Armors protect the wearer by increasing their DV and PV. Certain types of armor, however, may decrease DV (usually heavy armor like composite mail and tower shields); the effect is amplified when they are made out of more PV-focused materials like diamond.

Some armors of inferior material, particularly raw, may decrease DV and PV instead.

The defensive properties of armor are displayed as a armor [DV,PV]. For example, a cloth breastplate [2,1] gives the wearer 2DV and 1PV.

Certain armor, especially gauntlets, can also provide a to-hit and damage bonus when attacking.

See equipment attributes for the various bonuses and curses that can be present on equipment, armor included.

There are various special pieces of equipment, called precious armors, in Elona. A list of such armors can be found here.

Enchantments Edit

Enchantments, both positive (e.g. Scroll of Enchant Armor) or negative (e.g. Cursed Whisperings or acid and fire based attacks), give or take 2PV per enchantment value.

Blessed armor pieces give a bonus of 2PV.


  • a cloth breastplate+2 [2,1] gives an additional 4PV for a total of 5PV.
  • a cloth breastplate-2 [2,1] would take away 4PV for a total of -3PV.

List of ArmorEdit

Basic weight and stats estimate is for the steel version of the item.

Note that this list is incomplete. Stats are only an estimate for comparison between items, they may vary from item to item.


Head-magic hat Magic Hat [3,6] (1.6s)
Head-fairy hat Fairy Hat [4,7](1.0s)
Protects you from mutations; provides the highest DV.
Head-feather hat Feather Hat [2,1](1.3s)
Head-helm Helm [1,8](4.3s)
Head-heavy helm Heavy Helm [2,10](6.4s)
Head-knight helm Knight Helm [0,11](5.4s)
Head-composite helm Composite Helm [2,14](4.8s)
Provides the highest PV.


Bejeweled Amulets and Engagements Amulet don't offer any DV/PV or Hit/Damage bonus. Others offer a bonus (or penalty) to the specified attribute, scaled by their material.

Charms, peridots, engagement amulets, and talismans sell for a good sum; consider picking them up if only to sell in your Shop.

Neck-bejeweled Bejeweled Amulet
Neck-charm Charm (Weapon Damage)
Neck-decorative Decorative Amulet
Neck-engagement Engagement Amulet
Neck-guard Neck Guard (PV)
Neck-peridot Peridot (Chance to Hit)
Neck-talisman Talisman (DV)


Back-armored cloak Armored Cloak [2,6](4.8s)
Back-cloak Cloak [3,4](4.0s)
Back-light cloak Light Cloak [2,4] (1.8s)
Back-feather Feather [2,9] (1.3s) (it floats you)
Back-wing Wing [4,0] (1.3s)(it floats you)
Back-light cloak Vindale Cloak [2,3] (1.0s)(it protects you from Etherwind)

Note that the wing and feather were swapped in 1.16, leaving the feather's "bat-wing" appearance somewhat counterintuitive.


Body-banded mail Banded Mail [2,13](17.5s)
Body-breastplate Breastplate [3,14](12.1s)
Body-breast plate Breast Plate [7,18](7.5s)
Body-plate mail Plate Mail [3,35](20.2s)
Body-bulletproof jacket Bulletproof Jacket [7,25](4.3s)
Body-chain mail Chain Mail [3,31](14.0s)
Body-coat Coat [7,13](4.0s)
Body-composite mail Composite Mail [4,28](14.8s)
Body-light mail Light Mail [6,11](4.8s)
Body-ring mail Ring Mail [2,19](13.5s)
Body-robe Robe [5,4](2.1s)
Body-pope robe Pope Robe [9,13](3.2s)

Note that the breastplate and breast plate are two different pieces of armor.


Shield kite Kite Shield [-1,22](9.4s)
Shield knight Knight Shield [-1,13](5.9s)
Shield large Large Shield [0,11](3.7s)
Shield round Round Shield [2,8](4.0s)
Shield Shield [1,10](2.7s)
Shield small Small Shield [1,6](3.2s)
Shield tower Tower Shield [0,15](6.4s)


Unless noted, rings do not offer any DV or PV.

Ring-armored Armored Ring (PV)
Ring-composite Composite Ring (+weapon damage)
Ring-decorative Decorative Ring
Ring-engagement Engagement Ring
Ring Ring

Ring-engagement Aurora Ring (DV,PV, Resist Sound ##, and protection from weather)

RingSpeed ring (Increase Speed 9~28)


Arm-composite gauntlets Composite Gauntlets (4,1) [1,7](3.5s)
Arm-gloves Gloves (4,0) [2,4](1.2s)
Arm-light gloves Light Gloves (2,0) [1,5](0.5s)
Arm-plate gauntlets Plate Gauntlets (3,2) [1,9](4.8s)
Arm-thick gauntlets Thick Gauntlets (2,0) [1,6](2.9s)
Arm Decorated Gloves (6,1) [3,8](1.8s)


Waist-composite girdle Composite Girdle [2,4](1.7s)
Waist-composite girdle Plate Girdle [1,8](3.7s)
Waist-girdle Girdle [1,3](2.4s)


Legs-shoes Shoes [1,2](0.6s)
Legs-shoes Boots [2,3](1.2s)
Legs-armored boots Armored Boots [0,7](3.7s)
Legs-composite boots Composite boots [0,7](1.9s)
Legs-heavy boots Heavy boots [0,4](2.5s)
Legs-composite boots Seven league boots (improves travel progress, +10 speed)
Legs-tight boots Tight boots [3,4](1.7s)
Legs ???

Differences in Elona+Edit

In Elona+, enchanting/blessing also increases DV by 2.

In the Elona+ 1.15 patch, weapons and armor have an innate bonus based on their specific type. This does not apply to unique versions of these armors. Armor types that already had a bonus remain unchanged, but are still included in this chart. For example, wings have their float bonus and so have no additional bonuses. Because the game is being regularly updated, these bonuses may end up being changed over time.

The following chart reflects values in version 1.17.

Classification Type Enchantment bonus
Magic Hat Casting [##] (+6)
Fairy Hat Protection from mutation
Feather Hat Performer [##] (+6)
Helm Tactics [##] (+6)
Heavy Helm Weight Lifting [##] (+6)
Knight Helm Will +5
Composite Helm Constitution +5
Bejeweled Amulet Magic Device [##] (+6)
Charm Healing [##] (+6)
Decorative Amulet Mind resistance [##] (+50)
Engagement Amulet Will +5
Neck Guard Medium Armor [##] (+6)
Peridot Jeweler [##] (+6)
Talisman Magic +5
Armored Cloak Fire resistance [##] (+50)
Cloak Stealth [##] (+8)
Light Cloak Evasion [##] (+6)
Feather Floating
Wing Floating
Vindale Cloak Protection from etherwind
Banded Mail Constitution +5
Breastplate Protection from fear
Breast Plate Light Armor [##] (+6)
Plate Mail Maintains constitution
Bulletproof Jacket Perception +5
Chain Mail Maintains dexterity
Coat Cold resistance [##] (+50)
Composite Mail Dexterity +5
Light Mail Greater Evasion [##] (+6)
Ring Mail Heavy Armor [##] (+6)
Robe Alchemy [##] (+6)
Pope Robe Magic Capacity [##] (+6)
Kite Shield Constitution +5
Knight Shield Will +5
Large Shield Dexterity +5
Round Shield Blunt [##] (+8)
Shield Long Sword [##] (+8)
Small Shield Axe [##] (+8)
Tower Shield Strength +5
Armored Ring Tailoring [##] (+6)
Composite Ring Light Armor [##] (+6)
Decorative Ring Darkness resistance [##] (+50)
Engagement Ring Charisma +5
Ring Constitution +5
Aurora Ring Sound resistance [##] (+50)

Negates bad weather confusion

Speed Ring Speed +(varied amount)
Composite Gauntlets Shield [##] (+6)
Gloves Throwing [##] (+6)
Light Gloves Pickpocket [##] (+5)
Plate Gauntlets Constitution +5
Thick Gauntlets Martial Arts [##] (+6)
Decorated Gloves Dexterity +5
Composite Girdle Medium Armor [##] (+6)
Plate Girdle Constitution +5
Girdle Cold resistance [##] (+50)
Shoes Speed +5
Boots Traveling [##] (+6)
Armored boots Constitution +5
Composite boots Martial Arts [##] (+6)
Heavy boots Mining [##] (+6)
Seven league boots

Speeds up travel [#####+]

Hidden speed boost (+11)

Tight Boots Negotiation [##] (+6)

Omake Overhaul Edit

Omake overhaul changes bonuses to armor classes, lighter armors are stealthier and heavier armors are heavier and more powerful.

Medium and heavy armor deal more damage.

  • Medium Armor: +10%
  • Heavy Armor: +20%

High armor skill on Medium and Heavy armor will very rarely reduce damage received. (This effect also applies to damage received from magic; )

  • Medium Armor: Halves damage received. If damage received is equal to or greater than the current HP, character will hang on with 1 HP remaining.
    • {character} block{s} the attack!
  • Heavy Armor: Nullifies damage received.
    • The attack glances off your armor!

Some penalties are applied when wearing heavier armors

  • Medium Armor: Reduces speed by 15% (minimum 5%).
  • Heavy Armor: Reduces speed by 30% (minmum 10%). Reduces stamina by 15% (minumum 5%).

Higher Armor skill reduces penalties. At Armor skill is at 50 or more, the lowest possible penalty will be applied.

Summary of equipment class effects
Type Damage bonus Speed min/max Stamina min/max Rare damage reduction Stealthiness
Light 0% 0%/0% 0%/0% 0% No reduction Large bonus
Medium 10% -5%/-15% 0%/0% 50% Reduction, survives lethal. Slight bonus
Heavy 20% -10%/-30% -5%/-15% 100% Nullifies damage recieved. No changes

NPCs have slightly lower chance to proc damage reduction than players.

NPCs receive the bonus damage and speed at 1/3 the strength compared to the player.

NPCs wearing heavy armor simply have a chance to fail their Special Actions.

NPCs gain the nude armor bonuses. Naturally naked NPCs like golems and bats included.

Riding Edit

While riding, PC still receives speed penalty when wearing medium or heavy armor. However, riding skill will be used instead of its respective armor skills to decrease speed penalty received.

If pet being ridden has weight lifting skill of 50 or more, the lowest possible penalty will be applied.

Natural Armor Edit

Wearing no armor (including shields) will grant DV and PV based on their race and scaling with character level.

See Races for details

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