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Baptists are humanoid (but not human, it seems) enemies that come in two varieties - red and blue. Both are relatively high-level (around 15 to 16) encounters, and both can prove to be deadly if encountered in a dungeon.

Types of Baptist

Red Baptist

Red Baptists rely on fire bolts and teleportation. Their bolts travel in a straight line and can hit multiple targets. The fire bolts will destroy scrolls, potions, and non-metal gear at random (relatively rare items like Vindale Cloaks or Seven League Boots are not excluded.) They will teleport at random to avoid being hit. At lower levels, it is difficult to engage a Red Baptist at melee range, so some sort of ranged skill or magic is a virtual requirement to kill them. You can prevent their fire from destroying your items by having a Fireproof Blanket in your inventory and by dipping your equipment in fireproof liquid.

They are weak against ice-type damage; before you get strong enough to mince them through your own power, consider carrying a rod of ice bolt to deal with them. Spells will work, but by the time your spells get strong enough to render the rods unnecessary, you could probably already destroy them by hand.

Blue Baptist

Blue Baptists are exactly like Red Baptists, but shoot ice instead.

They are weak against lightning-type damage; lower-level characters can carry a rod of lightning bolt to deal with them.

Cultist of Fire

Cultists of Fire are higher-level versions of Red Baptists. They have the same fire bolt attack, and can still teleport, but can also heal themselves. However, they have low armor and HP for their level. They also have the Summon Fire Creatures special action, which creates fire bapists, fire crabs, fire hounds, amongst other flame-based creatures. You can stop them from summoning the creatures by blinding them (Dark Eye works nicely).

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