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The black gemstone of Wake up of nefia (a black gemstone of heavenly jewel when unidentified) is an Elona+ exclusive precious item that modifies nearby dungeons, so that every NPC inside will be of the dungeon's level.


To obtain the gemstone, talk to Black gauntlet Leold in Ulm-Leson and choose the "awake of power" option, then "awake my power" (not the pet's). The item will drop on the ground.


Make sure you are on the overworld map, then use the gemstone with t. An animation accompanied by the the flavor text "Which instruction you serve directive to the fellow with the flag?" indicates that the item has been used successfully. Look for nearby dungeons with a black star above their icon, and with the suffix "Awaken" added to their name.


  • The gemstone has a cooldown time of 48 hours.
  • Already-visited dungeons cannot be Awakened.
  • NPCs cannot be dominated in Awakened dungeons.
  • Dungeon bosses are not affected.
  • Awakened NPCs cannot reach a level higher than 6666, even in dungeons that exceed that level.

Additional details[]

Awakened dungeons have a special effects on different floors. They work on both you and any NPCs in the dungeon. These include effects like Gravity, elemental damage, or attacks randomly causing time stop. Completing the dungeon does not stop the effect.

Monsters in the dungeon will have their levels scaled up to the dungeon's danger level if they would otherwise be weaker. Additionally, monsters in the dungeon are typically alerted to your presence as soon as you enter the floor, causing them to head to your location.

Defeating a dungeon boss will sometimes generate a Jewel of core of Nefia, which has randomly generated effects that can be attached to an item by <Irma> the indomitable smith after her associated quest is completed. Types of cores that can be obtained are listed in the chart here. The cores can be sold if not needed, and can also can be given to pets to sell like normal gems.

Jewel generation is more likely when the dungeon is higher level. The jewel generation rate is 0% at dungeons lower than level 50, and around 2% for level 51, 50% at level 100, 75% by level 200, and around 90% in level 500 dungeons.


A jewel that activates ruins of Nefia, awakening their true powers. This also affects the monsters inside, sending them into a frenzy.

~Irva Fantasy Encyclopedia~