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Versions Date range
1.90 - 6/17/2019 -
1.80 - 1.89 7/16/2018 - 4/20/2019
1.70 - 1.79 7/24/2017 - 7/7/2018
1.60 - 1.69 7/18/2016 - 6/25/2017
1.50 - 1.59 9/23/2015 - 6/18/2016
1.40 - 1.49 10/5/2014 - 9/6/2015
1.30 - 1.39 10/27/2013 - 8/31/2014
1.20 - 1.29 5/19/2013 - 9/29/2013
1.10 - 1.19 9/12/2012 - 4/29/2013
1.00 - 1.09
0.63 - 0.99



[Changes and additions]
  • Added a bit more Act III main quest content.
  • 2 new NPCs in Act III.
  • Added 2 new Throwing-based special actions. They may be difficult to use, but make up for that with their power and area of effect.
  • Replaced the Quick Use special action with a new and more watered-down one.
  • Changed one of the options that are purchasable with AP. The option to learn Struck Out is now "Tactical Throw". NPCs who have acquired this will be able to use several Throwing-based special actions.
  • Accuracy of attacks is now doubled during Continuous attacks special action even if accuracy is negative.
  • Removed the additional evasion roll granted by Killing Dance [buff], and replaced it with a buff to Evasion skill.
  • Power gauge will now increase by 4% when evading an attack (includes Greater Evasion procs).
    • Unlike getting hit, this can increase power gauge by more than once per turn.
    • This is to discourage brute-forcing with a large number of attacks, and instead reward increasing accuracy and evasion.
  • Added upper and lower caps to the number of moves an NPC can make based on their speed relative to the player character's.
    • They can now only move at most 20 times per turn the player makes (even if they have 100 times the player character's Speed), or at least 1 time out of every 20 player turns.
    • Shouldn't have much of an effect on normal gameplay.
  • The experience multiplier in overdose mode no longer applies when gained experience is negative.
  • The slow digestion feat will now work only when satiety drops to Hungry.
    • Now it won't get in the way of stat gain.
  • When in Purge mode, the player character's hydration level will not decrease beyond a certain value - just like NPCs.
    • Starving! and Drying! statuses also won't decrease HP and stamina.
  • It will no longer be as dark at night outdoors when a torch is lit.
  • Buffed the [additional] damage [received] when [afflicted] by Wince and Chills status ailments from 10% to 20%.
  • Wince and Chills status ailments from fire and cold-elemental attacks respectively will now apply and stack like the status ailments for the other elements.
    • They also have their own icon bubble now.
    • Wince and Chills status ailments from fire and cold-elemental attacks (respectively) can now be blocked by Holy Veil and Regeneration respectively.
  • Type of items produced by statues of Kumiromi and Yacatect and the cute fairy no longer depend on the day. They now depend on the total number of times they have produced an item.
  • Changed how Little sister corpses give their +1 Life and Mana bonuses.
    • The chance to increase Life and Mana used to be random and dependent on the rare loot trigger as well as the current Life and Mana.
    • The corpses are now guaranteed to give 1 Mana every 3 corpses [eaten], and 1 Life for every 6 corpses.
    • The changes take into account the fact that Cooking skill can produce multiple items from 1 corpse and the difficulty in obtaining magic fruits and hero cheese.
  • Player skill experience is now 3 times [what it was in vanilla Elona].
    • Pet skill experience remains 4 times the amount [gained by player characters in vanilla Elona].
    • This is to address the fact that training the player character was not as efficient as training pets, but there are a lot more ways of gaining skill experience for the player.
  • Zaile, West Raskilis valley, and Amur-Cage can now be Returned to.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the issue with the amount of bonus experience gained when the player character defeats an enemy of a lower level.
  • Fixed Little sister corpses generated by bio printer giving their effect when eaten - their effect was coded separately from that of other corpses.
  • Fixed issue that rat and harpy race characters had with their set of limbs after Icolle deletes a body part.
  • Fixed the number of mineral-type materials received not matching up with the number listed in the log when receiving materials from pets.
  • Fixed being able to increase Life with AP even when base Life is 300.

1.92: detailed changelogEdit

[Additional main quest content]
  • Cutscene upon entering 4F of West Raskilis valley. 5F is inaccessible for now.
    • When entering 3F, the Researcher crisis sub quest will be removed whether it has been undertaken or not. <Allen> the researcher's lines in that cutscene will change accordingly. Does not affect story progression.
[New NPCs]
  • <Strange old person>
    • Level 180 spirit. Corpse is human flesh.
    • Uses Nerve Arrow, Nether Arrow, Formless Fetter, Eye of Illusion, and Mist of Darkness.
  • oblivion rude beast
    • Level 200 servant. Placed in West Raskilis valley. Does not spawn randomly.
    • Susceptible to "inflicts massive damage to Gods". Heal Critical on low health.
    • Eye of dimness, Distant Attack, Memory Poison, Summon chaos (summons oblivion rude beast).
[New special actions]
  • Destiny dice
    • Learned upon leveling up when Throwing skill is 40 or greater.
    • Deals Throwing and Dexterity-dependent damage on enemies in sight. Reduced by target's PV and DV.
    • However, a fumble occurs when rolling 95 to 00, and only the user will take damage.
    • When rolling 01 to 05, a critical attack occurs that causes a bit more inflicted damage, and also absorbs a very small amount of HP, MP, and SP.
    • Now used by Ehekatl, God inside Ehekatl, and ganmbler (sic).
  • OverLimit-Throw
    • Learned upon leveling up when Throwing skill is 60 or greater and Meditation skill is 30 or greater.
    • Gives the target a buff with the same name. While buffed, regular attacks made by throwing items will be buffed with the Meditation skill, but MP will be decreased by a Meditation skill-dependent amount per throw. (Mana reaction will not occur.)
    • If the target already has that buff, removes the buff.
  • Power Item
    • Replaces the Quick Use special action. Learned upon leveling up when Alchemy + Throwing + Magic Device + Literacy skills = 150 or greater.
    • Gives a buff of the same name that buffs Alchemy, Throwing, Magic Device, Literacy skill levels by 1.1 time plus some.
    • Zapping, throwing (except regular attacks with throwing items), quaffing, using liquids to drench yourself, and reading will increase the power gauge while buffed.
[Changes to an option at AP shop]
  • Tactical Throw
    • Replaces the option to learn Struck Out. (NB: Cost of 500 AP remains the same.)
    • The pet will:
      • have a chance to use Power Item when not buffed by it.
      • have a chance of using OverLimit-Throw when at 1/3 MP or more and not already buffed by it.
      • have a chance of getting rid of an existing OverLimit-Throw buff when at less than 1/3 MP.
      • use Over Long Throw when the enemy is 4 tiles or more away.
      • have a low chance to use Struck Out.
    • All of these apply only when the pet is equipped with a weapon it can throw.



[Changes and additions]
  • Some more Act III main quest content.
  • 1 new Act III map.
  • 4 new unique NPCs in Act III.
  • 11 new map tiles.
  • Using the <Fixity anchor> on a character that already has the Shooting Mode buff will now remove that buff.
    • It will also remove any Bind status that was applied by the Fixity anchor.
  • Items that spawn less frequently beyond a certain threshold of shop rank and dungeon danger level will now have their rarity increase more slowly, at a rate of 1/10 the value in previous versions. This means that these items will still have a chance to spawn unless shop rank and danger level are about 1000-2000.
  • Added the ability to change the minimum skill experience received by [allied characters] in Purge mode.
    • This minimum can be set to anywhere from 0.001 to 100 at the Devil Cape.
    • Unlike the extra experience received from the Overdose mode multiplier, experience received in this manner is unaffected by potentials and goes directly towards skill levels.
  • Increased the chance for the equipment attribute that invokes Shining Wave to proc to that of the equipment attribute that invokes bolt spells.
  • The number of hands now gives a percentage increase bonus to critical rate when wielding a two-hand weapon. (No bonus when wielder only has 1 hand; bonus maxes out at 4 hands.) Extra hands are now useful even if they are not equipped with anything.
  • Changed the accuracy of Martial Arts attacks so that it is on par with weapon attack accuracy. However, this accuracy now also has a percentage bonus depending on the number of hands. (No bonus when user only has 1 hand; bonus maxes out at 4 hands.) Martial artists do wear protective gear, after all.
  • Increased the base damage dice for Martial Arts and also the rate at which the dice increase with skill level.
    • It would be too broken if the dice increase up to skill level 2000, so they cap out at skill level 550. All in all, the damage cap is lower but is reached more easily.
  • Increased base armour pierce for Martial Arts from 5% to 15%. Decreased the rate at which armour pierce increases with Martial Arts skill level.
    • The cap of 50% armour pierce remains the same.
    • This and the previous changes should make Martial Arts viable right from early game, and also stronger throughout the game until the damage cap is reached.
  • Armour pierce of weapons will now also increase with weapon skill levels - though at a lower rate than armour pierce from Martial Arts skill.
    • Armour pierce of weapon skills that have a lower base armour pierce will increase more quickly with skill levels.
    • This is so that low pierce weapons don't become irrelevant in late game where the difference in damage dice between weapon types is diminished.
  • Defeating an enemy with a higher Speed attribute will now award a small amount of Speed experience.
    • This is also awarded to the tag partner if applicable, and to the player if it was a summoned undead that defeated the enemy.
    • To make it harder to have a higher Speed attribute than enemies in the current act of the main quest that the player is in, this does not apply in the Void, nor does it apply to monsters that were summoned or split.
  • Food no longer give Speed experience depending on their +enhance value.
    • Instead, they will give Speed potential depending on the +enhance value.
    • This Speed potential is given to both the player character and the pet when sharing a meal.
  • Slightly increased the amount of +enhance value-dependent potential that picnic baskets give to make up for the effort required to create them.
  • Doubled the amount of potential that is gained due to character class when sleeping.
  • Changed the [Japanese] descriptions of special actions so that they now say "regular attack" instead of "physical attack".
    • This is to make a distinction between special actions that execute regular attacks and those that are a completely different type of attack.
  • Changed some other descriptions.
  • Items can no longer be thrown onto a tile that has a closed door, board, town board, or voting box.
    • Thrown items that miss their target tile will also not land on tiles with the aforementioned objects.
  • Fixed equip update not properly changing war hammers into clubs.

1.91: detailed changelogEdit

[New map]
  • West Raskilis valley
    • Will be the last Nefia in the main quest.
    • Can Return to the lowest floor.
    • Floors from 2F onwards will not regenerate, and have a chance of spawning oblivion beast with the summoned bit flag.
[Additional main quest content]
  • Cutscene upon entering 2F of the aforementioned West Raskilis valley.
  • 3F is inaccessible for now.
[New NPCs]
  • <Jenna> the mythical mania
    • Level 25 norland. Nothing of note.
  • <Mary> the flower picking
    • Level 15 norland. Occasionally uses Aromageddon.
  • <Cray> the curious adventurer
    • Level 45 zanan (displays as dhole). Nothing of note.
  • <Manson> the careful adventurer
    • Level 40 zanan (displays as dhole). Nothing of note.



[Changes and additions]
  • Reverted the default BGM in Your Home to the vanilla Elona piece [PSML516] because the composer has put it up for distribution again.
    • The very excellent piece used until now [machi04] is now set to the default BGM in the storage, shelter, and discarded ranch in order to keep its presence in the game.
    • Both of these changes will not affect existing saves unless you change the BGM or construct a new deed.
  • Added unique artifacts for the weapon types that don't have one yet: kunai, fleure, drill, tomahawk, scissors, shakujo, nunchaku, crossfire, sox, ballista, rock, repeating bow, and short bow.
    • These will all spawn at random, but in future versions they may get dropped by certain monsters instead.
  • Added 1 new equipment attribute.
  • Added 7 new orc race NPCs.
  • Added 2 new evolutions.
  • Rebalanced the amount of Negotiation experience gained from buying and selling.
    • Greatly increased the amount gained at every Negotiation level, but decreased the amount gained per transaction.
  • Defeating an enemy with one of the Negotiation special actions will now give regular character experience as well as an enemy level-dependent amount of Negotiation experience.
  • When the player character defeats an enemy of a lower character level, it now gives at least 10 experience even if the initial calculation rounds down to 0.
  • Added text to hint to what will happen if you stay behind and help Icolle with his experiments after his sub quest.
    • Also, if the game fails to lookup the race of a character because the game save is from a later version or something, that character will be given a set of human body parts.
  • Mixing a bottle of dirty water or other similar items with a blessed item will now remove that item's blessed status.
    • Regular dirty water will un-bless one item, and blessed dirty water will un-bless the entire stack.
    • Mixing cursed dirty water will also cause the target item to corrode or rot.
  • Added 2 new materials - bamboo and nanomachine.
  • Wooden items now generate naturally.
    • Newly-generated wooden items will now have the equipment attributes intrinsic to wood.
  • Lead material now has its own intrinsic equipment attribute as well.
  • Regular attacks of repeating bow, machine gun, gun pair, and shot gun now have new animations.
  • The sprites of certain items like scythes, axes, shields, shurikens, and panties, and also items thrown with Spinning Throw will now spin on their way to the target.
  • Short bows now have their own sprite. They no longer look identical to long bows.
  • <Astral Sickle> is now a bone scythe. Changed its damage dice.
  • The kneaded sweets of witch item will now cause only 5 turns of Unconsciousness (i.e. half its usual number of turns) when used on a unique NPC.
  • Nerfed the duration of the Killing Dance buff.
  • Charge Attack special action no longer asks the player to press a key before beginning, and will instead have a short Waiting period.
    • There will be no Wait if the user is out of sight, or if Effect Speed has been set to 0.
    • The visual effect for when the charge completes is also not played if the user is out of sight.
  • Changed the effect of the Touch of Hunger special action.
    • It now applies a debuff that doubles the loss of satiation and hydration per turn.
  • Added English translations to some text files.
  • Fixed some descriptions.
  • Fixed the width of the status displays in the English version so that it doesn't get cut off.
  • Fixed the hot spring tiles in Ludus so that they reduce insanity.
  • NPCs in Defense mode will now properly end their turn when they don't use Disturbance in combat.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when sacrificing ranch animals that have their Impress above a certain value to god.
  • Fixed some Nefia race spawning conditions not matching what is described in the detailed changelog.
  • Fixed enquiring Melget about adventurers' items causing those items to get removed.
    • Instead of picking items at random from the target adventurer's inventory, it will now return items ordered by item id.
  • Fixed using a pet staying at your home as a donor in gene engineering causing that pet to resurrect under certain conditions.

1.90: detailed changelogEdit

[New NPCs]
  • porc
    • Level 2 orc.
  • brand porc
    • Level 50 orc. Uses Provoke, Scavenge.
  • brack orc
    • Level 78 orc. Uses Nerve Breath, Eye of Illusion, rampage.
  • urc
    • Level 92 orc. Uses Squeeze, Body Blow.
  • brack porc
    • Level 118 orc. Uses Voracity Fang, Shadow Step.
  • hi urc
    • Level 135 orc. Uses Nether Arrow, Water Bolt, Ice Bolt.
  • highness urc
    • Level 152 orc. Healing Rain on low health. Uses Nether Arrow, Draw Shadow, Speed, Mist of Silence, Magic Storm.
[New evolutions]
  • orc and orc warrior evolve with king heart into king orc and learn Cheer.
  • porc evolves with another heart into burning pork, learning Boost and Hyper Dash.
  • bamboo
    • Available on scrolls of inferior material.
    • Meditation #.
    • Like scale, but with higher accuracy and DV. Cheap.
  • wood
    • Available on scrolls of change material.
    • Mind resistance ##.
    • Like chain, but with higher accuracy and DV.
  • nanomachine
    • Available on scrolls of superior material.
    • Healing #.
    • Like adamantium, but with higher DV and somewhat lower in other stats. Fireproof.
[New equipment attribute]
  • It inflicts massive damage to enemy in flight.
    • Can appear on melee and ranged weapons.
    • Deals additional non-elemental damage to enemies that have the float bit flag.
    • That means it works on a lot more NPCs than the equipment attributes that inflict massive damage to dragons/undeads/Gods, so this one has a lower damage multiplier.
    • Its effect on equipment price and the chances of it getting generated on a piece of equipment are the same as the other "inflicts massive damage" equipment attributes.
[New items]
  • All of these are randomly generated.
  • Go-Renge
    • Unique artifact kunai.
  • Epeclair
    • Unique artifact fleure.
  • Gouten
    • Unique artifact drill.
  • DGT-101
    • Unique artifact tomahawk.
  • Numenius
    • Unique artifact scissors.
  • Engoku
    • Unique artifact shakujo.
    • It's supposed to be a shakujo with a hidden blade, so its gauge attack is a Stave skill-dependent Issen. Damage reduction calculation will also take it as a Long Sword.
  • Power Triangle
    • Unique artifact nunchaku.
  • Cross Rail
    • Unique artifact crossfire.
  • Nazuna's Sox
    • Unique artifact sox.
  • Scorpierce
    • Unique artifact ballista.
  • Yomi-to
    • Unique artifact rock.
  • Rinkhals
    • Unique artifact repeating bow.
  • Ling's Bow
    • Unique artifact short bow.

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