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Adventurers Quarterly Spring '18 is a red book exclusive to Elona+. This book tells about usable furnitures such as bookshelves and fridges which can be used using certain button.


Adventurers Quarterly (Spring 518)
by Edelia the maid, age 12

Hello there. I am Edelia the maid.
How do you do? Today I bring to you
advice that will hopefully prove to be
of use in your adventures.

There are many types of furniture
that are indispensable to every
home. No home should be without beds,
cooking utensils, and storage

Some furniture like bookshelves can
be used as a (t)ool. Yet others -
fridges for example - are storage
containers that can be (o)pened.
These will prove useful in keeping
your home clutter-free.

Before buying a new deed and moving
house for a change of pace, how about
looking over your house and seeing
if you can't sort things out?