Elona Wiki

Changelog (E)[]

Version 1.05beta2

Amount that attributes increase by and training cost are probably in need of balancing.

[Changes and additions]
  • Overeating will now cause the character to vomit.
  • There is now a chance that pets' attribute potentials will increase when they train.
  • Added an effect that increases potentials (but not those of attributes).
  • Increased the amount that attributes increase by. The lower the level of the skill, the greater the increase in their level (the opposite of what it used to be).
  • Reduced the platinum cost of skill training. (Skill level / 5 + 2 pp).
  • Reduced the platinum cost of learning a new skill. (20 + 5 * skills learned -> 15 + 3 * skills learned.)
  • Lv is now subtracted from skill experience.
  • Targets can now be 'i'nteracted with in debug mode to investigate them.
  • Added the gain_spell debug mode command.
  • Pets and unique monsters will no longer use the Vanish special action.
  • Fixed some display glitches.
  • Fixed the issue with the power of magic-element spells.
  • Other minor fixes and additions.

Special thanks: 名も無き冒険者さん

Changelog (J)[]

Version 1.05beta2


  • 食べすぎると吐くように。
  • ペットが訓練所に通う時、一定の確率で主能力値の潜在が伸びるように。
  • 潜在能力上昇(主能力をのぞく)系の効果を増加。
  • 成長値の上昇量を増加。また、スキルの値が低いほど多く上昇するように(以前とは逆)
  • スキル訓練の基本プラチナコストを減少(スキル値/5+2 枚)
  • 新しいスキル習得のプラチナコストを減少(20+5*習得 -> 15+3*習得 枚)
  • LVによるスキル経験値マイナス修正を増加。
  • デバッグモードでは操作(iキー)で対象を調査できるように。
  • デバッグモードにgain_spellコマンドの追加。
  • 仲間とユニークモンスターはスキルの退却を使用しないように。
  • 幾つかの表示のグリッチを修正。
  • 魔法属性系の魔法の威力がおかしくなっていたバグの修正。
  • その他、細かい修正と追加。

Thanks! 名も無き冒険者さん