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Blunt is a constitution based weapon proficiency that is used when fighting with blunt weapons.

Blunt weapons usually have high damage, low dice, and almost always 0% in penetration. This makes them universally handy for new characters and remain useful over the course of the game against low armored targets. For casters, blunt weapons (along with staff) also have the added bonus of training constitution.

  • +1.5 to hit per level
  • +0.1 damage multiplier per 10 levels

Types of bludgeon[]

Sprite Name Damage Notes
club varies basic weapon
hammer varies basic weapon
Precious weapons
Blood Moon.png
Blood Moon 3d5+22 wielded by <Quruiza> the red-eyed Deceiver in the Tower of Fire
Gaia Hammer.png
Gaia Hammer 2d30+2 reward for worshiping Opatos of Earth
 Elona+ basic weapons 
sox varies deals Nerve damage #####+
I1147-War Hammer.png
war hammer varies basic weapon. Intrisic attribute: It improves your Tactics. Added in 1.88R.
I1146-Star Hammer.png
star hammer varies basic weapon. Grants "Remote attack" action. Added in 1.88R.
Elona+ precious weapons
Buster Book 20d20+32 wielded by <The Element>
Nail Stradivarius 3d8+20 randomly generated
I985-Lucky Almonds.png
Lucky Almonds 2d18+25 wielded by <Conductor Koala>
Zugaikurai 2d22+16 wielded by <Neres> the amnesiac
I1183-Nazuna's Sox.png
Nazuna's Sox 1d14+33 randomly generated.

Trained skill[]

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Blunt.


  • None



  • #bl will increase Blunt by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #lunt may increase Blunt by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Sense Quality instead.