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Blades are living suits of armor with swords. They are all very fast, relatively well-armored, and are capable of inflicting a bleed effect with every attack. They may rarely drop the <Crimson Plate>, a special red girdle that may help stop bleeding and can prove useful when fighting red and nether hounds and dragons.

Eating a corpse of any type of blade monster, cooked or otherwise, will dim you. Eating solid metal does that.

Types of Blade[]


The normal, ordinary blade monster, free from Street Fighter naming conventions. Recognizable from the dual blades it holds up. If you can cast Heal Light with any sort of regularity, you are pretty much safe from bleeding out.

Blade alpha[]

A dark-blue colored version of the normal blade enemy. Moderately hard, depending on your character type the bleeding may be a larger problem than actually being damaged. Average strength melee characters tend to die from blood loss rather than being cut down. Level:16

Blade omega[]

A red palette swap of the Alpha, and a very nasty customer. Can even take out the Queen and General of Palmia! Level:30

Blade king[]

A yellow tinted Blade with a level of 70. Exclusive to Elona+.