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Awakening Points (AP) is a feature in Elona+ that allows player characters and pets to earn points from defeating strong enemies, and then spend those points to increase speed, gain feats, and learn special abilities.

AP Being Earned

When defeating a strong enemy, a blue or yellow dash effect will be displayed above the character's head if AP has been earned.

AP earned can be spent at Black Gauntlet <Leold> at the refugee camp in South Tyris after the main quest has been completed. During the main quest, he will be at the Cyber Dome in North Tyris, but will not offer to let the player spend AP.

Note that if the player does not talk to him at all during the main quest, he will still be at Cyber Dome even after the main quest. Speaking to him once will cause him to immediately leave for the refugee camp.

After the South Tyris main quest is completed, he will relocate again to Ulm-Leson.

Obtaining AP[]

The section of the character sheet where INI and AP are shown.

On the character sheet for players and pets, are their INI and AP values, and is displayed as follows:

INI Attribute INI / Speed INI
AP Current AP (Total AP)

The two INI values are determined when the character is generated. For the player, this is at character creation. For pets, enemies, and other NPCs, this is the first time you see them. These values will never change over the course of the game, as the character gets stronger, changes equipment, evolves, or gains speed by spending AP.

The Attribute INI value is equal to the sum of the 8 attributes from STR to CHR, plus 2 x Life, plus 0.5 x Mana. If 2 x Life + 0.5 x Mana is greater than 500, then the Attribute INI will be the sum of attributes + 500.

The Speed INI value is equal to the character's speed at the time of creation.

The current AP is the AP that the character has available for spending at <Leold>, and the character will gain no AP from kills if current AP is 2000 or more. For example, if a character is at 1999 AP and gains 2, the current AP will be 2001 and gain no more from then on.

The following three factors determine if AP is gained, and the amount gained:

  1. The enemy killed must have an Attribute INI above 1000. Most enemies that fulfill this requirement will be above level 50 and appear in South Tyris. Some enemies below level 50 that fulfill this requirement are the Green dragon (level 32), Titan (49), Shub-Niggurath (45), Kesalanpatharan (47), and Black gryffon (48).
  2. The character's INI sum (Attribute INI + Speed INI) + (total AP / 5) < enemy's INI sum (Attribute INI + Speed INI) - (enemy's 2 * Life + 0.5 * Mana). The more AP a character gains, the stronger the enemy that has to be defeated in order to gain AP. Characters will eventually stop gaining AP due to the total AP accrued. The maximum AP that a character can obtain is 80000 - Attribute INI - Speed INI.
  3. The enemy must have equal or greater Speed INI than the character. AP gained is as follows:
Speed INI difference <x1 x1 x2 x3 x4 x5
AP gained


Player 0 1 4 7 10 12
Pet 0 2 8 14 20 24
Player in tag team 0 1 2 3 4 5
Pet in tag team 0 2 4 6 8 10

In other words, the higher the enemy's Speed INI compared to the character's Speed INI, the greater the AP gained. Characters with low attributes and speed (i.e. weaker characters like snails) will gain AP quickly, whereas it will be more difficult for stronger characters to gain AP. Pets obtain twice as much AP as players.

If the player is riding a pet or giving a ride to a pet, the higher Speed INI out of the player's and the pet's Speed INI values will be used. Riding a fast pet will therefore make it difficult for the player to earn AP.

In a tag team, AP gained will be calculated using each member's own INI.

AP cannot be gained from Guards, Bounty Hunters, and other NPCs that level up, nor can AP be gained from monsters that were created via splitting or summoning (including alien kids from pregnancy and ragnarok).

AP can be gained from bandit encounters, Panic! quests, and the void, however.

In summary:

  • The higher a monster's level, the more likely it is to give AP.
    • As you gain AP (your total AP is displayed in parentheses to the right of your current AP), the threshold for AP gains increases.
  • The faster the enemy, the larger the actual AP gain. The smallest number that you can earn is 1, and the largest is 12.
  • Pets always earn double AP.
  • Using Tag (press I, target yourself) to partner with a pet is the most convenient way to raise their AP, as they'll earn between two and ten points without having to land the killing blow themselves.
    • When a tag partner gains AP, a yellow line is drawn instead of the usual blue line.
N.B. : when importing a pre-1.37 save file, the INI of your character and existing NPCs is determined by their current stats, rather than what the stats were at generation. This can make it difficult or impossible to gain AP.

Obtaining AP (before version 1.37)[]

This section contains outdated information about Elona+ builds prior to 1.37. Click "Expand" to show.

The following information is an aggregation of the information found on the official Elona+ wiki along with the editors experiences and interpretations of the official wiki's info, as such not all of it may be fully correct. The information is intended for Elona+ Ver1.11, earlier versions may differ; current mechanics are subject to change (Ver1.13 appears to be the same for now) This section has been edited based on testing and seems to be accurate as of version 1.22. Please keep an eye open and feel free to edit anything you find to be inaccurate.

Some details on AP

  • There are three checks involved with AP acquisition. The first qualifier involved with AP gains is whether an enemy is stronger than you(power check). The second is whether it is faster than you(base speed check). The third check is for Bonus AP acquisition(current speed check). To acquire AP, you must pass the first check, and at least one of the others. If you only qualify for a yellow streak through the 1st check (power), you must pass the second check (base speed) in order to get AP for the kill.
  • A maximum of 3000 AP can be "stored" on the player/pet before enemies will no longer award AP. However, you can have more than 3000 AP via two methods. The first is by earning more than 1 AP when you are near the 3000 cap, which will leave you with slightly more than 3000 AP. The second involves Leold's AP award system. If you attempt to "purchase" a feat you've already received from him, he will refund your AP and remove the feat from the character. This can push your current AP well past the 3000 mark. Note: As of version 1.37, the stored AP limit is higher than 3000. What is is now, if it even still exists at all, is untested.
  • Pets receive double the AP a player would from the same sources, except for awards relating to Bonus AP. Pets and players alike can only get one point of Bonus AP per kill.
  • To prevent abuse, enemies that are summoned intentionally by either the player OR the enemy will not award AP upon death, even if they would when appearing "naturally."
  • Splitting enemies will not award AP under any circumstances.

The possible amount of AP gained signified by the flash

The color of the AP gain flash Yellow Blue Yellow+Blue
AP player would gain 1 1 2 3 4 2-5
AP pet would gain 1-2 2 4 6 8 3/5/7/9

Check #1: What exactly is meant by "power check?"

  • It uses the stats shown on your character's status screen (the values shown in parentheses). This means it only uses your BASE stats rather than current buffed or debuffed status in AP calculations.
  • If the character passes the "power check" for blue AP, but fails the "base speed check," it is still possible to receive AP from the enemy through Bonus AP (see Check #3 below for details).
Players total strength+magic in relation to enemy
Much lower Slightly lower Equal Higher
Yellow AP gain Blue AP gain No AP gain
  • Strangely, it seems defeating an enemy far stronger than the player results in a yellow flash, which only gives 1AP (or 2AP in the case of a pet), regardless of other circumstances. This seems to be intentional. Also, an enemy can be so much more powerful than the player/pet that yellow AP is awarded sporadically, or not at all! As defeating enemies that are stronger, but not so strong that they give a paltry yellow reward is the most efficient method in most circumstances, choosing the best area to farm can take a bit of guesswork.

Check #2: "BASE speed check?"

  • After the player/pet passes the "power check," their base speed, meaning their Speed stat before any modifiers (shown in parentheses on the character sheet) are taken into account, is then checked against the enemy's to determine how much AP is gained. The enemy needs to have at least 1 more (base) speed than the player/pet for them to pass the check and gain AP for the kill.

This example chart gives you an idea how much AP a player character with 100 speed would get for defeating enemies with higher base speeds.

Player with 100 (base) speed
Base Speed of enemy











Ignoring Bonus AP, we can assume that, after passing the "power check" ...

Enemies with the same speed or lower than the player will give 0AP
Enemies with 1 more to 2x the player's base speed will give 1AP (2AP for pets)
Enemies with more than 2x the player's base speed to 3x that amount will give 2AP (4AP for pets)
Enemies with more than 3x the player's base speed to 4x that amount will give 3AP (6AP for pets)
Enemies with more than 4x the player's base speed that amount will give 4AP (8AP for pets)

Check #3: "Bonus AP? Great! How do I qualify?" (current speed check)

If a player or pet defeats an enemy that passes the "power check" for a blue AP gain, they are further eligible for an award of one Bonus AP. Through Bonus AP, it is possible to receive 5AP from an enemy that would otherwise award 4AP, 4AP from an enemy that would otherwise award 3AP, and so on. If a character receives Bonus AP, it is signified by a yellow streak accompanying the blue award streak (except in cases where the character qualifies for Bonus AP, but fails the "speed check" involved with normal AP gains, in which case only the yellow streak appears, which appears identical to an AP award from an enemy too strong to qualify for a blue AP award). To qualify, the character in question's CURRENT Speed stat must be less than 5X the enemy's BASE Speed stat, after buffs, hexes, feats, the swimming skill, mutations, God bonuses, and equipment bonuses are accounted for.

Speed reductions involved with the various levels of the Tired, Overweight, and Starving status effects do not factor into this calculation. If a character is Starving, Overweight, or Tired, the easiest way to see if they qualify for Bonus AP is to bring up their character sheet and look at their Speed stat.

Because of the way Bonus AP awards are calculated, the otherwise near-uselessFetter of Earth artifact has a function other than as a joke item. Of course, battling monsters that pass the "power check" while suffering a 1373 reduction to Speed is a risky proposition indeed...

AP Rewards[]

There are several rewards that Leold offers for AP, some exclusively available to pets. Feats will appear as "[Awake] Your body is complicated. []" in green text, where your other feats are listed.

Feats, special actions, and magic learned by pets can be looked at by opening the player's Feat window, then scrolling to the pet's feats by pressing z or x. Special actions learned by the player will not be visible in the feat window.

To get the rewards, talk to him, then choose "Awake of power" (c)(Japanese: 力の覚醒). After choosing this option, choose whether you want to buy rewards for yourself (first option) or for pets (second option) -- this part is cogently translated.

Speed Up[]

This section contains outdated information about Elona+ builds prior to 2.00. Click "Expand" to show.

Speed up is the first option for both the player and pets -- it's untranslated in the English version ("I think not."), "速度上昇" in Japanese. For an amount of AP equal to the PC/pet's current base speed, Leold will increase the character's speed by 20 for the PC and 30 for the pet. Note that Leold can't raise a character's speed over 500 until you finish Chapter 2, after which he travels to Ulm-Leson. Furthermore, during Chapter 3, he will be unable to raise your speed once it's higher than 800.

As of version 2.00, the cost to increase speed by 30 is now a static cost of (target's speed INI + 100). The same limitations of raising speed beyond 500 before chapter 2 completion and 800 before chapter 3 completion still apply. Completing chapter 3 removes the cap (up to the 2000 stat cap).

Increase Life[]

This section contains outdated information about Elona+ builds prior to 2.00. Click "Expand" to show.

As of 1.83, Life can be increased for you and your pets by spending AP. Life can be increased in increments of 10, up to a maximum of 300 life. Each upgrade costs 2*current Life + 300 AP, with an additional 300 AP for pets having the cArmour bitflag or an additional 800 AP for pets with the cMetal bitflag.

As of version 2.00, the cost of increasing Life by 10 is [300 + (NPC bit flags cost) + 2 * base Life + 0.5 * base Mana] AP. Note:

  • Base Life and Mana are based on the character/pet Race. If base Life or Mana are below 50, they are respectively set to 50 for the purposes of cost calculation. (Not 100% certain on being based on Race, but soul spindle character tests will be much later if it happens).
  • The bit flags cArmour increase the cost by 300 AP, cMetal increase the cost by 800, and cResEle increase the cost by 500.

300 life is still the maximum until after act 3 is completed. After completion, there is no limit.

Gain Feat[]

The second option is also identical for the PC and pets -- it's untranslated in English ("I think not."), "フィート取得" in Japanese. Here's a table of the four different feats you can obtain from this section; the effects and AP costs are the same for players and pets.

A PC or a pet may only have two of these feats at a time, but Leold will fully refund your AP and remove the feat if you select a feat that the PC or the pet already has. The current AP for the character can exceed the cap of 2000 after the refund, but no more AP will be gained by killing enemies until it is brought down below the limit again.

Feats available for AP
Dialogue Option Effect Cost
TraitCharm Beguile - Enemies are dimmed when they attack you 1500 AP
TraitBrave Courage - As your health decreases, damage done to enemies increases. Increase begins at x1.3 when health is at 50%, and maxes out at x3 when health is 5% This applies to both physical damage (meele/ranged) and to magical damage.* 1500 AP
TraitObstinate Stubborn Will - As your health decreases, your evasion increases, your damage reduction increases, your critical rate increases, and your enemies' critical rates decrease.** 1800 AP
TraitBarrier Barrier - Damage done to you when your MP is greater than 1/3 of its maximum value will be subtracted from your MP instead. 2000 AP

(*) Bosses in Awakened dungeons can have this trait innately.

(**) All numbers are based on max HP/current HP in some way, therefore their effects are extremely limited or non-existent before the player reaches 50% HP. At maximum effectiveness, evasion is tripled (10% HP), effective PV (PV with the character's armor skill value taken into account) is multiplied by 1.5 (20% HP), the player never receives critical hits (25% HP), and the player always deals critical hits (5% HP). Only the critical hit portions have an impact when the player is at 51-100% HP -- in that range, the player receives a 5% chance to score a critical hit, and a 20% chance to negate one.

Gain Ability[]

(Japanese: "技能の会得" for the PC, "魔法や技能の会得" for pets) The third option, translated to "Gain ability" for both the PC and pets, has different options for the PC and pets.

Unlike feats, special abilities cannot be unlearned by the player, and AP spent will not be refunded. Pets, however, can unlearn them, and 100% of AP spent will be refunded.

For the PC, these special actions are available:

Special actions available for AP
Dialogue Option Special action Cost
Continuous attacks Continuous attacks 100 AP
TraitCharm Provoke 300 AP
Metal Guard Metal guard 500 AP
Synchro hearts Synchro Hearts 800 AP
Charge Attack Charge Attack* 1000 AP

(*)The Charge Attack ability is the NOT the same that you can learn with 120 constitution once you progress enough through the storyline!

For pets, this option will allow them to learn various magical spells and special actions:

Spells and special actions available for AP (pets)
Dialogue Option Effect & Cost Cost
Insult Pet learns Insult special action 100 AP
Crystal Spear Pet learns Crystal Spear spell 600 AP
Dimensional Move Pet learns Dimensional Move special action 100 AP
Provoke Pet learns Provoke special action 200 AP
Charge Attack Pet learns Charge Attack special action 1000 AP
Tactical Martial Arts Pet learns BakuretuKen, Clear Mind, and Attribute special actions 600 AP
Tactical Attack Pet learns Shadow Step special action, can decapitate enemies at < 10% health 400 AP
Tactical Heal

Pet learns Healing Rain, Regeneration and Heal Critical spells, and the Harvest Mana special action

500 AP
Tactical Curse Pet learns various debuff spells (Slow, silence, element scar, nightmare, weak, cast in that order) 500 AP
Tactical Throw Pet learns various throwing based skills. (Power Item, OverLimit-Throw, Struck Out, and Shining Throw. 500 AP
Zero Shoot Pet learns Zero Shoot special action 500 AP
Variable Breath Pet learns Variable Breath special action 300 AP
Variable Storm Pet learns Variable Storm spell 800 AP

Convert into skill bonus[]

(Japanese: スキルボーナス100獲得) This option, implemented in Elona+ version 1.38R, allows the PC and pets to spend 1500 and 500 AP, respectively, in order to gain 100 bonus skill points (the same skill points that you obtain when you level up; equivalent to 20 level ups). After using this option on a pet, you must manually spend the points using any method that brings up their stat page: Gene Engineering, an Informer, the Doujou, etc.

It's the fourth option for PCs and the fifth for pets.

Change battle style[]

(Japanese: 戦闘スタイル変更) This option, only available to pets, allows you to slightly modify their AI by changing its proper distance and probability of ranged/melee attack. The way a pet's AI works is extremely simple: if it's not within the "proper distance" of its target, the pet will decide whether or not to move towards that proper distance based on its movement chance. If it did not move, it will roll for an action. If the pet rolls a melee attack while it's not in melee range of its target, it will use its ranged attack instead.

AP spent in this section will not be refunded. More AP will need to be spent if you want to revert a change.

Battle style
Dialogue Option Special action Cost
Increased frequency of melee The pet will override any action from its basic routine with a melee attack. Most actions done by monsters are part of the basic routine, but some may be part of the secondary routine, which is unaffected by this. Other abilities earned from Leold (listed above) and abilities gained from Pet Evolution are also unaffected by this.* 30 AP
Increased frequency of range Pet's AI will override its basic routine with a ranged attack. If both this option and the option above are activated, there will instead be a 50/50 roll to determine whether a melee or ranged attack is used. 30 AP
Use dart spell instead of regular attack Pet's AI will use a dart spell instead of a melee/ranged attack whenever they occur. The dart spell's element is based on the pet's highest stat. Thus far, Speed is dark, Magic is chaos. Added in 1.60 200 AP
Proper distance increase 1 Pet's AI changes to stay one additional space away from the enemy in combat. 10 AP
Proper distance decrease 1 Pet's AI changes to stay one additional space closer to the enemy in combat. 10 AP
Movement probabilty increase 10 Pet's movement likelihood increases by 10% 5 AP
Movement probability decrease 10 Pet's movement likelihood decreases by 10% 5 AP
Seal magic Stops the pet from using magic. It can be reversed by buying this again. This will prevent any spell from being used, regardless of which ability pool (basic, Leold, pet evolution, secondary routine) it came from. If the pet attempted to cast a spell, it will be replaced by a basic melee attack, which will turn into a ranged attack if the pet is not in melee range. 20 AP
Seal ability Stops the pet from using special actions. It can be reversed by buying this again. The logistics are the same as for Seal Magic. 20 AP
Chara quality up Strong resistance against most debuffs and status effects, Doesn't work against Pregnant. Also grants immunity to stat drains. Blessed potions of restore spirit and body give 20% bonus to attributes if it is higher than the normal bonus of 10% + 5. 1000 AP

(*)Take for example, an Exile who has been evolved with a God Heart to gain the Eclipse spell and has been given Crystal Spear and Variable Storm using Leold. If "Increase frequency of Ranged attack" is used, the Exile would no longer triple-cast Magic Dart, Dark Eye, and Nether Eye (they are part of the Exile's basic routine; it would use a ranged attack instead) but would still be able to use Crystal Spear, Variable Storm, and Eclipse.


  • Changed the calculation for AP cost of increasing Speed and Life to be based off starting values. Also removed their upgrade limits after act 3 is complete.


  • The "AP over the cap goes into reducing total AP" change got reverted sometime after version 1.68, although the changelogs don't make clear which version.


  • Rather than AP being wasted for the character when current AP reaches the cap of 2000, the AP that would have been gained is instead spent towards reducing total AP, making it easier to gain more AP in the future.


  • Added AP Feat for pets: Change attack to arrow magic.


  • Courage changed. It now increases damage done as the character's health decreases.
    • Courage's AP cost decreased to 1500.


  • Added the option to raise pet rank for 1000 AP. This grants them exceptional resistance to stat drains, status effects, item destruction from fire and cold damage, and hexes.


  • "Convert into skill bonus" option added.
  • Maximum AP that can be stored reduced to 2000 from 5000.
  • Enemies whose INI is below a certain threshold can no longer give AP.
  • 20% of lifetime earned AP is factored into INI.
  • 200% of original Life and 50% of original mana added into INI.


  • Changed the way that gaining AP works. The game now compares the killer and the target's INI stat, which is a composite of attributes at character generation.
  • Maximum AP that a character can hold increased from 3000 to 5000.