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Only experienced adventurers should take this task. A unique mutant of [monster] has been sighted near the town. Slay this monster and we'll give you [###] gold pieces and equipment. This is no ordinary mission. The monster's leve is expected to be around [###].


This quest only shows up when you have 50000 fame or higher. On accepting the quest, you are placed in a random location in a person-less version of the current town. You have 720 minutes to find and defeat the monster.


Mid-level neutral NPCs will spawn (either a Palmian elite soldier or a tourist) during the quest and will immediately attempt to head for the monster. Following these NPCs will usually lead to the monster.

A tourist always drops 2 random ores (mika, rubynus, emerald, and diamond) and occasionally a wallet. Killing the tourists incurs a karma penalty of -10, like noble child and other tourists, therefore, one should make the challenge monster or summoned monsters deal with them instead.

Only a single NPC except for the target and pets may be present at the map, leaving summoned monsters will result in no new NPC spawning.