are on the same side as that character will have their gauge increased by 5%.
    • When a character dies, all other characters in sight that are on the same side as that character will have their gauge increased by 10%.
    • The above applies if the attacker and the dead character were on different sides.
    • Subject to balance.
  • The feat that increased chance of shield bashing has been changed to increase the chance of causing additional effects when shield bashing.
  • Added a new special action that allows you to hug the target.
    • If impress is 100 or above, if the target's HP is not full, then the player will give 1/10 of his HP to the target.
    • If impress is 200 or above, then txtHug custom line will also be activated, and brainwash will be removed.
    • If impress is below 100 or if the user is an NPC, then the target will be squeezed and damage dependent on Strength will be dealt.
    • That means you can hug any enemy to death even if it's the final boss.
  • The equipment that NPCs generated with were too weak, so their weapon and shield will started off hardened (except for artifacts and lightsabres) by an amount depending on their level. In general, it will be +1 at level 30 and +10 at level 300.
  • Scrolls of flying won't affect the stats of the item you used it on aside from its weight now.
  • Critical damage multiplier increases from x1 to x3, depending on twice the weight of the melee weapon. (For martial arts, this is 1/40 of the Martial Arts skill.) If the target's total equipment weight is above 15s, then the multiplier is reduced depending on the weight.
  • If the weapon is 4.0s or below (2.0 for Martial Arts), then the lighter the weapon, the higher the likelihood of doing a critical attack. (Chance increases every 0.01s in weight.) Critical rate remains the same for weapons heavier than 4.0s.
  • Evasion you get from DV increased by two-fold, evasion gained through perception halved.
  • Skill experience from Traveling has been somewhat reduced. Not much will be given for traveling short distances, but quite a bit will be given for long distances.
  • Added "Intercept" directive to the command flag and to the Directive special action. Pets in intercept mode will not attempt to hunt down enemies beyond a certain distance from the player (distance is the range of Cheer). If they are outside this range, moving back into range of the player will be of higher priority for them than fighting enemies. (If an enemy blocks their path back to the player, they will fight.)
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed staves special skill doing the wrong damage.
  • Fixed the behavior priority of melee and ranged frequency increase gained through AP.
  • Fixed a bug on gender-related evolution.
    • Females,females? and hermaphrodites will now evolve into female ones.
    • Males, males? and genderless ones will now evolve into male ones.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Download was available here or here (Dropbox)). (Links no longer work.)
  • New area in Lost Irva: (Mirage Tower and the Oasis in tower on its 2nd floor.
  • New characters: <Arasiel>, <Sinaha>, and <Jin> the machine rebel.
  • New precious artifacts: <Rainbow> (Arasiel) and <Gur Bagh Nakh> (Sinaha). Like the other god characters in Lost Irva, these weapons do not drop upon their deaths.
  • The desert's confusion only takes place on the world map; entering a wilderness square can let you wear out the confusion effect similar to heavy rain.
    • Aurora rings do not appear to prevent the effect.
  • You can now turn raw ores into jewels via pot of fusion. The apparent use is to give them to pets, which they can then sell for large amounts of gold. Amounts are on the linked page.
  • Special action changes and additions:
    • Squeeze special action added.
    • A new skill that lets you use magical devices without spending a turn has been added (Quick Use ).
    • Added new effects to Jure of Healing's personal skill, Prayer of Jure. This includes but may not be limited to 50 turns of regeneration and holy veil.
    • Mist of Half added. This reduces an enemy's special invoke percentage.
    • Another special action, used by <Sinaha>, gives the targets a long-term luck debuff.
  • Overall rate for criticals lowered. Effect of critical enchants, mind's eye skill, perception and the predator passive increased by two times.