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The <Axe of Destruction> (a giant axe when unidentified) is a bardiche dropped by <Ungaga> the minotaur king at the bottom of the Minotaur's Nest. It is definitely too heavy for riding or Dual Wielding at first, but can be lightened with flying scrolls without penalty, because it has no inherent damage bonus.


It weighs 14.0s
Item-basic.gif It is made of rubynus.
Item-basic.gif It is acidproof.
Item-basic.gif It is fireproof.
Item-basic.gif It is precious.
Item-weapon.gif It can be wielded as a weapon. (1d70 Pierce 0%)
Item-weapon.gif It is a heavy weapon.
Item-weapon.gif It modifies hit bonus by -35 and damage bonus by 0.
Item-stat.gif It increases your Life by 3.
Item-special.gif It increases your chance to deliver critical hits. [#####+] (750)
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.


  • axe o will create the <Axe of Destruction>; this will only work in wizard mode.


The item sprite ID for the <Axe of Destruction> is 399 (Row 12, Column 3) using the item sprite zero-based position system, with a color modifier of 3.