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The Ancient Castle is one of the three magic stone dungeons, and part of the Main Quest. It has a Danger Level of 17 and is located south of Vernis and south east of Derphy.

The first four levels of the dungeon are randomized, and unlike the Tower of Fire, it lacks an overall theme for enemies or maps, so expect regular Danger Level 17 monsters. On the last floor players will confront <Wynan> the lord of the Ancient Castle accompanied by diverse chess-type enemies.

<Wynan> attacks with Magic Dart, Ice Bolt, Darkness Bolt and the artifact halberd <Rankis>, which deals nether damage. It's recommended to bring equipment that increases nether resistance, as to avoid <Wynan> healing himself too much from nether attacks, and cover ice and dark resistances if possible; Itzpalt worshipers can take the <Elemental Staff> for ice resistance, as for nether anything of zylon material increases resistance a bit. <Wynan>'s magic power isn't very high, so player can take their time eliminating the chess pieces first before taking him on.

As for the chess pieces, most swarm-control strategies apply. Kill the <King> pieces first as to avoid them summoning more pieces, then kill the <Queen> pieces as they can deal the most damage, kill the others as necessary.

Bringing potions, rods and spell stocks of silence is also recommended.

Despite the higher Danger Level, this dungeon is arguably easier than the Tower of Fire, itself easier than the Crypt of the Damned, so it may be worth tackling first.

On the boss floor, there is one small medal on either sides with the bejeweled chests, and one 6 north and 5 east of the staircase.


  • <Rankis> (equipped by the boss.)
  • Assorted furniture (statue ornamented with plants, statue ornamented with flowers, statue of armor, decorative armor, vase...)
  • Bejeweled chests.
  • 3 small medals.