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Actions, also called Special Actions, are listed under the MAGIC tab, but are different than Spells. While Spells rely on Magic and Will stats and are tied to magic-based skills; Actions are controlled by other Stats, non-magic skills or a god's Favor. They may have a cooldown period or require specific conditions (ie. Super Shot is based on Rage). Actions include utility functions, like teleporting or pick-pocket, as well as offensive and defensive actions.

Actions use Stamina Points (SP), Attempting to use an Action while affected by the 'Tired' status (Less than 50 SP) may result in failure to utilize the action (Stamina cost is still applied if failure occurs); Attempting to use Actions while affected by the 'Very Tired' status will always result in failure.

To recover SP, just walk around and wait, use a rare Blue Capsule Pill or drink Lemonade. Raise your CON and Will stats to increase max SP.

You start with a few basic actions. Additional actions are learned from:

  • On learning Skills
  • Bought with Feat points
  • Granted by gods
  • Innate to a specific race
  • Earned by leveling skills


Once these actions are 'cast', the stance will remain activated until you 'cast' the action a second time. You can only have one Stance, Ranged Stance, and Awakening action active at the same time.

When Stances and Ranged Stances are active, 25% of your MP is locked. Be careful reading books while a stance is active, you may not have enough free MP. If you fail to read the book and your MP is too low it may backfire, resulting in negative effects such as summoning monsters or even death.

Stances apply to both melee and ranged weapons, ranged stances only apply to ranged weapons.

Actions associated with a specific weapon type can only be used if you have at least one of those weapons equipped.

Stances keep the scaling effects of when they were activated, so you can use a equipment set with extremely high +STR, along with +STR buffs (For Savage's Rage), activate the stance, and then swap your equipment back to your "main" set, while keeping the "snapshot" effect, even if your main equipment set has less STR.

Basic Actions[]

Name Effect Learn
Mix Combine potions, such as Acidproof Potion, blessed water with items. Default
Pray Worship your God to remove negative effects and recover fully. Uses 15% of Favor. Default
Pickpocket Attempt to steal an item. Uses SP 20 Learn the Pickpocket Skill
Riding "Cast' Riding to open the Mount selection menu and chose an ally to ride. Uses SP 20. Learn the RidingSkill
Super Shot Build up rage to max then release in a "powerful" attack based on level of basic Stats. (in reality, this "powerful" attack is as damaging as the "wait a turn" button) Default

Feat Actions[]

Name Effect Learn
Space Destabilizer You destabilize the space (random teleport) Feat points
Steel Wires Confines the enemies with steel wires and damages them Feat points
Mercy Weaken enemy without killing it to aid in capture with Monster Balls. Uses 23 SP. Feat points
Fire Breath


You can spit fire Feat points
Recovery Master

(Vampire Fang)

Steals HP from target. SP 17. Feat points

(Natural leader)

Temporarily enhances your allies Feat points
About Poison

(Toxic Touch)

You have learned about poisons Feat points

Faith-based Actions[]

Only your current god's action is available.

Name Effect Learn
Prayer of Jure Recovers HP depending on Favor. Uses 30 SP. Worship Jure of Healing
Absorb Magic Drains MP from the air. Higher Favor brings better spell effect. SP 25. Worship Itzpalt
Lulwy's Trick Increases Speed for a short time. SP 20. Worship Lulwy

Skill-based Actions[]

Name Effect Learn
Whirlwind Attack multiple targets. Uses 12 SP. Level 10 Tactics
Slash Attack in a line, triggers Bleed. SP 12. Level 20 Long Sword
Shield Wall Summons Shield Wall to resist 50% of damage.

And adds 50% chance to avoid fatal damage, SP 18.

Level 20 Shield
Greenwings Summon a spirit. Ranged attack speed increases,

Increases chance to shoot more arrows. Uses 10 SP.

Level 20 Marksman
Lotus of Darkness Fighting Stance. Increases physical DMG, Parry when dual Wielding.

Critical attacks Blind target. Freezes 25% MP. Uses 20 SP.

Scales of Dual Wield Skill level.

Level 20 Dual Wield
Bull's Patience Physical damage is reduced by 25% and Healing is improved Level Shield
Bash Axe deals massve damage. SP 15. Level 20 Axe
Ferocious Shot Firearm shot triggers 'Dim'. SP 12. Level 20 Firearm
Martial Arts Awaken Triggers passive effect while using Martial Arts. SP 10. Level 20 Martial Arts
Savage's Rage Melee Stance. Increases physical DMG & gives additional hits.

Attacks may absorb SP. Freezes 25% MP. SP 20.

Scales based on STR.

Level 20 Two Hand
Scythe Awake Scythe attacks apply additional effects. SP 10. Level 20 Scythe
Destructive Shot Crossbow shot decreses enemy's Hit. SP 12. Level 20 Crossbow
Confusing Strike Req. Short Sword. Deals a heavy strike with chance to Dim. Uses 15 SP. Level 20 Short Sword
Split Arrow Range Stance. Arrows hit multiple enemies. Freezes 25% MP. Uses 20 SP, Level 20 Bow
Courage Raid Long sword deals additional DMG to enemies with more than 50% HP. SP 12. Level 50 Long Sword
Blind Spike If an enemy is 'Dim', a second shot may Blind. SP 15. Level 50 short sword
Smoke Screen Melee attacks will penetrate armor. Each hit adds 1 Dim.

Increases Evasion and Crit for a short time, Last 6-8 turns. SP 20.

Level 50 Dual Wield
Warrior Totem Summons a totem to enhance the team's Physical damage & Hit. SP 15. Level 50 Tactics
Bull's Patience Physical reduction increases by 25% and Healing Skill improves. SP 10. Level 50 Shield
Hunting Time Ranged DMG. Aditional shots. Ranged penetration increase. SP 36. Level 50 Marksman
Flashing Bomb Blinds all enemies within a range of 2. SP 48. Level 80 Dual Wield
Marksman Ready Arrows. Deals added DMG to enemies with more than 50% HP. SP 15. Level 80 Bow
Armor Penetration Firearm hit decreases enemy's DEF. SP 15. Level 50 Firearm
Sharp Pin Crossbow hit triggers Bleed. Level 50 Crossbow
Trial of Deterrence Massive DMG to enemies with 'Dim' or 'Blind'. Recovers a little SP. SP 15. Level 80 short sword
Thorn Arrow Triggers Bleed. Freezes 25% MP. SP 20. Level 50 Bow
Soldier's Spike Range Stance. Deals additional DMG while stance is active. SP 15. Level 80 Long Sword
Despair Roar If self or team member is under abnormal status, HP recovery speeds up. SP 18. Level 80 Tactics

Race Actions[]

Name Effect Learn
Vampire's Kiss Steals life and recovers HP according to rate. Rate tied to Vampire Descent. Vampire race
Ghost Shield When active, you lose MP instead of taking DMG. Vampire race

Other Actions[]

Name Effect Learn
Cancel Summon Removes a selected summon. Learn Summoner spells