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Ammo (i.e. ammunition) is a type of equipment that is required for the use of most ranged weapons.

There are four types of ammo in Elona. They tend to be quite heavy (~1-7s) but never runs out.

Arrows are used with bows.
Bolts are used with crossbows.
Bullets and energy cells are used with pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and laser pistols.
Magnum are used for pistols only.

Special Ammo[]

Some ammo have special limited uses in addition to unlimited normal use:

Magical: Deals random magic damage (As if your weapon had options such as "deals lightning damage ###". Element is random.) Somewhat common. (usually 10~30 charges)

Piercing: Adds more piercing to your attacks. Exact bonus is unknown. About as common as magical bullets.

Explosive: A ball (possibly grape shot) explodes where the bullet hits. (usually 10~20 charges)

Rapid: Fires 3 shots at a time, but each shot is a little weaker than your original shot. Quite common. (ranges up to 30~90)

Burst: Fires at every enemy on the screen. Tends to be scarce. (usually comes in single digit charges)

Timestop: Stops time the same way "occasionally stops time" works. Very scarce. (up to 6)

These uses can be refilled by blacksmiths or a Special ammos box for everything except Timestop.

For more information, see Special Ammunition.