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<Big daddy>
Level 30 Machinegod Gunner
Str: 95(Hopeless) Con: 89(Hopeless) Dex: 74(Hopeless)
Per: 175(Hopeless) Lea: 81(Hopeless) Wil: 103(Hopeless)
Mag: 50(Hopeless) Cha: 56(Hopeless)
Life: 200 Mana: 80 Speed: 112
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 40 (7%)
Shield: 21 (9%)
Heavy Armor: 23 (5%)
Medium Armor: 23 (5%)
Light Armor: 23 (5%)
Evasion: 40 (7%)
Stealth: 23 (5%)
Marksman: 21 (4%)
Literacy: 21 (4%)
Faith: 23 (5%)
Meditation: 23 (5%)

Long Sword: 23 (5%)
Axe: 23 (5%)
Martial Arts: 42 (7%)
Scythe: 23 (5%)
Blunt: 23 (5%)
Polearm: 23 (5%)
Stave: 23 (5%)
Short Sword: 23 (5%)
Bow: 23 (5%)
Crossbow: 23 (5%)
Throwing: 23 (5%)
Firearm: 99 (3%)

<Big daddy>s are neutral NPCs that always found alone, usually in dungeons. They can be spoken to, but the only response will be "The <Big daddy> ignores you..." and as with any talking NPC, attacking a Big daddy will incur a -2 karma hit. A sound effect plays when player enters a floor with a <Big daddy> and in recent versions of Elona+, a message "you heard a growl of Big daddy" will be printed along with it. <Big daddy>s will fend off any enemies that come close to them with a gun and/or powerful melee attacks. Their levels are also increased based on the difficulty of the dungeon floor, so a higher level dungeon can spawn one several times stronger than an easy one.

<Big daddy>s have incredibly high DV, and thus can dodge fairly well; they usually also wear equipment with high PV values, like armored boots and composite girdles. When in combat, chucking a potion of weakness at it or casting Mist of Frailness is recommended. For low leveled users, it is highly recommend to bring surplus food to a <Big daddy> fight, due to the fact that Big baddies are very tanky, which can lead to player's character dying from starvation. It may be best to avoid combat with them until you have multiple ways of doing high damage.

In Elona, <Big daddy>s carry shotguns and because of it they can attack only from 3 or less squares away. Their preferred range in combat is 3 which reduces the damage of their ranged attack to 30%. In Elona+, they wield machineguns instead. They can now attack from up to 5 tiles away and without any notable damage penalties, although their preferred range of 3 remains.

So, how to beat them?

  • Melee. Probably the worst option. Not only do Big Daddies hit equally hard from close and far distances, they also NEVER willingly come to melee range. In addition to possessing very high Life and strong defenses, you must outspeed the daddy or try to surround him with pets in order to prevent him from retreating from you.
  • Pickpocketing. If you manage to successfully steal his gun, daddy will be easier to fight against, sitting at his 3 tiles distance without any means to damage you. But stealing itself can be very tricky. With daddy's astronomically high perception (for his level) by time you will be able to pry his gun openly with decent success chance you will probably be strong enough to just go toe-to-toe. In addition, guns tend to be heavy and putting a daddy to sleep is hard due to unique NPC's high resistance to status effects.
  • Kiting. If the floor is relatively devoid of obstacles and you have a decent long ranged weapon + good amount of stock in Teleportation + your speed is at least comparable to one of daddy, you can try this. Even through machineguns can shoot farther than 5 tiles, daddies begin to shoot only at distance of 5 or less. And your vision range is 7. When daddy is at the brink of your vision range, you can safely attack him. Daddy have a decent chance of doing nothing if you cannot be attacked directly from his position, so he will advance rather slowly. When he enters his firing range - retreat. When daddy finally corners you - teleport. And repeat.
  • Cornershooting. This involves luring a daddy to a construction like:
o o o o
# B # #
o o o @

(or making one on spot with wall creation). Because daddy's preferred range is 3, he will go back and forth between 3 and 2 tiles from you. When he is at 2 tiles from you he will show up between walls. You will be able to see and attack him, but he won't be able to see (and thus attack) you from his position. Obliviously this strategy prohibits usage of pets.

Upon death, a <Little sister> will spawn on same tile. The <Little sister> can be caught with a Little ball and turned in for a quest in the Cyber Dome, or killed and eaten for a small boost in HP and a slight potential increase in all skills. Be careful to clear out any monsters nearby before player fights the <Big daddy> so player can catch the <Little sister>, as the <Little sister> is near helpless and often will stray away from player when caught.

Note: A <Little sister> will spawn only if <Big daddy> was killed by player or player's pet. So, if player summoned some moderately strong monsters to wear him down and let them kill him, player will get a message that <Big daddy> have already evacuated <Little sister> somewhere. Using damage sources not directly related to player (such as mana reaction) will also kill daddy without spawning the sister.

On a side note, <Big daddy> corpses provide the max amount of favor based on weight as an offering. Cooking and eating them is similar to eating Chess Pieces, so don't do it.


Flavor Text[]


You feel the ground tremble with the steps of a large, angry, Protector.

You hear the tread of something you do NOT want to anger. Ever.

Little Sister: "Look Mr. Bubbles, the angels."

Little Sister: "Look Mr. Bubbles, the angels are dancing in the sky!"


  • carddad creates a card of <Big daddy>.
  • figuredad creates a figurine of <Big daddy>.


The sprite number for <Big daddy> is 408.


<Big daddy>s are a reference to the game Bioshock. They are genetically engineered humans in massive robotic suits. Like in Bioshock, Big daddies will fend off any enemies that come close to them with a gun and/or powerful melee attacks.