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Beggar Cave is your home in Elona Mobile.

Just like in the original Elona, you start the game in your home, with two NPCs, Lomias and Larnniere. They will give you an optional tutorial, start you on the main quest and give you some background information. Telling them to get out, will give you three pieces of furniture, otherwise, they will eventually leave when you enter Vernis for the first time.

Dropping high-level furniture and ore will increase your house rank, which increases your salary. Only the top 10 items' value will actually contribute to your House Rank. To view your rank and capacity, speak with <Jane> the maid and select "Home Info". It is unknown whether House Rank function the same in both Elona PC and Elona Mobile. For now, see the Elona (PC) "Your Home" page for more information on House Ranking.

Your home starts out with some basic furniture including a freezer (stores food indefinitely), salary box (where you collect your salary and taxes), and an Achievement Board. You can store items simply by dropping them on the ground. Your home has a capacity of 100 items at the start, which increases as you level your Nefia Covenant. (For more storage, buy a warehouse.)


<Jane> the maid[]

  • Maid management - Train an ally as a Maid. Ally must have high enough friendship level.
  • Work - Send idle allies to work.
  • Home info - See house Luxury level and most valuable furnishings
  • Home map - Change home skin
  • Set up team and Resurrect ally

Novice Butler[]

  • Ice Pops
  • Friendship Shop - Buy items with Friendship coins
  • Friend Contact
  • Double Bonus
  • Bond


You can purchase skins to change the look of your home. Speak to <Jane> the maid and select "Home Map".

  • Shack - cost: 400,000 gold.
  • Cozy House - cost: 400,000 gold.
  • Cyber Dome - cost: 50 diamonds.
  • Lakeside Estate - cost: 120 diamonds.
  • Small Castle - cost: 150 diamonds.
  • Japanese Garden - cost: 168 diamonds.
  • Blanketed in Snow - cost: 178 diamonds.
  • Ancient Chinese Style - cost: 198 diamonds.

Working Allies[]

You can send your idle allies out to work. Talk with <Jane> about "work".

Allies will gain Potential and earn gold while working and may find items like scrolls and monster balls.

You can send up to 3 allies to each work location. Some work areas have team member requirements such as gender or evolution level. If you don't have the right type of ally you can refresh.

It is a good idea to send your main allies to work while you sleep [in real life] to regain potential.