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Bronze coin is an Elona+ exclusive currency. It was added in 1.67. It is also a regular inventory item, with a weight of 0.0s. It is also not a type of ore so pets will not pick it up.

Method of Obtaining It[]

  • Randomly generated. However, shops will never stock these.
  • Earned as bonus from The Harvest Time, Clean up mischief, or Reasonable reason quests if scores are high.
  • Salary will pay 1 of these if player's taxes are not in arrears. Quartermaster feats will give an additional 1 whether player's taxes are in arrears or not, even for Apprentice Quartermaster. Player won't earn this from salary if player is in the Deep-sea castle.


  • Upgrading player's cart. It used to be from small medals then platinum coins, but it was still too expensive.
  • Training the shopkeeper in player's shop. It used to cost money, but it was kind of weird that player spent money to earn money in the shop.
  • Ordering a special dish at inns. The special dish gives an attribute growth buff to the player and all pets in sight who are not incapacitated (asleep, etc). Affects all stats (including Speed) with a duration of 1500 turns and effect strength of 15. Will become Satisfied if satiety is below Satisfied.
  • Ordering a special drink at the Bartender. The special drink gives a skill growth buff to the player and all pets in sight that increases the growth rate of skills by a factor of 10.


The item number for the bronze coin is 437 (Row 13, Column 8) using the character sprite zero-based position system, with a color modifier of 3 (red tint).