This article is about character attributes. For equipment attributes, see here.

Attributes are a collection of statistics that determine a character's performance within the game, along with skills.


The basic attributes affect a lot of things in small ways. When a character is created, these basic attributes are randomly generated based upon class and race and improved by using related skills and spells, reading a particular scroll, or by eating food.


The potential growth for attributes works the same as with skills except that it is tougher to raise, requiring that you eat rare herbs, drink Potions of Potential, or pay a guild trainer platinum coins when they visit your home. Elona 1.22 allows you to eat raw weapons and armor with the "It maintains" attribute to gain a temporary buff to that stat's potential.

Unlike skills, you do not normally receive an exact value for attribute potential. Instead, you get a a one-word description that changes according to what range your potential lies. Here are the corresponding ranges:

Hopeless Bad Good Great Superb
0-49% 50-99% 100-149% 150-199% 200-400%

Other statsEdit

  • Experience determines character level
  • HP or health points: if you run out, you die
  • MP or mana points allows you to safely cast spells
  • Stamina is required for special actions and other activities, and causes the Tired status effects when low enough.
  • Sleep accrues over time causing Sleepy status, and will eventually prevent HP/MP regeneration.
  • Food decreases over time causing Starving status, doing damage and eventually killing the character.
Secondary stats
  • Life is a multiplier for your HP
  • Mana is a multiplier for your MP
  • Sanity is a little used stat, being insane causes negative status effects
  • Speed allows you to do things faster, which is very important
  • Fame makes more difficult quests/jobs available
  • Karma decreases your taxes if high, but makes guards and shopkeeper hate you if low
  • Luck is a hidden stat that causes more good events and fewer bad ones

In some versions, speed has a hidden potential that affects any gains.(verify)


See alsoEdit

  • Feats, many feats raise your attributes by a set amount

Elona+ Edit

In Elona+, swimming and traveling are speed skills. When attributes are greater than 300, the experience calculation will use 300 as their values.

Omake Overhaul Edit

Maximum attribute or skill growth at once is capped at double its current attribute or skill value.

Excess growth will be used to raise potential instead.

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