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In the darkness the empty at the center of the lake, you can see faint light. - Description of Amur-Cage on the world map.

Amur-Cage is a map exclusive to the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is located in the northeast portion of the Lost Irva continent. It is an indoor map.

This map is a land of the dead. It contains many unique NPCs that have been encountered throughout the course of the main quests and other minor boss quests. The non-boss NPCs that show up are there if for some reason they do not appear in any other location after a certain time. Most of the NPCs are friendly. A few of the non-uniques being neutral, such as the infected yerles soldiers. The NPCs do all seem to drop the same as if they were bosses, so this includes their uniques if you might have missed one of them. The NPCs DO sometimes carry alcohol and other items that might cause them to go berserk and fight each other.

The meat of some unique NPCs would normally give resistances or other effects when eaten, but not when dropped in Amur-Cage.

The map also includes several neutral wisps.

The map includes an unaligned altar in the center portion.

It uses track number 15 for its music (mcOpening).

Notable NPCs[]

In the middle parts of the map:

The map also potentially includes the following NPCs, although this is only a partial list:

Upper right (Elona main quest NPCs):

Upper left (Elona+ Act 2 main quest NPCs):

Lower right (Elona and Elona+ sub-quest NPCs):

Lower left (Elona+ Act 3 main quest and sub-quest NPCs):

Unsure of exact time added, but in version 2.05, there is a second floor. You will find copies of unique recruitable NPCs and Forts of Chaos bosses. Possibly more. This is unlocked by attempting Amurdad's sidequest at least once.

Small Medal Locations[]

There are no medals on this map.