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[Changes and additions]
  • Added one new type of NPC.
  • When brainwashed, you will space out and be unable to change your equipment.
  • Vanish special action will no longer work in the arena, pet arena, and showrooms.
  • Elemental breaths will now deal bonus damage if the user has enough resistance in that same element.
  • Changed damage dealt by Mani's gem stone of satellite shooter and made it no longer hit the user.
  • There will now be a sound effect that plays when receiving starvation damage.
  • You can now see spell potential on your spell select screen.
  • Reduced magic stock consumption to about 1/3.
  • Spellbooks now cost half price.
  • Removed the 1% increase in spell potential when a spellbook is successfully read.
  • Spell potential now increases by 20% for all spells except those without stock.
  • Trainers will now train your chosen skill's potential by 20% no matter what.
  • Added a special skill on all melee weapons except scythes that depends on your weapon proficiency scores.
    • (The special skill was intended to be something like Decapitation, but it seems we've reached the limit on how many invokes a weapon could have.)
    • Its proc rate is dependent on your skill level with the weapon and can activate once per turn.
    • When activated, the txtSpecial custom line will be used.
    • It will not proc unless the user's HP is above 6/7 of the maximum.
    • If your opponent is wielding a weapon on their main hand, the special skill can be rendered invalid based on their greater evasion.
    • Like decapitation, it will ignore a part of defense, and regular Evasion will not work against it, but if the target character has a weapon equipped in the dominant hand, it can be negated. Probability of negation depends on the target's Greater Evasion.
    • Even if it is not completely negated, the power will be reduced by Greater Evasion skill level.
    • Some weapons in the same category of weapons have different special attacks, but the damage and probability of activation all depend on their respective weapon skill levels.
    • (dagger and kitchen knife will use the short sword special attack, while wakizashi and scimitar will use the long sword special attack even though they are all in the Short Sword category. As such, all of these weapons' special attack will depend on the Short Sword skill level.)
  • In addition to the above change, some warrior-type NPCs now start off with certain weapons (e.g. minotaur will now spawn wielding a bardish with Two Hand).
  • Buffed power of Shield Bash by quite a bit. But if the target has a shield equipped, the damage is reduced by the target's Shield and Greater Evasion skill levels. The additional effects of Shield Bash will not be negated. It will also no longer activate unless the user's HP is above 6/7 of maximum. If a tonfa is equipped, a different special attack will be used.
  • Custom lines can now be used with the player. (Because of how it works, a lot of the tone variables are useless.)
  • Forbidden meat effect changed.
    • If blessed, it'll change the user's gender to male or female.
    • Normal ones will change the user's gender into a would-be male or would-be female.
    • If cursed, it'll change the user's gender to a hermaphrodite or remove its gender.
    • NB: Terms used are in Elona+ 1.57; it wasn't working in the English version at this point.
  • The human unique NPCs in Act III were way too weak, so some of them have been given artifact equipment to start off with.
  • If base resistance is above 200 (Normal), resistance will no longer increase when food that increases resistance is eaten.
  • Magic resistance of new characters was either 100 or 150 at generation, so it will not be 100 to 200 depending on their starting level. (The increase starts at level 51, and is at the maximum at level 300.) Characters who start off with magic resistance by default will now have 200 regardless of what their level is.
  • Leold can now prevent pets from using magic or special actions for 20AP.
  • Fixed a bug where the sex-changed NPC doesn't show the right indicator on their conversation screen.
  • Fixed Mani's god gems description to show that its attack is of electric element.
  • Fixed conversation dialogue of generic NPCs in Arcbelc.
  • Fixed a bug that causes an error when you enter a garden without the gardening skill.
  • Fixed a bug that causes an error when you kill livestock in your ranch without the anatomy skill.
  • Fixed being able to indefinitely duplicate composts. Compost in old versions is now grass. New farms will now come with 5 compost tiles.
  • Weapons that had their names changed (by Garokk, using the user/item folder files) will now display the correct name when wielded proudly.
  • Fixed being unable to talk to some unique NPCs after clearing their sub quest if you have entered Amur-Cage.
  • Experience will no longer be received when furniture is thrown at yourself, at NPCs spawned from splitting, or from summoned NPCs.
  • Fixed the activation requirement for cut damage to the attacker equipment attribute.
  • Adjusted the cycle of appearing enemies inside The Void.
[Unofficial notes]



[Changes and additions]
  • NB: 1.18fix (04/17/2013) is listed on the wiki but not in the changelog file. Its changelog is a subset of 1.18R's.
  • Decreased level, number, and spawn rate of wild animals on farms.
  • Removed the wild animal flag from some monsters.
  • Adjusted probability of a new seedling growing on the tile after harvest. The probability is higher on farm tiles, and lower on other tiles.
  • Portraits of NPCs will no longer change after sex change.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Organic fertilizer is no longer usable on non-farm tiles.
  • Corn and imo will no longer rot.
  • Fixed the bug in the conditions for triggering use of special actions learned through evolution.
  • Fixed the issue with the void bosses.
  • Fixed the sprite change of ranged weapons.
  • Fixed pets at *love* status not getting a boost when rubbed.
  • Increased the nutritional value of food eaten by cute fairy and goose that is required for them to produce their items.



[Changes and additions]
  • Currently focusing on development of Act III. Added one new map to the new area. It's not a town, but a place where you can meet unique NPCs who have died. Travel between North Tyris and the new map will be implemented when all the towns have been finished.
  • It would be weird if NPCs that you have defeated but aren't supposed to be dead get placed in the aforementioned map. Cradle of Chaos bosses also can't be placed there because they don't get marked as defeated when you kill them. NPCs like these are instead used as candidates for the void bosses, and are added to the list as you progress in the main quest.
  • Added new NPCs.
  • Added txtChargeS (line used when the user starts Charge Attack) and txtChargeA (line used when attacking with a charged Charge Attack) to the custom lines. txtCharge which was introduced some time ago is the line used in reaction to an ally using Charge Attack.
  • {me} variable in custom lines that lets the user use the appropriate term to refer to himself can now be used.
  • Added some new vegetables and fruits.
  • Vegetable and fruit quality increases with Gardening skill. Price of high-quality crops is greatly increased, and the effect from eating it is also somewhat increased.
  • Added organic fertilizer item. It can only be used at the seedling stage before the plant is fully grown. It will make the plant grow instantly into the harvestable stage, and also increases the quality of crops if the plant is a vegetable or fruit plant. An organic fertilizer is generated when a food item (only the type that rots) or organic waste (shit, straw, etc) is placed on the compost on the farm for about a week.
  • Wild animals will now randomly spawn on farm deeds. The lower the Gardening skill, the lower their chance of spawning. They will get in the way of your gardening but they won't eat your crops or anything.
  • Corpse weight does not affect its price as much now.
  • Anatomy skill increases corpse quality from killing monsters bred on the ranch. Price of high-quality corpses is increased, and effect from eating it is also increased.
  • New special action: Rubbing. You aren't limited to petting your pets; you can rub wild animals and NPCs in the town to your heart's content. If impress and Dexterity are low, the target will get angry. If impress is high, then it causes 1 turn of boost. For NPCs at soul mate or above, the txtNade custom line is triggered. If you have a livestock brush with you and the target of Rubbing is a livestock, then you will brush the livestock. Livestock that have been brushed before and haven't been brushed in a while will flock towards the player.
  • Implemented April fools. NPCs in every town will tell lies during conversation in the 4th month. The lies will range from ones that are obviously ridiculous to the fairly believable. Quest dialogue, conversation with unique NPCs, and NPCs in certain towns are unaffected.
  • <Garokk> the legendary smith can change the name, appearance, and description of an item for 5 platinum pieces. Place the text file and sprite in the user/item folder; there can be up to 15 sets of custom items. Fishing rod and gifts cannot be altered. Note: the item and description can be reverted to the original, but the sprite cannot be reverted due to the limit of the parameter.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the effect of the feat from the secret treasure of Ehekatl.
[Unofficial notes]



[Changes and additions]
  • Items like furniture will give Tactics and Throwing skill experience when thrown.
  • The feature introduced in 1.17 that allowed for the addition of body parts now has an upper limit of 15. Torso parts can now be added.
  • Changed some description.
  • Fixed NPCs strung up on a sand bag dying.
  • Fixed txtwelcome in custom NPC lines not functioning.
  • Fixed item limit in No future mode.



[Changes and additions]
  • doctor <Gavela> can now add limbs for pets and the player at the cost of Life. Flavor text-wise, he's not transplanting or growing limbs, but giving you prosthetic arms and legs or a brace. Pets who have their number of limbs increased this way will not confer new limbs to other pets when fused to them during gene engineering. (You can, however, just add limbs directly to them.)
  • After finishing <Icolle> the biologist's sub quest, the number of limbs that pets and the player has can be returned to original. If Life is 2 or above, then it will be decreased by 1 every time his service is used. Be warned, however, that mutants do not gain new limbs above a certain level, so be careful about resetting their body parts.
  • After finishing <Icolle> the biologist's sub quest, the gene machine will now be available from the list of rewards for the Little sister sub quest.
  • Split the {npc} variable in NPCs' speech into {npcc} and {nptc}. The former is the name of the character that executed the action, and the latter is the target of that action. Some of the NPC's talk lines have different targets, so use these in those situations.
  • Only hostile NPCs and spirits will gain the IsSummoned bit flag when summoned.
  • Visitors to your house stopped leaving, so NPCs with the IsSummoned bit who are neutral or above will also leave the map after some time has passed.
  • You can't throw kitty banks owned by other people any more, so kitty banks can now be broken by bashing them.
  • Splitting monsters that split even when they have a negative status effect will now need to receive more than 1/10 of their maximum HP in order to split. (It used to be 1/20 max HP in damage or 10% chance at random.)
  • NPCs other than pets will now use Lay Hand and Absolute protect on characters who are also hostile against the same group of characters. Cheer will now only affect characters who are hostile against the same group of characters.
  • Changed pets' reaction when trying to take away handmade chocolate given to them.
  • Added two game modes that can be chosen when starting the game. Current game mode is displayed on the character sheet.
    • Advancing mode: mode that focuses on leveling and achieving things the legitimate way. The default.
    • No future mode: players will face all sorts of dangers and limitations. For the stoic.
      • There will be a penalty when starting up the game if the game was not exited the last time with Esc or Shift+S. (Includes terminating the program.)
      • The player is forced to crawl up after dying.
      • Number of items the player can carry has a lower limit.
      • All items on the player is dropped upon death. (Even when on a map that is randomly generated.)
      • Large karma loss for killing cats and dog. (Even if hostile.)
      • Impress of NPCs killed will lower.
      • When impress is below a certain limit, the NPC will attack occasionally, including citizens and even your pets.
      • Score is multiplied by 20 when clearing the game. (Doesn't do anything.)
      • Etc.
  • Edited readme and readme_ENG
  • Changed the attribute changes for some monster evolutions.
  • Added a potion that prevents food that it has been mixed with from rotting.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the equipment attributes that can be chosen for living ranged weapons.
  • Fixed Kumiromi of Harvest's unique skill being usable after recruiting him as a pet.
  • Fixed some unique artifacts not having their equipment attributes reduced.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Bugfix: visitors to your home do not stay indefinitely anymore.
  • one new item, no new creatures.
  • You can now gain experience in throwing and tactics by throwing furniture.
  • Gavela offers body transplantation services.



[Changes and additions]
  • Currently focusing on development of Act III. Added a new town to the new map. Travel between North Tyris and the new map will be implemented later.
  • Added new NPCs.
  • Increased physical damage bonus from Will.
  • Capped desire for violence feat damage modifier at 100. Changed the drawback of the feat from reduced DV to increased received damage (modifier for damage received is 1/4 of modifier for damage done).
  • You will be punished for wasting chestnuts if you throw more than 100 chestnuts. (This is fairly dangerous if you're not strong enough.)
  • Cost of Zero shoot special action has been doubled, and it now has a multiplier comparable to Two Hand's.
  • Living weapons will no longer gain equipment attributes depending on their name, and you now have some control over what type of equipment attribute they gain. For now, the equipment attribute they gain is chosen at random from the category. It will never suck blood up to level 10, and it is guaranteed to gain blood sucking at level 11 and onward. The highest level is 15, so you will have to choose if you want to stop at level 10 or have a level 15 blood sucking weapon.
  • scroll of name is now randomly generated.
  • Furniture, junk, trees, and so on can now be Thrown. Tools and water sources like wells are exceptions. Damage it will do depends on Throwing skill and weight of object thrown. If the item is heavy and you do not have enough Weight Lifting skill, you will be unable to throw it. The thrown item will not be consumed, and will drop at the target's feet. If it misses, it will be wherever it lands.
  • Consolidated Cure of Jua animation, and made its additional effects depend on how pious you are.
  • BakuretuKen AP special action is now a Tactical ability that also comes with Attribute and Clear Mind special actions.
  • Attribute special action now imbues attacks with only the element that the user has the highest resistance against. Greatly buffed its power and duration. Makouken, which works the same way, will be changed to a new martial arts special action in the future.
  • Stayers on the discarded ranch can now be moved. Item limit is now 400.
  • Eye of Mind skill has been changed from Perception to Will.
  • {you}, {sex}, {player}, {aka}, {npc}, {onii}, and {syujin} variables can now be used in custom lines aside from txtDialog (which is used in conversations). The NPC's tone can also be changed with {ある}, {が}, {か}, {かな}, {くれ}, {だ}, {よ}, {だな}, {だろ}, {る}, {たのむ}, {のだ}, {な}, and {くれ}.
  • Added ability to customize lines used during Synchro hearts.
  • Monsters with the IsSummoned bit flag that are strung up with a sand bag, as well as NPCs that are neutral or above will no longer disappear.
  • Servants, the eight gods, as well as some other NPCs (Jure fanatic, <Gilbert> the carnel, etc) now start off worshiping a certain god. The god that other NPCs worship will no longer depend on the map they are on, and is now completely random. There will be a way to change the god that NPCs worship in the future.
  • Browbeat was way too strong, so damage reduction has been changed from 75% to 50%.
  • Fixed several descriptions.
  • Fixed a variable getting stuck when Zero shoot special action is used with Throwing.
  • Monsters on the ranch, students in the Doujou, and NPCs on the discarded ranch will no longer move around at random when strung up on a sand bag.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Revamped hex/blessing status icons.
  • Furniture items are throwable by the player. Resulting damage is based on weight and throwing skill. Can't throw items that you are not allowed to pick up; can't throw items too heavy for your weightlifting skill. Can't throw wells but can throw moongates.
  • Three new creatures and one new item.



[Changes and additions]
  • NB: 1.1555 (02/23/2013) is listed on the wiki but not in the changelog file. No changelog exists for it.
  • After clearing all events at the Maid house, a deed of discarded ranch can be bought from the same NPC (for 500k gp). You can leave pets at the discarded ranch.
  • Monsters on the ranch, students at the Doujou, and NPCs waiting at the discarded ranch no longer do anything other than move around. (This is to make the game run faster.)
  • Removed upper limit of special training cost at the Doujou.
  • Revamped requirement for earning AP.
  • Monsters summoned from summon spells or special actions, Ragnarok, splitting, or birthed from pregnancy will have the summoned bit flag. Monsters with this bit flag will disappear during map refresh or with the passage of time.
  • Changed where SP is displayed.
  • Feats acquired with AP are now displayed in the Feats tab.
  • Made breath attacks slightly more powerful.
  • A certain sub quest will now recover luck potential and give some luck experience.
  • Changed portraits. Some of the generic NPCs' faces have changed, the goddess of healing now blushes, Pael's mom (human form) looks like she's on the brink of death, and so on.
  • Fixed special actions and feats being unacquirable with AP.
  • Fixed a bug in the cap of number of undead that can be summoned from coffin of necromancy.
  • Implemented an AP deviation counter. If you're worried about it even though you don't remember having acquired any AP from other methods, refund your AP before upgrading to this version. If you do this, even if you have more AP than you should, it will just be deducted from your current AP.
    • It will calculate the AP that you should have based on number of turns, starting attributes calculated from the level at which the pet joined you, then determine the sum of the attributes. Characters with abnormally high AP considering the starting attributes and current attributes, or with with abnormally high speed (that cannot be reached even with Hermes blood spam) will gain a bit flag that will have negative effects in future versions.
    • If you figure out how the threshold is determined, please don't spread it. If people start being able to guess what the threshold is, the requirements will be made stricter in the next version.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a new type of NPC.
  • Added a new type of evolution.
  • Lowered the power of Shield Bash by quite a bit. When shield + weapon is equipped, there will be a Shield skill-dependent multiplier on attack power (lower than the one for Two Hand).
  • Changed and fixed the guaranteed starting equipment attribute on equipment. The amount of skill bonus is they give is ##.
  • If the existing strength of equipment attribute is below a certain value, the strength of additional equipment attributes will not get halved.
  • Adjusted probability that a special action learned with AP will be used.
  • Crab race has been combined with hermit crab race into shell race. The attributes and special actions of that race are more or less their respective bests of the two former races.
  • phantom race has been combined with the ghost race. Attributes and special actions are respective bests of the old races.
  • New zanan and karune extra races. Assigned existing human NPCs to those races where appropriate.
  • Charge Attack is no longer interrupted when receiving attacks. It will be interrupted if a status effect is received. However, it will last for only 1 turn for the player and 3 turns for NPCs. It will now also work for dart-type spells, bolt-type spells, ball-type spells, and breath special actions.
  • When Charge Attack is used, pets have a chance of talking. (Line is customizable.)
  • Added some explanation to the readme.
  • Fixed special actions bought with AP getting refunded when they are used.
  • Fixed restore body/mind having no effect on unique NPC pets.
  • Fixed SP display color being affected by status effects.
  • Made Zero Shoot work properly.



[Changes and additions]
  • Currently focusing on development of Act III. Added a new town to the new map. Travel between North Tyris and the new map will be implemented later.
  • Added quite a few new NPCs.
  • Added a ranged special action. It might be a bit too powerful.
  • Increased frequency and power of Shield Bash.
  • Tonfas will no longer give the Shield skill-dependent PV modifier. (The PV on the tonfa itself will still count, and if you equip one together with a shield, the Shield skill PV modifier will be active). Tonfas will also no longer lower the player's cast rate when equipped. (It will still lower Martial Arts accuracy like a shield and activate Shield Bash from time to time.)
  • Added 3 evolutions and changed 1 evolution.
  • Added 1 type of food to the tree nut category which had only the api nut in it. You can do more than eat it...
  • Changed and added AP abilities. Some new tactical abilities will now change the user's behavior depending on the enemy, the user, and the player. Another new ability can change the element of the user's attacks depending on the user's resistances.
  • The "_____ breath" description makes it sound like the attack is coming from the mouth. Changed it to "______ discharge" for roleplaying purposes. (So that you can have fire tornadoes coming out of your chest or lightning from your fingertips.)
    • NB: This change does not affect the English version.
  • Increased dice roll of breaths and Drain Blood. Damage from the former non-elemental breath can now be mitigated with magic resistance. SP recovery from Drain Blood is now 2.
  • Tentatively added starting equipment attributes for all types of equipment (except artifacts). There are 95 types of equipment, so there may be some overlap. There should be no overlap within each category though. Use this in early game to help with the low skill levels and resistances.
  • Prayer of Jure now gives Holy Veil, Vanquish Hex, and Regeneration.
  • Increased range of Mana Burst.
  • You can have up to 10 coffin of necromancy undead plus pets. You can swamp enemies by summoning new ones to replace any that die. When summoned undead die, they will return to their coffin and can only be used after 24 hours.
  • Reverted the cost of Cheer, and removed the healing effects.
  • Removed the immediate SP recovery and Healing skill boost from Regeneration. Regeneration will now recover HP every turn. (SP recovery does not occur every turn.)
  • The bug affecting the equipment attribute that invokes Shadow Step was too hard to fix, and it was too strong even after fixing it, so it's now replaced by Feather invoke. (Shadow Step invoke was the same rank as Holy Shield invoke, so replacing it with Feather should be fair.)
  • Changed special action learned during evolution by golden knight from Clear Mind to Super Armor. Super Armor has also been given dim resistance to make it super armor-ish.
  • Current SP and maximum SP are now displayed.
  • General vendors sell kit of making chocolate in February. When used, up to 3 chocolates can be made in a year. Depending on the steps that you take, items other than chocolate can be created. These chocolates can be handed to NPCs other than your pets, so feel free to use them to increase impress. If their impress is low, they will refuse the chocolate and you will be sad. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate, lather yourself in it, then present yourself as a gift. People will more or less find this disgusting. When on low health, you may also die due to fire damage.
  • Fixed some NPCs not throwing potions like they were supposed to. Aqua sanctio and disaster high potions are no longer unique artifacts.
  • Touch of Weakness, cursed potions of restore mind/body, and high potion of disaster will no longer decrease attributes when thrown at unique NPCs. Damage and status effects will now occur like they should. (This is a feature from vanilla Elona, except that it increased attributes instead of decreasing them like it should.)
  • Fixed some descriptions of items and spells.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Added new skill based on firearms. (100% hit rate)
  • Added randomly generated walnut for cooking. (not just api nut)
  • Fourteen new creatures.



[Changes and additions]
  • NB: This version is listed on the official wiki as 1.14-1 but as 1.14 in the changelog file.
  • Currently focusing on development of Act III. Added 1 new town to a new map. The player can now travel between South Tyris and the new map. Travel between North Tyris and the new map will be implemented later.
  • If you die on a map that is not your home and choose to crawl up, you will not return home, and the place you will revive at will depend on the map you are on.
  • Added some evolutions.
  • Added quite a few new NPCs.
  • +3 more starting Tactics skill for warmage.
  • Resistances that NPCs start with are now halfway between 1.13 and versions prior to 1.13.
  • Increased all elemental damage calculation. Grenade damage was outstripping everything so that has been reduced.
  • Revamped the 3 types of potion throwing because their repertoire were mostly the same. One of them now specializes in status effect potions, another in debuffs, and the third in damage potions.
  • Reduced high potion of aqua sanctio damage and added it as one of the potions thrown by potion throwing. Reduced materials required to craft it.
  • Chance of a potion of evolution getting generated is now 10 times higher than what it was. It is now somewhat easier to find than Hermes blood.
  • Removed the halving of PV from heavy, medium, and light armor, and implemented a cap of 300. It's unlikely that you would reach that cap through normal play.
  • Changed calculation for maximum HP and MP. Will, Learning, and level now have a greater effect on them. The limit for max HP/MP has also been raised.
  • Current HP and MP are now listed on the character sheet. (This also applies to pets, of course.) It is listed above the Life value.
  • A maximum of 2 AP feats can be acquired. If you have 3 or more AP feats, the AP will be fully refunded to you when you upgrade to this version. (It can exceed the AP limit.)
  • AP special actions and feats can be forgotten without having to have enough AP to buy it. 100% of the AP spent will be refunded.
  • Changed condition for Barrier feat activation to "100% of the time when current MP is more than 1/3 of maximum".
  • Increased magic reaction from Mana Burst, and area of effect is now everything in field of vision. It will pass through non-hostile NPCs most of the time as long as the user has Control Magic.
  • Doubled SP cost for Cheer, and also made it recover 20% of the target's HP and MP.
  • In addition to recovering additional SP over time, Regeneration will now also recover 5 SP the moment it comes into effect.
  • Contingency will now cause the received damage to be 0 instead of making the damage heal you. It will now wear off after coming into effect once.
  • There are reports that the strength of enemies on each floor of the void was weird after the change in 1.13, so the monster level calculation has been reverted for testing.
  • It wasn't fair that anorexia did less damage the stronger the target was, so it now does more damage depending on the target's Constitution. It is still faster to train yourself up and beat up the target though.



[Changes and additions]
  • Currently focusing on development on Act III. You can enter the new map (it's not finished and there's nothing in it), but please backup your save file before that. If you enter that map, you won't be able to exit the map except by dying (a la Dragon Quest game over Zoom). If you do that, however, the quest bugs up, so you will have to restart from a backup.
  • Added some evolutions.
  • Added some new monsters.
  • Changed level of monsters in the void. In vanilla Elona, the void bosses had an extra modifier to their level depending on the floor they are on, so they would be far stronger compared to the other monsters on the same floor. That has been fixed, and there is now a cap on boss level.
  • When naming NPCs, you can enter up to 20 characters.
  • Attribute experience will no longer have pet and Learning bonuses (the change from 1.11).
  • Allies and enemies will no longer teleport when casting spells during Dim or Confused status.
  • Removed auto-save after gene engineering.
  • Blessing and hardening armor will now increase DV in addition to PV.
  • Potions of weaken resistance were too strong, so their effect has been changed to Element Scar + Nightmare.
  • Starting resistances of NPCs have been raised.
  • Fire damage is good against undead but may cause fires and does less damage on wet targets. Cold damage has the drawback of causing item destruction. Taking these two points into account, targets that receive fire damage will take increased damage for 1 turn, while targets that receive cold damage will receive less damage for 1 turn. Fire/cold damage have a high chance of causing the above side-effects, and are unpreventable like paralysis from lightning damage, and does not accumulate. Slightly increased fire- and cold-elemental spells.
  • Halved the PV from light, medium, and heavy armor.
  • Increased damage calculation for Fire a volley.
  • Fixed pets at the doujou having their resistances gained from food reset when taking them out of the doujou.
  • Fixed souvenir vendors causing item parameters to become bugged.



[Changes and additions]
  • Currently focusing on development on Act III... please wait a while longer. It will display as "in development" in the journal.
  • Added and changed evolutions.
  • Added quite a few NPCs. Can you find them all? Watch out for the new thieves.
  • Changed some sprites.
  • Gave innate dark resistance to bat race.
  • Greatly reduced the chance of getting 1 turn of paralysis when receiving lightning damage.
  • If you are affected by paralysis, confusion, blind, dim, or sleep status effects and you receive an attack that causes that same status effect, the received status effect will not add to the number of turns of your existing status effect.
  • Being bisexual and so on will now affect conversations.
  • Enemies in the void now cycle every 200 levels instead of every 50 level. This should prevent high level enemies from appearing where they shouldn't.
  • Monster clusters with an extreme level difference will no longer generate. Some types of monsters that never generated together in a cluster will now generate in them.
  • Cursed rods of slow and potions of slow will increase weight when used on the player or pets.
  • Eternal force will now change the terrain.
  • Life of behicle race has been changed from 170 to 120. horse race has 150 life and 125 speed so this should make it fair.
  • When an NPC in sight does a critical attack, the critical sound effect is played.
  • Postponed the time when Leold will leave Ruoza. If you have already started on that part of the quest in 1.12, he should not be gone from Ruoza as long as you didn't enter that map in that version.
  • NB: version 1.12 is the version before 1.12R, but no changelog exists for it.
  • Fixed when Swimming experience is given.
  • Fixed the blue icon for defending pets moving to the left together with the HP bar.
  • There was a mistake in the calculation for Gwen's level, making her a bit too pitiless.
  • Fixed pets getting their resistances gained from food reset when they are left in the doujou.
  • Fixed main quest event vanishing without a trace when you talk to the captain in Port Kapul.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added just the opening of Act III main quest.
  • Added 2 types of new NPCs.
  • Made pet skills gain 4 times as much experience as the player's. Adjusted rate of potential increase during training.
  • Added Forced draft special action unique to guards. When the player gets hit by this, is a criminal, is not disguised, and has low HP, he gets taken to the jail.
  • If the player is not a criminal, the jail door immediately opens.
  • Made slight changes to the absolute defender's (NB: evolved defender) signature special action. When it is in effect, when allies receive damage that is greater than their respective HPs, that damage is negated and the absolute defender receives half of it.
  • Changed special action learned during evolution by android from Rampage to Fire a volley.
  • Adjusted defense and evade bonus from Obstinate feat because the multipliers were too high.
  • SP recovery rate during Regeneration is increased.
  • When Drain Blood is used on the player, SP will also be stolen. (5-10 points per use.) If the player uses Drain Blood, the cost is deducted from the amount gained, so it will recover 5 points.
  • Adjusted equipment stat changes from using flying scrolls.
  • Implemented a regional cap for the rank of monster ambushes encountered.
  • Sandbagged NPCs will not receive any experience.
  • Stealth criticals will not proc against sandbagged NPCs.
  • Adjusted rate and range of pet enemy detection. Enemies targeted by the player are also made a priority.
  • Adjusted prioritization of attacks when increased frequency of melee or ranged are bought with AP. If both of them have been bought, then they will be used with equal frequency.
  • Changed the BGM of some static dungeons.
  • Dungeons bought with deed of dungeon will always come with a summoning crystal! What a great buy!
  • The doujou, Larna, and Ruoza will now periodically refresh.
  • Added just a few lines to Lune the maid.
  • There will be a blue icon on the top-left corner of the HP bars of pets who are in defense mode.
  • predator class will start off with bonus Throwing skill.
  • Fixed <Awesome Swimwear> event. If the swimwear is currently equipped or is marked as an important item, the event will not proceed.
  • Changed the sprites of monsters added in 1.10.
  • The code for Kumiromi of Harvest's signature move was weird and would cause crashes, so that was fixed.
  • Fixed the draw radius for the animation of ball-type spells.



[Changes and additions]
  • Added new evolutions.
  • Added new special actions.
  • Changed sprites of some existing monsters.
  • AP will now be fully refunded when forgetting an AP special action or feat learned by the pet. AP spent on changing distance maintained from enemies and chance of movement are not refundable. Please be aware that if AP is more than 3000 when refunding, it goes to waste.
  • Adjusted potential increase for potion of potential.
  • Adjusted equipment stat increases with flying scrolls.
  • Pets that split can be prevented from splitting by hitting them with a tamer's whip.
  • Human NPCs and certain splitting monsters will have the flavor text that says "clone" and not "split" when splitting.
    • NB: This does not affect the English version.
  • Reduced maintenance cost of shop.
  • Talking to Gavela after reaching a certain point in Act II while holding an <Awesome Swimwear> in your inventory causes something.
  • Added and changed message displayed for martial arts and casting for each race. There shouldn't be any bugs with this.
  • To prevent the Pic_1 bug when changing the portrait of a pet, entering "1" will cause it to return to the default portrait.
  • PCC files will now be loaded from the "PCCs" folder for people who want to replace all the PCCs because of their size. If you want to use the PCC size that was used in vanilla Elona, please rename the "PCCs" folder to any name, then rename the "oldPCCs" folder into "PCCs".
    • This is a feature from vanilla Elona, but please be aware that all of the PCCs and portraits files must be numbered consecutively.
    • (e.g. It will not be possible to change your clothes from #15 to #13 if the file for clothes #14 does not exist.)
  • The special actions unique to the eight gods have lower effect when used against another god race NPC.
  • Card deck is no longer divided by domains and are now numbered.
  • The evolved defender's signature special action has been changed from Provoke to the following:
    • While it is active, all damage received by allies are negated, and the user receives half of that damage.
    • Effects caused by the damage like paralysis are not negated.
    • If HP goes into the negative because of this, the user will not die. However, it will no longer work when when HP is negative.
  • The chance that skill experience received for all kinds of actions is doubled is increased by Learning.
  • When the player Need Sleep! (red text), no skill experience is received by the player and his pets.
  • Nerfed Wizard's Harvest spell. Put a cap on the gold gained, and changed the items received.
  • Rods of wishing can be rarely received from treasure map treasure.
  • The effect that appears when receiving AP after defeating an enemy that is of the right strength is blue.
  • Level of necromancy monster is now displayed after their name.
  • Lowered cost of special training at the doujou and capped the cost at 500k gp. However, the effect is now 2/3 of what it was.
  • Reverted the experience received when eating a quickling corpse to what it used to be, but doubled it. Unlike other corpses, quickling corpses give pets more experience when they eat it compared to if the player had eaten it.
  • When pets are not in combat, they will stay close to the player no matter what their distance maintained from enemy is.
  • The amount that aging lunch and age return lunch will change age by is now different if they are blessed or cursed.
  • Some NPCs are unusually large for their race (like lions in the cat race) or unusually small (like fairy in the servant race). The height and weight for these NPCs are not longer based on the race's values, and are calculated separately. If their size changes during evolution (e.g. little girl to littler girl), their height and weight will also change.
  • Somewhat translated the journal and the conversations with Act II unique NPCs into English.
  • Fixed how death or escaping bandit encounters are handled.
  • Removed the possibility of the calculations for Obstinate feat causing a crash due to division by 0.
  • Fixed PCCs returning to full size after restarting Elona+ after reduced was selected in the config.
  • Fixed gold sheep having elemental resist bit flag instead of float bit by mistake.
[Unofficial notes]
  • Fox brother and wisp (not known is this is normal or demon's soul) evolutions added.
  • New monsters: mishaguzi and ek chuah (latter's sprite may be bugged, need confirmation).
  • Sugaar has the mishaguzi sprite tinted yellow, heqet has a new unique sprite
  • <Danger Swimwear> and <War Suit> artifacts added (unique sprites). These can be bought from Gavela "after a certain point in the game". Not sure when. To get one, it appears you have to give up your Awesome Swimwear. The options that appear when you talk to him are 30 pp for the war suit, and 20 pp for the swimwear, in that order. There is a 3rd option and the "goodbye" option when the menu appears, but it doesn't seem to do anything. If you have the swimsuit equipped when you choose, it will not disappear until you unequip it, which is obviously a bug. The options might only appear if you have enough platinum? It might be possible to get another awesome swimsuit from the Strange Scientist to get the other artifact.
  • Special actions: Megid Flame (elemental scar on visible enemies and removes their buffs) and Absolute protect (user takes damage instead of allies, might replace provoke on the defender?).
    • There is another learnable ability called Shining Wave, which is strength based and costs 20 SP. I do not know the requirements for it. It does a fairly significant amount of ranged magic damage to a target. It also has a new animation.
  • Wizard harvest has been nerfed, with wish rods not showing up, or maybe showing up less often. Coins and medals might also drop less often, and gold gains seem to cap at 800 per pile. However, it now has a chance to create ancient books and treasure maps.
  • Potions of potential effect is reduced from the huge boost in 1.09.