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Weeeblord Weeeblord 16 days ago

txt template (data/talk.txt, data/st talk.txt, data/oo talk.txt, user/talk folder etc.)

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Vanilla
    • 2.1 user/talk tags
  • 3 Elona+
    • 3.1 user/talk tags and variables
  • 4 Omake and its subvariants
    • 4.1 user/talk tags and variables

Many random flavor texts can be modified through corresponding .txt file. And since these texts are loaded on-demand basis, you can edit them live while running the game which is quite useful for ease of editing purpose.

One notable example from vanilla is user/talk folder which contains tone .txt files modifying most (if not all) flavor texts related to an ally/pet you have. To use tone files, follow the template file sample.txt (there's not much explanation which tag did what but the tag names should be self-explanatory), then from inside the game 'i'nteract with your ally and then 'Change Tone'.

Another importan…

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 23 May

Elona+ Dialogue Project!

Hey, everybody! Truth be told, I don't have much time or energy for much, anymore. Because of that, consider this as being delivered 'as is' - without the promise of further updates, though I'm gonna try to.

This here is what I was working on, uh, seven? Is it really seven years prior? On a place that, knock on wood, it should be available for players to get into the future.

Git here!

Installation is simple; back up your talk.txt, move the talk.txt in. If I miss updates, you should be able to copy the updated text over the old. Right now, I'm halfway through Palmia.

Anyway, it's not much, and I apologize for leaving those curious in the lurch. But I hope it brings you a smidgeon of extra playability to a very good game.

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Hadova-M Hadova-M 6 April

Catching up

I've been away for quite a while, apologies for that. Figured that the least I could do is update you guys about what's been happening.

Last year I had an accident and got hospitalized. Months of physical therapy got me back to about 95% normal, fortunately, as it could've been worse. However, one of the things that fell by the wayside is PC gaming, and that includes Elona.

So I won't be actively contributing to the content in the foreseeable future, but if there are any wiki admin tasks to be done, I'll get them done. If anything's amiss, feel free to let me know. I check the site from time to time.

Take care, and happy gaming!

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ChambsHue ChambsHue 28 March

Elona Mobile - Making an Ether Disease setup

This is a guide for Elona Mobile players that wish to create a ether Disease setup with your chosen diseases.

Due to max ether not being lethal in Elona Mobile, with some investment you can create a setup with the diseases of your choosing that keeps you immune to more Ether infections.

Reasons to do such are:

  • Immunity to random ether diseases that might hamper your character
  • Some diseases are extremely powerful

Note: The method described here is a balance of a cheap and easy way to do it, you can use only Serums of Cure Corruption and get what you want more easily, but it'll be much more expensive and, on the other hand, you can spam cure Corruption Potions, which is extremely cheap but it'll cost you time and patience.

This whole plan is base…

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ChambsHue ChambsHue 28 March

Elona Mobile - Making an Ether Disease setup.

Moved because discord hates that "." in the title of this one

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Ihave500hats Ihave500hats 1 January

Custom Sprites

Im working on making cool jackets and things, also making so different colored clothes, and some new accessories! If you don't know how to do customization, go here.

First Batch - Google Drive, so it should be conveinent for anyone to grab it.[1]

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Ihave500hats Ihave500hats 29 December 2021


I have a weird obsession with anything Monk related in games. In DnD, I always play Monks (Fighters too, every once in awhile). In Elona+ I have 3 different characters that are all Predators (the Elona+ version of a Monk class). I also know multiple martial arts (I'm still learning them though).

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Bayu R. Jati Bayu R. Jati 1 November 2021

Be an isekai MC with overpower skills

This guide is made personally by me and with my point of view. So, there's something more efficient in a part of my guide (like the herb farming part/race-class choice). This guide is made with Elona+ version 2.07.

  • 1 Character Creation
    • 1.1 Race-Class Selection
    • 1.2 Notable Skill
    • 1.3 Attribute Roll
    • 1.4 Feats
      • 1.4.1 Magic Eye
      • 1.4.2 Knowledge of Magical Plants
  • 2 Starting Journey
    • 2.1 Quest and Training
      • 2.1.1 Delivery man
      • 2.1.2 Gardening and beyond
    • 2.2 Hunting and Gathering Teams
      • 2.2.1 Eye of Mana, activate!
      • 2.2.2 Itachi and Warriors
    • 2.3 Farming to the sky
    • 2.4 The power of dryad, plants will smack you down.
  • 3 Later Stage
    • 3.1 Story Quest

I will said that every race is good, but with an exception of snail race. Well, if you really wants a challenge, you can choose it. But remember, st…

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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 13 October 2019

Comparison of Elona+'s game modes

Taking relative to mean "0" as Essential. The values are based off of <Bysymlha the amber eyes>'s game mode changing service in Devil Cape, as she allows the player to change the save to a game mode easier than the present one irreversibly.

(formerly known as Advancing)

Normal difficulty, comparable to Elona.

  • Allows for faster progression due to the experience multiplier, which by default is 3x, but can be changed to 5x, 10x, 20x, 30x at Devil Cape. Score will be 0, and you cannot make a gene. In versions prior to 1.88R, this multiplier would've been 20x.
  • For versions 1.88R and later, potential loss due to levelling up is at a fixed 5%

  • Score will be 0, and you cannot make a gene.
  • Refered to as a "balance breaker".
  • At game start, the player has 20,…

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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 16 September 2019

A Memorial for Quick Use

Detail (Special Action): Quick use magic device
Detail (Hex):
Attribute (Special Action): Magic

Elona+ 1.20 - 1.92
5/19/2013 - 9/16/2019
Replaced by Power item

Quick Use was both a special action and a hex, with the special action having a requirement of 100 Magic Device, costing 40 SP, and inducing the hex for 30 turns. While active, the hex would allow the user to use magical items (rods and potions) without expending a turn, albeit being limited to one use of a magical item before turns progress normally.

The removal of Quick Use in 1.92 marks the first time a hex has been removed from the game, and is the second special action to be removed, since Magic Fist in 1.24.

  • Special action (Elona+)
  • Hex
  • Changelog (Elona+)/1.20
  • Changelog (Elona+)/1.92

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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 29 August 2019

Calculating dice for character creation

  • 1 General
  • 2 Races
  • 3 Classes
  • 4 Addendum

In both the race and class selection screen, when an entry is hovered over, the attribute bonuses are shown with qualifiers, which in ascending order are: , , , , , , , .

Any attribute bonus with a maximum over 15 will have the qualifier

Select the class of choice and go with a Tourist, as it has no attribute bonuses, then roll your heart out, taking note of the maxima. If the maximum is even, the minimum is half of that number, with almost no exceptions. If it's odd however, the number is generally the ceiling of half the maximum, but if in doubt check anyway.

Unfortunately there's no race with no attribute bonuses, with the minimum generally being Slight, and the lowest being Mutant's charisma bonus of 1. Snai…

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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 2 August 2019

Running Elona via Wine

This guide assumes the user already has both Wine and winetricks installed on their computer.

  • 1 Dealing with Mojibake
    • 1.1 Text Files
    • 1.2 Unzipping
    • 1.3 Inside Elona
  • 2 Setting up
    • 2.1 Wine
    • 2.2 Fonts
  • 3 Credits
  • 4 Technical Notes

Mojibake (文字化け) (lit. character transformation) is the garbled text that is the result of text being decoded using an unintended character encoding.

Open Text Editor from a menu. Pressing open, select the "Character Encoding" drop-down list and select SHIFT_JIS. If SHIFT_JIS is unavailable, select "Add or Remove..." and put SHIFT_JIS from an Available to a Chosen encoding. Then select the text file. This is useful for opening Japanese documentation and editing config.txt.

As most of the Elona archives (in my personal experience) are .zip en…

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Astraltor Astraltor 24 July 2018


tracking progress of readme integration.

Mini Quests july 30th

Factions July 31st

System - July 31st not sure where to add the information on the customization of:

  • UI customization
  • equipping ranged weapons to melee slots
  • buff messages expiring
  • wet (statue effects page but... a section for just this one bugfix...?)
  • minimal adventurer trading
  • honestly tons of the "system" changes

Items august 2nd done with exception to:

  • enchanted love potions (i blame omake readme being unread by 99% of everyone)
  • traits gained from eating hearts of slimes/dragons/golems

Skills august 4th painful, but i think it's done.

Spells August "5th", surprisingly short. I think i should look at the approximate character length of future sections. spells main page is still a nightmare t…

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Astraltor Astraltor 31 May 2018

guest blag: foobar: why play omake

Removed at request of the poster, foobar. The poster would also like to note that they were just translating some common sentiments of the community, and does not necessarily agree with all of the views.

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Astraltor Astraltor 31 May 2018

guest blag: The Reasons Why Japanese Players Dislike Elonaplus

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Piroco Piroco 18 March 2018

Back to zero, again


It's been a long time, no? ^^;

Some heavy stuff's happened IRL. Daily life has become harsher to be honest; I never it commented it before but I'm currently living in Venezuela, and conditions are worsening by the day, not helped by how hard it's to find meaningful jobs nowdays, and how little they all pay regardless of station. Hopefully I'll be able to move out soon enough!

My old laptop broke, and with it my old Elona+ savefiles (I had reached Lost Irva and everything...) so I hadn't been playing for months; just this last month I retook the game and I'm kinda getting overwhelmed by all the latest version changes @_@ 

I loved the addition of sub-bosses to Lesimas though~

I've also noticed some guides and articles I wrote before are ei…

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Victoria Iris Victoria Iris 3 March 2018

Personal Start Guide

This guide is like many new player guides, but more of a focus on my own playstyle, it has a series of 'to do' tasks, in order of priority. It may be atypical from other guides, that's fine.

  • 1 Levels 1-10
  • 2 Level 10-20
  • 3 Level 20-40
  • 4 40-60
  • 5 60-100
  • 6 100-200

  • Rush tutorial.
  • Get the starter pet.
  • Get the Gene Machine immediately.
  • Start getting PP to use for unlocking the mining skill, and gardening.
    • If mining, start to mine, preferably gardening. Next unlock weight lifting, sense quality, cooking, anatomy, and travelling. Skills after are personal choice.
    • If gardening, get to Yowyn, start doing all the quests.
  • Get enough CON & STR to handle puppy cave, if you can, catch Fire Dragon Child with previous monster balls.
    • If you're a magic character and have magic da…

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Victoria Iris Victoria Iris 1 March 2018

Personal Pet List

This is a personal preference for pets, using Elona Custom's AI system for training, it is not well balanced when abused, this guide hopes to show some more fair set-ups which are easily available in a team.

  • 1 Statistics over Skills
  • 2 cBits and Special Actions
  • 3 The Pets
  • 4 Riding and Shopkeepers
  • 5 Optional Pets

Statistics by order of priority to consider when selecting for pets is thus:

Speed > Life > Mana:

Everything else is not as important, though unusual levels of Luck might be, it is uncertain if that would have an important effect. Statistics for pets are very trainable, speed perhaps more trainable than life, and thus, life is more preferable when not considering pets purely for speed. This guide assumes speed of any pet can reach 2,000, addition…

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Astraltor Astraltor 14 February 2018

status ailment negation precious equipment cheat sheet

item name | type | Invis | thieves | teleport | float | mutation | etherwind | pregnant | bad weather | digest rotten food | reveals religion | signal from god |  Finally, a way to see what artifacts one can use to patch that final missing "negates x". ✖✔ use checks only for cleaner style

iitem name | type | sleep | fear | confusion | blind | poison | paralysis | bleed |  

notable other ones that aren't on the table (non-combat):

item name | type | Invis | thieves | teleport | float | mutation | etherwind | pregnant | bad weather | digest rotten food | reveals religion | signal from god 

should invisbility and Float go with the combat or be non-combat? 

if anyone has any idea what to do with this or where to put it, please comment cos i'm at a…

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Shad3Light Shad3Light 17 January 2018

Freafael the Totally-Not-Werewolf

So, one day in Vernis, I encountered a certain totally-not-werewolf citizen named Freafael the Werewolf.

I had encountered their kind in town before, a tasty source of disguise kits. But for some reason, my train of thought wandered to the reason why she was not mobbed my the town inhabitant. She didn't disguise her werewolf-ness very well. She stated herself that she is a werewolf openly! Everyone can see that in her name!

So in my curiosity, I opened the source and searched for the word "werewolf". And that moment was when I found out... that the werewolves are meant to be renamed to "citizen". It fails there in English version though.

Reason being, the generated Japanese name for them looks like 人狼の(randomname), while the English name gener…

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Zeofolium Zeofolium 8 October 2017

A unlucky lucky sight?

To wonder just what the odds on this even happening

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Victoria Iris Victoria Iris 20 June 2017

I sprite things.

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Piroco Piroco 2 January 2017

Happy New Year~

Happy New Year everyone~

Hope this comes to be a great year for all of you.

Slightly off topic, have you made resolutions? Normally I don't but lately I've been more determined to become a writer. If you wan't I could post those roleplaying Elona stories I mentioned in my profile, but I understand if it's not to the liking of this community (it's still fanfiction... Plus it can be taken as self-promotion, which is in bad taste).

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Piroco Piroco 16 November 2016

Stat and Skill training guide for Elona+ and Elona Custom


A.k.a "Piroco's Stat and Skill training for dummies, Elona Custom edition". Had I known this would be such a general guide I would have named it that.

This guide is meant to list some methods for effective stat and skill training, based on general observations. None of the methods has been evaluated with Elosnack. For this reason, if you find any errors in the list, please add it to the comments.

  • 1 Food stat training
    • 1.1 Equipment as food
    • 1.2 Herb In
  • 2 Potential training
  • 3 Luck stat training
  • 4 Investing (+cha up)
  • 5 Evasion and Greater Evasion (+dex and per up)
  • 6 Pickpocket
  • 7 Literacy (+ler up)
  • 8 Lock picking

Can o…

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 21 September 2016

Translation Work

Current project: AA changelog.

Don't expect too much, but we'll take our time and see what we see.

ver0.25 9/10

・Added new characters, complete with their own fully-implemented cards, corpses, and figurines. However, any character encountered in older versions won't drop their unique memorobilia outside of a certain city.
It is also possibly to wish for the figurines or cards, but they or their drops may eventually be added to a new version, with a different name.

・Fixed a bug in how FFHP handles relations for a second time. The fixed wells outside of towns were pretty amusing.

ver0.24 8/31

・Fixed instances of itemEx.csv not loading correctly.

・Eating when satieted has a tremendous effect on weight.

・The training machine now has an associated diet …

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 18 September 2016

ARottenLecho's Expanded Dialogue

Hi, folks: This is something I've wanted to do since the game began.

And since there's no better time then the present...

I'd like to present to you my expanded dialogue pack! Compatible with E+ 1.61 with Custom! All you should have to do is copy the talk file over, and it should run just fine.

Installation Guide: Extract the talk.txt from the above link. Place your new file in your elona>data folder, overwriting when asked. You can back up your original talk.txt file if you're unsure about the new dialogues; all you have to do is replace my talk.txt with your original file to 'uninstal' the modification.

Current Version: 0.21

The goal of this addition is to make bumping into NPC's a lot less boring, while still feeling like you're encountering …

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Piroco Piroco 17 September 2016

Adventures on roguelikes

Elona was the first roguelike I ever played, and remains my favorite. Still, back then I became curious about the roguelike genre as a whole, so I got around checking other titles. The first thing I realized was that Elona is more like a RPG with sim aspects than pure roguelike, and is actually really easy for a roguelike (even when playing on Nightmare mode); the second is that the roguelike genre is almost completely dominated by western developers, indie developers at that, and Elona itself draws a lot from ADOM, a western title, which is a more adventure-driven type of game compared to most of the genre; the third is that roguelikes are really hardcore...

So of course I got around playing a few. These are my personal opinions, and they in…

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 17 September 2016

A Shopkeep's Guide to Daylight Robbery

... Or how to get strong, learn to appraise valuable goods, make ridiculous profits, and become popular doing it! - by 'Gilded' Letzow

I know you're sick of long-winded guides that don't tell you anything, so relax! The moment you've began your dungeon-diving career is the perfect time to open a store. After scrimping up to buy a deed, plop it down and immediately set to work. The first thing you'll want to do is make your store an equipment store, meaning that you'll be selling rings, arms, and armor.

This costs money, and you're going to spend a little more extending the shop's supply. Don't worry too much about this; there'll come a point where you simply can't supply enough items to meet demand; you will not be able to outpace your clerk, s…

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 17 September 2016

Guide Masterlist

Just a placeholder for various guides I'll write.

Hopefully they'll prove of use to you, new adventurer or old (fairy) farmhand alike.

This will be updated with version number, so you can find out if the strategy is current.

  • A Shopkeep's Guide to Daylight Robbery  (Effective as of E+ 1.61 w/Custom)

Additions and the like:

  • A Rotten Lecho's Expanded Dialogue Pack (Works with E+ 1.61 w/Custom)
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Piroco Piroco 2 September 2016

I will be back

Hello there~

RL has been really busy lately, still not done with college plus some drama with my former workplace, so I haven't played Elona for a long time. Added to that is that I seem to have lost my savefiles *again* after I changed to my current computer, hopefully my old files may still be somewhere in the old one.

Seems like I might get some vacations after September, so I may catch up with the newest versions. Reading some of the changelogs there's seems to have been lots of bug fixes, new mechanics and advancement of the storyline, not to mention Anna's fabulous Elona Custom, which I still have to check out.

BTW, what's this about Elona getting a Steam release? Saw something about that in one of the forum posts and Noa's page. Don't k…

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KajurN KajurN 30 June 2016

Pets guide

The guide can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Q5PmOUW7Ekmu4FGmg8ypn25Yi-4sAMhIZcSj1jFxi4/pub (Last updated 6/30/2016)

My goal with this guide is to give other players an idea of what to expect when they decide to use certain pets. The Base/Potential ratings listed here are all opinion based and they are not absolute. You might find some pets to be better or worse depending on playstyle and progression. Keep in mind however that any pet on the game can be usable, and i am willing to edit this guide according to other players's experience with them. I am also open to debate, if you disagree with any ratings please post a valid argument on this blog's talk page and i'll change this guide accordingly.

For now this guide does …

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DystD DystD 19 May 2016

Some item sprites

'Watch your step—ouch!' This is my first entry, I'm testing out how to submit images since it seems I can't upload this picture for my profile directly.

This image is a derivative work, taking as a base the well from Elona item.bmp, item number 109, sprite 101. It's obviously a fanart from the Ring; I wasn't sure which license type to choose (but my guess would be copyrighted with fair use). It was made with Paint ... :P

A few variations:

I hope you like them. I'm not an expert in pixel art, as you can probably tell.

If you want to use them, edit them with Paint and save as item_101.bmp (file type 24 bits bitmap), then copy it to your elona+/user/graphics folder. More details here: http://elona.wikia.com/wiki/Custom_item_sprite

Till next time (…

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GunInEveryHome GunInEveryHome 13 March 2016

Wish Data

This data is made with extensive use of Cheat Engine.

Elona+ Custom 1.55.2

MAG:72, Casting: 103 - Wearing no spellpower enhancers

At Casting 2000 (same MAG), the percentages are a lot better:

At level -34, Wish 'costs' -15mp to cast.

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GunInEveryHome GunInEveryHome 4 March 2016

Elona main story synopsis

This is a direct rip off the Internet archive of old forums, about Elona's main story.

[1]by sssssz on Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:24 am

While I was perusing Elona fansites in Korean Intertubes, I came across a translation of a Japanese synopsis of Elona's main story. Seeing as how this is a lost content from translation, I figured it would satisfy some people's curiosities to translate it to English. I'm aware (as you should be!) that this is a translation of a translation, so some points may have been misinterpreted... But, in any case, I've used multiple references to make this translation. Should be pretty good. :p

The setting of the story is a world named Irva. After the rise and collapse of civilizations, it has arrived at its eleventh era, Sier…

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TankAirTuna TankAirTuna 11 February 2016


While we're at it, why can't I add the list of invokes of available?

Obviously, they're all limited to weapons. Decapitation is limited to melee weapons (when generated randomly), and Draw Shadow is limited to ranged weapons; all others can be recieved by any weapon.

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TankAirTuna TankAirTuna 10 February 2016


Here be listing of all 68 enchantments items can have, sorted by rank. It's in another post because previous is already getting very big.

  • 1 Rank -1
  • 2 Rank 0
  • 3 Rank 1
  • 4 Rank 2
  • 5 Rank 3
  • 6 Rank 99
  • 7 Rank 100
  • 8 Notes

Cursed items will recieve these.

21 - causes random teleport

45 - sucks blood of wielder

46 - disturbs your growth

47 - attracts monsters

In the end, they're just not very useful.

3 - decreases\improves your [skill]

6 - maintains [stat]

56 - catches signals from God

59 - reveals religion

1 - decreases\increases your [stat]

7 - deals [element] damage

9 - can be loaded with [ammo]

22 - prevents you from teleporting

23 - negates the effect of blindness

25 - negates the effect of confusion

26 - negates the effect of fear

27 - negates the effect of sleep

32 - floats you …

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TankAirTuna TankAirTuna 8 February 2016

Item generation

This is what blog posts are, right?

So, item generation. Quite complex procedure that devolves into a few gosubs, vars and much headache. Here I will describe results of my continuing attemps to uncover mechanic behind all this. I don't understand what I'm doing about quarter of time, so there can be and probably will be mistakes.

  1. deffunc itemcreate int prm_518, int prm_519, int prm_520, int prm_521, int prm_522

Here, prm_519 is ID of item (it'll get written into inv.s1 on offset 12, or var_99(3, id)), prm_520 is x coordinate, and prm_521 is y coordinate. prm_518 and prm_522... do something.

In the start, nothing important happens before moving on to label_1897.

  • 1 label_1897
  • 2 label_1896
  • 3 flt
  • 4 calcfixlv int prm_495
  • 5 randomenc()
  • 6 randomencp()

For most o…

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Astraltor Astraltor 25 January 2016

Guide to Snail

Short guide/list of tips, tricks, and tactics specifically targetted at snail tourist martial artist. Many of these may be useful for other characters, but some (in the author's view) basic things have been left out. some parts may involve less pure actions that others may consider exploits and unfair.

  • 1 Character Creation
  • 2 First days
    • 2.1 Early game priorities:
    • 2.2 Navigating the world
  • 3 elona+
  • 4 TLDR

This section details tips and factors to keep in mind while creating the snail.

Of the basic attributes, Constitution is the biggest factor in the PC's HP, a little over twice as effective as Strength. Maximizing Constitution and Strength will lead to a slightly stronger snail.

There are many feats, all of them unique, but some are more useful than others. …

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NeithR NeithR 1 January 2016

Fast Attributes Training

Recently while playing Elona+, I have been focusing on improving my attributes instead of my level. I usually managed to increase all my attributes (except Life, Mana, Speed, and Luck) in less than 2 hours from Superb (200%+ potential) to Good by average 4 points. Currently, my attributes are currently above 200 without bonus and my current level is above 100. After all attributes become Good, I drank blessed potion of potentials.

I also have tested with 380%+ all attributes potential (except Life, Mana, Speed, and Luck). In less than 2 hours, I managed to increase all attributes by 7 points from Superb to Great. Compared with the 200% potential before, I prefer the 380%+ since it boosted higher and faster than 200%+ (from Superb to Good) i…

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OttoOtteist OttoOtteist 27 December 2015

A dump of amuzing elona experience

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Vareruma Vareruma 25 December 2015

Difference between equip quality

One thing that I've overlooked for a long time in Elona+ was the usefulness of equipment qualities. Higher quality items not only have more attributes, but also higher stats - damage, hit bonus, and DV/PV. (Also to keep in mind: Even if you reroll multiple times the same material on the same equip, you'll usually get different stats everytime.  For example, a good diamond sniper rifle may have its stats anywhere between 1d46 and 1d55, as shown below.)

In order to further emphasize the difference between qualities, I made some tables to show the worst and best result you may get from rerolling the same material on the same item type, but each one with a different quality.

The first table shows weapons' worst and best rerolls given the Diamond

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Vareruma Vareruma 15 December 2015

Equipment material rerolls

Equipment material can be changed by reading a scroll of inferior/change/superior material, but I've noticed that some materials are more likely to happen from others, regardless of the types of scrolls used. And I also wondered about the difference between blessed scrolls of change vs unblessed superior scroll.

I've decided to run a test (Elona 1.52fix) to verify the behavior of material rerolling. The following results show the materials applied on a cloak by reading 250 scrolls of blessed change material, superior material and blessed superior material (each).

Materials below Raw = normal quality, above Raw = superior quality

  • Blessed change material scrolls have an higher chance of getting a superior material compared to unblessed ones (al…

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AnnaBannana AnnaBannana 25 November 2015

New Features in Elona Custom 1.51.4

With Elona Custom 1.51.4, two new systems will be added to the game - the first true additions to the Custom version that are anything more than simple code tweaks.

The first is customizable AI - the ability to fine-tune your pet's AI routine to your liking. The second is the ability to teach pets spells and abilities that you already know.

Did that get your attention? Then keep reading below to find out all about it!

  • 1 Starting Out
  • 2 Customizeable AI
    • 2.1 Tactic Explanations
  • 3 Spell/Ability System
    • 3.1 Initial Move List
    • 3.2 Teaching a Spell or Ability
  • 4 In Use
  • 5 Troubleshooting
  • 6 Warnings
  • 7 Known Bugs
  • 8 Final Thoughts

To instruct your pet on how to act, you'll need to (i)nteract with one of your pets, select Talk, and then choose the option "Let's talk about tactic…

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Kosher pork Kosher pork 5 November 2015

Work in progress

NPC dialog variety:








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Piroco Piroco 3 October 2015

For now, still absent

College caught up on me, badly...

I haven't been playing Elona for some time now. Besides college some other games have caught my attention, and what little free time I have I use to play them (Rune Factory and Pokemon, actually).

Also, virus. Fortunately I had a backup of my files and saves in a pent-drive so no loss there.

Also game a quick read to Anna's Elona Custom page. Incredible job there Anna!! I hope to play it once I have more free time (or when I finish any of the aforementioned games...).

So yeah, that's that for now...

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AnnaBannana AnnaBannana 24 August 2015

Elona Custom

Elona Custom is an attempt to enable and translate all features from the Japanese version of Elona Plus into English. English support in Elona Plus has been sporadic since its inception, so this project attempts to bring these things to the English audience.

  • 1 Download
  • 2 Installation
  • 3 New Features
  • 4 Troubleshooting
  • 5 Contributing
  • 6 Complete List of Changes
    • 6.1 Translations
      • 6.1.1 Story / Quest
      • 6.1.2 Character Generation
      • 6.1.3 System
      • 6.1.4 NPCs
      • 6.1.5 Misc
    • 6.2 Changes (Non-toggleable)
    • 6.3 Bug Fixes

The current version is 1.57.2, which is based on Elonaplus 1.57.

Latest Download: Elona Custom 1.57.2 (MEGA)

Source included in the above link.

The next release date is Friday, May 13th.

Simply drop the files from the above download into your Elona+ 1.57 folder, overwriting as ne…

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Miyana Miyana 18 August 2015

Miyana's Custom NPCs

I finally got around to checking my CNPCs to fix the old buggy ones, so I figured I'd just throw up them here in case anyone else wants to use them.


There are currently 107 CNPCs up to level 255. As I made most of them with a specific idea rather than an overall plan, some of them may have severe balance and quality issues, but for the most part they should be decent.

A bestiary with monster name, level, race, class, and a short description can be found inside.

While I've yet to have any crashes occur, it's possible an error I didn't see could pop up, so if a crash occurs please inform me here.

Installation instructions are in the pack.

If you have any questions or co…

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AnnaBannana AnnaBannana 9 May 2015

Elona Cutscene Viewer Beta 0.1

(This project is essentially discontinued in lieu of the Elona+ custom builds.) - Aug 18, 2015

Version 0.4 is now out! See the changelog below!

Have you ever wanted to view the cutscenes from Elona like they appear in the game? In English? Well, now you can!

I am happy to release the Elona Cutscene Viewer. It's still in Beta (feature complete), so there are probably plenty of quirks to iron out. However, it should be to a point where others can get some use out of it.

  • 1 What does it do?
  • 2 How do I use it?
  • 3 Where can I find it?
  • 4 Changelog

Well, basically, it plays files that use Elona's scripting format in a way mostly-accurate to how they appear in-game. It also understands some additional tags so that branching dialogue can be implemented.

In short,…

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Piroco Piroco 5 May 2015

R.I.P Harusame/Rueken's pixiv

Just noticed Harusame's pixiv account was deleted. Well NOW I'M SAD.

Here's hoping all the Elona fanart was saved in Gelbooru (goes to browse).

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Piroco Piroco 24 April 2015

Learning the need of backups the hard way

Word to the wise: Always make backups of you saves. Lost my old savefiles at least twice from blackouts and would have lost my current highest-level one if I hadn't made a backup.

R.I.P Juere Thief lvl 62 and Fairy Pianist lvl 23

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