Elona Wiki

To bash something, press b and choose a direction.

  • Bashing sleeping people will wake them up; however you will lose 1 karma doing so. The exception is if you have the feat from the Secret Treasure of the Wicked, since it will decrease all karma losses by 25%, and decimals are rounded down - meaning the 0.75 loss is converted to 0. Alternate ways of waking people up is to use a whistle or to play an instrument, though playing an instrument carries the danger of nearby NPCs throwing a rock at you.
  • Bashing doors might destroy them (The door has to be Closed first). It seems to be the only way to destroy doors. If it does not work, there is a small chance that you will get confused or paralyzed. It is currently unknown whether Strength, Constitution, or wearing a Shield affects these chances. Also, there is a small chance to receive the message: "You hurt your muscle." which presumably is either stat damage or stat loss to strength. Bashing a door in any property owned by you always succeeds.
  • It doesn't do any real damage, but will count as a hit for purposes of annoying the monster and getting your pets to attack it. Non-aggressive monsters will need to be bashed twice to make them attack you, as the first only irritates them. Do note that neutral NPCs/monsters that are usually displaced when you walk into them will be automatically attacked when you try to move into the square they occupy once they have been irritated, and that irritated adventures will not resume neutrality until you cast Incognito on yourself through one method or another.
  • It can be used on a fruit tree to get fruit out of the tree.
  • It can be used as a rescue action on NPCs choking on mochi. The target NPC takes some damage, depending on the Strength attribute of the rescuer. If you are choking on mochi, any friendly NPC nearby will also bash you.