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Blessed is a modifier randomly found on equipment and items, which can also be added to an item if the player dips(B) the item they want to bless in a blessed bottle of water. Blessed is effectively the opposite of cursed.

Obtaining Blessed Bottles of Water[]

First, obtain a bottle of water. Miral and Garok’s workshop (south of Noyel) have them for sale, and they are occasionally available at magic stores or found in dungeons. A bottle of dirty water will not work for this. Second, find an altar to your god; if you do not worship a god, you must use an unclaimed altar. Drop the bottle of water on the altar, and it will become a blessed bottle of water. Mix (B) this with the item you want to become blessed.

An alternate way of getting a blessed bottle of water is to mix empty bottles with a Holy Well that is not dry. The bottles will automatically be filled with water and blessed, so you don't need to bring them to an altar. There is a Holy Well northeast of the church in Noyel. However, you probably shouldn't waste a holy well on this.

In Elona+, the pot for fusion recipe requires a wood piece, rod of fire wall, and potion of salt solution, to produce a bottle of water. Potions of salt solution can be found at magic vendors (they are much more common at magic vendors than bottles of water) and can also be found in dungeons and as quest rewards. (In one playthrough, I made sure to watch out for and obtain every potion of salt solution I came across, and I ended up finding more potions of salt solution than bottles of water, effectively doubling the number of bottles of water I was able to obtain.)

You can also wish for holy water to receive 3-4 bottles of it with the flavor text it's sold out.


Blessing items has a different effect depending on the item being blessed. The effect is beneficial, with very few exceptions. On armor and weapons, it effectively adds +1 to their enchantment level. It makes many types of scrolls, rods and potions more powerful. Blessed food is more filling and may temporarily boost your Luck stat when eaten.

Blessing a cursed or doomed item will uncurse it with no chance of failure. Blessed items sell for 20% more to shopkeepers. When you equip blessed items, they produce the message, "You feel as if someone is watching you intently.".

One notable exception are the items bottle of sulfuric and molotov, which will cause less damage when thrown if they are blessed. There are also a number of items that gain no functional benefit from being blessed.

Eternal Force weapons[]

Eternal Force weapons, which are extremely rare, are always found blessed.