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Axe is a strength based weapon proficiency used when fighting with axe type weapons.

  • +1.5 hit rate per level
  • +0.1 damage multiplier per 10 levels


In Elona+, if you have an axe skill of 10 or higher, the next time you level up you'll get the cut tree special action. If you stand over a tree while having a bardish[sic] or the <Negative Edge> in your inventory, it will be turned into a stump and a wood material, which can then be used in a pot for fusion to make wooden furniture.

Types of axe[]

Sprite Name Damage Notes
Hand axe.png
hand axe varies basic weapon
Battle axe.png
battle axe varies basic weapon
bardish[sic] varies basic weapon
Precious weapons
Axe of Destruction.png
Axe of Destruction 1d70 wielded by <Ungaga> the minotaur king in Minotaur's Nest
Elona+ basic weapons
tomahawk varies basic weapon. Intrinsic attribute: it improves your Throwing. When equipped as a throwing weapon, has distance multipliers of a throwing weapon. Added in 1.88R.
chainsaw varies basic weapon. Intrinsic attribute: it gives you a chance to throw an absolute piercing attack. Added in 1.88R.
Elona+ precious weapons
I500-God breaker.png
God Breaker 2d200+32 wielded by <Buildup Opatos>
Negative Edge 4d10+15 wielded by <H sister> in Ludus
Gravity Axe 2d20+10 randomly generated
Guliwelzen 1d52+11 wielded by <Alfred> the cangnan wind in the Cradle of Chaos
DGT-101 2d20+24 randomly generated

Trained skill[]

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Axe.


  • None



  • #ax will increase Axe by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, it was not known to be possible to increase Axe via wishing.

Elona Mobile[]

In Mobile, basic Axes can be crafted at a Farm Tool Crafting Table in Yowyn and requires the Carpentry and Blacksmith skills. Crafting Recipes can be found here.