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Book delivery.
Can you take [spellbook] to a person named [NPC] who lives in [location]? I'll pay you [###] gold pieces and magical goods.


When you accept this quest, a book will be placed in your inventory. You have to deliver it to the relevant NPC in the specified town. The NPC will have a marker over their head, which should help find them. You may also ask guard NPCs in the destination town where the client is. Once the item is delivered, the reward will be dropped under your character. Failing the time limit for this quest will result in fame loss and a -30 karma penalty. Be sure you can actually reach the location in the time limit before taking the quest.

Other Notes[]

You can talk to a guard in the destination town and get directions to the location of the NPC you're looking for.

This quest is extremely handy for mage characters for two reasons. First of all, the rewards for completion are always magical goods, which often include a spellbook. Secondly, the quest only needs a book with at least 1 charge left to be completed, so identifying and reading all but the last charge of the book you are given is allowed and a great way to train your skills early on.