I404-Bow of Vinderre
The <Bow of Vinderre> (a shaking bow when unidentified) is a long bow possessed by <Lomias> the messenger from Vindale, who appears at the beginning of the game and occasionally shows up at parties.

The Draw Shadow power it has will teleport your target next to you, as per the Hands' monsters special attack. This can be useful for melee oriented characters as it can teleport ranged and magic creatures to them. However, it can be very detrimental when used against heavy melee enemies. If you decide this ability makes the bow too dangerous to use yourself, consider giving it to a pet that does not use ranged attacks as it will still improve their poison resistance and dexterity.


It weighs 1.2s
Item-basicIt is made of mithril.
Item-basicIt is acidproof.
Item-basicIt is fireproof.
Item-basicIt is precious.
Item-weaponIt can be wielded as a weapon. (2d15 Pierce 20%)
Item-weaponIt modifies hit bonus by 5 and damage bonus by 7.
Item-specialIt invokes Draw Shadow. [###] (100)
Item-specialIt deals poison damage. [####] (300)
Item-maintainIt maintains Perception.
Item-maintainIt maintains Dexterity.
Item-skillIt enhances your casting ability. [#] (+3)
Item-resistIt grants your resistance to poison. [####] (+150)
Item-statIt increases your Dexterity by 10.
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


  • bow of will create the <Bow of Vinderre>; this will only work in wizard mode.


The <Bow of Vinderre> is located at item number 404. It is tinted black (color 7).

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