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The top of the Ancient Garden. The Ether Generator sits in the center of a shrine.

The Ancient Garden is a small map related to the main quest of Elona+. It is located at the end of the South Tyris Mountain Pass, the fifth floor. The map has the same ether corruption effect as the pass. The map contains many of the very weak Old humankind, and the <Ether Generator>. When entering the map, an alarm will go off as if you entered a guild without being a member. So if you use an incognito scroll or spell, they will cease their attack. While you still can't interact with the old humankind, you can "talk" to the generator.

The objective of this part of the main quest is to acquire the high purity ingot of ether, that Doctor <Gavela> needs to counteract the Meshera virus, allowing you to kill the <Meshera plant> at the bottom of Rehmido. Killing the generator will accomplish this. However, you can also complete the objective by using incognito and interacting with the generator. While it doesn't actually talk, the translation implies you're able to pick up what you need without any trouble.

The old humankind here are probably some of the guardians of the ether that were mentioned in the plot of the original Elona.

Keep in mind that you cannot exit the map normally, as it is not connected to the world map. You will need to use a return spell/scroll or escape scroll, or go out the way you came. Once visited, this map can be returned to by using the Return spell or scroll.

After completion of Elona+ Main Quest there would be warp point to Lost Irva.