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Version BF_CE_test_v17_fix1 (06/27/2011?)
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BF_CE, or Bug Fix CompactEXE, is an Elona variant based off Elona BF, which is in turn based off Elona 1.22.

Apart from the bug fixes in BF, it attempts to optimize the game in terms of file sizes and ease of modding by moving some game data into external database files. It also apparently introduced a number of new bugs, so play this at your own risk.


The following adapted from れどめ.txt. The text about licences has been omitted.

Elona ver 1.22 BF v17 CompactEXE with lua & SQLele

This variant is based on Elona ver 1.22 BF v17 and features changes that makes it markedly different from the latter.

Overview of changes so far:

  • .exe file size has been reduced
  • Improved the compressibility of save files
  • Moved some game data to Lua to make them easier to customize
  • Moved some game data into a SQLele database
  • Changed how the inventory is sorted when it is opened

Known issues:

  • The "brother"/"sister" and the "master"/"mistress" NPC lines don't work. (Currently attempting to convert them into lua scripts.)

Changes in this version (contains only changes pertaining to BF_CE)

  • More of item.csv, creature.csv, card.csv, race.csv, and class.csv have been converted to database format (contents in card.csv, race.csv, and class.csv have almost been completely converted)
  • The game data that has been hard-coded into the source code remains as it is
  • Changes have also been made to the lua scripts for the above

Changes in the previous versions (contains only changes pertaining to BF_CE)

  • (NB: This section is blank.)