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The Altar of Opatos of Earth in the Truce Grounds with an Altar of Ehekatl of Luck to the right.


An altar is an item that allows the player to make offerings (O or Enter) to raise their favor towards their god, or to convert to the altar's god (p, or Enter if you don't have a god yet). Bottles of water dropped on an altar of the player's current god (or an unaligned altar if they don't have one) will be blessed, and then can be Blended onto other items to bless them.

Altars can be found in Noyel, Palmia, Cyber Dome, Truce Ground, The Graveyard, the Mages' Guild, and randomly in dungeons. The Tower of Fire and Crypt of the Damned each have an unaligned, owner-less altar in their boss room.

Altars weigh 500.0s, so it is very difficult to move them without using multiple scrolls of flying on them and/or high strength and Weight Lifting; return can not be completed when carrying greater weight than twice your weight limit.

Wishing for an altar will spawn an altar at the spot where the wish was made.


Sacred Altar.png

A Sacred altar, is not the same as a normal altar. And cannot be used for offerings and conversions. It is just a piece of furniture.