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Anatomy is a learning based skill that increases the likelihood of monsters dropping corpses when they die.

Corpses may be consumed raw or cooked for possible benefit to the character's attributes. They may also be offered to a god or made into jerky at a ranch. If the character worships Kumiromi (Elona only) they may produce seeds if left to rot (or fed to the god-pet Cute fairy).

Trained skill[]

You may learn Anatomy from the trainer in Palmia.




In Elona+, as of 1.76fix, the process of a dying NPC dropping a corpse depends on anatomy as follows:

  1. If the NPC has enhanced quality (a <NPC> or {NPC}), it will always drop a corpse.
  2. If it's a bred monster on a ranch and it's not sick, it will always drop a corpse.
  3. Otherwise, it has a flat 1/60 chance of dropping a corpse.
  4. If it fails the first roll, it then has a floor(sqrt(killer's anatomy))/150 chance of dropping a corpse anyways.

The anatomy skill gives diminishing returns at high levels. For example, a normal monster has a 5% chance of dropping a corpse if killed by someone with 26 anatomy, a 10% chance for 162 anatomy, and a 30% chance at 2000 anatomy.

Anatomy does not affect the chance of dropping body parts other than corpses, which normally have a 1/40 chance to drop, but worshiping Yacatect of Wealth gives an extra 1/6 chance for a part to drop.


  • #anatomy will increase Anatomy by 1 level and train its potential.

Elona Mobile[]

In mobile, Anatony is a Magic stat based skill.