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Changelog (E)[]

Version 1.22 (Beta)

Beta versions are released for the purpose of finding bugs. If updating from version 1.16 or older:

  • save in a town before updating and
  • shopkeepers in your shop and breeders in your ranches will become unassigned.
[Changes and additions]
  • Added food effects that work when those items are eaten.
  • Fixed bugs related to item names.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred sometimes when opening new year's gifts.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred sometimes during the Murderer event.

Special thanks: MSLさん, おだぶつさん, 名も無き冒険者さん, and everyone!

Changelog (J)[]

Version 1.22 (開発版)



  • 食事効果の追加。
  • アイテム名関連のバグの修正。
  • お年玉を開けた時に異常終了することがあるバグの修正。
  • 殺人鬼のイベントで異常終了することがあるバグの修正。

Thanks! MSLさん、おだぶつさん、名も無き冒険者さん、みなさん