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Achievement Boards are located in most towns, usually in the center near the Job Board. There are three types of achievements; Dungeon, Explore and Other.

  1. Dungeon achievements require you to clear dungeons or kill and capture a certain number of monsters.
  2. Explore achievements require you to travel on the world map or destroy objects in dungeons (bone pile, arrays, wooden box, etc).
  3. Other achievements require you to do various activities including obtaining certain types of allies, pick up items, resurrect after dying, open chests, enhance equipment and level up your character.

Special Achievement Quests :

  • The "Tamer" achievement - Defeat 100 Lions. Reward Monster Breeding Permit.
  • The "Bone Pile 2" achievement - Destroy 100 Bone Piles. Reward Gene Clipping Permit.
  • The "Chest-opening Master 2" achievement - Open 200 Mystery Chests. Reward Forbidden Research Permit.

Complete Achievement Board quests to earn Achievement Points. Earn Titles and rewards at milestones. Click the Green button to claim rewards and see current progress.

  • 50 points - Apprentice Adventurer. Reward: ?
  • 150 points - Explorer. Reward: 200,000 gold, x1 potion, 20 diamonds.
  • 250 points - Maze Runner. Reward: 400, 000 gold, x1 Potion, 30 diamonds.
  • 350 points - Dungeon Ruler. Reward: 2 million gold, Potion of Potential, 80 diamonds.
  • 370 points - Dungeon transcendent. Reward: ?


  • Don't confuse destroyable Bone Piles with junk bones.
  • Lions can be found in Tam's House (Lv 29+) and Real Mountain Pass (Lv 31+) dungeons.
  • "Communication Device 2" is currently not completable. (09/2021)
  • Task requiring you to pick up item only count items picked up off floor, not purchased or collected in other ways.