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This category contains all the NPCs that can offer to join you in Elona+.

If the conditions for joining are fulfilled a dialogue box will pop up asking if you want to join. Saying no, or not having space in your party will prevent them from joining you forever.

When slain, a recruitable NPC will always drop his/her/its statue and card. Does not matter if you refuse to join, or let it join your party.

Recruitable NPCs can be encountered normally, as dungeon bosses, during various quests, as an ambush during a Beauty and the beast quest, or in The Void.


For the NPC to join you, and to offer to join your party there are a few conditions.

  • It needs to be slain, by your party, or some other event.
  • Your party needs a free slot.
  • You cannot have refused the NPC to join before, or have had a full party when you killed it before. In fact, most recruitable NPCs will never respawn naturally.
  • If it is a special map like the pet arena, they will not offer to join. Also applies to The Void.


  • If killed in a special map like the pet arena, they will not offer to join. This locks them out of joining you. (not true anymore, unless mad scientist is an exception, killed one in pet arena, had one offer to join during hunting quest later.)
  • If you refuse, it will give you the message that you "stabbed them in their coffin".
  • If killed by another NPC, they will also offer to join.
  • Regardless if they join your party or not, any equipment drops, card, and statue drops as normal.
  • It is possible to find all of them from a scroll of ally. One at a time.
  • <Pascal> is an exception. This dog can join you multiple times.
  • An NPC that joins you may lose some stats or resistances.
  • When a recruitable NPC is generated as a dungeon boss, its level will vary depending on the level of the dungeon. If invited to join your team, like other unique monsters who ask to be friends, the level and stats will revert to the base ones (as shown on the right side of the monster page).
  • If a recruitable NPC is bred on a ranch, it will produce shades.
  • If a long time has passed and no shades are produced, you have to register them again to temporarily fix it. You may as well register them again after they produced a couple shades, in order to keep them productive.
  • The dungeon cleaner has the code to join if you somehow encounter him outside of Vernis.

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